Break These Chains – 4.36 – The Note On The Doorstep

He’s only connected to me, to nobody else–just to me. Why? What’s so special about me? I don’t understand why he’s going on about my grandmother, but if whatever that is isn’t the reason then… why me…?

I just stared at the man, Professor Rood. Or Redding. Or whoever he was. He just stared back, obviously very nervous. Very twitchy. Suddenly I was struck with a thought. Was this how I looked when I first went to live with Hal? All… twitchy and scared like this? If I was, it was because of Doug. And he is like this–because of his sister. Was his sister really that scary? Were these really the people my mom said to avoid?

I tried remembering everything that had been said but it was over twenty years ago. Around our sixteenth birthday. Reddings. Scientists. Avoid. What else?

“What will she do to me, if she thinks I’ve got some sort of special connection?” I asked, wrapping my arms around myself and shivering.

“Do anything sh-she can to find out wh-what it is,” he answered. “I w-will try to g-get you out. As s-soon as I can. I think we have until S-Sunday before she t-tires of the current tests she’s running.” He nervously began rubbing the back of his head again.

“When is that? In case you haven’t noticed, I’m kinda like a caged up toy right now,” I said, regretting the harsh tone as soon as I said it. He was trying to help, after all. Or was he? Maybe he was as bad as his sister and just tricking me.

“Th-th-three days,” he stammered, looking rather guilty. “The b-biggest hurdle is the distance. We are… l-literally miles f-from anywhere. It’s a l-long walk on foot, th-that’s why usually helicopters are used.”

I remembered the chopping sound around the time Doug brought me here. “What about cars?” I asked.

He shook his head. “No t-tracks. Just w-wilderness and a c-couple meadows w-where the helicopters l-land…”

“How did you get here then?” I demanded. “To this… house? Hut? Wherever I am! Where am I, by the way?”

“A s-small hut in the r-r-restricted s-section,” he said, wincing at my angry voice. “Four-th-thirteen’s shack. B-because of his temper and aggression w-we had to place him f-far from the other experiments.”

I rubbed my forehead, processing this. “Temper and aggression. So what… did he run away? Why was he outside of this place? Destroying my life?”

The man was now practically tugging at the hair on the back of his head. “He had g-good control over wh-what little power he had… so m-my sister chose him among others t-to go into society and… and try to function… To s-see how they got along.”

She sent someone out that she knew had a temper, that showed… aggression. I knew right then not to trust the female. But him? Was this still some trick? “So how do I get out of here? Run off and try and find civilization?” I asked.

“N-no, you’d be found l-long before you’d g-get out,” he said.

“So… what do I do?” I asked, feeling like I was clutching at straws now.

But Professor Whatever just gave me a small smile. “Do you know h-how to ride a horse, Sebastian?”

*Hal’s POV*

The police weren’t doing anything anymore, they couldn’t be. They had given up. Not that they said this, but I felt like they had. Time was essential in a missing persons case, and time was running out. That’s what I was told.

As if there were some big clock somewhere, ticking down to zero. There was no clock. There was no ‘out of time’. Sebastian was out there, waiting for someone to find him. He did not have an expiration date.

So when I found the note on my doorstep, I had no idea what to do.

It looked like a kid had written it. There was a map inside, and I saw several circles. A big circle around a huge, privately owned wooded area about a hundred miles away. Then a small red circle inside it, and then an even smaller red circle in that with the word “here” written inside.

Was this where Sebastian was? Who had left this note? I considered just running out and looking for him myself but I did the supposedly smart thing by taking the note to the police. Which they dismissed.

DISMISSED! The only real clue, and they insisted that one of my kids had done it because they were scared. They dismissed the only clue to my Sebastian’s whereabouts!!!! I was so furious that I coulda just ripped them to pieces but I kept my temper. Somehow.

When I got home, I asked both Duncan and Serenity but they both denied it. They also both kept asking me, “Is this where Mom is? Is this where the police are going?”

“We’ll find out,” I told them then after about half an hour of thinking, I called my in-laws to make sure Kaylee hadn’t gotten out and written this note. No, she had been at the house all day long. So it wasn’t her.

Who was it? Maybe it was someone who really knew where Sebastian was, who was just… disguising their handwriting and spelling to look like a kid? Or maybe it was… well, I had my suspicions who it might be. If it was, then it was a trick. But if it wasn’t, then this could be the only lead.

After another hour of thinking, I called Zari and Julie and asked them if they’d please come and watch the kids while I took an overnight trip.

*Sebastian’s POV*

Horses. Horses? “Horses?” I demanded, not sure if I had heard right. “What on earth are you talking about?”

Professor Whatever looked around yet again then stepped closer, dropping his voice to a whisper. “Th-the quickest w-way other than helicopter is h-horse. It’s only a f-few hours’ ride from th-this hut to the town, off our p-property. Maybe…” He looked past me, as if figuring it out. “If you k-kept to a brisk trot and g-gave the horse breaks, maybe an occasional g-gallop… p-probably about five hours. On foot it w-would take m-much longer. Many m-more hours longer.”

I folded my arms, deciding he was a bit of a nutcase. “Yeah, I’ll just get the horse I have folded under the bed and make the escape.”

He blinked then went red. “I d-didn’t m-mean right this s-second!” he half-wailed. “I w-was going to g-get you a horse, and a m-map with the t-trail marked. I c-could get it b-by Saturday.”

“The day after tomorrow,” I said, trying to work out the dates in my head. “You’ll help me escape. Why? I want to know why.”

His lips twisted into a smile. “D-Danevbies, always c-curious. I s-swear, I’ve heard the w-word ‘why’ more t-times from your family than anywhere else.” I just raised an eyebrow, waiting for his reply. “I t-told you, I’m your g-great-grandfather. I g-guess if you weren’t told, you w-wouldn’t believe me.”

“I’m sorry but you’re closer to my son’s age than you are to my age, and you expect me to believe this whole great-grandfather thing?” I asked.

He chuckled a bit at that. “My s-sister found out a w-way to d-defy you…th…”

He trailed off and then gasped. “Son? Wh-what…? I’ve b-been so busy I have n-not kept up with wh-what is going on in your f-family. Of course, I n-never thought to s-see any of you again.” He stepped closer and grabbed my shirt lightly. “You have a s-son?”

“Yes,” I said, pushing his hands away since I felt so uncomfortable with him touching me. “I’m a parent. I have a son. Actually, three sons. And three daughters. And a husband. And I want to get back to them right now!”

“D-did you have a k-kid with him?” Professor Whatever’s eyes were giant saucers. “P-please tell me! Did you have any k-kids with f-f-f-f… f-f-… Doug?”

My arms dropped down and I avoided that big gaze. “Yeah, biologically my oldest son and oldest daughter are his,” I said, not going into the whole thing of Duncan not being biologically mine. “Why? You just want to keep up tabs on us?”

He backed away, taking in quick, shallow breaths. “Oh. Oh no. Oh n-n-nonnono!” He pressed his hands against his mouth, knees quaking. He looked absolutely terrified. “If sh-she f-f-finds out, oh no, oh no.”

“Your sister?” I asked and he nodded wildly. “Why would any of that matter?” Though I felt a bit sick in my stomach. Almost as if I knew.

“N-none of our Fours have h-had children,” he stammered. “Except one. And th-the ability was passed d-d-down to the child and w-was… was…” He gulped and closed his eyes. “M-much more p-powerful than any of th-the Fours we m-made.”

It was like a punch in my stomach. Duncan? Serenity? “What…? Do you mean one of my kids–or both of them–can do what Doug does?”

“I d-don’t know,” he whispered. “The F-Four that repr-produced had th-three ch-children and only one… only one had the ability.”

“Did your sister find out?” I asked, already suspecting the answer.

“Yes. She w-wanted to do…” He trailed off and looked really upset. “But she n-never got to d-do anything. The F-Four t-took all three of h-her children and d-disappeared. W–we have not found th-them, even y-years later.”

I turned away from him, eyes closed. “Your sister sounds like a crazy, crazy… crazy…”

“She isn’t all th-that… …. sane…… sometimes,” he drew out as his eyes darted around the room. Great, her own brother can’t vouch for her sanity. “I don’t know wh-what she’d do your k-kids, Sebastian, b-but it won’t be all th-that good.”

“So she doesn’t find out about them,” I said, taking in a deep breath. “I’ll escape. And she’ll never know.”

He began nodding in agreement, though I suspected he was just trying to pacify me. “Sh-she might not f-find out, she… she is very busy…” He rubbed the back of his head yet again, then looked at his watch. “I sh-should go. I w-will try to get the… horse and m-map to you as soon as I c-can.”

He started to go to the door then he stopped and staggered closer, grabbing my arms. “I w-won’t let her d-do anything to your k-kids if she finds out, S-Sebastian. I swear.”

Then he was gone. I saw out the door as he left. I considered just running for it now, except that he was telling the truth. I knew he was. There would be a long, long journey ahead of me if I left the shack. I’d probably get completely lost. Then caught. And if I was handed back over to Doug after running away… It would not be pretty.

So all I could do was wait, wait for Professor Whatever to help me escape.


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Hi there! I'm known as sErindeppity. I love to read (huzzah!) and love to write (double huzzah!). I have tons of books in my room ahaha. I love video games and hate hot weather. :p
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59 Responses to Break These Chains – 4.36 – The Note On The Doorstep

  1. Obviously Serenity wrote the note…. Bless haha. with the M crossed out awwww

    I hope Jay doesn’t find out about the kids, but we know she will, she’s a crafty one >.>

  2. I ride horses in real life…I can just imagine Seb falling off a bunch of times xD Guys can really suck at riding first time ’round! And I hope he still gets out and gets to the kiddos before Jay finds out about their parentage…And Kay is too sexy for his own good! Especially riding a horse (oh hot damn xD)

    • I wish I could like comments xD hot damn haha

    • sErindeppity says:

      Oh holy crap, I am now picturing Kay in cowboy gear riding up on a horse and tipping his hat.
      Oh my.
      Ohhhh my. 😳
      I’ve always dreamed of learning to ride but I only ever had the chance once. Apparently I was really good at it. I guess I got it from my mama since she grew up with a horse x3 (I used to ask her for one when I was very little, saying we could keep it in the backyard xD)

      • Holy Grapefuits that be sexy. ❤

      • lol, I’m going to lease one soon…his name is NASA (show name is Ready To Launch xD) And now…you HAVE to dress Kay up…and like do a photoshoot xD Give him his own special chapter! lol, ‘A Day In The Life Of Kay’…maybe he’d like work out or something and you’d see him shirtless? lol now I’m just being random xD

      • sErindeppity says:

        I like the names 🙂 Do you do shows?
        I still need to do a day in the life for Zari and Viola xD
        I may just do a little photoshoot… ;o

  3. That was sweet of Serenity to write that note ^^ Hope Hal and Seb won’t run passed each other ;P
    Kay is awesome, haha 😀 Can’t wait for the next chapter, I want to know what happens 😀

  4. Awe ❤ You can tell Serenity wrote the note. And hopefully Seb gets away and Kay isn't punished (if Jay finds out about the whole reproduced thing and trying to bring Seb back to his family). Which at the mention of that I think I figured out why Seb. Oh OH! I also have to say above comments about Kay are yummy sounding. ❤ And I hope Hal doesn't go out searching and totally misses him. O: That be bad if Seb got away only for Hal to get in the Reddings and Doug's clutches. (expecially with Kay not being to help with the first mishap, if it went according to plan)

    • sErindeppity says:

      OOOH I wanna know your theory as to why Seb! :3 If you don’t wanna tell me here you can send me a message on FB :3
      That would be horrible if they missed each other. O_O

  5. shelllegacy says:

    Aww ❤ Kay is such a good guy, and it's nice to see him helping Seb, and standing up against his sister. It's obvious Serenity wrote the note, and I'm glad that Hal knows, although that could be pretty bad if he goes up there, runs into Jay (or, much, much worse- Doug) and misses Seb completely. Doug would hurt Hal, or at least try to, and Jay… well, I'd rather not think of what she would do when she found out who Hal was.

    • sErindeppity says:

      Kay is terrific in this gen 😀 I’m excited for what he does soon.
      I think if Hal ran across Doug, Hal’s rage and anger could sway things in a fight. If he met Jay… well, one would have to know something about the other for anything to happen. If she knew he was related to the Danevbies she’d probably keep him hostage until Seb agreed to stay or something @_@

      • *crosses fingers* that better not happen!

        AND I just had a revelation! I’m wondering if either Jay or Kay…ever had like ya know…a special someone??? They’ve been around for like almost 200 years or something xD Although I’m pretty sure no one ever went for Jay (I think Kay got the good genes…she got the leftover ones xD) Kay probably had to fight off the ladies xD

      • sErindeppity says:

        That might be a subplot in a random generation ;D
        I think Jay would have done the fighting for Kay. “GET AWAY HE’S MY BROTHER HE DOESN’T NEED A SILLY LITTLE NON-ALIEN WIFE!”
        And Kay did live as a regular, aging man in Twinbrook for a while :3

  6. Jazen says:

    Seb is closer to freedom! This is great I’m excited to see him get back to Hal and for Doug to get what is coming to him!

    He has to get free, he just has to. My heart couldn’t take it if he were stuck with Doug for the rest of his life.

    • sErindeppity says:

      Yep he’s got his husband and his great-grandfather out to save him from evil clutches! Though they are in disagreement about who is more evil. Kay knows what his sister is capable of and has no clue what Doug’s done to Seb, while Hal’s never even heard of Jay. o_o
      4 more chapters left in this gen 😉

  7. Oh, and yes I have shown for 3 years now 🙂 And wordpress probably thought that our comment conversation was getting too long and wouldn’t show the ‘reply’ button hmph…And I’ll be watching for such a photoshoot… ❤

    • Oh and the 3rd to last pic…Kay looks like he’s got some…swagger. yeah he has swag in that pic! xD I’m laughing my head off right now at all the comments I’m making about Kay xD

      • sErindeppity says:

        I’ve taken like fifty zillion pics of him “accidentally” since this started 😳 I really don’t mean too but I keep putting the camera on him. x_o ahaha Kay with swagger ❤

    • sErindeppity says:

      Oh that is awesome! What kind of shows? I know someone who did something with barrels… and I know there’s also jumping type of shows. I don’t know much about horses though. xD

      • I do jumping and flat. Jumping..well I guess that’s obvious xD But I’ve jumped as high as 2′ 8″
        flat is where you and other people all ride in a ring together to be judge while trotting/walking/cantering

      • sErindeppity says:

        Oohhhh nice 🙂 I didn’t know what flat was, thank you for explaining 🙂 it all sounds awesome.

      • And yes…

        Oh yeah! Here’s his new theme song!

      • sErindeppity says:

        I’ve never actually seen the video for that xD it’s quite…. disturbingly funny. Hahaha!
        I will say I am preparing a video involving Kay. Not this song xD but another one that will be released when the time is right.

  8. Aw, but the song is perfect for him xD And you’ve never seen the video? lol my brother in 5th grade saw it before I did and was talking about how it must be ‘animated’ because that ‘isn’t possible’ xD

    • sErindeppity says:

      Wellll maybe I’ll make two videos then 😉 actually… I think I know what I can do with that song @_@ ok ok so you’ll be getting two Kay videos.
      LOL at the not possible thing ahahaha

      • lol leave it to my 11 year old lil’ bro to be the perverted one xD


        If Kay wasn’t shy…I bet you he would have like….a billion random love children running around the world xD

  9. sweetribz says:

    I knew it!! I had a hunch that maybe Serenity could see things like that, ( no wonder you said she should have been named River) the letter was so cute, ” Please bring M-scribble- him back” 😛

    Seb’s response to a horse.. Oh yeah let me get my horse from under my bed. LoL

    • oh and if you look at the ‘Danevbie’ part it says ‘dad’ but was changed to Danevbie and Hal was added in ❤

    • sErindeppity says:

      Lol yeah but I didn’t want it to be “that” obvious and name her River since I was trying to separate the characters from the names (except in the case of Kaylee a bit).
      The note was cute and yay for her finally figuring her abilities x3

  10. sweetribz says:

    OH MY GOD.. The VIDEO.. I never knew why in the song they were saying wiggle…wiggle…wiggle..O_o Ahem……-cough-

  11. thelizzy1990 says:

    I love Serenity. I thought her power was going to be more like Doug’s emotion manipulation thing, but I’m impressed that she could come up with a map. And the note was adorable. I didn’t catch the crossed-out M or the ‘dad’ until I read the comments though.

    Also, I didn’t think it was possible, but I love Kay even more now. I just wish he’d hurry up and figure out why Seb is different. It’s driving me crazy trying to figure it out!

    • sErindeppity says:

      It is more of the emotion stuff but… well I shouldn’t say too much, but part of the emotion thing is being able to sense where the emotions are coming from–so she was able to hone in on where (by looking at a map) Sebastian’s emotions were coming from.
      Yay for more Kay loving! And yay for driving you crazy! ;P haha kidding, sorry you’re going crazy. You may get your answers in this gen o:

  12. Anon says:

    Who’s been your favorite character to write throughout the generations? Besides Kay. xD

  13. Crazy chic says:

    Lol!!! That’d be cool seeing Seb run out to safety riding a horse… maybe that’s why Serenity will like being an equestrian 😛

    The letter was too freaking adorable!! Very well written chapter 🙂

    So… will Hal make it to Seb or will Seb be off on his horse leaving Hal and Doug together. Eep

    • sErindeppity says:

      There might be a horse involved 😛 If they keep it, Serenity will be pleased. x3
      Thank you ❤
      There are many ways the finale could go. Seb rescued by Hal, Seb rescued by Kay and Hal showing up, Seb being taken by Jay, Hal being taken by Jay… o:

  14. thelifeofapetal says:

    Is trying to wait patiently for next chapter….

    Is failing.
    No, really…I tried…but I really did fail. Hard. I failed hard at trying xD

  15. ATMzie says:

    Aww, good on Kay. I wish he had the confidence to stand up to his sister once and for all!

  16. Rozelliee says:

    You go through one strain of real life drama which keeps you from the internet for a stretch of time and you miss your first would-be Danevbies heir poll.
    /I was so looking forward to this like you wouldn’t believe./ T-T
    Oh well. There’s always next poll.
    Apart from that you miss a whole lot of other stuff. Tons and /tons/ of plot drama happens and now there is a magazine article interviewing sErindeppity? Oh well. I will try to keep up steadily from now. I really missed this adventure during all that was happening.
    I’m sorry there’s no comment on actual story events but so much happened I don’t think I can really without being overwhelmed by comments and opinions and my brain collapsing into itself. 😐 Next chapter, pinky promise.

    • sErindeppity says:

      I am re-opening the poll just for you :3 just lemme know when you’ve voted ^__^
      It’s okay that you’re not commenting on everything, I understand that a lot has happened and it can be overwhelming D: I don’t want your brain collapsing! -protects your brain-
      And I’m sorry you’ve been going through real life drama, I hope things get better for you soon ❤

  17. Curiouser and curioser…the plot thickens!

  18. Awww Serenity wrote the note didn’t she. And if Kay or Sebby or any of the kids get hurt there will be hell to pay >.<

  19. zefiewings says:

    Aww the note!

    Serenity is going to be a good heir.

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