Break These Chains – 4.38 – No More

Doctor Rood stood stock still, staring at her twin. I struggled to get up off the floor, a bit surprised at seeing the fierce look in Benjamin’s eyes.

“Excuse me?” Doctor Rood asked.

Benjamin straightened his shoulders. “You heard m-me. You g-go anywhere near his chi-children and you will reg-gret it.”

She just stared at him. “Brother,” she said very slowly. “I believe you are drunk.”

“I am n-not drunk! You know I don’t d-drink!” he exclaimed. “You heard what I s-said and I stand by it.” He stepped forward, looking anxious now. “Sister, please. His children, j-just leave them alone.”

Benjamin,” she said stiffly, resting her hands on his arms. “I suggest you go back to the main house right now. I do not know what’s gotten into you.”

“No!” He smacked her hands away. I was up, but Doug was still on the ground, though fully recovered. I knew he was waiting for the moment to go for that pen in her pocket.

“Benjamin!” she said, sounding slightly more ruffled now. “You–“

“Leave his children alone!” he shouted. Doctor Rood reeled back, eyes wide. I couldn’t see the Professor’s face, but I could tell he was surprised at himself. But he recovered quickly. “You w-will not go anywhere n-near his children, Beverly. If you do, you will regret it.”

Now she recovered, her face going all blank again. Doug was slowly getting up off the floor. “And what,” the Doctor said icily, “do you propose to do to make me regret it?”

Whatever it was, I doubted we’d find out since it was then Doug made his move. He grabbed for the pen and I stumbled back, considering just grabbing Professor Rood and making a run for it. But Beverly was far too quick and she got the pen jammed against his neck very quickly and he more than just crashed down to the ground, he was knocked completely out.

“Perhaps we should just lock him up. His aggression is getting worse,” she said, looking angry once more. “And you!” She looked back up at her brother. “How dare you tell me what to do!”

“I dare b-because unlike you I c-care about those children!” Benjamin snapped back. “They are p-part of us, sister! And y-you want to d-drag them here and–and experiment on th-them like you d-did him?” He waved his hand at the unconscious Doug. “He’s not the only one sh-showing signs of m-mental breakdown! Half of them are already there! And you w-want to put another ch-child through that?! Well, I am NOT g-going to let you! This ends HERE and NOW!”

The slap she gave him practically echoed and then she was on top of him, arms flailing as she tried hitting him. And they were by the door, so I couldn’t sidle past them. “HOW DARE YOU?! HOW DARE YOU?! YOU’RE ON MY SIDE! YOU’RE SUPPOSED TO BE WITH ME ON EVERYTHING!”

Benjamin shoved her back, gripping her arms, preventing her from lashing out. “Not this,” he said firmly. “N-not anymore. Not with ch-children. No more, Jay!! NO MORE!”

He was shaking her as he said this but she yanked away, almost tripping over Doug. I saw the side of her face and could see the shock and anger and bewilderment in her eyes. But she recovered, though slowly. “You want to shut down this experiment. Look how far we’ve gotten, Kay!” She indicated Doug at her feet. “He can control emotions. Once we figure out how 4-13 can control his–” Now she indicated me. “–emotions then we’ll be a step closer!”

She grabbed his hands, squeezing tight. “We have to,” she breathed out. “Abilities like this, you know they have to have them! Their brains are so much more developed than human brains… If we crack this, we’ll be closer. Kay, you can’t back out on me now–not when we’re this close to figuring things out!”

Professor Rood look like he was wavering for a moment then he began shaking his head. “I w-won’t allow you t-to do anything with his kids!”

She stared at him then turned to stare at me, then turned back to stare at him. Her hands were shaking but not with nerves, but with rage. “How can you do this to me? Just–” She sucked in air and then slowly let it out. “Fine. Fine. No children. Only adults. I will leave those… brats alone. But we will continue with our research and continue with the research with him.” Once again, she indicated me.

He stared at me now and I bit my lip. Was he still going to help me escape? Slowly, hoping he’d understand, I nodded towards the door. Asking him if he was still going to help me escape, at least I hoped that is what it looked liked.

He continued staring at me and then nodded. “I w-will continue w-with any agreement inv-volving S-Sebastian,” he said slowly, wording things so he answered me without letting her now. “But,” he added, looking at her again, “no children. And nothing t-tonight,” he added again, trying not to look at me. “L-leave him here t-tonight.”

“No children,” she agreed. “And not tonight. Let’s get back to the main house and we will talk more about your little digression. As for you, Sebastian.” She looked at me, eyes narrowed. “I will be here in the morning and we will begin your examination tomorrow. Come on,” she said, holding onto Benjamin–or Kay– and dragging him towards the door.

Doug was still unconscious when they left and I went over his body, going to the door. What if he couldn’t bring me the horse and map? What if she took me to the main house before that happened? What if I was kept locked up in the main house? There’d probably be an even less chance of escaping from there than here.

Forget that. I went over to the door and started yanking at the doorknob. Locked, but I didn’t care anymore. I grabbed a chair from the dining table and began hitting it against the door until the chair fell to pieces. Then I just began ramming the door with my shoulder till it hurt too much to keep going.

I fell back and stared at the door. It wasn’t made of wood, it was metal. Also, no hinges. No lock. The lock must be on the outside… So how would Doug get out…? I went back to his body and felt in his pockets. There was a little key-chain with a… thing that was about an inch long. A button on it.

I spun around and hurried back to the door, pressing the button. There was a blipping sound and I grabbed the knob, trying to push it open. It stayed firmly shut. I pressed the button again and once more there was a blip. But the door remained locked. I couldn’t get it open… Why can’t I open it?

Frustrated, I threw the key-chain and began hitting the door again till I slid to the floor, breaking down in tears.

*Hal’s POV*

“I’ve always loved him,” I said to the horse as we took a reluctant break. The horse–Ducky, I remembered–lipped at the grass. “I kept making stupid mistakes, though. Bad timing.” I rubbed my forehead, feeling even worse. “It’s all my fault, you know. If I had been a bit braver and confessed everything to him in the first place, Doug would never have gotten his claws into him.”

The horse looked up at me and whinnied. I looked up as well and smiled. “I’ve always blamed myself. I can’t help it.” I stood up and went over, stroking Ducky’s mane. “I should have gone to the police.” I buried my face in Ducky’s mane. “I should have just ripped his stony heart out of his chest.”

Ducky reached back and began lipping at my arm. I put my arms around her head, hugging her. “I’m glad you understand.” She whinnied again and hoofed the ground. Did she really understand me? It was hard to tell what was real and what wasn’t anymore.

What is real is Sebastian needs me. I’m so close. I checked the map again and then checked the time. Maybe another two hours, maybe less if we hurried. I wasn’t a hundred percent sure. But I needed to go on.

“Sorry girl,” I said, getting on the saddle again. “Let’s go!”

*Sebastian’s POV*

Doug stumbled into the main room, looking very disoriented. He rubbed his head and then staggered over to me, peering at the broken pieces of chair. “Tried to get out, eh?”

I stood up, not feeling like answering that question. Doug just watched me, waiting. When I didn’t say anything, he reached over and grabbed my wrist. “You’ll never escape me, Sebastian. Understand?”

“How come the key-chain won’t work for me?” I asked, deciding not to deny the escape attempt. He’d be able to tell if I was lying about it anyway.

Doug reached into his pocket and when he realized it was empty, he squeezed my wrist even tighter. “Where is it, my darling? Where’s the key? Unless you want to stay here until she comes for you.”

I indicated where I threw it and he let go to retrieve it. “Why won’t it work for me? Might as well tell me, since I won’t ever escape this place.”

He looked at the button then back up at me. “I never said you won’t escape this place. I just said you’d never escape me. And it won’t work for you since it’s attuned to me, or something like that. My fingerprint, I guess. The Roods gave it to me so I don’t know.”

He went into the bedroom and I heard several thumps and scrapes. I slowly went over to the door to look in. He was throwing clothes onto the bed. “What are you doing?” I asked.

“Getting us out of here,” he replied, not even looking at me as he opened another drawer. “Doctor Rood is going to keep you from me and I am not going to let that happen. You’re mine. Nobody else. So we’re leaving and going away, far away. Egypt, maybe.”

I stiffened, thinking of Benjamin with the horse. “Leave… here?”

“Yes!” he exclaimed, throwing the clothes into a suitcase. “Before she takes you away from me. I’m not letting it happen. As soon as we’re packed, we’re going.”

I hugged myself, feeling nervous. He has to be able to rescue me, Benjamin does. And if I’m not here… if Doug takes me away from here, will I ever escape? Maybe… maybe when we’re near civilization I can hit his head or something.

“And you can forget about attacking me,” he said, whirling around to glare at me. “And running. I’ll be filling you with so many emotions, you’ll be a babbling wreck. Until we get to Egypt and I lock you up.”

I’ll still be able to escape, I thought desperately as he whisked past me to pack some food.

“You won’t be able to escape,” he said, as if reading my mind which he sort of could. He left the food so he could come over and touch my arm. I right away felt filled with what he threatened. Despair, fear, misery–everything swirled around so violently that all I could do was sink down onto the floor and cry.

I’m not going to be able to escape. He’s going to get me to Egypt… and that will be the end. I looked up through teary eyes at Doug messing around in the kitchen. “I’ll–get–away… somehow…” I gasped out and then was hit by a wave of lust.

“No. You won’t,” he replied calmly. “Now then.” He came over and yanked me to my feet, shoving the handles of the food bag in my hand. “Let’s go. And disappear forever.”


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Hi there! I'm known as sErindeppity. I love to read (huzzah!) and love to write (double huzzah!). I have tons of books in my room ahaha. I love video games and hate hot weather. :p
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42 Responses to Break These Chains – 4.38 – No More

  1. Don’t let Doug do this, K!! Where is that man and that horse!!

    On a fairly unrelated note, one of my doctors is called Doctor Kay oO She’s lovely! 🙂

  2. Nooo! Doug can’t take Seb away! Hal has to get there in time!

    I like exclamation marks!!!!

    Loud noises!!

  3. Cereline says:

    Yes Seb you will get away!
    And she says that she just won’t experiment on children, so technically once Serenity grows up she’s free game. QQ Serenity should stay young forever! 😀

  4. Now would be a convenient time to show up, Kay and Hal.


  5. Hal seems to be taking his sweet time. And woot for Kay sticking to his guns. 😀 And Seb, never give up!

  6. Hakari says:

    Noooo! D:
    Or K. Honestly, any help to Seb is welcome.

  7. Jazen says:

    Why didn’t she lock up Doug???? She should have taken him and left Seb locked there alone! Why didn’t she take Doug?????? He can’t take Seb away, out of the country, it can’t end like this. Kay and Hal have to save him, they just have to!

    • sErindeppity says:

      She saw no reason to lock up Doug and if she did take Doug back to the lab, she woulda taken Sebastian too. She knew Doug wouldn’t hurt Sebastian so… she left him there.
      D: it might not end this way! It might end nicely….

  8. thelizzy1990 says:

    Exactly how is Doug planning on getting them out? If he uses a helicopter, Jay will probably hear and stop him. They’d have to use horses … which will maybe allow them to run into Hal? Something tells me Kay’s not going to be able to go through with his end of the rescue plan, but I did love him standing up to Jay.

    • sErindeppity says:

      Doug isn’t the brightest bulb in the box 😛 He was just gonna make a run for it and spend hours in the woods trying to get out, basically hoping that Jay wouldn’t find them before they got out. He has no access to horses.
      Kay will not be the one getting Seb out, if Seb gets outs. But he would have, if Doug wasn’t dragging Seb off. :3

  9. shelllegacy says:

    I don’t trust Jay, but Kay was AWESOME standing up to her like that! I actually can’t believe she listened, and agreed. They are twins, even if they’re polar opposites in personality. I also don’t like the shifty wording about her not harming ‘kids’. She said nothing about them as adults, which could be a big problem later. Hal is getting closer, but will he be able to make it in time before it’s too late?!

    • sErindeppity says:

      Jay can twist words. x3 and Kay would be the only person, well “human” she ever listens to (she’d listen to aliens haha). She knows how much she needs him. And this new courage of his took her by surprise x3 They are twins, and do need each other in a strange way.
      The next chapter will reveal all! Will Hal get there or will Doug succeed in his evil plans…? x3

  10. inspiritsgolden says:

    move now >:[
    -waves flag around-

  11. Rozelliee says:

    I’m amazed, excited and happy that Kay stood up to Jay, and I laughed my /butt/ off when Jay said “Brother. I believe you are drunk.”
    Yeah, I really really hope everything works out and Doug doesn’t just wreck everyone’s plans.

    So, I also have another theory.
    In the letter she wrote to Hal, Serenity said she had to ‘think real hard about it’- but since that chapter I was wondering how she knew after she ‘thought really hard’. Could be like… connected to Duncan or something? I know she can sense and manipulate feelings like her dad but can she maybe sense his thoughts and feelings too? :0
    That would be awesome so I can’t /wait/ to find out what’s behind that. X)

    • sErindeppity says:

      -does a happy Kay dance- He can be pretty awesome x3
      The next chapter will be the big finale, and then of course the last chapter wrapping it all up…
      Nice theory 🙂 (I am assuming you mean Doug). You may be right. Or maybe it was just the first time really using her abilities.
      I really can’t wait for the prologue to Serenity’s gen! 😀

      • Rozelliee says:

        Haha woah, I must have been out of it. x.x Yes, I meant Doug.
        I can’t wait either! 😀 I have a friend who loves sims and Splash, and I just referred him to this legacy! I hope he likes it, but I know he most likely will ~
        He should be reading it now, actually.

      • sErindeppity says:

        I know what you mean about being out of it… when I am out of it I say REALLY weird stuff x_o
        Aww 😳 thanks for referring me, I hope your friend enjoys it ❤

  12. Glory R says:

    I’m always intrigued as to how you have already figured out so many options. Things will happen exactly as you have planned…lol Question: do you have stories done ahead of time for each character that is in the running for heir? Thanks. I was thinking today that you hadn’t sent out a chapter for days until I saw that the previous one was on the 18th and today’s came in on the 19th..patience is a virtue and right now I feel virtuless… 🙂

    • sErindeppity says:

      😀 Thanks for asking ^_^ Here is basically what happens and if anything is confusing then just let me know and I’ll try to explain things differently :3
      I have a list of story ideas and as a Danevbie is born, I take those traits and pick a story for them. OR, such as the case with Serenity and Kaylee this time around, I think up new stories. Since Serenity’s story can only be attributed to her, I don’t add it to the story list but Kaylee’s story has been added to the list. So I have thought up all new stories based on the kid. But I only have a basic outline. Just slightly more than what I reveal in the heir vote. When Viola, Sebastian, and Cesario were born and started getting traits I knew exactly what story to give Sebastian. Since Zari and Vi didn’t have any outstanding traits, I picked a random story from the list for them that would work. And when Kaylee was born, I knew her traits didn’t matter–I had already thought up her story based on her name and how I planned her personality was going to somewhat be.
      When an heir is chosen, sometimes I start writing their stories–if I’ve already finished writing all the drafts of the current gen. In this case, I’ve had all of Sebastian’s chapters written out for a couple weeks now with only small changes. I have Serenity’s prologue written out but that’s it for now.
      I also change the stories as the story goes on, depending on what happens in game. I wasn’t planning on having the Reddings doing anything with Jacob before they called him in but since Jacob kept getting calls about logic, I included it. The romance between Cal and Penny seemed so sweet that I changed their story a bit, and I was going to have Luna be devoted to the science facility until she found out the truth but when she had kids, that changed too. And I had a couple more chapters planned for Sebastian and Doug’s life together but Doug was just turning out even more evil quicker than I expected that I changed it. Also I was originally going to start it after college but then someone mentioned they’d like to see some of Seb as a teenager, so I changed that :3
      Sometimes when I write, words just come out without me knowing it. So sometimes stuff happens that surprise me 😉 But when things change, I can usually figure out a way to work with it and change future plot points if need be.
      Sorry for babbling so much! And sorry if I sounded confusing, or didn’t answer your question right. Just let me know or let me know if there’s something I should clarify ❤

  13. thelifeofapetal says:

    Go Kay! Go Kay! Say NO to Jay!

    lol, wordpress didn’t give me a notification/didn’t show post 4.37 and I read the forst line of this chapter and was like ‘Wait what? When did Jay get here?’ lol. Hal better find him while Doug is dragging him throught the forest…or however they are going to Europe…or at least leaving the house thing-a-ma-bob. And Hal bought a horse… ❤

    BTW- If you intend on ever getting/adding in another equine to the family…I am actually apart of the Equus Sims community and have (6) online stables…you could 'Buy' a horse from me, figuratively speaking xD

  14. sweetribz says:

    EeEAAAAARGGHH!!! DOUG!!! -punches square between the eyes- Seb….uhh…don’t go anywhere! -drags doug off to a dark deep pit- >:D

  15. zefiewings says:

    Aaaah! so close! Hang on sweetie, your hubbie is coming!

  16. somebodysangel13 says:

    Is it wrong that I felt sorry for Jay at one point there? “How can you do this to me?” Even though she covered it up with anger, I could tell she felt really betrayed by Kay standing up to her. Their entire (incredibly long) lives, he has always stood by her, and now he’s not only challenging her, but in front of others. She has to be devastated, though probably doesn’t understand the feelings herself, being so cut off from everything emotional.
    I’m actually hoping that Doug takes Seb, and *then* Hal finds them – that way Hal only has to overcome Doug, rather than Jay as well. And hey, if/when Jay finds out Doug not only ran away, but took Seb too, maybe she’ll kill him for us.
    Hey, I just realised, I was kind of right! Back in Ch25, I wanted Jay to take Doug and do evil experiments on him…and it turns out she’s already been doing that his entire life. Too bad she didn’t keep him locked up in the facility like she did the others.

    • sErindeppity says:

      I’m glad someone else feels bad for her at this part. Kay did betray her, in her eyes. It hurt her a lot even though she’d never really admit it. She loves Kay deeply, in her own twisted way, and treats him the way she does since she just wants what (she thinks) is best for him. So yes, Kay betraying her really cut her deeply. I think she does know he hurt her but doesn’t understand it fully.
      Haha yep you got your wish 😉 He should have been kept locked up though!

      • somebodysangel13 says:

        I read one of the stories with Jay and Kay as teens, and she was really protective of him. So I know she really loves him, but she just doesn’t know how to show it in a way that other people would understand. I get that, I’m kind of like that, very disconnected to my own emotions. But not a scientist, so dw, no evil experiments anywhere 😉

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