Break These Chains – 4.22 – Oh Baby!

I was despondent for days. I cried quite a bit, and Doug left me alone to work out my anger alone. He had apologize for the cheating thing, but kept reminding me how happy we’d be with a baby. Our baby.

Sometimes I thought I was being cynical, accusing him of going through the pregnancy thing just to soften the blow of the cheating thing. But sometimes I thought–why else would he do that when we had agreed that I’d be the pregnant one?

After a few days, I was unable to stay angry with him. What was in the past was in the past. He told me all about his indiscretion. He had basically slept with his (male) boss, to keep his job. It was a spur of the moment thing, and he regretted it.

He wouldn’t do it again, he assured me. I wasn’t sure if I believed him or not–this was the second time–but I had to trust him. I made myself trust him. Besides, he did love me… just because he made mistakes didn’t mean he didn’t love me.

October came and went, and I didn’t get the second half of the procedure done. My parents had had triplets out of no where so there was every chance we could have multiples. What would we do if we both had multiples? Four kids at once, five, or even six? It was too much a risk, so I remained with a flat tummy while Doug’s slowly started growing.

We made our announcement in December, over the holidays. Of course we were asked why it was Doug and not me, but we just shrugged in reply. There wasn’t a real answer.

During this time, Doug was a complete angel. He stopped having mood swings and I could see he looked happier. Maybe this was a good thing, him being pregnant. Maybe it would help–after the baby was born, perhaps he would remain without the mood swings.


In January, Viola had her baby. I was awoken in the middle of the night with a frantic phone call from Zari. I woke Doug up and let him know I’d be gone. “You don’t have to come,” I said, kissing his forehead, throwing some clothes on, and taking his car to the hospital.

I can’t believe she’s having a baby! I thought as I tried to find a parking space. IT WAS THE MIDDLE OF THE NIGHT, WHY WEREN’T THERE ANY PARKING SPACES?! But I finally found one, and ran into the hospital.

“Seb!” Zari called and I jogged over, grabbing his arm. “She’s still in labor,” he said, not waiting for me to ask. “I can’t believe this… our little sister is having a baby…”

“She’s older than both of you,” a very pregnant Julie stated from where she was sitting. “Hey Seb.”

“Hey,” I replied, brushing my hair from my eyes and smiling. “How are you doing?”

She put her hands on her swollen belly. “Hungry,” she laughed.

Zari perked up. “What do you need? I can go get you something from the cafeteria.” He got a list from her, and then left the two of us alone. Julie and I chatted for a few minutes and then Mom and Dad came in.

“Is she okay?” Dad asked right away.

I stood up. “She’s still in labor,” I replied nervously. “Zari went to get some snacks.”

Mom looked very nervous, rubbing her hands. “I hope she’s okay. She’s so young…”

Dad pulled her into a reassuring hug. “You weren’t much older when you had the triplets. At least Vi’s only having one.”

Mom nodded, sinking into the seat next to Julie. “That’s true.”

Zari brought the snacks back but none of us could eat, except Julie. We sat around, looking up every time someone walked by. All we could do was wait, and wait, and wait. It felt like forever–thought it was only about twenty minutes–when the door opened and Claude came out, a little bundle in his arms.

“It’s a boy,” he said, looking both bewildered and ecstatic.

We crowded around him at once, looking at the newest addition. He was so tiny… so adorable. “Hey there little fellow,” I said, leaning in. “I’m your Uncle Sebastian.” I paused, looking sideways at Zari. “Look at him!”

Zari was leaning in too, reaching out to touch the tiny hand. “He’s beautiful.”

“Grandma first,” Claude said, putting the baby in Mom’s arms.

“Grandma,” she said with a laugh. “Wow. Hey there! Oh Claude, he is beautiful.”

“Have you thought of a name?” Dad asked, beaming at his first grandchild.

“Yeah, Vi picked it out,” Claude said, looking even happier. “His name is Sawyer.”

We stood around and each got to hold Sawyer briefly, before Claude took the baby back to his mother. We followed so we could see Vi but she was far too exhausted to stay up much longer, so we all gave her a kiss and then headed back to our homes.


“Sawyer is adorable,” Hal said over the phone when I talked to him a couple days after Sawyer was born. “I’m really glad you were able to be there for her.”

I rolled my eyes at the underlying message. “She’s my sister, it’s an important event…”

“Like when she announced it.”

I gripped the phone. “Hal,” I said in a warning tone.

“Okay, okay, sorry,” he sighed. “I try not to say anything but it’s hard. I want you to–” He stopped himself and then said, “But I guess it doesn’t matter. Just… stay safe, ok?”

“Doug treats me just fine,” I replied. “But I need to go. He’ll be home soon and I need to get dinner ready.” I hung up before Hal could say anything else.


Two months later, Zari called me up to let me know that Julie was about to give birth. Though it was the middle of the day, Doug stayed at home while I went to be with my family at the hospital. I sat with Vi and we talked about Sawyer and all the cute things he was doing. In a few months I’ll be able to brag about my kid, I thought rather cheerfully.

Julie’s labor lasted a bit longer than Vi, but finally Zari brought out a little girl. Once again the family gathered around to coo and exclaim over the new addition. She was positively adorable, and Zari just grinned from ear-to-ear.

“Exhausted,” he said when I asked how Julie was. “But so happy. By the way–we’re naming her Melody.”

We got to go in to see Julie and she sat up in bed, chatting with us for a while before we all tiptoed out to let her and Zari to spend some time with the baby.


“She is so beautiful,” I sighed as Doug and I talked about my new niece. “And Sawyer is so adorable. Here, Claude sent me another picture…”

I showed Doug who wasn’t very interested. “In a couple months there will be an even cuter baby,” he said, rubbing his very swollen belly. His lips curled into a smile. “I bet this house will be full of pictures.”

I looked down at my phone, my nephew’s squinty face looking back at me. I switched the pictures to one of my niece. Suddenly I felt so distant from my brother and sister… My eyes darted towards Doug then just as swiftly flicked away.

“I was thinking we could throw a baby shower,” I said quietly, waiting for his reply. I already knew what he would say.

“Nah,” he sighed, settling back and stretching out his legs. “Your family had thrown two baby showers already, we won’t want them to shell out money for gifts for us. Besides, we have plenty of money saved up and we’ve picked out the furniture so we know we can afford it.”

“My family wouldn’t mind,” I mumbled. “It’s not about the gifts, you know.”

“We can take care of our own baby,” he said stiffly.


“We can take care of our own baby, Sebastian,” he said rather darkly. He hadn’t sounded like this in ages, this was the first time since he had announced his pregnancy that his mood had dipped down.

I shrank back, worried that he’d start throwing a tantrum. “Okay,” I gulped. “It was just an idea, anyway. S-sorry…”

He immediately smiled and reached over, squeezing my hand tightly. “I love you, Seb.”

“I love you too,” I said, squeezing his hand back. I’ll always love you. I couldn’t imagine being without him. I felt like… he was like… he was everything to me. And without him I’d be nothing.


I had no idea how he’d react to me inviting my family over to the hospital, but when it was time for the baby to come I texted my family–and Hal, though I doubted he’d show up.

“You can’t go in, Mr. Danevbie,” the nurse said when I headed to the room where they had taken Doug.

“But–why?” I asked, panic swelling up. Was Doug okay? Did something happen in the three minutes that it took to send texts?

The nurse looked at her clipboard. “You’re not his husband, are you?”

I swayed a bit, then shook my head slowly. “No, but we’re partners. We’ve been together for years. This–he’s having my baby, ma’am. We’re a couple.”

She frowned and squinted at the clipboard. “He’s signed it that nobody but immediate family can go in. I’m sorry.” She gave me a slightly apologetic look.

I couldn’t believe this. “He is having my baby!” I snapped, ignoring the looks a couple people in the maternity waiting room were giving me. “If he were a girl having a baby, would we be having this conversation?”

A tight look went over her face. “A woman having a baby and a man having a baby are two different things, Mr. Danevbie. I am sorry, but it’s true.”

She left me, standing in the waiting room, feeling beyond upset that this was happening. Doug… I wrung my hands and paced over to a chair, sinking down. Oh Doug, please be ok. This was NOT fair. Women had C-sections all the time…

I didn’t look up until someone arrived for me. It was Mom and Dad, hurrying in and looking rather surprised to see me sitting there. “They wouldn’t let me in,” I said as Mom hugged me. I repeated everything the nurse said.

“That–is ridiculous!” Mom said, looking angry. “The discrimination in this town, I swear–sometimes it feels like nothing’s changed. I am calling your uncle… something needs to be done about this… Hello, Rion?” She stepped away from me, her face dark. “You’re not gonna believe this…”

Vi and Julie came in next, both of them rather dressed up. “We were going to the bistro,” Vi said, seizing my arm. “Is everything ok? Is the baby born yet?”

I had to once again explain, and she went into a tirade just like Mom. Julie turned to me and explained that Claude was with the babies. “He was doing some bonding with Sawyer,” she said, “but Vi called him up and agreed to watch Melody. Zari’s dropping her off.”

My brother showed up not longer after, and like Mom and Vi, went into a tirade and he actually went over to the desk to complain. The nurse behind the desk kept spouting out things like ‘protocol’ and ‘difference between women in labor and men in labor’.

I sat between Mom and Vi, feeling very sick as I watched the door. Please be okay, please be okay, please be okay. I no longer cared about whether it was fair or not for me to be away from him at this moment–I just wanted everything to go smoothly.


“Mr. Danevbie?”

I leaped to my feet, my heart in my throat. But the nurse had a baby in her arms and she gently placed the bundle in my arms.

“Congratulations, it’s a boy.”


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Hi there! I'm known as sErindeppity. I love to read (huzzah!) and love to write (double huzzah!). I have tons of books in my room ahaha. I love video games and hate hot weather. :p
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59 Responses to Break These Chains – 4.22 – Oh Baby!

  1. nestea7 says:

    So. Many. Babies. O.O I can’t wait to see them as toddlers. I bet they are all going to be completely adorable. 😀

  2. LMcarrotcake says:

    Eeeeee! Yay!
    Seb, take the baby and RUN.

  3. B says:

    AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I was hoping he was faking!!…Next we learn its not sebs? 😀

    I’m secretly evil..:P

    • sErindeppity says:

      Nope, he wasn’t faking. Now he’s got another tether on poor Seb :3
      And nah, you don’t have an evil mind.
      You might be thinking just like me in this aspect of the story….. 😉
      Or not :mrgreen:

  4. I’ve just realized two things.

    1. I need to go murder Doug in as many ways as possible until I have to get off the computer.

    2. Doug works for Jay.

    *goes into a dark alley with Doug and a baseball bat*

    *comes back later without Doug*


      Seb must fight for custody now that his baby is born. And not to be nagging, but *coughs* when will the next Wing chapter be out? Just wondering.

      • sErindeppity says:

        Lol, not nagging at all. I want to get it out soon but I’ve been having trouble deciding on what happens on the wedding night. I am planning on getting it out today (the 28th). With loads of gorgeous wedding pictures 😀

    • sErindeppity says:

      1. Brilliant, I agree wholeheartedly!
      2. I’m gonna burst this bubble, sorry. Doug is not working for Jay. But Jay will be in the story later, I promise. 😀

      -provides you with an alibi after standing watch over the dark alley to make sure nobody sees-

      (I deleted your other comment that was almost exactly like this one but cut in half–I hope that’s ok)

  5. B says:

    After reading all that has happened, I now understand ‘ I don’t want to break these chains’

    He feels Doug loves him. He doesn’t want to break the chains Doug has wrapped around him because he feels it will hurt Doug…

    Now…. Rainbow, if you don’t mind, I’ll join you on a Doug killing spree. >:D

    • sErindeppity says:

      -claps happily- that is exactly it! He knows he shouldn’t love Doug, but he still does–and so he’s convinced himself that Doug loves him. Because he’s gone all these months chained to Doug, so to speak, if he does break the chains he’s hurting the person he loves. Despite all the times Doug has hurt him, he doesn’t want to hurt Doug.
      And also losing the person he’s most emotionally and mentally (and physically) connected to since he “lost” his brother and sister (though he really hasn’t). To Sebastian, it would be like losing a part of himself, or cutting off his lifeline. 😦

      • B says:

        Wow, you took what I wrote and made it something extremely deep.

        You need to write a full on paper cover title published. I’d buy it. 🙂

      • sErindeppity says:

        Lol, actually it’s what I’ve had planned all along and why I chose this title. The connection to the chains and everything. But you’re the first to really mention the connection to the title so I got really excited there and had to say everything. XD
        I’m hoping to become a published author one day… 😳

    • I may have already finished that… But here’s the baseball bat. You can have a whacks at his dead body. >:)

      *hands baseball bat*

  6. Is it wrong of me to hope that Doug died?
    He clearly didn’t want Seb there, otherwise he would have stated it’d be alright..

    • BTW, I got an email saying you had another update (4.36?) but when I try to go to the page it says it wasn’t found. Can read it in the email though, but it’s not the same without pictures 😉

      • sErindeppity says:

        CRAP! I was worried about that. I was writing it up and then the page decided to publish itself for no apparent reason. I deleted it…. but I guess it got into everyone’s emails. >_________< I hope it doesn't ruin too much.

      • I thought it came out by accident… so I didn’t read it ^^ Don’t want to spoil the surprise now, do I! 😉

      • sErindeppity says:

        Thank you ^_^ I just posted a notice about it. Cause yeah, chapter 36 has… I think two or three plot point reveals in the first few paragraphs. Well not really “reveals” since technically they’ll be coming out in earlier chapters, but Sebastian and someone else is talking and they talk about things which have already been revealed.

      • Glad I could help! ^^
        And can I just say – Jeez, girl, you’re on fire lately!! All these new chapters!! 😀 How are you doing it? Don’t you have a life? 😀 (not meant as an insult, of course)

      • sErindeppity says:

        LOL! No insult at all. I find it a big compliment since yes, I do have a life and am able to get these chapters written. Well, I have a life now that I’ve dropped one of my classes (I had way too much homework and was not doing well in most my classes, so I dropped one. Now I can focus on my 3 classes left and get better grades).
        Sebastian’s generation is a story I’ve really really been looking forward to writing so now and then I start writing and can’t stop, so now I’m getting close to the end. xD
        And the big finale, most of the “30” chapters, are the ones I’ve most looked forward to.

      • Oooh, that explains it! 😀 I’m really looking forward to generation three in my legacy, maybe I’ll get chapters out just as quickly for that 😀
        I’ve got too much to do for uni and am usually feeling somewhat tired, but this week is actually fairly loose compared to the other weeks, so I’m hoping to get another three chapters out this week 🙂 Still not as many as you’ve been doing lately, but somewhat close 😉

      • sErindeppity says:

        I need to get caught up with yours @_@ I’m falling behind again. And still behind with a lot of people’s stories.
        It is a lot easier writing off chapters when it’s a story you’re really looking forward to. I mean, I wrote 4.36 in a matter of minutes. I felt like my fingers were, as you previously stated, on fire. xD
        Ok gotta go to class. Thanks for letting me know about 36, and thanks for not reading it ❤

      • No worries, take your time 🙂 You catch up when you’ve got time to breath, there are more important things 🙂

    • sErindeppity says:

      Nope, not wrong of you at all. xD and you’re right about him not wanting Seb there, though he’s gonna be like “Sweetie-pie-cakes-sugar-darling, I was in labor, I wasn’t thinking! You can’t blame me!” Cause Doug’s a jerk.

  7. Jazen says:

    I was hoping he was faking it. How could he not allow Seb in the room. That was just another way for him to be in control. Sorry bastard. I hope Seb is never pregnant by him! This is not good because even if Seb tries to get away, Doug will use the baby against him. Seb doesn’t have a job or a house of his own so Doug will use that as grounds to why he is the better parent.

    Please please please please please say that Seb and the baby find away out. He needs to be free and you still haven’t answered the question WHERE DID HAL GO?????

    • sErindeppity says:

      You’ll find out about Hal very very very soon. x] Well, in a few chapters. -scratches head- I think he talks to Sebastian in chapter 26.
      Yeah, Doug wasn’t faking it though pretending to be preggers and then “losing the baby” would have also given him a different kind of hook on Seb. He probably would have been like “You were so mad at me and I know you hate me now so I was stressed out so it’s YOUR fault!” Oh wow. Seb would have been driven to a bad point if that happened O_O Now I kinda wish I had thought of that >_>

  8. Crazy chic says:

    Baby’s skin colour is really tanned…. Seb!!!!! You’re not the baby’s father, he doesn’t have your pale skin…. now run!!!

    Okay okay I’m mean but grrrrrr Doug!!!!

    • sErindeppity says:

      Doug is tan. 😉
      I actually did throw Seb and Doug together in CAS and tried babies with them just to see. Almost all of them had Doug’s tanned skin. Though one baby was a dead ringer for Kellen. Skin, eyes, hair, facial features. o___o It was a girl so I turned her male cause I kept thinking “That looks like Kellen!” and I was right haha.
      So the baby having tanned skin does not indicate parantage other than it does belong to Doug, which we already knew. x3

      • Crazy chic says:

        I just wanted Seb to run, I’ll come up with something else 😛

        Seb…. there is a cockroach in your place… hit it!!!! *puts cockroach mask and costume on Doug whilst he’s duct tapped underneathe*

  9. shelllegacy says:

    😀 D’aawww, I bet Sawyer and Melody are going to be cute toddlers. I can’t believe they didn’t let him in the room! Even though it seems sort of fishy. Can’t wait to see this new baby, and what he’s named. I still CAN’T BELIEVE that Seb stayed with Doug… this is all going to take a nasty turn, I bet. Doug’s going to get even more protective of Seb with a baby. I still don’t trust Doug, and I wish Hal had made an appearance. Can’t wait to see their son in the next few chapters! 😀

    • sErindeppity says:

      They are xD well, Melody is. I took a peak at her cause I couldn’t resist, and she is adorable. I didn’t get the chance to peak at Sawyer though, but I bet he’s cute. I hope he gets Viola’s hair color.
      The hospital is gonna be getting plenty of rants from Orion-the-policeman, even though Rion’s a forensics expert. I wanted Hal there but it was so crowded, since I don’t have the more-than-eight-sims mod yet.
      It is going to get very nasty 😉

  10. I really really want doug to go away and never come back!! I hope Rion knocks seven shades of poo out of him! And I smell something fishy with this baby, why wasn’t he allowed in the room!?

  11. ATMzie says:

    Stupid Doug 😡 But awww, babies!!

  12. gladissims says:

    D-Dough you total idiot… Hmmm… I don’t even remember the name of the girl from generation two >.< Hmmm… all I know is that we should burn them together… With Liam!

  13. Lots of little babies… still this one with Doug, will it be evil like him or good like Seb?

    • sErindeppity says:

      Yep, three babies x3 I’m so excited. And you’ll just have to wait and see whether the baby is good or bad 😉
      I will say, I can’t wait for the heir vote.
      I already know who I want to win. I know how many kids Seb is going to have and I know two stories that will definitely be attached to two kids. And I know who I want to win. Lol.

  14. thelizzy1990 says:

    *crosses fingers and hopes Doug died* It would be the best present for Seb ever. “Here’s your son. Oh, by the way, your abusive ex is dead – congratulations!”

  15. Sawyer is an adorable name :3

    But poor sebby not being aloud to see his baby being born. If he truly loved you he wouldn’t have locked you out. His family need to gang bash Doug >.<

  16. Danielle says:

    Before I read on.. is it completely heartless of me to say I kind of hope Doug died during the C-section….?

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