These Points Of Data – 3.30 – Luna’s Discovery

Author’s Note: Warning, this chapter contains scenes that might be emotionally difficult.

~Luna’s POV~

As Rosie, Kellen and I made our way out of Acinert, I was terrified that Jay would see us. But we managed to get out safely and once we piled into Kellen’s car, I began explaining to him what had happened.

After getting to work in the morning, I went straight to my computer and searched for Lloyd’s name. I found his page and saw with horror that it said he was dead. I buried my face in my hands, wondering why he was dead although I had my suspicions.

After shaking the feeling off, I called up the list of Ancora villagers who had died. Lloyd’s name was not up yet, but I quickly began scanning the list. This list just had names, dates of birth, and dates of death. Anyone who had died at a young age I inspected–and there were several of them. Most of them had their demise listed as ‘accident’ which was what Lloyd’s was. Bianca and Verna had theirs listed as ‘medical’. I saw that a lot of those who had died young were either ‘accident’ or ‘medical’ and I wondered which ones were even the truth. I also noticed that some of them had stars next to their names and I began clicking those specifically.

The stars all said the same thing. ‘Project D’. Wondering what that was, I tried to find something in common with all the people who had stars next to their names. I couldn’t really find anything and as I got close to the end of the list, I went ahead and texted Kellen. I was not going to work here anymore, and neither was he. I had the feeling that anyone who chose to leave didn’t really leave. They were… disposed of.

Kellen texted back, but I was too busy staring at the screen at that point. It was one of the last names on the list with a star next to the name. Wisteria Collins. She looked just like my mother. When I checked the date of death, I saw that it was just a year or two before my parents were born. Who was she? I touched the screen, staring into her eyes. She looked so much like Mom…

My hand jolted back. Mom had been given to Dad as a present from the Reddings. What if…? But no! That was insane. How could…? Why? I quickly tried to find any information on Project D but couldn’t find anything, which didn’t surprise me. Though I suspected I knew where I could find information: Jay’s office, inside those filing cabinets.

I got up and remembered the text Kellen had sent back. I barely looked at it before replying back, then turning off my phone. I didn’t want it going off while I was down there.

Feeling very shaky, I made my way to the lower level and to her office. The lights were off and I couldn’t hear anything. She was gone. So how could I get in? Oh jeez, I thought, rubbing my forehead and then trooping back up the stairs to Kay’s office. I knocked and was surprised when he told me to come in.

As I stepped inside, I tried thinking of something to say. I needed to find his extra pass-card (I knew he had one) but with him right there… how would I get it? So I put a fake smile on my face and said in the most convincing tone I could muster, “There is someone above ground who wants to see someone in charge. Something about an ex-employee filing charges.”

Kay frowned and he stood up. “Wh-what? Is it a p-p-police officer?”

I shrugged. “I don’t think so, looks more like a private investigator but it might be an undercover cop. I don’t know. Should I tell him to go away?”

“N-no,” he stammered. “I–I’ll d-deal w-with this…”

I went out into the hall with him, pretending to shut the door as he headed to the stairs. As soon as he disappeared from view, I went back into his office and flew to the desk. I began opening all the drawers, searching desperately, hoping that I could find it. I had no clue how else to get into Jay’s office and this would be my only chance. If that Wisteria Collins was related to my mother then I needed to know what Project D was all about.

“A-ha!” I said, pulling out his extra card. I left his office, shutting the door, sliding the card into my coat pocket. Barely ten seconds later, Kay returned.

“Th-there w-wasn’t anyone out th-there!” he said, looking confused.

I rolled my eyes. “Probably some bozo playing a trick, or prank. I’m sorry. I should have just sent him off myself.”

“It’s ok-kay,” he assured me and then went back into his office. I casually strolled down the hall, towards the other set of stairs. I felt a bit confident now that I pulled that off.

I swiped the card, and the door unlocked. I hoped that Jay wasn’t just taking a nap in there as I opened the door. I couldn’t see anything and after I shut the door, I flicked on the lights with a wince. There was nothing. No one yelling at me. I opened one eye and saw no sign of anyone.

Breathing a sigh of relief, I went over to the filing cabinets only to find them locked. Locked! I touched the keyholes and then turned to her desk, hoping the key was there. I searched the drawers and found everything was neat and very organized–but no key. Frowning, I began searching the top of the desk. I looked in the pencil holder, under the phone, and finally found a little key under the computer keyboard. When I set the board back down I accidentally jiggled the mouse and the computer screen snapped to life. It had been in sleep mode, and now I saw that she was logged into her account.

My jaw dropped. No way. No way! I set the key down and carefully moved the mouse, clicking on a random file. Reports came up, access to places I couldn’t get to on my own account. Maybe there’d be more files here, I thought and I brought up a search for ‘Project D’. It came up, and I could see what it was about right away.

The dolls. What my mother used to be. Imaginary friend, as my dad jokingly called it. I stared at the screen for a moment then began looking at the lists. I didn’t even know where to start, until I saw ‘Successfully Transformed Experiments’. That took me to a list, and it wasn’t far down that I saw ‘Danevbie’. I clicked on that and saw pictures of my parents, my mother as a doll and–near the bottom of the page–the name Wisteria Collins. I clicked on that and the same picture came up, along with a paragraph that made me sick to read.

Collins, Wisteria; mixed breed Rainbow. Mother: Collins, Koamaru (Blue); Father: Collins, Windsor, (Purple-pink, half-breed) Deceased. Comments: W. Collins is willful and stubborn. Disagrees with vision of Ancora’s progress. Stirring up trouble along with G. Loveless, M. McIntyre, and E. Hart. Request transfer to Project D. Further Comments: Application sent back, refused. Further submission needed. Final Comment: Submission refused. Forced agreement needed. Do not tell K.

Collins, Wisteria: Terminal illness discovered, no cure. Deceased.

Collins, Wisteria: Soul transfer success. Third success. Test subject needed.

Collins, Wisteria: Delivered to C. Danevbie. Estimated likelihood of successful transformation back to human form: 3.7%

Collins, Wisteria: Successful transformation back to human form. First success. Further research needed.

I sat back in the chair, rubbing my eyes. Wisteria was my mother. Penny. They were the same person. This–this rainbow was my mother. ‘Half-breed’. ‘Willful’. She was killed. By Jay. Because she was a willful half-breed.

Anger bubbled up inside of me and I grabbed the computer console, wanting to bash it against the wall. But my fingers loosened their grip and I sat back, taking in several gulps of air. My hands started to shake and my vision got blurry from the tears. I quickly wiped the tears away and started to X out of the report when I thought of something. I searched for my sister’s name within the Project D file, and soon found it.

Jay had kidnapped Tempest, or at least had others do it for her. I didn’t want to look at the rest of the file, I didn’t want to read what Jay wrote, and certainly didn’t want to see the pictures of my sister. I felt even sicker than before, and quickly grabbed the wastebasket so I could throw up.

So much for not leaving a trace, I thought, wiping off my mouth with the back of my hand. I wanted to leave, I knew I should leave… but I wanted to know a few more things. I grabbed a tissue and wiped off my hand so I could get back to work.

I looked up Ancora and started reading Jay’s notes on it. I had been right about Bianca and Verna. Both had ‘consorted’ with someone ‘not of their own color’. Bianca with a red sim of a familiar name (I soon realized it was someone related to Ross), and Verna with Lloyd. I also found medical jargon that indicated their deaths were no accident.

All the rainbows who had filed requests to leave, I found their names and found them all on the deceased list. I wanted to throw up again. What kind of monster would dream of doing this? Why on earth would anyone even…

Jay is not human, I decided, turning my head. Had Kay known about this? I couldn’t imagine him to agreeing to all this. Brother or not, Kay was very different from Jay. I decided that he didn’t know of any of this.

I kept looking, trying to figure out what all these little experiments we had been running had to do with all this death and sickening rules. After digging around a few minutes I found a file that revealed the truth about Ancora and Acinert. I felt so stupid. The name, Acinert. Anthropological Coexistence. Ancora was just one big experiment on people living peacefully in a self-sufficient ‘perfect’ society away from the modern world.

Utopia, I realized, pressing my fingertips lightly against my forehead. People living in harmony with strict rules for the best. Something that I strongly disagreed with. I didn’t disagree with a peaceful society, but a Utopian one was a little too close to… well, this! People having to live strictly and being killed if they consorted with someone of the wrong color, or killed if they wanted to leave. Things happening for the best. Everyone was different and that was the truth. What was for the best for me was not for the best for someone else.

And… what was for the best for my kids… was not me working here. But being there for them. I pushed my glasses aside and covered my face. I had been acting in accordance to what I assumed was ‘for the best’ for my children but, I realized miserably, I had been acting in accordance to what I wanted. To work here. To invent things, to study things, to research things and to discover the secret. Which I now did, and it caused me more grief than I could ever imagine.


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34 Responses to These Points Of Data – 3.30 – Luna’s Discovery

  1. Spiderg1rl says:

    Ok more please…… please…..

    Poor Penny murdered for not agreeding to Jay’s crazy ways. No doubt there was a crackdown after Penny. Jay didn’t have much hope in Cal transforming Penny even with sending him a chem set 3.7% for your nephew. She has only ever seen Luna as possible family really hasn’t she. She wrote off the others due to them not understanding her or science. They were beneath her and she showed it not only in that percentage but also in taking Tempest. To also have Penny change and then decide she needs more subjects. She is a sick girl and used Ancora to get her jollies. I bet sometimes she hoped they would wish to leave so she could use more and more of them to see if they would be successful.

    I’m actually really glad Luna won the heir vote as if you think about it each heir has had a direct link to Jay thus far and its prepared us for what she could do as time goes by. It will be a bit sad actually if Jay doesn’t have an influence in each of the Danevbie lines considering the way the three generations have gone so far.

    • sErindeppity says:

      I guess I will have to work the Reddings into the stories as much as I can! Hehe, that’s not much trouble though since almost all of the story ideas do have them in some way or another. Actually, Viola’s story didn’t have them at all. I will try to figure out how to put them in that story idea though if I use it again.
      And of course there’s always the rainbows she brought in…. who knows where she got them or how she got them (okay, so I know… but shh!).
      Penny was at the beginning of Ancora and so yes, there was a major crackdown after that. I don’t say it in the chapters so it’s safe to say here: Jay basically had all the “half-breeds” removed, other than the ones like purple, green, etc.

  2. bakergirl17 says:

    Wow..this truly is a hard chapter to read. I just hope she and her family will get away for Jay for good. I really don’t like them treating the Berries Sims and the Ifs dolls so badly. It makes me feel really sad for them.

  3. Hakari says:

    I felt sick reading about Jay’s work. Killing them like that…reminds me of a female Hitler, needing a perfect society, and those who refuse it or do not fit in that society will be killed. But it was well-written as always, and I can’t wait to see what happens next. :3

  4. I KNEW IT!!!!!! Once I saw the hair, I knew it was Penny!

  5. *dances around with happiness for Sebastian winning the hair vote*


    LOL, I wrote hair vote! XD!

    • sErindeppity says:

      Yeah, I decided to talk the comments into consideration. Plus if my real life friend was able to vote she would have put the final count as the two of them as a tie unless I left it up as longer.

  6. gladissims says:

    Luna! When I read this I had the feeling that I wanted to throw up just like her (Luckily I didn’t) but Jay is not okay. There is something seriously wrong with her…Poor Luna, Poor Penny and Cal and Jacob and Tempest and Kay and everyone who has ever met her T_T

    • sErindeppity says:

      I am sorry about not putting a warning up (I guess I really should have). Jay does seem to mess up or destroy the lives she touches, or even passes by, or maybe even the ones she just notices. o_o

      • gladissims says:

        XD That’s true…It doesn’t matter that you didn’t put a warning up…I just hate her more than I have done in any story I’ve ever read. Or, no there is only one character I’ve ever hate more…her name is Bony Lizzie and she is a real witch! (not just her personalty she is a witch in the book too…)

      • sErindeppity says:

        Wow! Thank you so much, I feel honored that a character I’ve written can invoke so much emotion that she/he is that high on a list–even if it’s a list of most hated. ^_^ That means a lot ❤
        I've put warnings up lol and Sebastian's entire story is going to have a warning at the beginning x3

  7. Jazen says:

    Wow this chapter explained alot! Jay is an even bigger monster than I thought. I’m glad Luna finally realized that she was always ignoring what was the right thing to do in favor of satisfying her curiosity.

    They experimented on Tempest…were they trying to turn her back into a doll?
    She still has to explain all this to her family. They will not be please.

    • sErindeppity says:

      The thing with Tempest isn’t explained in this gen but I am gonna try to work it into another generation. Possibly Sebastian’s. I hope you like his gen, there’s gonna be some manipulation but of a different kind… o_o
      Anyway, yes Luna finally realized–thankfully! Hopefully it’s not too late. Or maybe she timed it perfectly. :3

  8. thelizzy1990 says:

    That was the sadest and most sickening chapter I’ve ever read, and yet so good at the same time. I just can’t believe that one person can be so horrible. Poor Penny, and Luna.

    And yay for Sebastian winning! I can’t wait for Gen 4 to start, but I’m going to miss Luna and Kellen.

  9. JourneyG says:

    I almost got sick reeding this. Luna please go kick her butt. I can not imagine where the story had gone if Luna had not won the heir vote. You just have one big plan don’t you? 😆

    • sErindeppity says:

      I have my plans, yes. And different stories (aka: different heirs) shows off different aspects of Jay Redding. Luna’s story just happened to be one of the heaviest Redding-involvement. Plus I love writing Jay. Bwahaha!

  10. Oh god, I hope she can bring her down! 😦 I don’t think K knew what was really going on, it even said on one note specifically to not tell him.
    It seems though like they got out too easily.

  11. Rozelliee says:

    Wow… really emotional chapter…

    But Luna’s been going back and forth between regretting not spending time with her kids and wanting to keep a job for them. I’m glad she’s finally chosen… maybe.

  12. Mind equals blown. Like wow, great chapter. I have kind of empathised with Jay in the previous chapters but now not so much. After having to study Frankenstein and Paradise Lost in literature I still can kind of, but I don’t want to. She wants to be great, and powerful, and is doing all the wrong things to play god. Maybe that’s why she started the utopia, to play god. To decide who lives, who dies and everything in between.

    Luna better get her butt out of their before Jay finds her

    • sErindeppity says:

      ^_^ thanks, I am fascinated with Utopian stories so I was excited to do this. Jay is sometimes understandable, sometimes not. She is very… obsessed with power and sees herself as above others, and certainly above reproach. She can do no wrong, in her opinion. She started up Ancora to study that sort of society but in a large part, yes, she likes to play god. :\
      There are some other aspects to her character but those of course will be revealed in time. 😀

  13. Zhippidy says:

    Oh this is worse than imagined. I am very worried for their family.
    Fantastic story.

  14. zefiewings says:

    hmmm…as I suspected.
    I hope they can save the village…
    and I wonder what Jay wants with Luna’s children….

    • sErindeppity says:

      Jay doesn’t want anything to do with Luna’s kids… -tries to remember if anything like that was mentioned- @_@ It’s been ages since I wrote this so I don’t remember completely what happened. But yeah, Jay doesn’t care about her kids.

  15. somebodysangel13 says:

    I’m confused about why Jay would have needed the rainbows to create her Utopia – surely ‘normal’ humans would have sufficed, if all she wanted to do was examine human nature and a perfect society?

    And I think I just answered my own question, lol. Rainbows wouldn’t be able to hide having a child of two differently coloured parents, where normal skin colours would, to some extent. I guess this was just another way she wanted to control her experiment. Though I still don’t understand why it would be such an issue to interbreed, other than relatives, and a family tree is easy enough to construct.

    Also, what is the big deal about people leaving? Unless they’re doing illegal activities inside the community, what does it matter if someone leaves? Then again, the concept of Utopia would mean that everyone is happy, and happy people wouldn’t leave…

    While I do like the idea of being able to transfer someone’s consciousness (as they referred to in X-Men 3), to kill a person to steal their consciousness is horrific. Very interested to see how Jay gets out of this!

    • sErindeppity says:

      She needed the rainbows mostly because generally society didn’t know much about them or care about them, and she was able to herd a bunch into a secret community without much attention. Because nobody in the country ‘cares’ about rainbows, she was able to do this. Plus the genetics thing, which is explained slightly later.
      Ahhhh I would answer more in depth but in this chapter… it’s not quite there yet for answers to that!
      It is very horrific 😦 it’s one thing Jay’s done that I dislike so much. Although she has her reasons! heh.

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