Break These Chains – 4.32 – Blood Like Ice

*Hal’s POV*

I pulled in the driveway and right away I knew something was wrong. I got out of my car and went up the front steps, noticing Duncan’s baseball bat on the porch. I bent over, picking it up. I woulda sworn he put that up…

“Seb? Hun?” I called when I opened the door.

Simon came running and his face was smeared with tears and snot. “DADDY!” he cried out, flinging himself into my arms.

“Daddydaddydaddy!” River came running out of a different room, also looking like she had been crying up a storm. I wrapped my arms around both of them.

“What’s going on?” I asked, hugging them both. “Where’s Mal? Where’s your mom?”

“Mal’s in da kishen,” River sniffled. “I wuz takin’ cara’m.” She blew her nose in my shirt. “MOMMY GONE!”

“I need to go get Shepherd,” I said, letting go of the twins. They both clung to my legs as I made my way to the kitchen. Mal was on the floor, looking a bit upset but otherwise fine. I picked him up then looked down at the twins.

“Where is your mother?” I asked again, taking all of them into the living room.

“Gone,” Simon cried. “He wuz tagen!”

“Tagen…?” I frowned, trying to decipher my son’s word. “Taken?” I asked, and he nodded. “Taken?!” I demanded and Simon and River both began crying harder at the tone of my voice. I tried to keep calm. “Tell me what happened.”

They both began speaking at once, their words jamming up together and with their clogged up noses it was hard to figure it out, but soon I worked out what had happened. After they finished, I repeated the story to make sure it was right. “Mommy was scared of something and grabbed Duncan’s bat, going outside?” I asked, and they both nodded. “A man came up on the porch and grabbed him, and Mommy fell asleep?” They both nodded again. “Then the man carried Mommy to a car and drove off?”

“YES!” they both cried out, then began sobbing again, clinging to me.

It was hard holding all three kids but I tried my best. Keep calm, I told myself. Don’t panic. Call the school. Make sure the kids are ok. Call the police. It was Doug. The nightmares, the fear–I had the feeling who the ‘scary man’ was. And when I got my hands on him… he was doing to be a dead man.

I put the kids down and then called the school first and the police second, and if they just brushed this off as a ‘missing persons’ case then they were gonna be sorry.

*Sebastian’s POV*

Fog. Mist. A rocking motion. A sound, tinny and far off. Someone talking? No… singing. A radio… music….

I tried opening my eyes but everything was very bright. I quickly closed my eyes again and then opened them again, this time squinting, trying to figure out where I was through the pain in my head.

The back of a car… I could see the front part. Someone driving. Dark hair. Thick arms. Familiar fingers tapping the steering wheel along with the music.


“…no…” My voice was far off, and all wrong. There was something over my mouth. A gag? But then everyone was hurting again, even more. A drill into my brain or something.

Doug glanced over and just before I passed out again, he smirked and said, “Just you and me, baby. How it should be.”


Fog, and mist, and darkness, and pain. Something far off. Not singing, Talking. A motor running. A strange sound. I felt myself being moved. More than one person.

“…injured badly…”

That was Doug. He was talking to someone. I opened my eyes again, or tried. Everything was bright and it hurt. Doug was looking down into my face and there was a blaze of blue sky behind his face.

“You awake, baby?” he asked, reaching down and touching my cheek.

More pain, and then darkness.

*Hal’s POV*

The police were taking it seriously. They took down my comments and wrote down what the twins had to say. After they checked both my phone and Sebastian’s phone, I told them who it was.

“Douglas McIntyre,” I said, folding my arms and trying not to get angry. How could that monster just march up to our home and snatch Sebastian? It was like a horror movie. “He and Sebastian used to date.” I told the police that Douglas used to physically abuse Sebastian, and that Sebastian would never admit it.

The older kids were brought home and at first Duncan was kinda excited at being escorted home by the police but when he discovered the reason he got very serious and very angry, storming around the house and glaring at nothing.

Serenity burst into tears and ran off. “I knew it, I knew it!” she cried as she went.

Kaylee went very pale and like her sister began crying, but she threw herself at me and just cried into my shirt. I gave her a hug but told her she needed to go to her room for a little bit while I talked to the police some more. “To find Mum,” I said, smoothing down her hair. Kaylee nodded and trudged off, sniffling and wailing. I hoped she and Serenity would be able to be a little bit of a comfort to each other.

During all this, of course, the Danevbies were all contacted. Zari showed up at the house and told me that everyone had pretty much gone to my in-laws, to comfort my mother- and father-in-law. I was worried about Luna and Kellen, but couldn’t really give them much of a thought since I was more occupied with the fact that some monster had just kidnapped my husband and there was nothing I could do.

“Mr. Danevbie?” A policeman came over, then took me into the other room. “I needed to talk to you a bit about Douglas McIntyre…”

“Yes?” I asked, wondering if they had found him.

The policeman adjusted his cap a bit and looked very upset. “The thing is, he was never at any mental hospital that we know of. We’re still checkin’ records, though, and making calls. But we can’t find anything. And we can’t find anything ’bout him. Period.”

“What… do you mean?” I asked, eyes widening.

He looked even more upset as he sighed. “We got in contact with City Hall. They had a Douglas McIntyre working for’em about fifteen years ago but he only worked there about two weeks before quitting.” I barely had any time to absorb this information when he threw the next bomb at me. “Honestly, sir, his birth certificate was a fake, all his records were faked. We’ve run his fingerprints in the database from where we got’em off the porch railing, but there isn’t anything.”

“What are you talking about?!” I demanded.

“By all looks of it, sir, Douglas McIntyre… doesn’t exist. And you said that two of the kids are his?”

“Y-yes,” I stammered, rubbing my forehead and trying to wrap my brain around this. “Why? Are they in danger?”

“No,” the policeman said quickly. “We’d just like to take a blood sample, if we could. You see we got into the hospital records from twelve years ago and it seemed that some of those files were faked. McIntyre gave a blood sample but the results were locked away and false ones used instead. The nurse that did this has disappeared and we’re trying to track him down.”

“Why would he make up a blood sample report…?” I asked, really, really, really not liking where this was going.

“The hospital still had some of his frozen sperm,” the policeman said. “We ran that for DNA. Sir… according to what we found…” He trailed off and I stared, waiting. He finally gulped and said, “Douglas McIntyre isn’t completely human.”


Thumping sounds, whirring sounds, strange sounds. I was in something. A machine. I tried to open my eyes but it was still difficult. I was able to tell I was in a helicopter. A helicopter?! Then I blanked out again.

When I awoke for the millionth time, I was in a bed. A dark room. This time I was able to open my eyes even more and look around. I didn’t recognize the room. I didn’t recognize the furniture, what little of it there was.

I sat up and looked down. I was in a simple T-shirt and boxers, clothes I hadn’t really seen before. I wondered where my other clothes had gone… At least I’m not naked, I thought as I pushed the blanket away and tried to get out of bed.

Pain exploded in my head as soon as I tried putting weight on my legs, and I slithered to the floor, moaning rather loudly. I wasn’t sure where the pain was coming from. My head? My back? Chest?

The door opened and a bit of light fell into the room but it was soon blocked by someone. “Sebastian?” It was Doug, looking down at me on the floor. “Baby? You okay?” He hurried over, putting an arm around me and helping me back into the bed.

I struggled against him, not wanting to be touched by him. “Let go, let go!” I gasped out, pain shooting all over my body now, no point of origin. “Don’t–touch–me!”

“Stop being so silly, you’re not well,” he said, his voice rather raspy as he tried to hold me down. “You’re not well, Sebastian! You need to rest!” He managed to get me pinned to the bed and his face was inches from mine. I seized up with fear but he just slid off the bed and tucked the blanket around me. “Drink this,” he said, offering me a glass of what looked like water but I doubted it was just water.

I turned my head away and wriggled until one arm was out from under the blanket. I smacked his hand away and the glass of water hit the floor, breaking. I then tried to get out but he just tucked me back in and sighed. “I didn’t want to do this,” he said and he touched the side of my head.

Darkness overcame me once more.


“…him here…”

“…me what to do!”

I woke up to voices arguing in the other room. One was Doug, the other I didn’t recognize. I didn’t feel any pain this time when I woke up but it was dark out. How long had I been out?

“I have every right to tell you what to do,” said the unknown voice.

I climbed out of bed, squinting up at the window. It was high and small. No way I could fit through there. The only way out would be through the door. Doug and the other person were on the other side, but maybe there would be a way out.

“He’s mine,” Doug snarled. “And I’m keeping him here.”

I got to the door and pushed it open, hoping they wouldn’t notice. Apparently they didn’t. Doug’s back was to me, pretty much on the other side of the room. But the windows in this room were all small and high. There were two doors, and one of them was where the other person was standing.

When I saw her, I felt a flicker of recognition. But it was gone, and I realized I had no idea who she was. But there was something about her that made me very sick.

“And you are my experiment, and you have no rights to anything unless I say so,” she said, her voice as cold as Doug’s used to get sometimes. “So just hand him over, and I will get rid of him, and you will be lucky if you are not punished for this.”


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68 Responses to Break These Chains – 4.32 – Blood Like Ice

  1. ebonyimonet says:

    ……….. Get rid of him?
    I’m scared….. and if doug isn’t completely human than does that mean that Duncan and Serenity aren’t either?

    • sErindeppity says:

      Doug may or may not come to a nasty end. I think I said before I wouldn’t have him violently killed but I may have changed my mind -shifty eye look-

      Duncan and/or Serenity may or may not have inherited something that possibly doesn’t make their biological father human. o:

  2. Cereline says:

    OMG OMG OMG Ahhhh THANKS FOR POSTING ANOTHER CHAPTER! This is amazing! Doug is such a….grrrr…. XD;

  3. Lucy Maria says:

    I feel sorry for this family. I know everyone has their trials, but really, could they not have one peaceful generation? When Hal arrived on the scene I knew Doug would be bad news, but how could he go from being so thoughtful to what he’s become?

    • sErindeppity says:

      Actually the whole “how could be be thoughtful” thing will be explained in the next chapter πŸ™‚
      Sorry that the Danevbies have a lot of trials…. I do have some stories planned that “aren’t so dramatic”. But the readers wanted Sebastian and he had the worst story of the three… x3
      I am sorry if the drama stuff is too much πŸ˜•

      • Lucy Maria says:

        It’s not too much, I understand it makes an interesting story, I just feel bad that they’re lives seem haunted by misfortune. Cal and Luna’s stories weren’t so bad. πŸ™‚

      • sErindeppity says:

        Okay good ❀
        Because the whole misfortune thing might be part of the overall plot πŸ™‚
        I don't think any of the next stories will be anywhere near as bad as this one… -rubs chin- though most of them do have a lot of drama.

  4. sweetribz says:

    What kind of experiment is he?! WHAT IS HE? AAAAAAHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH

  5. sweetribz says:

    Docter Dearg/Redding seems to have let herself age a little.. maybe its just the new skirt πŸ˜›

    • sErindeppity says:

      The skirt is the same as she’s always had, just a different color. The shirt is new, though. I thought I might change her wardrobe slightly since it’s been three generations xD

  6. blueskittles says:

    Oooh you do spoil us! Waking up to 2 chapters of the danevbies is just awesome!! πŸ˜€

    Yay for prof (or is it doc?) Redding finally making an appearance πŸ™‚ I can’t wait to see what doug is!! I think serenity is obviously going to be good (sebs her dad afterall) she clearly has some sort of powers so her story would be an interesting one… Maybe she could be a pi!? πŸ˜€ ooh the possibilites I’m excited πŸ˜€ πŸ˜€ πŸ˜€

  7. Since he can fiddle with Seb’s mind, is he part vampire? :O
    Hurry, Hal 😦

    • sErindeppity says:

      Hal doesn’t even know where Seb’s been taken D:
      Okay since so many people are guessing vampire, I said I wouldn’t say anything else whether it’s untrue or not but now I will. No, Doug is not a vampire. But since chapter 33 will be out later today, you’ll be finding out the truth then x3

  8. Fudge.

    I knew he was an experiment. I knew it (maybe because of the unfinished chapter 36 LOL XD).

    And yay for Jay!

    (Ooh! That rhymes! :D)


    *pauses for dramatic effect*

    DOUG’S PART ALIEN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  10. Jazen says:

    NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!! SADNESS TOTAL AND COMPLETE SADNESS. Darn freaking stupid Jay. Always with the freaking experiments and always finding someway for them to bleed into the Danvebie’s lives. One freak of a woman should not be able to continue to inflict this much harm and despair.

    Doug that low life creep. I’m glad the cops are taking Hal seriously. So was Doug sent to Seb as part of the experiment? If so why would Jay want to do that? What am I asking that woman is crazy and nothing she does makes sense. 😦 That would be very sad if Doug being in his life was part of her experiment. The kids. Serenity was listening, she knows something is up. Maybe she will be the one to save Seb. Then there is still the mystery of who is Duncan’s other parent.

    Doug does need to be punished! Punished in a very painful way, but I hope the ‘get rid of’ doesn’t mean she would kill Seb. But then again she doesn’t see it as killing. 😦

    • sErindeppity says:

      Okay okay ONE more time. I SWEAR this will be the last time I say the truth about anything. No, Doug was not sent to Seb. Okay there. No more. x3
      Hmmm I never really say who Duncan’s parent is so maybe I should say that somewhere, since it’s not in the story.
      When Jay says “get rid of” she means basically “kill”. Hopefully Seb will be able to get out of that πŸ˜‰

  11. vjenna says:

    Waking up to two Chapters has just completed my day off from work!!!!! Omg I am on pin’s and needles to find out what happens next. I have to say this was my fave Gen so far, love you SEB! and the kids omg so cute.

    • sErindeppity says:

      I’m glad to have helped! πŸ˜€ And I am about to publish another chapter πŸ˜‰
      I’m glad you’ve been loving this legacy ❀ I am in love with Seb. I love love loved Cal and Luna but Seb's the only one who can get near Jacob, but then again Seb also shares two of Jacob's traits xD

  12. yay! 2 more chapters! πŸ˜€
    but seriously….how the heck does Jay find ways to worm her way into the Danevbies’ lives? it’s weird.
    & I suspect that Duncan & Serenity…especially Serenity may not be all human either…? hm.

  13. Oh goodness… Doug is an experiment? intriguing!

    Poor Seb though.

  14. shelllegacy says:

    I had a bad feeling it was something like this, with Jay involved. Seb… I hope that Jay’s not going to do anything, but she’s a crazy witch who Luna stood up to, so it was bound to happen to one of her kids. I noticed Serenity standing in the door the whole time, I hope she’s okay.
    I’m really worried for Seb, at the hands of those two lunatics.

    • sErindeppity says:

      Serenity overheard everything 😦 Dunno if she’ll be okay since now she knows she’s not only not Hal’s, but also the kid of someone “not human”. Not the best way of finding out.
      Of course the Reddings are gonna be involved with something. They’re always around x]

  15. thelizzy1990 says:

    See, THIS is why Luna should have told her kids all about the Reddings before. Maybe Seb would’ve been a bit more careful in his choices of boyfriends if he was as suspicious as all us readers and thought that maybe one of ’em was working for the Reddings. Also, even if he does somehow remember Jay, it’ll be as Dr. Dearg and that won’t mean much to him except for her lack of aging. *sigh* I love Luna, really, but I always knew keeping secrets was going to get her into trouble.

    Okay, must move on to next chapter now…

    • sErindeppity says:

      I dunno if he’d connect Doug to the Reddings at first, until he was too far in to get out of it easily. He simply trusted Doug. 😦
      But yeah, Luna should have told her kids about what happened.

  16. Crazy chic says:

    Noticed Serenity overheard everything, I think she can find her mom if she used her powers…

    Wonder what went through her mind… 😦

  17. inspiritsgolden says:

    jay… of course

  18. Mia says:

    Oh dear Watcher…
    This is SO not good for about… five different reasons. D=

  19. gladissims says:

    … Jay!!! But I already knew she was involved in this… she probably will be in every generation…. But still… I’m really kind of thinking of sending her to the planet of MY kind of not so very nice, control freak aliens… Hmmm… Goes off to read the next chapter!

  20. mewmewmentor says:

    …Wow, I was actually twice right. About Doug not being completely human.

    So THAT’S why Serenity knew. I think the other half of Doug is something that involves the brain. Like…um, he’s half-alien? After all, that is what Jay is striving for. But I guess he could be half-vampire. Only, there’d have to be a scientific explanation for the vampireness in this world. And anyways, he doesn’t have glowing eyes, just glittering ones. XD

    Jay is no longer keeping her promise about not interfering with the Danevbies. I’m pretty sure this time it was on purpose instead of a complete coincidence.

  21. nestea7 says:

    What the heck is going on? What is he, some kind of wacked out Frankenstein? This does not look good. Not one bit.

  22. I figured since jay had been mysteriously absent this generation it meant she was working on some ultra diabolical plan. And this is just… WOW. I hope she kills Doug. At least we know why Serenity knew >.< DOUG MUST DIE

  23. zefiewings says:

    I am back! for a little while…stile no internet at my new house…will read as much as I can while I can…

    No! What is he I wonder? Obviously not a vampire, nor, I think, a werewolf or other sim supernatural. So what…?

    • sErindeppity says:

      Welcome back! I am not going to reply to all your comments if you don’t want me to since I know it fills your inbox (lemme know if you don’t mind, for now I will mostly reply to this one unless you’ve asked a question).
      Hehehe not a vampire… or a werewolf… I had fun with Doug though. πŸ˜› evil little…. word I shan’t say.

  24. somebodysangel13 says:

    Woot, Jay is back! I love her, and all her sick twistedness. So often sims stories have all nice characters, sometimes an evil one, but never someone like her. She’s awesome.
    Before I’d read all the comments, I would have guessed that Jay finally found the aliens she always wanted to find. But you said not alien. So… did they play with souls again? Though I don’t know how that would cause the telepathy. Maybe it’s something like they did to River in Firefly, the experimentation on an intelligent person that made them mentally unstable, but also psychic.

    • sErindeppity says:

      Jay is back! πŸ˜€ So glad you like her so much. I enjoy writing her so much >_< she is awesome. :3
      Nope, not aliens πŸ™‚ And not playing with souls. They have loads of experiments going on!

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