Break These Chains – 4.18 – And More Forgiveness…

Viola was on her honeymoon. Zari was just engaged. And I didn’t dare go to Hal with this one. I had nobody to talk to, so I just sat in my dark room for hours on end, staring at my phone, waiting for a reply.

I texted him several times but there was never any reply. Not even a ‘leave me alone’. Nothing. And when I called him, it went straight to voicemail. I despaired, worried, cried, and hardly slept. I called time off work because I knew that I’d be unable to deal with any type of work. Though that didn’t extend to housework.

I washed all the dirty dishes then rewashed them all, and then re-rewashed them. I scrubbed all the linoleum floors, vacuumed the carpets, and did all the dirty laundry. I scrubbed the bathroom twice and then while I worked on the dusting I started crying once more.

“I do love you!” I called out to the empty house. I fell to the floor, wishing I could take back that stupid… stupid, stupid, stupid thing I said. I should have been calm. I should have tried to calm him down instead of blowing up. I just fought fire with fire…

A day passed and I heard nothing from him. I was so worried. Had he wrecked? Should I call the police? I wish I had someone to talk to… But I didn’t dare talk to my parents about this, and I didn’t want to ruin Zari’s happiness.

It’s not like he’s completely the victim in this scenario, I thought with a sigh as I gazed out the window on the second morning after he left. He did blow up at me. I did NOT deserve that. But… he didn’t deserve what I said…

I went into work, not wanting to be there. I stared blankly at the computer, somehow managing to get through my work. I clocked out early and on the way home, I went past the police station. I considered going in and reporting him as a missing person but two things… one, Uncle Orion would find out and two… I wasn’t sure how important this was after telling them we had a fight.

When I got home I was hoping to see Doug’s car but it wasn’t there. I trudged inside and ate some ice cream, checking my phone every ten seconds and sending a few more texts to Doug, asking him to please come home.


His car was in the driveway when I came home after work on the third day after he was gone. I ran inside, flinging the door open, his name on my lips. I didn’t call out, though, since he was sitting right there. His hair was tangled and there were bags under his eyes.


“Doug!” I took several steps then hesitated as he stood up. “I’m sorry, I’m sorry for what I said. It was uncalled for. I’m sorry.”

He pushed his hair back, his eyes a bit narrowed. I gulped. Was he still that unhappy with me? I guess I couldn’t blame him. “Yeah, it was uncalled for.”

That pushed my button and my temper flared up. “Yes, well. So was what you said. Accusing me of what exactly, just because I danced with a friend?”

He stared rather blankly at me then stumbled back, rubbing his forehead. “Yeah, I’m sorry I got so angry but–I just…” He sighed and shifted around so his shoulder was to me. “I get jealous. I know you used to like him and sometimes I think he likes you, and you’re so… so… perfect… and I know I’m not… and I know it’s stupid but sometimes I get scared I’ll lose you or something, and when I saw the picture it just–terrified me.”

I bit my bottom lip, putting my hands just under my chin. “You know I love you, though,” I whispered.

He punched the wall. “I know! I know you love me that’s why it’s so stupid but I’m sorry, I get jealous. I’m sorry!”

“I’m not perfect…”

“You are to me,” he mumbled and my anger started fading. “You deserve better than a jerk like me. I’ve done so many things to hurt you. What if I hurt you again?” He looked at me with such sad eyes that I caved in completely, stumbling towards him so I could wrap my arms around him.

“You won’t,” I whispered, burying my face in his shoulder. “I trust you.”

“You… still do…?” he asked, hesitantly putting his arms around me.

“Yes,” I replied. “Always.”

“I–I trust you too,” he replied, putting his mouth against the side of my head. “And I’m sorry I didn’t when I saw the picture. It won’t happen again. I will trust you, always.”


The weeks went by and everything was fine. Doug sometimes gave me a sad look and I’d glare back, reminding him that the fight was behind us. We had forgiven each other. Soon the sad looks stopped.

Vi and Claude came back from their honeymoon and she invited me and Zari out, just the three of us, to spend a little bit of time together. I was glad to go. It was almost like old times, even if she was going on about how wonderful her honeymoon had gone.

“Claude is so wonderful,” she sighed, looking dreamily at nothing. “His TV show got signed on for another season. And guess what? I got a promotion!”

We talked some more, then Zari announced his news. He had been doing background characters for the local stage group but had been promoted to be better characters. “The first play we’ll be doing is, actually, Shakespeare..” he laughed. “Richard II. I get to play Aumerle.”

He stood up, looking dramatic. “Stay thy revengeful hand; thou hast no cause to fear!”

He looked so determined and into it that I couldn’t help but laugh, and Vi soon chimed in. He plopped back down, sticking his tongue out. “For your information, my supportive siblings, I’ve been getting more reviews for my stage acting than I did for those TV spots I did. So. How about you, Seb? Any big news?”

I raised my eyebrows, trying to think of anything but there was really nothing. “I was offered a promotion but I turned it down last month,” I said with a shrug. “I didn’t want to have to interview anyone.”

“You could interview me,” Zari offered.

“I’m sure Claude would let you interview him, too,” Vi said.

I smiled at that. “Thanks guys but… I’d have to do a lot more work than that. I wouldn’t mind working on their blog since that’d be great but my boss says I’d have to prove my worth by writing for the paper first and I just don’t think I could do that.”

“If you ever do it, though, feel free to call me,” Zari said with a smile. “OH! I know what you could do. Whenever Vi gets knocked up–“

“Hey!” she protested but he ignored her.

“–when she and Claude are ready to tell the public then you could do a story about it and get the ‘scoop’ first and maybe you’d be promoted to work on the blog right from that!” Zari finished, looking excited.

“Knocked up? Really?” Vi growled. “You should at least put it in a nice way!”

The two started bickering but I didn’t pay much attention. Zari’s idea was a pretty good one but it wouldn’t be fair to use my family connections to get a promotion. Almost anyone else would, I thought as the two of them raised their voices. But I couldn’t.


“I think it was good,” Doug purred in my ear as we cuddled on the sofa. “You seem stressed out about going into work as it is, what would happen if you added on more work?” He pulled me even closer, holding tight.

I sighed lightly. “It’s not that I’m stressed out…”

“You seem like it,” he said and then began rubbing my shoulders. “I like that you’re shy though. Have I told you before?” I nodded, feeling rather good as his fingers dug into my shoulder muscles. “I was thinking… we’ve been together for quite a long time now.”

“Over two years,” I murmured.

“I was thinking we should start thinking about the future.” Those words got my attention. My eyes snapped wide open but I didn’t dare turn to look at him. Was this… it? The big one? I couldn’t breathe. “About you and me,” he continued, his lips almost right against my ear. “I was thinking we could start talking about kids.”

Not what I expected. I pulled out of his arms so I could look at him. “K-kids?” I stammered, wondering if I heard wrong.

Doug beamed at me. “Yeah! I mean not anytime soon but maybe we could talk about it. Maybe this summer we could go to the hospital and check out the forms.”

“What about…” I trailed off, my cheeks going pink. I didn’t dare say it but he was looking curiously at me, waiting. “Our house…”

“Your old room,” he said with a shrug.

“This place is kinda small for a kid,” I said, glancing around the room then turning back in time to see the anger in his face.

“You’re right,” he said tersely. “We can’t provide for a kid.” He stood up, taking a few steps before glancing back at me. Still angry.

“I didn’t mean it like that!” I said, reaching out.

“No! That is what you meant!” he snarled. “I love you so much Sebastian, and I want so much for us to have a child together and–and we have the room. Sure it’s not the best of places but we can’t do both! It’d be a house or a kid, cause kids are expensive!”


“But you’re right, a house is so much better, so much more important. How could I even think about bringing another life into this world!” His words were pouring out like lava. I wished I could stop him but there was no way. “I’ll stop being so selfish! A house is better, yeah. We’ll get a house. At least a house won’t keep us up at night.”

Douglas!” I shrieked and he finally stopped. “I am sorry! I didn’t mean it like that! I just want the best we can give to a child. If you feel that strongly about it we can start saving. For a child.” I hesitated then added, “Our child,” to placate him.

All the anger flooded out of his face and his arms were around me. “I’m so sorry, Seb. I’m such a jerk. I just lost my temper. I shouldn’t have done that. You’re right, this place is small. I was being unfair. I don’t know what got into me… How do you put up with me? You are so perfect… such an angel… I don’t know what I’d do without you.” He smiled lovingly at me. “You’re the best thing that’s ever happened to me.”

After some romance that night, he fell sound asleep while I stayed up a little later. His temper tantrums were getting closer and closer… not always at me, but sometimes he’d snap or growl.

I rolled over, looking at his sleeping form. I did love him and I knew he loved me. It wasn’t his fault he had a short temper. And he was so good to me…


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Hi there! I'm known as sErindeppity. I love to read (huzzah!) and love to write (double huzzah!). I have tons of books in my room ahaha. I love video games and hate hot weather. :p
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47 Responses to Break These Chains – 4.18 – And More Forgiveness…

  1. Crazy chic says:

    Can I punch Doug now? Pretty please?

  2. nestea7 says:

    -releases Noah’s leash- I think its time for him to do some damage to Doug before Doug does damage to Seb.

  3. *drops my insane cat on Doug’s face*

    *laughs at his pain*

    *makes wedding lot for Seb and Hal*

    Here’s the link for the lot. I finished it last night but I haven’t had a chance to get the link until just now.

  4. P.P He isn’t being good to you. He has a too quick of temper and wants a kid and not marriage. He wants all the wrong things of you Seb. You have to see he isn’t treating you as well as you should be.

    • sErindeppity says:

      He might not even really want a kid, just another reason to keep Sebastian close at hand. 😉
      I mean, yes, Sebastian needs to wake up and see what’s going on.
      -shifty eye look-

  5. ATMzie says:

    Doug needs to calm his farm.

  6. Okay, either Doug starts anger managment treatment or Seb does the right thing and leaves him! I can’t believe he’s letting Doug talk him into doing something he’s not ready to do 😦 He seems to realise though. Hopefully he’ll make the right decision.

    • sErindeppity says:

      I dunno if anger management would help Doug, but even if it would–I doubt he’d go. Seb is sort of ready for kids but he just would rather have a decent house and a ring on his finger before it happened… but as you said, Doug is talking him into forgetting about the house and ring. 😦

  7. blueskittles says:

    I hate doug!! He’s eeeeviillll! How can seb thinks doug is good to him? He’s crazy! Doug is a bad bad man

  8. Jazen says:

    UUUGGGHHHHH!!!! I don’t like Doug and with his temper I think he’s gonna lash out and hit Seb or something soon. He is a jerk, a big, mean, hot headed jerk and Seb deserves better than him. I hope they don’t have kids, then he won’t ever be able to get rid of Doug.

    Where is Hal? He needs Hal, and his siblings to get him away from what is turning into an dangerous relationship.


    • sErindeppity says:

      You might be right….
      But yes, Seb does deserve much much better. Maybe he’ll soon realize this and leave Doug. D: Hopefully. 😥
      Another problem is, Doug is keeping Seb from seeing his friends and family very much.

  9. Hakari says:

    Sheesh, what is Doug’s problem?! Seb doesn’t deserve this at all.

  10. woah Doug has Anger management issues!

  11. gladissims says:

    Eh, not his fault that he has a short temper? I have a short temper too… Still I at least try to work with it. Well… I only have a short temper when my brother provokes me or my mother annoys me but still. Blech, to Dough!

    • sErindeppity says:

      I have a short temper with some things, and my dad reeallly has a short temper. But as you said, people usually work with it and do their best not to let it control them. Doug does not, he lets his temper get the better of him. 😦

  12. Rozelliee says:

    The worst thing is that he just keeps spouting the same crap to Seb over and over again and Seb just licks it up. 😦 I just want him to get out of this relationship.


  13. thelizzy1990 says:

    No, Seb can’t have a kid with him! As excited as I am to see Seb’s babies, I don’t want them tainted with Doug’s DNA and general evilness.

  14. Mia says:

    Fine, I don’t ship Sebby and Doug together anymore. 😦
    …But I still don’t like Hal.

  15. mewmewmentor says:

    I know, I know, I shouldn’t stop here when I’m almost there, but I just want to say I’m now incredibly ticked at Doug for poisoning the idea of kids. I didn’t think it could be done, but he did it. Bleeping bleep!

  16. Poor Sebby. He’s being manipulated and he’s not brave enough to stand up for himself. YOu shouldn’t have a kid if it’s not what you want. It won’t fix the relationship.

  17. Zhippidy says:

    I smell blood and danger approaching 😦

  18. zefiewings says:

    My partner has a bad temper, but is not like that too me. Listen to those instincts seb…

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