Gen Four Overview

Sebastian Danevbie was kissed on a beach as a teenager, by a boy. This helped him realize he was gay.

But he was a bit afraid of this and decided not to tell anyone about his realization. Finally high school ended and he, Zari, and Viola agreed to share an apartment when they go to college. On the night of their birthday, Zari and Vi went out with friends while Sebastian stayed home and received a special gift from his mother.

It was the plaque Jacob got so many years ago. Luna gave it to him for good reasons but all Sebastian could think was it was because he was weak. He had no confidence in himself, and couldn’t see anything good about himself.

Still he went off to college, and made no friends until finally Viola introduced him to Halbert Conner, and when Zari moved out with his girlfriend… Hal moved in.

It didn’t take long before he started falling for Hal, but he was too afraid to confess his sexuality and his feelings. During this time, Calcifer and Penny Danevbie passed away (chapter six).

Finally, though, Sebastian confessed everything to Hal and found out that Hal had known all along since Viola had told him before he moved in. But before Sebastian could admit he liked Hal, Hal confessed he had a boyfriend.

As Sebastian dealt with his depression, he met someone from his past–the boy on the beach. Douglas McIntyre, who soon charmed his way back into Sebastian’s life and soon the two were dating.

After graduating college, everyone moved back to Sunset Valley. Zari, Vi, Hal, and Zari’s girlfriend Julie moved into a house together while Sebastian moved in Doug.

Their relationship had their ups and downs but Doug kept charming his way back in. During this time there were two weddings.

Viola married a Claude Pierce….

And Cesario married Julie Sky.

Then things started getting worse for Sebastian. Doug started cutting Sebastian off from his family, controlling him, and making decisions for him. Sebastian quit his job, barely saw his family and friends, wore contacts and changed his clothes. And then the worst part. Doug started physically abusing Sebastian.

Hal tried to get Sebastian out, but Sebastian refused to listen. He said if Hal told the police, that he would just lie to police and say that Doug was not doing that.

Sebastian knew he needed to get out but kept falling deeper and deeper in with Doug. Doug lied to him, and cheated on him, and beat him–but Seb couldn’t leave. He was too attached. And he agreed to get pregnant, but before his appointment Doug became pregnant as to soften the blow of telling Sebastian that once again he cheated on him.

Duncan McIntyre was born and Sebastian was so happy. He started suspecting that Duncan was not his, and soon found that Duncan was not his, but he was happy nonetheless.

Despite the baby being born, Doug got worse, hurting Sebastian more and more. One day, after Sebastian was pregnant, he left for a few days and during this time Seb took Duncan and went to Hal’s. But when Doug came back, Seb went back to him.

Over the next few weeks, Doug hurt Sebastian even more and then finally left, claiming to go a mental facility for a short while though that was a lie. But he was gone, and Sebastian took his baby and went back to Hal’s.

Hal finally confessed to Sebastian that he loved him, and the shock sent Sebastian into labor. A girl was born, a daughter to Seb and Doug but Sebastian knew Doug would never be a father to her.

Sebastian and Hal named the girl Serenity Jayne, from a sci-fi show they both loved (Firefly). Their relationship slowly proceeded but before it really got anywhere, Doug showed up again and this time Seb officially dumped him while asking for full rights of Duncan and Serenity. Doug agreed since he didn’t care about the children, and then left, swearing he would be back but Sebastian thought that was the end of it.

Soon Seb and Hal were married ❤ And started their own family, having four of their own children plus Duncan and Serenity. Leaving us with, from left to right…

Duncan, Serenity Jayne, Kaylee Wash, River Tam, Simon Tam, and then little Shepherd Malcolm in the front center.

It was ten years after Doug left and things seemed fine but then Doug came back, stalking Sebastian and then finally kidnapping him, taking him away to a small cabin in the middle of no where. The police told Hal that they couldn’t find anything about Douglas McIntyre, and that Doug wasn’t really human.

It turned out Doug was an experiment of Jay Redding, raised in a lab for ten years and then alone in a cabin for seven more years due to anger management before being turned out into the world. It turned out that he was made with psychological abilities–the ability to sense emotion and supposedly control emotion. But it never really worked, except with Sebastian. Doug had been able to tell what Seb was feeling all this time–and also subtly control it. Except now he had complete control and was able to pour any emotion onto Seb.

Jay wanted to experiment on Sebastian to see why he was connected to Doug, but she decided to try out imaginary dolls first because of Penny being Sebastian’s great-grandmother. And in the mean time, Kay decided he was going to try to rescue Sebastian. He told Sebastian he’d bring him a map and a horse, to escape.

In the mean time, Hal received a mysterious note showing where Seb was. He went to the town, bought a horse and then rode through the woods to rescue Sebastian. In the mean time, Jay found out that Seb and Doug had had children and wanted to bring in the kids to experiment on them since kids sometimes received the abilities of the parent.

Kay stood in her way, threatening to do things if she didn’t leave the kids alone. After shock and hurt that her twin had turned on her, Jay agreed to leave the kids alone. But she’d still experiment on Sebastian, the next morning.

After the Reddings left, Doug wanted to leave and run away to Egypt. But before they left, Hal showed up. Hal and Doug fought and then Sebastian finally realized he was worthwhile and broke through Doug’s emotional hold on him, hitting Doug–unintentionally hitting him with a piece of wood that had a nail on it. Doug lay dying and as he did, he told Sebastian there was something strange about him, about his mother, and about one of the kids. Then Sebastian and Hal left him to die.

After coming to grips with what happened, Sebastian had a little chat with his mother about what made him special, what made his mother special and what made one of his kids special–he knew it was Serenity, and decided to give her the plaque because he knew it had something to do with that. He didn’t know what this connection was, but there was something.

He knew there was something with Serenity. She had inherited her birth father’s abilities with emotion, but that wasn’t the reason he knew it was her. Sebastian really didn’t know what it was that made her different from her siblings, or himself different from his siblings, or his mother different from her siblings but he knew Serenity was the next heir, the next Danevbie to carry on the legacy.


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6 Responses to Gen Four Overview

  1. Rozelliee says:

    Good recap. By the way, the thing with Kay rescuing Seb, that didn’t happen obviously because Hal did, but did you just decide to cut that off or something? It just kind of dropped off with no resolution, and thinking about it all I can see is Kay in front of the cabin with a map and a horse and just kind of…. standing there. Then I feel sorry for him. xP

    • sErindeppity says:

      Yeah Kay was kinda left in the lurch there. I guess I should have given some closure about that… x_o but basically yeah, he’s gonna show up in the middle of the night and find Doug’s dead body and no Sebastian. I am sorry for not giving any closure for that 😦

      • Rozelliee says:

        Oh, okay. I hope that that doesn’t lead to anything too bad- but I doubt it since it seems Seb and Hal already have their happy ending. Serenity’s no doubt going to have different troubles- but that makes the legacy more interesting. 🙂 I can’t wait for the next generation to start. ❤

        Oh my Goodness. 😦 When I think about it… next generation means….

        NO. MORE. ZARI.
        Now I'm sad.

      • sErindeppity says:

        Serenity will have her troubles and they start in her prologue which I cannot wait to publish in the morning xD
        I am still planning on trying to do a Day in the Life… although now I dunno if I can >_<
        I will try though!

  2. Glory R says:

    I was thinking the same thing as Rozelliee, so thanks for talking about it. I felt life pass me by in a blur with the next entry being 4 months later…lol But that’s ok, it’s a Legacy Story and a great one at that so anything can happen!! Looking forward to the next series with Serenity Jayne. By the way the recap was really good…

    • sErindeppity says:

      I think I’ll add addition in the final chapter, for Kay. I should have done it anyway. x3
      Thanks about the recap, I know I had at least one reader who opted out which is understandable. I’m glad I did a decent job explaining things again 😛

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