DNA, Baby, That Spells DNA – 2.11 – Accusation

I was engaged. I had popped the question and would get married sometime eventually soon. I was going to be a married man. To Teri. That made me happy.

Didn’t it?

Over the next few days I couldn’t focus on anything. Not work, not painting, not the guitar–nothing. I felt so miserable which was not the right way to be feeling after getting engaged. I knew it was a broken heart. I had lost Penny. I thought she loved me but I had been wrong, so wrong. I knew it was really scuzzy of me to not tell Teri and break things off with her but I was kinda glad that it happened this way. Once I started feeling better, then I could really focus on my relationship with her.

She does make me happy. It’s not as if marrying her would be something bad. A lot of people had to give up someone they loved and found another. I had just happened to find another before I gave up the one I wanted to be with.

When I came out of my haze, I realized she had finally changed her hair. She looked even more beautiful than–

NO!! Bad Cal, stop THINKING that! It was going to be more difficult than I thought to realize I couldn’t be with her. My daily life became hell. Work and sleep became my sanctuaries. At work I finally made up for the few days of distraction and my boss told me she understood, once she found out I had proposed to Teri. She told me that could make anyone on Cloud Nine for a while.

At least I have an excuse, I thought as I went home. As soon as I got home I turned down dinner and went straight to bed. Teri soon joined me, snuggling up against me and whispering what sort of wedding she wanted. I closed my eyes and nodded to all her words. I’ll give her the best wedding ever, I decided.


I hated being in the house. It was worse when Teri left for work. I was left alone with Penny until it was time for me to start work though she and I hardly interacted anymore. I focused on my painting or playing guitar. She would either read or paint. When we spoke it was usually about something small. I’d ask her if she wanted anything from the store, or she’d ask me if she could borrow some paint. Other than that it was silence between us.

I wanted to fix things but didn’t know how to do it. I had no idea what to do. I wasn’t even sure what part of the problem was. Unless she had lied to me… but why would she lie? If she had feelings for me then why on earth would she lie and say she only cared about me as a friend and that a wedding to someone else would be ‘lovely’?

Soon I started feeling numb. Whatever shred of humanity I might have felt was now gone. Ever since that night two years ago, when I got so drunk that I forgot, I had been avoiding drinks. But now I was really tempted to chuck one down my throat. I wanted to forget once more. But I knew if I started again, this time would be harder to get myself out of the pit. And even if I did I would just be tempted again, and again. I couldn’t give in. I had to be stronger.


As I started coming out of the misery I was in, I noticed Teri was acting slightly strange. One morning when we got up for breakfast she stood still for a while, twisting her hands together.

“What’s wrong?” I asked, stretching and yawning.

“How did you make Penny real?” she asked which wasn’t exactly what I was expecting. “I know you made some sort of potion but… how?”

I slid out of bed and came around to the other side to put my arms around her. She fell against me easily, pressing her face into my neck. I explained to her about the strange card I once got and as I started talking about chemicals, her eyes sort of glazed over.

“No,” she finally said with a tiny smile. “How did you…?” She hesitated then kissed my lips gently. “Never mind, darling. I’m going to invite my parents over this weekend for dinner, or at least try.”

I squeezed her body then let her go so she could change. “Try being the operative word,” I mumbled, knowing it would end the same way as it always did. Her father hated me, he was one of the people who had seen my father pregnant. He considered me nothing more than a product of science.


Actually, her words got me thinking. Science and all that. Over the next few days I realized that I had done one of the things I wanted to do: turn Penny real, as much as a double-edged sword it turned out to be. But what about my other dream?

“I made a promise to you,” I whispered to my father one morning. The sun had recently come up and the only other person in the cemetery was someone who was straightening things up. Something my father had once done. “Ever since I’ve been back have been a little crazy and I guess I kinda forgot.” I touched the gravestone and sighed. “I’ll find them, Dad. I don’t know when… but I’ll find them.”


I started researching. The first thing I did was look at the Twinbrook yellow pages. I didn’t expect anything from that, so next I tried the obituaries for the past few years. They had to be getting up there in years, they might have died recently. I knew they wouldn’t have used their real name but I looked for anyone who was ‘survived by their twin brother/sister’. I didn’t find anything with mixed sexย twins.

From there I started doing what my father once did. I made phone calls, I sent e-mails. For the next six months while Teri planned our wedding and Penny painted in silence, I worked at trying to find the twins. I went beyond Twinbrook. I tried Riverview and even Bridgeport–which took quite a long time. I tried all the small towns and spent days looking THEM up on all the Sim search sites. All I ever found about them were those horrible days when they were in Sunset Valley. My father. Me. Monsters, the lot of us. Immoral… unnatural… disgusting, wrong, criminal. Human experimentation. Apparently that meant not only mobbing the crazed scientists but punishing the victims.

I pushed myself away from the computer to try to calm down. I was probably one of the only ones in the world who could understand things from Frankenstein’s Monster’s point of view. He never asked to be made any more than I did. I was just glad I had a little more control than he did, and we were past the pitchfork-and-torch days. Now it was all psychological warfare and I was beginning to feel like I was losing.

Keep a grip on your humanity. That became my motto. I was falling further and further away from where I wanted to be. I tried what I could to keep myself together and finally one night Teri helped bring me back to reality in a very… well, real way.

I was going to wait till marriage, really, and so was Teri. But we were going to get married… we had set the date for five months from now. With as odd as she had been acting as miserable as I felt, I figured we might as well. It’s what she wanted and I wanted it just as much. I mean, really… really wanted it. Hey, I was a twenty-three year old male in a house with two beautiful women, one of whom was my fiance–who also shared a bed with me every night. Nobody could blame me for giving into this temptation.

And, well, we began giving into that temptation quite a bit. I certainly felt better though Teri still seemed edgy.. I just hoped whatever was bothering her would go away soon.


Painting was very wonderful. It helped me feel better and kept myself from thinking about the upcoming wedding. Teri sometimes tried to be my friend and I tried back, for his sake, but there was something that just didn’t click between us. I was worried that once they were married, Teri would make Calcifer kick me out.

When he called me into his room I thought maybe he would tell me this, that I had to leave, but he wanted to ask if I had been in his room recently.

“No,” I answered with a shrug of my shoulders. I did not tell him that his room was the room I avoided, since he shared it with her. “How come?”

“I–I guess I misplaced some things…” He rubbed the back of his head and looked at his dresser. “Some stuff I was going to get rid of is gone. Maybe they’re under the bed. I just wasn’t sure if you did something with them since you like to clean.”

I shook my head and figured that would be the end of that. However a couple days later, Teri approached me with an even stranger question.

“Penny, do you know how Cal made you real?” She sounded very concerned about something and I wondered for a moment if she wanted to turn me back into a doll.

She is not that mean, I thought, feeling a bit bad that I was thinking such mean thoughts about her. “I know it has something to do with some chemicals…” I started telling her about the formula he had made but she shook her head.

“How did he get the chemicals?” she inquired.

“I don’t know,” I answered, curious about why she was asking this. “Why do you need to know?”

She frowned and avoided looking at my eyes. “He bought them, right? He didn’t… you know… steal them, did he?”

I stared at her, knowing that the emotion I was feeling–shock–could be seen clearly. “What?” I asked, my voice changing. “Why would you ask that?”

“I don’t know!” she said, sounding like maybe she would cry. “I just need to know! He’s a good guy, I can’t stand the thought of him doing something so… wrong…”

“You will be his wife!” I yelled, unable to stop myself from being so angry. “How can you accuse the man you love of something like that? How can you believe that Calcifer would do that?”

“I don’t think it–“

“Yes you do!” I was not used to feeling anger as a human and it was pushing me to want to do some things I knew I should not do, like hit her. “If you did not think it then you wouldn’t be asking me!”

Teri took one step back, holding up her hands as if to try to stop me from yelling. “You’re right,” she answered. “It’s wrong of me to think that.”

“Calcifer is wonderful,” I whispered, bringing my hands to my chest. “He would never do anything bad.”

“He pulled some pretty nasty tricks as a teen,” she muttered.

I glared at her and clenched my hands so they were fists. I really wanted to punch her. “I was there, every day, in his house with him. I saw him at his worst, he told me everything and when he talked it made me know things about him that I do not think he even understands about himself. Calcifer just acted out because he was not happy with himself! He did not understand what was going on in his mind! He acted out for that reason but he would never do anything like stealing something, he is too good for that!”

“How do you know?” she demanded.

“Because I love him!” I shouted back. “You have to trust the man you love, otherwise it is not really l–” I stopped, realizing what I had just said. Teri was staring at me and I quickly put my hands to my mouth as if to push the words back in.


But I just turned and ran to my bedroom, shutting the door and putting something under the doorknob so nobody could get in. How could I possibly have made such a bad mistake?


I felt so sick as I searched the house. I had to get rid of the things in case… well… I just had a bad feeling. Like someone was pointing at the items and saying ‘look! look here!’. I had to get rid of them, I just knew I did.

Things at the house became weirder than normal. Penny didn’t come out of her room when anyone was around (I knew she was coming out of her room at other times since food would disappear and I would hear the toilet flushing at night).

After two days of this I tried asking Teri if she knew what was up but in the middle of our conversation, she lurched forward, grabbing her stomach.

“Are you okay?” I asked.

“Y-yeah,” she replied. “I’ve been feeling kinda sick. What did you need?”

“Do you know why Penny is acting so weird?”

Teri just stared at me and something flashed across her eyes, as if she did know something. But then she just turned her head. “No,” she said a bit icily. “No idea.”

After that, Teri started acting weird. She seemed really anxious whenever I was around her, as if I was going to do something. She was often looking at Penny’s closed door but never made any sort of indication that she’d go talk to Penny.

She did, however, continue to be sick. Two mornings after she complained about a stomachache I found her hurling in the bathroom.

“You okay?” I asked, bringing in a damp washcloth. I helped her up and began wiping her face, rather worried that the stomach bug was lasting this long. She took the cloth and I felt her forehead. “I don’t think you have a fever.”

“I’m okay,” she mumbled as she tossed the washcloth aside.

“I’m just worried about you,” I said, reaching for her hand.

She stepped back away from me and sniffled slightly. “I know, thank you.”

“Are you sure you’re okay?” I asked, trying to look into her eyes. “Is it your dad?” He had called her up a few days ago and said he didn’t want anything to do with her if she married me. I was really ticked off about that but Teri promised she’d be okay.

“No… it’s not that…” She wrapped her arms around herself and sighed. “It’s something else. I’ll tell you later, okay? After work?”

I gave her a hug which she only barely returned. “Okay,” I said, hoping this wasn’t anything bad. “We’ll talk tonight.”


I worried all through work, wondering what on earth had upset her for so long. When I got home I found her already in her robe, just staring at the picture we had taken at prom.

I came into the bedroom and quietly shut the door behind me. “Hey Teri,” I said but she didn’t even look up at me. “So, uh, what’s going on?”

She stepped back and pulled open the top drawer. My eyes widened as I saw the clothes and sunglasses I once bought for a certain mission, and also the floor plans with my marks of where the cameras were. I swore under my breath, realizing why I had been having this feeling of wanting to get rid of them: they had been found.

“You stole them, didn’t you? The chemicals to make Penny real?” She couldn’t even look at me and when I opened my mouth to say something she just held up one hand. “Don’t even bothering telling me you didn’t do it. This is evidence enough.” She slammed the drawer shut and finally turned to look at me. “How could you?”

“Teri–” I tried but once again she cut me off.

“You…” Her eyes narrowed, piercing into me. “You are nothing more than a criminal.” Her eyes widened just very slightly and she stepped back, her hands against her chest. “And how can I be with someone like that?”


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Hi there! I'm known as sErindeppity. I love to read (huzzah!) and love to write (double huzzah!). I have tons of books in my room ahaha. I love video games and hate hot weather. :p
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28 Responses to DNA, Baby, That Spells DNA – 2.11 – Accusation

  1. zbornie says:

    What? Oh no, no, no! Cal’s supposed to dump HER! How can she be so mean?! If she was so in love with him, she’d let him say his piece! And is she leaving him now and possibly pregnant? Hmph! To think I once felt bad for her!

  2. Monica says:


  3. Spiderg1rl says:

    Cal needs to get away from Teri now, and keep the kid to be raised by him and penny, she’s just so cruel with all her silent treatment stuff and making penny feel bad for loving cal

  4. Lathe says:

    Had a bit of catching up to do there, me…
    So first he’s engaged, now he’s not? Trying to decide how the next episode is gonna go ๐Ÿ˜‰ Teri’s giving Cal a way to keep her if he can take it… or maybe this whole setup is her attempt to get him to admit how he feels about Penny?
    Guess it’s both, really. Heh.
    I do feel kinda bad for Penny getting dropped into this situation like she was.

    • sErindeppity says:

      Replied to you on FB ๐Ÿ˜‰ but wanted to add one of the things I said here: Teri is willing to accuse the man she loves without knowing the truth, while Penny is willing to trust the man she loves without knowing the truth. So which one deserves him? ๐Ÿ˜‰

      • Lathe says:

        “Trust but verify.” So far I’m not convinced either ‘deserves’ him, but that’s a loaded question… because Cal DID steal the chemicals, and he did leave evidence hanging around. Penny maybe deserves /better/? ๐Ÿ˜‰

  5. ATMzie says:

    So dramatic I almost accidentally kicked over the very unstable hotel table my laptop is sitting on!

  6. Ooh, might this just be the can he I have been hoping for? If Teri leaves Cal he’s free to be with Penny… Just Teri is now pregnant with Cal’s baby/babies…
    This is getting complicated!!

  7. Insanee Pandaa says:

    Lol. Never liked Teri, such a lammmmme osine. And she broke up with him.. because he stole… some chemicals?… AHAHAHAHA! Oh, Calicifer, good riddance. She may have been your high school sweetheat, but noone knows you like the person that was there from the start… *Looks at Penny* OH YEAH I SEE YOU.
    (Yeah I Know, you wrote this ages ago… but I only just discovered it now :3
    It’s nice, and I likes it alot >:3)

    • sErindeppity says:

      Eeeee thanks for reading! And commenting! -flails happily- yeah Teri was never right for him. But he’s kinda… thick-headed about things. Good riddance, I agree. :3
      Yay hugs! I’m a huggy person. So not against my will! -hugs back- ^_^ Bwahaha…. thanks again for reading โค I really appreciate it. I know it can be difficult jumping into a story that has as many gens as I have now.

      • Insanee Pandaa says:

        Nah! Not at all!
        I actually find it better, to hop into a Legacy already in the making, and what looks to be doing well. But I must say this.
        (or write?) *GET OUT OF HERE*
        Scuse me.
        I love how… theres a fantastic story. Especially in the Two beginning Generations. It’s so great to be able to learn about the characters and their personalities.
        And, (I mean I have nothing against it) I love how you’re not shoving your sims into fertility… you’re making a great Legacy with a challenge, a development of characters and a wide arrange of Story! ๐Ÿ˜›
        It’s great. And it’s why I am enjoying it so much!! xD
        Sorry if I don’t like all the posts, I immediately press Next Page, because I am so engrossed in reading. But there all amazing.
        So, I’m so glad I got to read ๐Ÿ˜›
        Have a good one!

      • sErindeppity says:

        The only time I’d ever have a generation heir have a baby within the first couple chapters is if the previous generation built up the relationship. Like… if Penny had been real, and Cal and Penny were already married and stuff. But that’s not likely to happen. I am a very… write-y person. xD I tend to write a lot and go into plot and stuff. Gen four averages 2k words per chapter but then gen 5 and 6 are even longer. Gen 6 has been like…. 3.5k around per chapter. So I’m glad you like a lot of story… xD haha
        Don’t feel the need to like every chapter. ^_^ I feel very flattered that you’d rather just continue reading.

  8. zefiewings says:

    I feel bad for her. She was with him through so much, but this is the final straw. I believe once she has some time, she will let him say his piece but it is hard realizing the man you love is capable of so much more than you even thought. Plus, she understands that Penny and he have been together for so much longer than they, realizing he did something so terrible for her sake…

    • sErindeppity says:

      Yeah she’s not a bad sort… she did get the short end of the stick so to speak. There’s been a lot for her to put up with… I can’t imagine how hard it is to be in that sort of situation!

  9. Sad, so sad that he doesn’t realize he’s having to talk himself into being happy with Teri.

    I wonder why Teri is acting weird, and why she wondered how Cal made Penny real. Huh. And now Cal’s missing things, things he planned on getting rid of, and Teri’s asking about him stealing? Why should she care? Whatever she’s up to, I don’t like it!

    Oh great, just effing great. She’s pregnant, and thinks she’s too good for him all the sudden? Over *stealing*? I mean, not that stealing is right, but that’s hardly a stop-the-world offense! Grr. ::throws stuff::

  10. That’s quite a strong reaction but I guess when you discover your fiancรฉ (and potential baby daddy) would break the law for someone he loves that isn’t you your liable to get a little crazy. Especially when she’s admitted she lives him back. Oh what a clever and tangled web you weave!

  11. LOL, oh Cal. Okay, so from my point of view, Cal’s not a common criminal because he didn’t destroy the evidence. Criminals who are wanting to pursue that path don’t leave things behind like that, they make sure they don’t get caught. XD So yeah… Teri. LOL.
    Also, because I know the reason behind why Cal stole the chemical, it shows he is willing to go to any length for the one he loves. I know he doesn’t know that he loved Penny at that time, but I think that is what ultimately made him go to such extreme measures.

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