Break These Chains – 4.20 – Under His Control

I quit my job. I felt so free when I handed in my two weeks’ notice and when those weeks were up, Doug and I went out to celebrate. Not out to a restaurant or anything (he didn’t want me to have to worry about crowds) so instead we got some pizza and relaxed at the beach, that place where we first met.

I still spent most my time at home. I went for walks in the morning after Doug left for work, then would either do cleaning or mess around on the computer. I got involved in a chess site, matching my wits against other players. More often than not I lost, but I was getting better.

Since everyone I knew also worked, I didn’t get to see anyone anymore than I did before, except sometimes Zari since his work schedule wasn’t normal. Sometimes I’d go to the theater and had permission to sit and watch the rehearsals. It was thrilling, hardly anyone else in the seats, watching the productions with the actors in both modern clothes and costumes, and even mixes of the two.

I helped Hal pick out a house and also helped him get moved in, along with Zari, Julie, and Claude. Vi tried but Claude insisted she not exert herself even though she was still in her first trimester. He was very sweet and gentle with her, putting up with her sudden mood swings in a way that kinda reminded me of me putting up with Doug’s mood swings.

And those were getting even worse. He tried not to get jealous when I spent time with other people and I knew he didn’t really mean it, to be jealous. I understood his side of things. I knew why he didn’t like me spending a lot of time with Hal, and with my brother and sister (because, as he pointed out, we had a lifetime together and he felt left out).

But jealous or not, his mood swings were getting to be annoying. Being snapped at for helping my brother choose a tuxedo for his upcoming wedding was just a bit harsh. Of course, he always apologized after and asked me to forgive him–and I did forgive him. I knew he loved me.

We went down to the hospital in June, and got the forms to fill out for the medical procedure. It was pretty exciting, knowing that this would one day mean a child. My child. Our child. Even though a wedding would be nice…

Sometimes I thought about proposing to him but then I never went anywhere with that idea. I chickened out way too easily. I tried to drop a hint here and there but Doug seemed oblivious to them, especially after we turned in the forms. Different forms… since mine was the ‘mother’ form.

It made sense for me to be the pregnant one, since I was the one at home all day. That way he wouldn’t have to take any leave–helpful, since we were hoping to be able to get pregnant in the autumn which was when he’d start his new level at work. More hours, more money.

Zari’s wedding was great. He begged me to be his best man but I begged right back not to be. All those eyes on me, all those photographers… no, I couldn’t do it. So Claude was his best man, and Vi was Julie’s matron of honor.

They all looked terrific, and Julie looked beautiful. Her gown had been a gift from her mother, who couldn’t make it. But Doug did make it, so I was able to hold his hand as my brother was married. I almost felt like I had lost them both, even though that was untrue.

Like Vi’s wedding, Zari wanted a picture just the three of us. He slung an arm over each of our shoulders and right before the flash went off, told us that Julie was pregnant. Of course, both our mouths were wide open for the picture while Zari had a mischievous grin on his face. A picture he decided was the ‘best’ ever.

“Is it true?” Vi asked Julie once we were able to have a bit of privacy.

Julie reddened, shooting a look at Zari. “Thanks for keeping the secret. Yes, it’s true. I’m due at the beginning of March.”

The girls squealed, hugging each other tightly while Claude punched Zari’s arm in congratulations. I watched, feeling rather detached from this scene. Where do I stand? I wondered. With the guys? With the pregnant girls, since I’d most likely be in the same situation as them in a couple months?

“Where ya going?” Zari grabbed my jacket as I tried sneaking off. He put his arm around my neck, giving me a noogie.

“Owowow stop!” I cried out and he let go, laughing. I fixed my hair then hugged Julie, congratulating her. She hugged back, her face glowing–matching the glow on Vi’s face.

“We’ll have a double baby shower,” Vi giggled and Julie clapped happily.


(Okay, so I still cried quite a bit during the ceremony… but at least my phone didn’t go off like Doug’s did. I was not happy about that.)


I rather hoped the wedding would inspire Doug but he didn’t say anything as the days turned to weeks. No mention of the wedding. No mention of even the kid as we waited to hear back from the hospital. In fact, he acted a bit distant from me.

The thought crept into my head. I tried to keep it away but it would sneak in as I tried to sleep, or right after he left for work. I hated it, I didn’t want to think it. But it was there. Torturing me.

Is he cheating…?

No! I couldn’t think that. It was horrible of me to think that. I trusted him. He wouldn’t do that, ever again. He loved me. Still, it worried me that maybe I had done something since it seemed like he was hardly ever at home.

Then, suddenly, he was all over me again. It really was just one day he was distant then the next day when he got home from work, he chatted about going out for dinner and maybe a movie, and how he thought perhaps we could have a day at the spa, and maybe go to the beach. That night he made up the other nights of coldness, and I felt at ease again.


We heard back from the hospital. We were approved. We went in to give samples so they could double-check that we weren’t related, and they could get to work on changing it so when we were ready, they could do… that stuff… and then… with my… I’d need to get a womb. Oh gosh, that was kinda freaky to think.

“How about October?” Doug asked when we were asked for the date. “Our anniversary of meeting,” he added with a laugh.

“Sounds good to me,” I said, feeling excited though nervous. An appointment was set up for the end of September for the procedure I’d have to go through.


“Where are you going?”

I stopped at the door, turning to look at Doug coming up from the basement. “Out,” I said. “Hal’s adopted a kitten and I wanted to meet her.”

Doug gave me a strange look. “Hal…?” he asked. “But I was hoping we could spend some time together. If we’re going to have a baby then we won’t have much time to be together. I was hoping…”

“I haven’t seen him in a while,” I said, sounding a bit like a kid myself.

“You should go then,” he replied rather sadly. “Have fun!”

My hand dropped from the doorknob, and I stayed in with Doug. Something that was once again becoming habit.


Hal stopped by the next day, with pictures of his kitten. After he talked about her for a while he moved onto a subject I knew he’d get to: why I didn’t come by his house the day before when I said I would.

“I’ll try and come by tomorrow,” I said, trying to avoid the conversation. I didn’t want him looking at me with, as Zari liked to put it, ‘that judgmental look’.Β  I want him to understand, but I couldn’t explain it to him. Because if I explained things then… it might get out that I once liked him. And I didn’t want that.Β  But I doubt he’d understand if just said I wanted to stay in with Doug, I thought as Hal just looked at me with ‘that judgmental look’. “What?”

Hal shrugged. “Nothing. Hey, my boss is looking for a second secretary,” he said out of no where. “He has a secretary but she’s not the brightest bulb in the box. But she’s…” He stopped and grinned. “Let’s just say, he wants to keep her on. So he’s looking for an assistant to her to do the ‘hard’ work like… writing. Want me to mention your name? She’d be the one answering phones and being in the public eye, you would just have to deal with two people–her and the boss.”

I raised my eyebrows. The thought of a new job… but no, it would be too much stress and Doug was right. I needed to keep stress out of my life. He was worried about me getting high blood pressure and in fact we had checked to make sure I didn’t already–since I’d be pregnant one day. My blood pressure was a bit high but not to the point where I needed medicine. Taking the stress of a job out of my life had helped bring it back down. And I wanted to be as healthy as I could.

“Thanks,” I mumbled, opening the fridge and seeing what we had. “But it’s all right, I have plenty to do here and Doug’s job is bringing in plenty of money.”

“This would be his job at City Hall?” he asked and I nodded. “I saw him the other day. Not at City Hall…” he trailed off and I waited for him to say whatever it was he wanted to say. “I saw him skulking down the alley near that abandoned warehouse at the edge of town.”

“Abandoned…?” I frowned, not needing Hal to tell me the significance of that. The abandoned warehouse was rumored to be the headquarters of the local gang. Police had raided it several time and never found anyone, but the rumors persisted. “I’m sure he had–” I tried to say but Hal cut me off.

“Good reasons?” he asked and I nodded rather guiltily. “I’m sure he’ll tell you a good reason.”

“Wh–what do you mean by that?” I demanded. “Hal, I love Doug and–“

“Why?!” Hal suddenly yelled causing me to reel back. “Why do you love him?! He keeps you locked up in here like his little pet!”

I gasped out loud. How… how could Hal say such a thing? I felt shattered, betrayed. The tears rose to my eyes. “GET OUT!” I screamed. “GET OUT OF MY HOUSE!”

“Sebastian, I’m sorry, I just–“

“JUST GO!” I yelled, flinging myself to the door and opening it. I wanted to just cry. Hal’s my friend, and he just–how could he say–he’s being so unfair he doesn’t understand nobody understands how much Doug loves me and he wants me at home with him because he loves me.

Hal went to the door. “I’m sorry,” he said again, though he didn’t sound it. I slammed the door as he left and then went into the bedroom, falling onto the bed to cry. My best friend… I felt as betrayed as I did when Doug told me he had cheated on me.


The worst part came that night. Doug saw how upset I was and I just told him that Hal and I had a fight. He didn’t seem to care, and that upset me even more so I blurted out that I knew he had been in that alley near the abandoned warehouse.

Doug narrowed his eyes. “So what if I was there?”

“The warehouse–the gang–” I babbled.

“I see…” Doug brushed his hair back with a heavy sigh. “So you automatically think… what? Please, tell me.” I opened my mouth but he stepped forward and I could tell how angry I had made him. “No, I know what you were thinking. You were thinking I had something to do with the gang? I thought you trusted me! I was taking a shortcut, doing an errand for someone at City Hall. I didn’t go anywhere near that warehouse. Just because someone walks down this street, does it mean they’re visiting us? Huh?!”

“N-no, Doug, I’m–“

“No! Exactly! And you thought–I can’t believe you thought that! I thought you trusted me but… you lied to me about that?”


“Obviously you did, Sebastian! You lied to me about trusting me!”

And then Doug did something I never in a million years would have expected.


Special thanks to Spiderg1rl. She knows why. πŸ™‚


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Hi there! I'm known as sErindeppity. I love to read (huzzah!) and love to write (double huzzah!). I have tons of books in my room ahaha. I love video games and hate hot weather. :p
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38 Responses to Break These Chains – 4.20 – Under His Control

  1. Oh god, I don’t even know where to start 😦

    The wedding was lovely, it’s nice to see that it’s going well for some at least πŸ™‚
    I bet Seb was so upset about what Hal said because deep down he knows he’s right.
    And Doug better not have hit him, because if he did I’ll create my simself, make myself a vampire and suck the life out of that little disgusting man -.-
    He’s clearly not about to get anger management treatment, so Seb really has to get out! Before he gets pregnant :/
    Hal should whisk him away πŸ˜€ He’d be his knight in shining armor ^^

    • sErindeppity says:

      I was amused that Sebastian just kept crying during the whole ceremony and Vi kept clasping her chest happily. And Doug’s phone went off >___> I had to get that picture. xD
      I think Seb knows that there is something going on, and that it involves Doug being seen “skulking” around the alley. But he wouldn’t admit it.
      Hal would be a very handsome knight in shining armor ^______^

  2. Jazen says:

    That freaking no good slime ball. If he put his hands on Seb I’m gonna be ticked…more than ticked. Hal was right Doug is keeping Seb locked away from everyone. He’s jealous of his brother and sister. How does he justify that? He is crazy extra crazy and I hope the procedure doesn’t take. I hope for Seb’s sake he has trouble getting pregnant. He does not need to be permanently connected to that beastly man.

    I’m ready for the good part of this generation. My emotions can’t take much more of Doug and his mean ways. 😦

    • sErindeppity says:

      Doug doesn’t justify anything. He’ll pretend to (“Oh but you’ve spent your whole life with your brother and sister, can’t you and I spend more time together?”) but it’s just lies to keep him as a pet, as Hal put it.

      The good part is coming up… in…. five chapters… and then it will be good πŸ™‚ Though it’s gonna get a bit worse before the good stuff happens. And then the happy chapters only last a short bit, and then the big finale happens.
      I hope you’re able to keep reading though. Just keep in mind–there WILL be a happy ending! -hugs-

    • B says:

      I completely agro with you. I feel like I know Seb, like he’s a friend who can’t be saved.. 😦

  3. -Has Shilo Amour go about making Doug dissappear-

  4. Hakari says:

    I liked how there was a contrast in this chapter, so there was a break between my rage thanks to the beautiful wedding ❀
    Anyway, I'm pretty sure Doug is going to hit him. And then I'll decapitate Doug, Hal can sweep Seb off his feet as his knight in shining armor (as MischeifTheKitten had put it) and have beautiful babies together, and no one will be at Doug's funeral. All will be happy in the world.

    • sErindeppity says:

      I’m glad the wedding helped! πŸ™‚
      You might want to sharpen your sword… or axe… or whatever it is you’re going to use to behead him. Then again, you might not. Maybe Doug just broke up with him! πŸ™„

  5. shelllegacy says:

    While that cliffhanger was scary, I do hope it was something along the lines of “I never want to see you again…”. That would totally set Seb free, to live his life, because this whole Doug thing is getting reeeeeallly weird. If he hits Seb, then there is NO more reason for them to be together, and I don’t care how many times that jerk apologizes.
    I knew his job was fishy. I never quite bought the ‘I work at city hall’, because he’s just too sinister to have a regular job. I’m curious to see how this all plays out.
    On a lighter note, I loved the wedding. It’s good to see Vi and Zari again, and having happy lives.

    • sErindeppity says:

      I hate reading cliffhangers but I love writing them xD Doug could have done one of those. :3
      Seb does need to be free, though 😦
      Doug IS too sinister to have any regular job, no matter what some people say about politicians. But of course no matter what he’s just gonna keep lying to Sebastian right now. 😦

  6. B says:

    NO!!!!! He better not dare hit him. I thought Seb was smart, why can’t he just see the truth? Doug is evil!! ( thats one of its traits isn’t it sErin? I knew it!) >:O

    • sErindeppity says:

      Yep, one of his traits is ‘evil’. Let’s see, evil, hot-headed, dramatic, flirty, and I think the last one is charismatic.
      Seb is smart but he’s convinced himself that Doug loves him. One of HIS traits is ‘hopeless romantic’ and he feels that things with his siblings has been broken up so now he’s just connected himself to Doug and feels like Doug is part of his identity now.

  7. Cereline says:

    OH NO this is gonna turn abusive isn’t it?! QQQQQQ Nooo Seeeeebbbb!

  8. nestea7 says:

    NOO!!!!!! *rolls up sleeves* Please please please Serin let me beat Doug down with my bat and then let Noah and Will tear him to shreds. I’ll make sure sure it’s long and painful. Just please don’t let him hurt Seb, or at least not too bad if he does.

  9. ATMzie says:

    I forbid Seb from having Dougs babies. Forbid I say!

  10. Crazy chic says:

    Since Doug’s and Hal’s names are clue’s…. so is the pic of the dragon painting a symbol or am I reading too much into that? :/

    Frustrated at Doug but *shrugs* you have to go through the bad to get to the good. Just tired of Doug right now, well exhausted.

    • sErindeppity says:

      LOL! I love the idea of the dragon picture being a clue, but it really wasn’t. It was just a picture I thought Sebastian would like in the house. But considering how often it’s right behind the head, it would have been a fun one. :3 I like your thinking!

  11. I think Doug is going to be violent!!

    If he is then Seb just needs to get out ASAP but we all know that won’t happen just yet. He wants Seb all to himself because he has issues not because he loves him. I really feel for seb ='[

  12. gladissims says:

    x_x… Sebastian! Sebastian! leave and that noW! I can send my dog after Dough too. She is a really small and terrifying papillon. *Evil grin* She may be small and sweet but she can still jump up and bite him…

  13. Rozelliee says:

    Where to start…
    Seb’s sounding a lot like a guy who’s got Stockholm Syndrome, for one.
    And Douglas- Douglas is looking more and more like the devil to me! Ugh look at him. You’re really really effective at making extremely hateable bad guys. Like, /really/ effective. This is the second person I’ve cussed about out loud. x3 But seriously, OMG. I just want to kind of… reach in there and slap him. Or make Seb do it. Any of those.

    Oh Zari. You are the best brother ever. And husband. :3
    And boy, is that a snazzy tux he’s got on there.
    Funny how no matter how infuriating or saddening the chapter is, I can always find solace in the Zari parts.

    • sErindeppity says:

      Seb pretty much has that. He’s identifying himself with Doug. Not good. 😦
      I’m glad I can make such horrible characters ;] Though as much as I love to write drama and write nasty characters… Doug hasn’t been one of my absolute favorites to write. Jay is my number one so far xD she’s so psycho. I love it. And Kay is one of my favorites as well. Both the twins are so much fun ❀
      (Now I want to make a list)

      Yay for Zari ❀

  14. thelizzy1990 says:

    I can’t decide which would be worse, Doug proposing, or hitting Seb. Either way, I don’t think Seb’s going to be getting out of this relationship for a while.

    Zari’s wedding was beautiful, as was Julie’s dress. And I’m loving this follow-the-leader thing the triplets have going with their lives… one gets pregnant, they all get pregnant! So many babies to look forward to. πŸ˜€

    • sErindeppity says:

      Lol it is very follow-the-leader-esque xD Though Zari seems to have jumped in line ahead of Sebastian, since Seb is the middle triplet ❀ I love the three of them though :3

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  16. The wedding was beautiful, and her dress was super pretty. But Seb really needs to open his eyes, everyone can see but him. Run, run as fast as you can and don’t look back, Sebby. I hope Doug doesn’t get violent with him :/

    • sErindeppity says:

      Thanks πŸ˜€ I really appreciate Spiderg1rl letting me use Julie/Faith and the dress from her (currently on hiatus) baby challenge. Seb does need to open his eyes though. Things really can only get worse if he doesn’t get out of the pit.

  17. zefiewings says:

    IUAGHHSDBA! (nonsense shout)
    Y..YOU! (Doug not you..)

  18. evilmaniac88 says:

    :O Doug looks and is really scary and I hate him an shidhfgebz

  19. Anonymous says:

    Just because someone walks down this street, does it mean they’re visiting us? Huh?!”
    Visiting US? :/

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