Spring 2012 Special Part Two

Welcome back to the Spring 2012 special!


“Okay time for the invention exchange! You ready?”

“Yep. But you two go first.”

“This is our invention. It is a sprinkler but it sprays acid instead. People will be burned and hurt and die!” Jacob:”How evil!”

“Why, thank you. Your turn!”

“This is a radio that looks like a rock.” Jay: “…that’s stupid.”

“Oh and yours is better?”

“Yes it is, we win, ours is the best! Now… GET INTO THE THEATER!”



“I dunno when I decided to be an evil overlord, I guess when I was a wee child and dreaming of what the future may hold.” -sighs- “I don’t mean to be evil, it’s in my nature, really. But it can be quite fun. Watching the expressions of horror on the faces of those you torture. Making people angry.”


-spreads hands out- “You know, Cesario, you’re the first person to ever truly listen to me. I–I appreciate it, I really do. I mean, I’m not going to stop this experiment and will hold you up there for an indefinite amount of time until the aliens show up… but I just wanted to let you know, I appreciate it.”

“Hey. Who’re you talking to?” “Cesario.” “Who? Oh, I thought we were supposed to be calling him Tom Ser–wait a minute!” -Kay points at monitor-

“That’s not him, that’s just some candy machine!”

-blinks- “It is?”

“Yes! What, can’t you tell the difference between a person–I mean, between a robot and a CANDY machine? It doesn’t even have candy in it!”

“I just thought…” -stares closely at the monitor-

“Hey evil scientists, wazzzup?”

-squints eyes and peers closely-


“Who’s that?”

-Kay throws hands in air- “I give up.”



“So we need a plan to get back to earth.”

“Ooh! How about we tunnel there!”

“…To earth?” -Kaylee nods- “From space?” -Kaylee nods again- “Right. No.”


“Wait, aren’t you supposed to be some sort of mechanical god when it comes to spaceships?” -both boys stare at Kaylee-

“…Do you have any strawberries?”

“Wh…? Well, no.”

“Then nope.”



“How about the escape pods?”

“We have escape pods?” Zari: “Yep.”

“Why didn’t you mention that earlier?”


“Okay, let’s go. Unless you two ruined all the escape pods by playing some sort of weird space battle game.” -stops- “You didn’t, did you?” Zari: “No!”

“Let’s go.”



“Sister, what the heck kind of plan was it in the first place to make them watch cheesy movies?” -rubs back of head- “It’s kinda a silly plan.”


“Well it is! It’s pointless! And how did we get them into space anyway? And if we got them into space, why don’t WE go into space and try to find the aliens?”

-smack- “You have the stupidest plans in the entire history of stupid plans! Come on, let’s think up some other way…”


“Well, here we are.”

“Earth is pretty!”

“You’re from earth! You’ve been here before!” Kaylee: “Oh right. So… what do we do?”

“How about we watch a movie? Anyone fancy ‘The Crawling Eye’?”



Jacob Danevbie as Mike Nelson

Cesario Danevbie (and an empty gumball machine) as Tom Servo

Kaylee Danevbie as Crow

Jay Redding as Doctor Forrester (I would have preferred Pearl but this worked out better)

Kay Redding as TV’s Frank

Viola Danevbie as Gypsy

and Calcifer Danevbie as Cambot (always seen in a mirror since he’s, well, the camera)


I hope you’ve enjoyed my little April Fools special.


The strawberries and pink dress refer to the TV show “Firefly” and the character Kaylee is named after.

The wassail scene is an actual scene from the MST3K show as you can see here. The tunneling to earth line alludes to a scene from “Mystery Science Theater 3000: The Movie” where Crow decides to tunnel to Earth. The “Crawling Eye” bit refers to two episodes. “The Crawling Eye” naturally, and also “Diabolik” the last episode ever where Mike, Tom, and Crow get back to earth and wind up watching “The Crawling Eye”. The escape pod bit is from the episode “Space Mutiny” where Mike discovers they had escape pods all along, but Crow, Tom, and Gypsy have just destroyed all three of them by playing space battle.


About sErindeppity

Hi there! I'm known as sErindeppity. I love to read (huzzah!) and love to write (double huzzah!). I have tons of books in my room ahaha. I love video games and hate hot weather. :p
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23 Responses to Spring 2012 Special Part Two

  1. Bwahahahahahah!!!! I LOVE it! .> Now tempted to do something like that for the Amours. o.o’

  2. Aaah, if only I got all the references πŸ˜€ Kay was in it though, so I won’t complain :3
    next time, do a Doctor Who one so I’ll understand all the jokes πŸ˜€

    • sErindeppity says:

      Lol okay! But if you like quirky humor and making fun of bad movies, you should look up MST3K sometime. It is SUCH a good show, one of my favorites of all time. I mean it is up there with Dr. Who and Firefly.
      (and I plan on releasing two “funny” tribute videos as soon as I can involving Kay… πŸ˜‰ )

  3. β€œEarth is pretty!” – Oh Kaylee! By this point I had tears in my eyes from laughing so hard. Outrageously funny!

  4. Crazy chic says:

    Now you make me want to watch that show…. I heard about it but I can’t find that show anywhere… 😦


    I love you!!!! For liking sci-fi shows!!!!

    Now you’re reminding me of Red Dwarf…

    • sErindeppity says:

      sdmfhnverlgheripgjeriojge I friggin LOVE Red Dwarf!!!! My nickname for the past 12 years with my best friend has been Rimmer (she started it to tease me, but she calls me it all the time now like I call her Harry Potter. I even made her a card one with a picture of Rimmer and Harry Potter on it saying ‘Harry Potter and Arnold Judas Rimmer, B.S.C., S.S.C., best friends forever’ and I sign a lot of things to her with Rimmer’s name). A few years ago when I got a partial job one of the first things I bought was the complete series…
      and I am alllways quoting from it. xD Like Dr. Who and Firefly and MST3K, Red Dwarf is one of my all time favorite shows… πŸ˜€

      IF you have Netflix, look up “MST3K”. It’s there. πŸ˜€

  5. lol glad you are having some fun time with your simmies x

  6. Rozelliee says:

    See, this is another reason I’m crazy about this legacy. It’s got awesome writing and an amazing story but it doesn’t take itself too seriously. ❀ Good job.

    • sErindeppity says:

      Aw thanks so much! πŸ™‚ Considering how much I like to write drama… I really wanted to do something silly like this, especially cause of April’s Fools. I like silly. xD

  7. I must admit, any chapter with Kay is fine by me πŸ˜‰ two thumbs up

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