These Points Of Data – 3.11 – Proposition

Anger just kept bubbling up inside of me. I felt hurt. I couldn’t believe I felt this hurt by him but why should I be surprised that he had lied to me? He probably dreaded all those times we spent together, all those times we talked on the phone, I thought, pressing my hand against my chest. Though he had always seemed eager and really had called me more than I had called him. But that could just as easily mean he was doing it for her. Making me believe he was happy talking to me.

Tears welled up in my eyes again and I wiped them away, peering out to where Redding was walking away. I wondered what had happened and expected Kellen to walk off but he just pressed his fingertips against his eyelids, his shoulders drooping a bit.

I started walking forward, not even realizing what I was doing.

“Kellen,” I said once I was a few feet away from him. His body stiffened and then he spun around, his eyes wide.

“L-Luna?” he whispered. “What the heck are you doing here? You–you need to leave!”

I grit my teeth, his voice like knives in me. My feet were moving on their own accord and the words were spilling out. “You lying piece of crap!” I yelled. “How could you do this to me! How could you treat me like this?!”

My hands went flying out and his arms went flying up. I felt very grateful for Orion teaching me how to hit someone because otherwise I probably would have just barely poked him. But I managed to whack the side of his mouth and then land a punch square in his nose before he could push me away.

“Luna what are you doing?” he hissed out as he staggered back, touching his nose. His eyes flashed with as much anger as I felt. “What was that for?”

“You know what it’s for!” I shrieked hysterically. “I found out the truth about you!”

“What truth?” he demanded, grabbing my wrist as it went forward to hit him again. “Luna! You’re acting like a nutcase, calm down and tell me why you are attacking me. Because my patience is rapidly dropping.”

“I trusted you!” I cried out. “And all this time you were lying to me!”

“Luna, I have never lied to you,” he said in a strangely calm voice. “If someone told you something, they’re the ones lying.”

I clenched my teeth even more. “I saw the truth, just now,” I said. “Nobody told me anything! I saw you with–with her!”

He raised his eyebrows and wiped off a bit of the blood from his lip but the blood just dripped down some more. “Oh my gosh. Luna, seriously? That was my boss! How on earth could you possibly think I’m seeing someone else, let alone my boss!”

“I know she’s your boss!” I growled. “And what do you mean ‘else’? I don’t recall you ever asked me to be your girlfriend, and I must say I am quite glad for it.”

There was a few seconds of silence from him. The only sound was a rustle of leaves from the wind. But finally he spoke. “Is that how you really feel?” he asked, his voice hardly more than a whisper.

“You lied to me,” I said, though my voice was faltering as well. He looked so injured by what I had said… No, I thought, shaking my head. He’s just acting. Like he has all this time. Why else would someone like him want to talk to someone like me other than to spy on me for Redding?

“When did I lie to you?!” he demanded. “I never lied to you, Luna! I never would lie to you, I love you!” As soon as the last syllable came out, his eyes went even bigger than they already were and then he slowly closed them.

It was like a bucket of ice water hitting me and for a second I couldn’t breathe. But before I could react to–to that insanity he just said, someone else spoke. “What do we have here?”

I knew who it was. Of all the times… I didn’t want to hear her or anyone else right now, I wanted to turn around and yell at her to just go away and give me five more minutes alone with Kellen because had I really heard him say what I thought he had said?

“Dr. Dearg!” Kellen exclaimed and I turned around, meeting her gaze.

“Who is she?” Redding demanded, glaring at Kellen.

Oh… oh no… I gulped, knowing I couldn’t make an excuse for the tone in her voice. She had no idea who I was. Which meant she hadn’t sent Kellen to spy on me. Which meant I… and he… Oh no. What have I done?

I turned slightly and stared wide-eyed at Kellen. He stared back at me, frowning slightly. “Who are you?” Redding demanded, this time a lot more furiously.

“I–I’m no one,” I whispered, biting my bottom lip.

She stared at me and looked as though she would just make a knife appear out of no where and stab me right there and then. Forget arrested, I thought miserably. Violators will be killed!

“Her name is Juliet,” Kellen said firmly. I stared at him again but he wasn’t looking at me. “Juliet Moon.”

Redding folded her arms and began tapping her foot. “And what exactly is she doing on Acinert property, Mr. Wright?”

He looked guiltily up at her. “It’s my fault. See, she’s my… fiancee,” he said quickly, reaching over and grabbing my arm. “And I asked her to bring me something from home, but I lost track of the time and didn’t meet her down by the entrance so she came up here looking for me. I take full responsibility.”

Don’t do this, I thought, feeling my heart tearing into a million pieces. First I accuse him of something he didn’t do, then I punch him, and what does he do? He tells me loves me and then lies for me, risking his job. I was… oh, I was lower than dirt.

“I see,” Redding said, not sounding interested. “I suggest you return to your work immediately, Mr. Wright. And I expect you to stay until you finish that report tonight. I also expect to see you tomorrow. Do you understand?”

Kellen bowed his head. “Yes, Dr. Dearg. Let me just take Juliet to–“

“I will escort Miss Moon off the property,” Redding said coldly and I gulped again, feeling dread creeping up my body. “You return to work now.” Kellen stared and then nodded, giving my arm a gentle squeeze before walking off. “Oh, and Mr. Wright?” she asked and he paused, looking at her. “Clean yourself up, you are a disgusting mess.”

“Yes, Dr. Dearg,” he muttered and then started walking again. I watched him leave, feeling scared. As if sensing it, Kellen paused and turned, giving me a careful look.

“Please send me a text when you get home safe, Jules,” he said quietly and I opened my mouth. However, I couldn’t speak so I just closed my mouth again and nodded. He gave me one last, rather sweet, smile and it felt as though my heart were being torn again. Though I had the feeling he had said that more for the sake of Redding. Almost as if he were worried I wouldn’t get home safe.

And looking at Redding, I was beginning to wonder the same thing. But she was watching Kellen so he began walking a little quicker and as soon as he was out of sight, she turned and gave me the iciest glare I had ever seen in my life.

“So, uh, I better head home,” I said, my voice squeaking.

“I did not realize Mr. Wright was engaged,” she said, folding her arms once more and lifting up one eyebrow.

“I, uh, suppose he didn’t want to talk about it,” I whispered. “We have a very private life together. I, um, haven’t even introduced him to my family yet.”

“That would be Calcifer Danevbie, correct?” she asked and my eyes went huge, my mouth dropping. “Don’t look so shocked,” she sneered. “You think I wouldn’t figure out why you look so familiar?”

“Please don’t fire Kellen,” I said. “It wasn’t his fault at all. He was just… covering up for me. I came here looking for him since I was–I was mad at him and…” I trailed off, realizing my excuses were feeble and probably not helping anything.

“Is Juliet your real name?” she inquired, looking me up and down. “I didn’t think he had a child name Juliet.”

“N-no,” I stammered. “I’m… I’m Luna. Luna Danevbie.”

Redding put her hand against her chin, still looking me up and down. “Did your idiotic father send you here to harass me?”

“No!” I exclaimed. “No! He has no idea you’re even around Riverview! If he had any idea, he probably would have tied me down rather than come here to work at the facility.”

She smirked at that and seemed more amused than annoyed. “I see,” she said. “I imagine he’s told you things about me, otherwise you would not have had that look in your eye when you saw me.”

“He’s told me,” I said, straightening my shoulders slightly. “How you treated his father, things you said to him. How you have some sort of crazy plan of making the universe bow down to you.”

She put her fingers against her lips, smirking even more. “Luna, did you believe all the things he told you about me or did you ever stop to think he was biased against me for the accidental–and might I say, unfortunate–death of his father?”

I was very confused by this. The thought had never really occurred to me before that my father had exaggerated things. “He told us all the truth,” I mumbled, looking down at my shoes. “I mean… why… why would he lie? He had no reason to lie to us about you and what you did.”

“Except his anger,” she pointed out. “He’s the one who sought us out and yelled at us. And I have kept my promise, leaving him and his family alone. Of course now, I suppose, that promise has been…” She turned away slightly. “Forcibly broken. I suppose he’ll come tearing into town any day now to yell at us again.”

“I sh-should get going,” I said, taking a few steps away from her. “I really should go.”

She chuckled and continued smirking. “Luna, why did you come to Riverview?”

I blinked and wrapped my arms around myself, sniffling a bit. “I took a job at Soil and Water.” I looked up and saw her eyes glinting. “But I already said that,” I realized. “I mentioned the facility.” I felt so stupid, giving away information like that. I should be on my guard around her because… Why? I wondered. Because my dad hates her? What if… he was exaggerating…?

“You did,” Redding said. “I have an idea. Consider it a proposition.”

“Wh-what’s that?” I asked nervously.

“I show you around this place,” she said, waving her hands. “You can see what’s going on. It’s nothing bad, I promise you. You can ask me questions. And you can meet your grandfather,” she added and I took in a sharp breath at that. “And if everything seems good to you then… perhaps you could come work with us. Not for us, Luna. With us. With me, with my brother. With your family.”

Oh… Watcher…


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41 Responses to These Points Of Data – 3.11 – Proposition

  1. Jazen says:

    NOOOOO…she can’t work with them. The family would really be at odds then. How sweet that Kellen professed his love for her.

  2. zbornie says:

    Don’t do it Luna! NOOOOOOOOO!

  3. gladissims says:

    Oooo O_O Bah I wonder what happens next Iiiiiiiiiiiiii

  4. Avanis says:

    Baaaaaaaad idea Luna. Don’t even consider it!

  5. XD -starts laughing like mad-

    😛 Poor Kellen has no clue…

  6. Rae says:

    I would like to blame Avanis and ZB for yet another blog I must follow from the start. You’ll be seeing me.

  7. sleazysuperstar says:

    My. Jaw. DROPPED.
    Luna can’t do iiiit! That would seriously give a reason for Temp – as well as her family – to hate her. Being a scientist is one thing, but the Reddings?! No. Noooooo. D:

  8. ATMzie says:

    I know she SHOULDN’T do it, but I want to know what the Reddings are up to this time…

  9. inspiritsgolden says:

    Don’t take any job Luna *shakes fist*

  10. Maddy says:

    I am ripping the hair out of my head right now!!! I can’t believe this, of course Jay did kind of point out that she thought women were more intelligent so she would favor her great-neice. I want Luna to take the job, I don’t care if I’m going against everyone else… 1) It would be interesting and 2) I wanna know what in the world is going on!!! Plus, on the upside, it would mean no more barriers for her and Kellen! 😀

  11. B says:

    -rapidly refreshes page searching for another update- LOL I’m addicted to this now ^^

  12. thelizzy1990 says:

    Grr, why did it have to be Jay? Of all people Luna could’ve run into! And here I was thinking we had finally gotten rid of her. She’s going to be the dark cloud hanging over the Danevbies for the whole ten generations, isn’t she?

    On the bright side, at least Kay’s still around. =D

  13. Carebear728 says:

    NO NO LUNA….Don’t do it

  14. PoisonusOblivion says:

    I love the plot twist! Luna better take the job, this is her destiny. She might have to keep it a secret, but not for long, because telling her family would create a delicious amount of drama that I’m sure we would all love to see. I can’t wait to see what happens next. Awesome story, really.

  15. Hevalou says:

    Oh.My.Gosh… wonderfully twisty! I love it sErin,it’s edge of the seat stuff! Looking forward to more,more,more!!!

  16. CrazyChic says:

    I’d say go for it Luna… I want to see the drama… *brushing hands together* muahahaha

  17. Lathe says:

    Jay is so wonderfully/horribly manipulative….. and so much more dangerous when she doesn’t lose her temper 😉

  18. JourneyG says:

    Luna don’t be stupid. You can’t trust her!

  19. she can meet her grand father?? oO I can see why she might be extremely tempted by the offer, but if she’s a smart girl she won’t make any rushed decisions…

  20. I KNEW IT. I thought she was going to ask her to work for them.

  21. somebodysangel says:

    I think I must be the only one who doesn’t hate the Reddings. Yes, they went a bit overboard and tricked a naive guy when they impregnanted Jacob. But he agreed to be experimented on. I don’t really have a problem with the majority of their tactics. And they have done everything Jacob and Calficer asked of them – Jacob asked them to leave he and his child alone, they did that. Calcifer asked them to provide their male pregnancy data to the world, and they did that too, and left the family alone, as asked.
    Not surprised that Jay wants Luna to work with/for them, either. Obviously Luna is interested in science, and Jay knows Luna’s heritage, she’s likely to be a highly gifted scientist. Only logical.
    Don’t know what to think about Kellan, though. He claims to love her, but he also hid stuff when it came to his job – if he didn’t think there was something shifty going on, he could have just told her he was working on something confidential and didn’t tell her. But he actively evaded the questions, makes me think that he knows something is wrong with the experiments, and he doesn’t want to get her involved. Of course, by trying to keep her out, he’s only made her more curious and she’s more likely to get involved.

    This is my roundabout way of saying I’m liking this storyline, lol. Off to read the next chapter! Just had to put in my opinion about Jay.

    • sErindeppity says:

      I don’t hate the Reddings either 🙂 Well sometimes I do hate Jay for some of the things she’s done, or is willing to do… I’m not gonna pretend she’s completely good because she’s not, she is evil (and has the evil trait). Like even though she gave Jacob what he wanted, she did lie ad manipulate him into the contract. But I do love her still. She’s one of my favorites (and of course Kay is one of my tops!). I am super stoked to hear all of that from you because it’s my thoughts on the matter too! A lot of the times Jay’s been like some sort of twisted fairy godmother, in a weird way. The only reason Jay wanted Luna was because she knew, and respected, Luna’s mind and talents.
      Kellen did make some mistakes there but unfortunately a lot of people do :\
      Thank you for putting in your thoughts about Jay, it always makes me happy to hear people who think of her differently! Was this your first comment on here? I can’t remember now. If so thank you so much for reading, and commenting ❤

      • somebodysangel13 says:

        When I first read it, I thought Jacob was incredibly stupid to not read the contract through – almost like he was opening himself up to be tricked by Jay. I suppose that comes with personal experience, as I have been burned by not reading contracts before signing.
        I’m seeing Jay as broken and cold and distant from humanity, but (at least as far as I’ve read) it seems more like she just doesn’t understand human emotion and interactions, not so much because she’s evil and actively trying to hurt people. She doesn’t care about the people in her experiments, but that’s not necessarily evil. She kind of reminds me of Temperence Brennan (and/or Zack) in early seasons of Bones, though Jay doesn’t want to understand the emotional side, where the Bones characters did.
        I commented on the last chapter of Gen II, and a few more times since this one – almost through Gen III now. Really loving this story!

      • sErindeppity says:

        I’ll reply more later in the morning but wanted to say yeah I see now you commented before xD I was mostly asleep when I was replying to comments, and even more so now hehe sorry about that ^_^;

      • sErindeppity says:

        Jacob was a bit stupid in that regard. He trusted too much. It is his fault for not combing through, but Jay still lied and tricked.
        I love how you see Jay ❤ I see her that way a lot. You have a good point of her being more of not caring instead of purposely being evil. I think she's only ever done something she KNEW perfectly well was wrong but still went through with it, although that's not been mentioned on camera yet anywhere.
        I'm really glad Jay has an ally ^_^

  22. Jay makes a few good points actually, it’s easy to blame it all on the Reddings (and Jay is a little despotic) but I think my main reason for not liking em is they get I. The way of a simple happy ending which while it would be fun… Wouldn’t be fun to read. It’ll be nice for Kay to get to know his granddaughter, it must be hard for him tk have his family hate him or at least be scared of him and only have his loony sister for company.

    Kellen is totally sweet, while that was hardly the most ideal situation for romance his protective instinct, quick thinking and sincerity are beyond reproach and I like that he is calm in a crisis.

    It feels like we’re setting up for. Big Sunset valley Danevbie vs Riverview Redding/Danevbie showdown. Luna never really felt she fit in Sunset so it’s pretty reasonable that if she takes after the one side of the family she would want to embrace it, regardless of the history.

    • sErindeppity says:

      Yeah it’s definitely hard for Kay not being able to be with his kids and grandkids. I know what you mean about Jay getting in the way of things although if you look at it the other way, Jacob never would have had Cal. And Cal and Penny never would have been together ;P eh Jay’s not a good person but shes not evil–well, depending… lol now I am babbling.

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