DNA, Baby, That Spells DNA – 2.23 – A Confronting Conversation

That night I had strange dreams as I slept. It was like the old ones that had plagued me. The mob with torches and pitchforks nightmare. Except there was no mob. I was standing on top of a castle, staring out at the empty fields. The night sky was clear but there was lightning and thunder, very close to the castle. A hot breeze ruffled through my hair and I felt like I was going to fall…

When I woke up, I was staring up at the ceiling. I felt as though I couldn’t move but finally I managed to slowly start to sit up. I froze partway, seeing a shadowed figure by the window. Is this still my nightmare? I stared at the shadow and the shadow moved slightly, as if waiting for me. I leaned over the bed, reaching to turn the lights on, figuring the shadowy figure would disappear as soon as I did. I started sliding out of bed and then saw the shadowy figure was not gone.

I stared at the woman, feeling extremely cold and scared. I wanted to ask how she got into my house but I couldn’t speak, I could just stare up in her in mute fear.

“Danevbie,” she said very slowly and the word felt like ice. I shivered and pushed my feet down against the floor, sucking in air, trying to find something to say. “I was going to ask if it was indeed your name, but I can see it is. You resemble him…”

“Who…” The word was slow and stupid. I stood up and stared into terrifying green eyes. “Who are you?”

“I was told you were looking for me,” she said with a slight smirk. “And now you are asking who I am? How did you expect to find me if you do not know who I am? I suppose it is good that I decided to come here.”

Her voice was like a knife into my heart. “Redding,” I whispered. “You’re… Redding…”

“Yes,” she replied with a bored shrug.

“Jay Redding,” I gulped.

Her eyes flashed behind her glasses. “Yes,” she said again. “And you are Danevbie. Calcifer Danevbie.”

I knew it had to be her but how could it be? She looked younger than me! “Yes,” I said very slowly. “You are Jay Redding…” I looked at the window then back at her. She was silent, waiting for me. This just felt so surreal. “How did you get ins–“

“Does it matter?” she cut in. “I am here. You were looking for me. Or so I was told. Perhaps he was wrong?”

My nostrils flared slightly and I folded my arms, feeling very exposed in my pajamas. “I was looking for you,” I said sharply. “You aren’t what I expected.”

“And what did you expect?” she asked, raising her eyebrows. “Someone old, perhaps? Grey hair, wrinkles, one foot in the grave?”

“Yes,” I replied honestly. “You lied to my father. You found that–that food dish that–ambrosia.”

“Ambrosia?” she asked with a laugh. “It’s just a myth.”

“Then how come you’re like this?” I demanded, my blood beginning to boil.

“Is that what you came here to say?” she replied with another smirk. “To comment on my age? Why did you come here, Calcifer?”

“Answers,” I mumbled, looking away from her. “I want answers. The first being… how did you find me? How did you know I was looking for you?”

“I t-told her…” said a new voice. I spun around, staring at the door to the bedroom.

“You!” I exclaimed, seeing the elderly man from the park. His eyes were closed but I remember their color. I turned again to stare at the female Redding. The same eyes. “You–you are Kay!”

“Y-yes,” he stammered, slowly opening his eyes and biting his bottom lip.

“You told me there were no Reddings in Twinbrook!” I snarled. “Oh, but why should I be surprised at another lie?”

“T-technically it wasn’t!” he stammered. “We don’t go by Redding here.”

“After the, ah, problems we had in Sunset Valley, we decided to go by a different name here,” Jay said, looking very smug and rather annoying. I wanted to slap her.

“Running away from everything,” I spat out. “You ran away from what happened in Sunset Valley and–“

“Can you blame us?” she asked, spreading her hands out. “They were ready to lock us up and put us on death row.”

“Maybe you deserved it!” I snarled, unable to stop the words from coming out. Jay looked rather surprised. “You–you have any idea what my father went through?” I stepped forward, my body shaking with anger. I glared at Kay who at least had the decency to look upset. “Do you have any idea what happened to him? Because of you? He’s dead! Because of you!”

“Everybody dies, Mr. Danevbie,” Jay said simply. “That is a fact.”

“And you?” I whipped my head around to stare at her again. “You look like you’re younger than me! You should be like him, shouldn’t you?” I pointed at her brother. “Are you going to die, you witch?”

Jay breathed heavily through her nose, making a rather loud sound. “S-sister, please!” Kay said, hurrying over. “Stay calm! He–he is j-just upset…”

“You dare talk to me like that?” she demanded, finally sounding like something other than a slightly smug robot. “You dare call me a witch? You are no better than the–the disgusting rats of Sunset Valley who prosecuted us without reason!”


She sneered at me. “I do not know what happened to Mr. Danevbie Senior, but whatever happened had nothing to do with us. We have not seen him since the night you were born.”

I grabbed her arm tightly, digging my fingers into her skin. “You don’t have to see someone to kill them,” I hissed. “What you did to him killed him, you are nothing but murderers!”

She pushed my hand away and stuck her finger in my face. “We are NOT murderers!” Her voice was thick and she sounded as if she was having difficulty forming words. “We BRING life, we do not take life! Without us, you would not exist. You should be thanking us, not accusing us. Without us, your silly little wife wouldn’t be in existence–“

“Don’t you EVER say ANYTHING about my wife!” I screeched, slapping her hand away rather hard. “You have NO RIGHT!”

She stared at the hand I had smacked then glared at me. “P-please, b-both of you!” Kay stammered. “Please c-calm down!”

She raised her hand and slapped me hard across the cheek. “You dare hit me?” she snapped, slapping me again. I was shocked, and my temper exploded as she started yelling at me, louder and louder. “I am the one who gave you life, I am the one who made your father so he could give birth to you, I am the one to whom you owe your existence! I am your creator!”

“Oh no,” Kay wailed as I staggered back. “Please, sister, Calcifer, please stop!”

“I owe nothing to you,” I spat out, rubbing my cheek as I glared at her. “If you expect some sort of debt then my father paid it–with his life. He is dead, because of you. And you know what? I am not my father. No. No where close to him. He was a wonderful man. An amazing man. He was a better man than I could ever dream of being. And even though he was a very strong man–he had to be to deal with the disaster you abandoned him in–he was never a brave man.

“But I am not my father!” I stood a little straighter, my temper crashing over me like angry waves. I was beginning to see red. “And I will NOT be bullied, pushed around, tricked into things, lied to, mistreated, and above all–be condescended to by a low-life, scum-sucking, arrogant, murderous bitch like you!”


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22 Responses to DNA, Baby, That Spells DNA – 2.23 – A Confronting Conversation

  1. zbornie says:


    OMG! GO CAL! I’m so glad he gave her a piece of his mind and isn’t putting up with her crap!

  2. Avanis says:

    WOOOOOO! GO CAL! I hope he makes them give him answers!

  3. inspiritsgolden says:

    Poor Kay:(
    Fess up, Jay :<

  4. thelizzy1990 says:

    Not ambrosia? I’m confused..

    But all right, Cal!!

  5. ATMzie says:

    You tell her Cal!

  6. Oh my god, Cal!!! You show her! 😀

  7. zefiewings says:

    well…they are scientist….young again potions?

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