Question About Gen Four, Please Read

Okay ladies and gentlemen, I have a question. I need advice.

Over the next couple chapters, it’s gonna get dark. Chapter 24 is going to be the worst, emotionally. The darkest. But then it’s gonna get happy for a bit, then there will be the big finale. And then things will be happy again right before the transition into the next generation.

My question is, since it is going to be pretty dark for the next couple of chapters, should I make it easier on all y’all and cut the generation short by about 3 chapters? What I COULD do, is nix chapters 23, 24, and most of 25. Then I’d have chapter 23 be Sebastian thinking about what had happened, therefore not being as emotionally difficult.

I know I said before I wouldn’t change the plot but I know that this is being emotionally draining for a lot of you–it is to me, at least. But I am willing to continue on through the dark stuff.

Though if I do do the sort of ‘recap’ situation, it wouldn’t really be changing the plot since you’d find out what had happened during those few chapters. It’d just be in a different way. Because I really respect all of you, and I don’t want it to be too hard to read and deal with.

Chapter 21 will definitely be out Monday the 27th, and chapter 22 will probably be out the 27th as well. Thanks everyone 🙂

And I should say–please don’t stop making comments about if it’s messing with emotions. I appreciate knowing if my writing is drawing out emotion, even if it’s sad or whatnot. That helps me know that I’m able to write situations and characters that are somewhat realistic, and that people can connect to. But I want to take your thoughts into consideration if it is upsetting to the point of not wanting to read more until happiness.


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16 Responses to Question About Gen Four, Please Read

  1. B says:

    Don’t change a thing at all. I want to know what happens through reading it. 🙂

  2. blueskittles says:

    I think I can take it. It is getting darker but I think its important to the story and how seb develops as a person. I’ve said pa few times I relate to this story in particular because I’ve been in a very similar situation myself. I know other people do, too so I think they’d like to see how seb deals with everything first hand iykwim. I know I’m ranting, sorry. Long story short, only good writers can pull on someones heart strings and make them feel emotional and make us care about the character and you do just that.

    • sErindeppity says:

      Thank you so much. I was hoping this would be the one people want since, as you said, it’s part of the story and how Seb develops. And I think it’d help with the big finale (how he deals with it).
      But I also want my readers to be okay with the story too. Well, y’all probably won’t be “okay” with what happens but… well, you know what I mean xD

      • I think he’s going to be physically abusive…. I think it’s important for you to stick to your guns because these are serious issues in relationships and you don’t often find writers who can write about this stuff in a real way. Or at least yours is the only story where I’ve genuinely been able to relate to what’s happening. As I’ve said a few times I’ve been through this myself and it’s as if I’m reading my own thoughts from when I was in those bad relationships. I absolutely adore this legacy and it is so well written, I don’t think people will be ‘okay’ with it (in terms of it being quite dark) as you say but I’m sure people will read the story as it develops and really empathise with Seb because you write in a way that really allows us to see inside the characters thoughts and feelings.

        Wow I rant alot lately xD

      • sErindeppity says:

        I don’t mind rants 🙂 I appreciate your replies very much ❤

  3. I voted for the first option… But really you should do however you feel it’ll work best. It might be hard, and upsetting, but so is life and if we can cope with it there we can definitely cope with it in a story 🙂

    • sErindeppity says:

      Thank you ^_^ I will most likely with just keeping it as is, I just felt a bit worried about it being so draining since there have been several draining chapters so far and there are a few more to go.

  4. Spiderg1rl says:

    I think the reality is we want to be there for Seb and cuddle him through this tough time but that doesn’t happen so instead we have to watch from the sidelines. It’s often better to see it first hand than as a memory if that makes sense. I think you should keep it as it is, its how you wrote it it’s what you felt was right for his story when you started it, don’t falter now when we need you to discuss our death to Doug plans 😆

    • sErindeppity says:

      Hahaha It does make sense and I appreciate it. I just wanted to make sure. I was really distressed when I wrote the next few chapters, as I think you know since I think you were the one on the boards when I was saying I was really upset. But I’ve also been a bit more focused on the big finale since it’s what I’ve been excited about so now that I’m publishing the dark territory chapters I… well, I faltered. And you’re right, I shouldn’t. x3
      Death to Doug!!! 😀

  5. Crazy chic says:

    Lucky 13th vote saying yes. Eek!!!

    While I’m tired of Doug… I just want Seb to finally have the courage to stand up for himself and also I rather not miss out on what happens!!!! The Danevbie’s are very special to me as a reader… I want to go through it with them.

    Also if Doug turns abusive…. Seb has his family and Hal to support Seb… least I hope Hal, Vi, Zari and their dogs rip up Doug.

  6. Hakari says:

    I personally wish to bear through this and see Seb’s development as a whole, instead of glossing over everything. (:

  7. shelllegacy says:

    Even though it’ll probably have me attacking Doug through the screen, I would hate for you to cut out the emotional stuff/the hard stuff. I want to see how poor Seb copes with all this, and why the chapters after that are better.

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