DNA, Baby, That Spells DNA – 2.24 – Kay’s Transformation

A blur, that’s all it was. A blur of fists, feet, arms, legs, and pain. I hadn’t really been in physical fights and soon I could tell that she had. Her fingers jabbed rather painfully against my back and I had the feeling this wasn’t going to turn out as nicely as I had hoped it would.

Her brother just sort of stood over us, occasionally whimpering out pleas for us to stop. But I couldn’t. How could I? And it was obvious she wasn’t going to either.

Her fingers jabbed me again and I fell against the ground, pain shooting through all my nerves. I slowly stood up, rubbing the spot on my back, feeling extremely ticked off that she had–she had bested me in a fist fight!

I moaned in pain and Kay said, “Sh-she had medical training, she knows… where it w-will hurt to… hit…”

I stood up and turned, eyes flashing angrily at her smug face. I wanted to accuse her of cheating but finally settled on trying to glare as much as I possibly could. “You are disgusting,” I growled.

“I think we have had enough time here,” she said and turned to her brother. “Let’s go. It was a mistake to come.”

“No!” I said as she took a step towards the door. “You–you monster!”

“I am not going to stay here to be insulted,” she said, wiping her hands off and then adjusting her glasses. “Obviously you just wanted to vent anger on me. I did nothing, there was no reason for your language and your… attack on me.”

“You did nothing?” I asked incredulously. “How about killing my father? I think that warrants a bit of something.” I clenched my hands into fists and considered just swinging at her again.

“Stop fighting!” Kay said, standing between me and his sister. “I th-think w-we just need to calm down and… and talk rationally.”

“There is nothing rational about you!” I said, yelling at them both. “You are both nothing but–Frankenstein. Mad scientists. You’re crazy, you’re both crazy! You’re both nothing but murderers! You KILLED my father!”

“I did nothing to him!” Jay said icily.

“Oh you LIAR!” I screamed. “You changed all his insides and never once thought that he might need specialized medical attention? He went to the hospital all the time but they couldn’t do anything for him. they couldn’t do anything! He was forced to live in pain all the time, because of you. He died before he was even sixty, because of you!”

“He signed the agreement,” she said, clenching her own hands into fists. “He agreed, he signed his name. It was his decision.”

“He asked for ambrosia!” I snarled. “He asked for help, and you said he could have it, and you lied to him. You tricked him into signing that agreement and then left him to deal with everything on his own, you left him to die!”

“I thought you of all people would understand!” she growled, looking ready to hit me. “You are saying all this and yet, you are the one who was brought into life through us. But you are acting like the people who ran us out of town. It’s not our fault we had to leave… they ran us out!” she yelled. “And you are acting just like them!”

“Stop it!” Kay begged, touching his sister’s arm. I turned my back to them, breathing deeply, trying to calm down. Another fist fight would just end the same, probably. Her jabbing me in a spot that hurt everything.

“I will not stop it!” Jay snapped and I looked over as she smacked her brother’s arm. “I am not going to stand here and be treated like some sort of mad scientists by my own experiment!”

I spun around, eyes huge. “Exp…” I couldn’t even finish it. My chest was rising and falling rapidly with my breathing. “You admit it. You admit that’s all I was! You admit that’s all my father was to you! Nothing but an experiment! I’m not even human to you!”

“Of course you are human you brainless brat! You and that silly wife of yours, you’re both human! I can create human life where human life was not, you are human!”

I narrowed my eyes and folded my arms. “You didn’t do anything about Penny, I was the one who made the formula.”

“I GAVE YOU THE FORMULA!” she screamed, her voice high and furious. “I am the one who learned how to transfer souls! I am the one who did it, me! Not you! Me!”

“Transfer… souls?” I echoed, feeling nauseous by what that almost sounded like. “What do you mean? Did you… kill someone?”

“J–” Kay started but then stopped, frowning slightly. “Sister, please. We agreed to n-not talk about–“

“And the others?” I demanded. “Penny told me there are others out there. Did you do them too?”

“No,” she said simply. “We knew about the… dolls. I was curious about them, I wanted to see if I could do it myself. So I did, though all we could do is put the souls in the dolls. They needed more than what we could give them.” She shrugged very slightly. “They needed someone to love them.”

“Something you couldn’t do,” I coughed out. “You probably have no idea what love even means!”

Jay glowered at me. “They needed to be with children, so we sent one to you and our experiment worked. I am sure the others we sent to your sons will help. And even though we had to–“

“Stop!” Kay snapped. “Sister, we agreed to not d-discuss this!”

“Shut up!” Jay turned on her brother and he reeled back, looking rather scared. “Stop trying to control me, you can’t! I am older than you even though you chose the route of death!”

“I’m n-not trying to control you!” he whimpered. “I just think that f-fighting will solve nothing! Besides, w-we agreed to n-never tell anyone about the dolls and what we did! Even if it is him!” He pointed at me. “How d-do you think he’ll feel if he knew? What will he do? He will–“

“BE QUIET!” she screeched, sounding wild and insane. “SHUT UP! Just STOP talking! You know nothing, brother! You have become weak, pathetic! You will die soon, so you have no say in anything anymore.”

Kay looked on the verge of tears. “Sister, calm down,” he whispered, taking her arms and holding them still. “Let’s just go. You wanted t-to go, so let’s leave.”

“No!” I said. “I want answers! I deserve answers!”

“You deserve nothing, you ungrateful little whelp,” Jay spat out. “I gave you life and you do not seem to appreciate that, so why should I give you anything else?”

“Sister…” Kay said very slowly. “Let’s answer his q-questions. It is because of what we did that… J-Jacob is d-dead…” He sniffled very slightly and looked away. “We owe him answers at the least.”

Jay was silent, looking back and forth between me and Kay. “Fine,” she said slowly. “Is that what you want?”

“Yes,” he said. “It is.”

“Then on one condition,” she said, folding her arms and raising her eyebrows. “You know what that condition is. I know what you want to do this, and I will do this for you. Only if you do what I want you to do.”

“Sister…” Kay trembled slightly. “You know how I feel about that…”

“Then we will go,” she said, turning towards me and glaring.

I reached out to stop her and she started to reach into her pocket but Kay held up his hands. “No! No, all right. I will… do it…” He looked up, looking very depressed. “I agree.”

I kept looking between the two of them, wondering what was going on. As long as I got some answers, I didn’t care. I needed to know about Penny. Jay bent down and rummaged through a bag I hadn’t noticed before that was sitting by the window. She pulled something out and handed it to Kay.

“I am glad you’ve finally agreed,” she said, handing it over. “Even if it is for ridiculous reasons.”

I wondered what that pink stuff was. Kay looked slightly afraid but Jay had a very smug look on her face. “Go on,” she said. “If you drink that, I will agree to what you want.”

He began swigging it down without another thought. I stared at him, wondering what on earth was going on. Jay looked at me and pointed to the other side of the room. “Perhaps we should step back. I do no know how he will react to this.”

I wasn’t going to agree but when he started sparkling, I decided perhaps I should step away. I clambered over my bed and walked around to the end, watching with huge eyes.

He looked quite terrified and I wondered if he was going to die or something. I wouldn’t put it past Jay to murder her own brother.

There was a flash of light and I rubbed my eyes, unable to believe what was before me. He looked… young. Younger than me, maybe. He blinked and slowly looked down at himself. Jay was smirking, looking very pleased with herself.

“My g-goodness,” he stammered, sounding as young as he looked. “I’m… I’m young again.” He lifted his hands and stared at them. “It w-worked.” He sighed and looked over his shoulder at his sister. “Are you happy now?”

“Yes,” she said. “I’m glad you finally saw reason and drank that. I didn’t want to lose you to old age and death.”

I stepped forward, staring in disbelief at Jay. “He’s young again,” I said very cautiously. “You made that? You made something to make him–and you–young again? And in peak health?”

“Yes!” she replied rather happily. “I discovered the formula many, many years ago. I’ve taken it twice. But my brother refused, up until now. He seemed to think dying was–“

“YOU HAD THIS ALL ALONG!” I shouted, cutting her words off. “You had this formula to make someone young and healthy again? And what, you’re keeping this to yourself?”

“The world would be better off without it,” she said, reaching up and pushing her glasses up the bridge of her nose. “Utter chaos would ensue.”

“How long?” I asked in a low, dark voice. “How many years ago did you discover this?”

“Oh, thirty years I suppose,” she replied. “Why? Why does it matter to you?”

“You are a monster,” I said, my voice full of the venom I felt. “My father. That could have saved him from wh-what you did…” I was so angry and hurt that I couldn’t talk anymore. I wanted to attack her, but I couldn’t move. I felt a tear sliding down my cheek and I bit my tongue to stop myself from crying.

“Wh-why don’t we go to the living room and talk there?” I heard Kay said as me body began trembling. “C-Calcifer, you should get dressed.” He grabbed his sister and began pulling her out of the bedroom. “We will b-be in there…”

The bedroom door shut and I slowly sank to my knees. I pressed my palms against my eyes, more tears coming out. They could have saved my father, but they just left him to die. I almost wished I was less than what I was, and the sort of person that could just kill them. But slowly–very slowly–I got up and started getting dressed. I needed answers. I was going to get answers, and then I was going to leave and never come back.


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14 Responses to DNA, Baby, That Spells DNA – 2.24 – Kay’s Transformation

  1. zbornie says:


    Jay is unbearably infuriating. I’m so mad at her!

  2. inspiritsgolden says:

    *dropkicks Jay*

  3. MissCee says:

    Hotheaded approach will not work with an egomaniac; I’ve lived with a couple, my father and my oldest son-both now deceased.

    My mother taught me what’s needed is to be calm and as still as a waterfall in winter. Cal needs to be slippery as ice and twice as cool headed.

    If he asks questions that seem to praise Jay for her inventiveness and foresight the flattery will get more info from her than questions or threats would. She loves to talk about herself and what she has done. Cal is looking for empathy and/or remorse, but truly you can’t get blood from a turnip.

    • sErindeppity says:

      That is so true. He could have done a lot better by buttering her up but he let his anger get the better of him. I might have someone else talk to Jay by flattering her and stuff. A waterfall in winter–I like that.

  4. It’s so sad to think the could have given Jacob more years :/ He might have been able to see his grand children, or meet Penny 😦

  5. zefiewings says:

    Wee I guessed right.
    I have to go but when I get back I have much more to read.
    …what a time to have to go….

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