Very important note, please read if you have the time

Sorry for another note so soon but I’ve been complaining about EA not listening to their users, so I thought I’d take the time and get some feedback from my readers!

I’ve made a poll with 13 answers and it is multiple choice (it should be) so vote for any and all you agree with, and please leave a comment if you have anything further to say on the matter–it would mean a lot to me!

As I stated before in comments, this story means so much to me and I know it means a lot to most of you, so I just wanted to know if there was anything I could do. I won’t be changing the plots too much no matter what, but I’d like to know if there is more I can do to help the experience! Especially the first four answers, those are the ones I am really curious about. Especially-especially the first two. I try to keep my chapters between 1600 to 2000 words long (usually closer to 2000) but sometimes it is hard keeping them that short (yeah…. -sweatdrop- I tend to write a lot xD), so this is something I’ve been wondering for a while.

Then again, when I started out, my chapters were much shorter–and if that’s the type of thing you like, that’s fine too šŸ™‚

So yeah just let me know, I really appreciate it!



About sErindeppity

Hi there! I'm known as sErindeppity. I love to read (huzzah!) and love to write (double huzzah!). I have tons of books in my room ahaha. I love video games and hate hot weather. :p
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36 Responses to Very important note, please read if you have the time

  1. I love your story and wouldn’t change a thing. I love the flow of it and how you stop right where I would love to read more. But that is good. xD And if you feel the need to write more, then by all means go ahead. ā¤ Love the story. It is one of my favorites. And I am not just saying that. ;D

    • sErindeppity says:

      Aw thanks! -hugs- ^_^ I do worry about the length of my chapters, especially when they run “long” (2000ish words). But if my readers don’t mind it when they’re long then I’ll stop worrying about cutting a chapter off sooner than I wanted it.

  2. SRaina says:

    I like long since I’m a fast reader, but I really think your doing a great job as it is.

  3. Crazy chic says:

    You’re doing just fine! I love where you end chapters as well. I’m addicted to it and wayyy better than some tv shows out there.

    • sErindeppity says:

      Aw thanks! šŸ˜€
      So what you’re saying is… not to turn it into a pop culture mainstream sex-jokes-and-over-the-top-dialogue-with-bad-acting? Pfft there goes my ideas for the next eight gens D:

  4. Maddy says:

    I totally agree with SRaina. I love your story, but if you can make the chapters longer I’d be ecstatic!!! XD

  5. bluexskittlesx says:

    I totally agree with what others have said, I’m a fast reader aswell and I love having a nice long chapter to read =] I don’t think anything needs to be changed, I love your writing style etc but if you want to do longer chapters then go for it!!

  6. Ah, right.. I commented on the actual poll because I opened that rather than the link to your blog. Did you want me to copy my answer here?

    • sErindeppity says:

      Nah it’s fine I can go and see from there, thank you ^__^

      • Alright then, and you’re welcome :3

      • sErindeppity says:

        I read it, and thank you for all your reply ā¤ Yeah when I say "matureish" I mean more so than I usually do, since the Sebastian thing was only really the one time.

      • sErindeppity says:

        OH and with the whole sometimes it taking a while for plot to happen, do you mean the plot for each individual generation (like we had to sit through twenty chapters before Doug revealed he was truly evil) or the overall plot that will wrap up in gen thirteen?
        I assumed you meant like trudging through “life” chapters (raising kids, getting to work, etc) but wanted to make sure. ^__^ If you’re not sure what I’m meaning, or not sure yourself, that’s fine too, I just thought I’d ask ā¤

      • SarinaL says:

        In that case I wouldn’t mind that :3
        I mean sometimes in a few chapters it seems to take a while getting to the point, but as I said before sometimes that needs to be for story telling purposes so I don’t really mind that šŸ™‚
        And I need to catch up on your story again! Gah, I’ve been lazy with reading people’s blogs lately -.-

      • sErindeppity says:

        Yeah sometimes I can’t avoid the in between bits. x3
        It’s okay take your time, I am always super behind with everyone x_x

      • I wouldn’t worry about it, just means we have other things to do ^^ Having a life outside the sims is hardly a bad thing ^^

      • sErindeppity says:

        Shun the nonbeliever! Shuun! Shuuuuuuuuun! -points hoof at-
        LOL sorry couldn’t resist. Yeah I have my Shakespeare class x_x haha eats up more time than I’d think.

      • Candymountain, Candymountain! You fill me with sweet sugary goodness!! šŸ˜€

      • sErindeppity says:

        Ever since I saw unicorns for Pets, I’ve wanted to get a hold of three of them, dye two of them and do a spoof. xD
        Actually my spring special was almost a spoof, with Zari and Kaylee as the insane unicorns and Jay as Charlie. xD but then I decided I couldn’t figure out how to do most of it so I switched to MST3K, which I’ve wanted to do for ages anyway.

  7. Christine says:

    Your story is amazing as it is, so I just voted for more of everything because what you are doing is great. Please don’t hold back on writing more, your writing is the best part. I like it when you slow down the pace so we can really get to know the characters. If making the chapters longer means clumping the story together and making us wait longer between chapters then I would prefer it if you didn’t. It it means that you would add more writing and pictures to each chapter then I’m definitely for it!

    • sErindeppity says:

      Thanks for commenting I really appreciate it! And no, longer chapters would not be clumping together with longer waits between chapters. It would mean more of the story. I tend to write a lot and usually try to wrap up a chapter if it gets to about 2000ish words and have worried in the past about making the generations “too long”; I was worried about Sebastian’s being forty chapters but I guess that having a lot of chapters is fine for my readers šŸ™‚

      So I won’t drag things out or clump them together, but not worry if I am going over the usual limit I gave myself.

  8. sweetribz says:

    I love the amount of chapters in each generation. In fact the drafts of my storys are kinda based off the way you write.. the length, how to talk as the heir…I love the way you write so much šŸ™‚

  9. Mia says:

    I won’t be the first to say this, but:


    If you are writing the longest chapter ever with lots of pictures, guess what? I’ll still read it. I’m to far into this story to give up the Danevbie family now! Luna has been my favorite and I love my Sebby. Jay and Kay and just… I can’t even describe them. You make wonderful characters that are obviously fiction but they still seem real. I would love to read longer posts, but no matter what you do (and seriously, you would have to do a lot of terrible things for me to stop reading) all the readers will support you. šŸ˜€

    • sErindeppity says:

      Thank you so much, it does mean a lot that you guys are so happy with having long chapters. As I said before, I like to write a lot ^_^
      I’m glad my characters seem real šŸ˜³ it’s something I’m paranoid about. I like to try to make them real even if they’re weren’t most their lives, for example Penny. And for instance, Serenity and Henri aren’t gonna have a perfect happy teenager life because they wouldn’t in real life, they’re gonna have plenty of arguments and stuff. x3

  10. Rozelliee says:

    I like the length of your chapters and I think things are perfectly fine. šŸ™‚ There’s enough text so that each chapter has something (or things!) important in it, updates are frequent, there’s a lot of story and I never find myself overwhelmed or underwhelmed by the amount there is to read. I think the amount of pictures to text are fine too. So, no, in general I don’t have any problems with this legacy. šŸ™‚

    • sErindeppity says:

      Aw thank you so much ā¤ There might be a few chapters that are a bit longer than what I have been putting out, but I'll try not to make them overwhelming. And thank you for mentioning the text-to-picture ratio since it was something I forgot to ask. xD

  11. Anon says:

    I’m slow, I just realized, YOUR AVATAR PICTURE THING IS SQUIRTLE. ā¤ But yeah, I wouldn't mind more mature themes and a bit of extra writing to get to know the kids better. Like, last heir vote I didn't even know they had a kid named Simon. Extra writing = good! šŸ˜€

    • sErindeppity says:

      I’m a pokemon fan hehehehe (I have a lot of the games, and the entire first season of the show on DVD–my favorite season, and the only one I’ll probably get). This picture is one of my all time favorites x]
      And okay, extra writing = good, got it. I will try to showcase the possible heirs better than I did last time. ^_^ Thank you for that bit of advice ā¤

  12. Jazen says:

    I enjoy your story the way you have it. You have made this legacy interesting with the way you use the features of the game as part of the plot. (the the doll angle). Your chapters are a good length (I keep mine around the same thing in my baby challenge) so they answer questions and get the point across without losing the reader. Even if we are left with questions you are good about answering them in comments if they aren’t going to give away the plot. šŸ™‚

    • sErindeppity says:

      Thank you for your comment and if you like the way I incorporate the game stuff into the story then you will love part of the plot for Serenity! šŸ˜›
      (Ah thanks for reminding me I still need to read your baby challenge @_@ I know you didn’t mean it as a reminder but thank you for mentioning it). I like the general length of my chapters so I won’t be going too over usually, but chapter seven was longer than most the previous chapters.
      I try to answer what I can :mrgreen:

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