This Path Of Destiny – 5.11 – To The End

*Kaylee’s POV*

I guess it wasn’t the most tactful thing to do to yell at her while she was so down, but in my defense she was acting like a poophead! A stubborn poophead!!!

When my big sis came into our room stinking like who knows what and crying like someone died, I was really scared that something horrible happened. I sat down with her on her bed and rubbed her back, trying to calm her down but she just kept crying for a long time. When she finally calmed down long enough to tell me everything… it was a big shocker.

Henri was sick-slash-dying? And Serenity, the big poophead, just dumped him? I couldn’t believe my ears! She told me she tired him out which made him worse (what the heck was my sister doing?) but that was no excuse, and I let her know it. Which wasn’t the best idea to do while yelling.

“I don’t know what’s going on ‘xactly but I do know that Henri totally L-O-V-E’s you! If you were in a reversal with him, how would you feel? I know you two like each other I mean jeez, you’re always giggling with him on the phone and acting like you’re still in the dopey crush stage! Maybe I’m wrong but I think you made a big mistake!”

“Just shut up and leave me alone!” Serenity cried, covering her face. “You don’t know anything, stop pretending that you do.”

I sighed and leaned against the bed frame. She was true by that, I didn’t know everything but I knew some of the situation. And I knew she was making another mistake. SHEESH why did my sister have to be so socially awkward?


I decided to just give her some time but after two full days, she was still being as much of a mopey-butt as Duncan was. Henri had called about fifty bazillion times and each time, Serenity refused to talk to him plus her cellphone was off so he couldn’t reach her that way. I wanted to kick some sense into her but I knew she would just continue to mope about this. Because she liked him, she liked him a lot–but if she was in this mindset it could take her days to do anything about it and my heart just ached at the thought of poor Henri despairing over his lost love.

So I had to take this matter into my own hands. Okay, maybe I didn’t really but I wanted to fix things since she wasn’t going to.

Kaylee Wash, super detective matchmaker. I crept through the house dressed all in black to set the mood, tiptoeing over to the phone while humming the music from Mission Impossible. I threw myself to the floor when I saw River and Simon on the couch, and crawled on my belly over to the table where the phone was. I snatched it off its hook and then rolled to the spare room. I shut the door and pumped my fist in my air at the success of the first part of the mission. Part two was gonna be a bit harder.

I dialed the number for Henri’s place (stolen from SJ’s phone) and then waited for someone to answer. I had two plans of action…s…ness… stuff. TWO PLANS!!! Depending on who answered, and it was Henri’s dad who answered.

“Serenity?” he asked and I jumped, then realized they had caller ID. Suddenly I felt nervous and when I was silent, he said, “I’m sorry, I saw the number and thought…”

“No!” I gasped. “No, sorry sir. It’s her sister. Kaylee. Kaylee Wash. Ummmmm this is Dr. Laroche, right?”

“Yes it is…” He trailed off and made a hmmming sound. “I was under the impression the two of them had a fight and I am assuming you’re calling to talk to Henri about it–“

Kaylee Wash, your mission now is to get some answers! “Welllllll, sir, maybe but not quite. I can talk to you about it. Is Henri okay? How’s he taking all this?”

I was worried he might not say anything but he eventually sighed. “He’s not doing well, honestly.”

“Sir!” I jumped up and saluted, even though he couldn’t see me. “Sir-do-you-believe-Serenity-is-a-good-companion-for-your-son-SIR!”

There was a muffled sound that kinda sounded suspiciously like muffled laughter. When he started speaking again, I could tell it had been laughter. “Well, ma’am, I do believe that your sister was a good addition to my son’s life. Ever since they became friends he has been a lot happier. Serenity has done for him more than what I could do.”


More muffled laughter. Grrrr! I hoped he’d take me seriously. “Are you proposing we interfere in their argument?” he asked, still chuckling.

I gave up on the military attempt. “The thing is, SJ–I mean, Serenity can be a real pigheaded brat sometimes and if she’s got it in her mind she was making him feel bad, it’s gonna take her a while to, ya’no, realize the truth. I’m a sucker for love, see, and I want to try to get the two of them back together but I can’t do it without a little bit of help. Henri… Henri has been so good for her…” I slumped down onto the floor, chewing at my bottom lip. “He makes her happy. I know she cares about him. I just think we need her to… realize just how much she cares.”

“I see. Well… Kaylee, was it? Well, Kaylee, I am willing to listen to your idea.” There was a pause and then he said, rather softly, “I do not wish Serenity to go through the pain I’ve been through, but I’m very selfish when it comes to my son and I want him to be happy.”

“SIR!” I exclaimed cheerfully. “This is my idea and I really think it will work providing you and I go about this the riiiight way…”

*Serenity’s POV*

It had taken a few days but I was finally out of tears. I was able to wake up, get showered, and get downstairs without much problem other than a miserable ache inside of me. School didn’t interest me much but I did my best, and even helped Simon out a bit. Without cryin’. That was a major step for me.

After I finished my work I went up to my room and opened my cellphone, lookin’ at all my missed calls and texts. All from Henri since I pretty much didn’t know anyone outside my family. One missed call from the stables and I remembered I hadn’t gone in the day before, which was my usual Ducky-bonding day. I just closed my phone. I’ll call later. I wasn’t particularly in the mood for that.

When my brothers and sisters got home from school, Kaylee came up to see me like she usually did. She threw her backpack on her bed then stood by me, hands on hips. I glared at her, waitin’ for her to give me another speech.

“What are you doing here?” she asked.

“Um… it’s my room too,” I grumbled.

“I know, I meant it just kinda surprised me you’re here and not over at Henri’s place!” she exclaimed. “I know you’re all fighting with him, but I figured you’d at least go see him off before he leaves for France.”

I sat up straight, eyes wide. “Wh-what?!” I somehow managed to get out. “What d-do you mean? F-France?”

“Oh… didn’t you know?” she asked, eyes widening. “Apparently since Henri’s all depressed, Dr. Laroche thought it might be good to take him back to France. He’s leaving tonight. Didn’t they tell you?”

“I–I haven’t checked my messages, what do you mean leaving for France?!” I felt panicked. Surely Henri wouldn’t be going back there after so long just cause he was feelin’ sad. Would he? What did he have there? What about Dr. Laroche’s practice? “Are you sure? How did you find out?”

“I’m sure. Why don’t you call and see for yourself?” she asked.

I dove for my phone and called Henri’s phone. It went straight to voicemail so I hung up and called the house. Dr. Laroche answered and before he could say anything other than ‘hello’, I began speaking. “Mr. Laroche? It’s Serenity. M–my sister just told me you—you’re leaving for France? Is this true?”

“I am sorry Serenity,” he said grimly. “But I simply do not have the time to talk about what is going on right now. I have go soon and I want to make sure Henri is ready.”

“Wh–wha…” I clutched the phone, panicking. “Is he th-there? Can I talk to him?”

“I’m afraid he is busy at the moment…”

I nearly dropped the phone. I felt so frustrated, and then frightened. What if Henri left and I never saw him again? I couldn’t deal with that! Kaylee was wavin’ her arms and then whispered, “Ask if you can go over to see him real quick!”

I nodded and pulled the phone close again. “When are you l-leaving? Do I have time to come over real quick…? I w-won’t take up much time, but I need to… I need to…” I don’t want to say goodbye! I thought. How could they make this decision so quickly? It wasn’t fair! It wasn’t right! People can’t just go and decide to move to France in just a couple days!

“Well,” Dr. Laroche drew out, “I suppose if you get over here right now you might be able to visit for a moment.”

“Th-thank you sir! Yes! I’ll b-be there right away! Thank you!” I hung up the phone and went running downstairs. “Mom! Mom!” I ran over to him, grabbing his arm. “Mom it’s an emergency, I need to go see Henri right now! Please! I’ll explain on the way, I just need to g-go see him right now!”

Mom blinked at me then looked over at Kaylee comin’ over. “It shouldn’t take too long,” my sister put in. “And it is an emergency.”

“Girls–I need to get dinner ready, your dad will be home soon!” My maternal daddy shook his head and I felt panicked. I had to get to Henri.

Please, you know I wouldn’t lie about something like this and it’s important, it’s very important. I’ll explain in the car, let’s just go–I need to… see him right now about something. Please. Please.”

I was worried he’d refuse but he just sighed and got his shoes on, complainin’ that if this wasn’t some big emergency then I would be in a lot of trouble. We went out to the car–Kaylee with us–and I explained on the way that Henri and I had broken up and now he was going back to France. Mom kept rollin’ his eyes and I could tell he didn’t quite believe me but I didn’t care cause we were going there and that was the important thing, seeing him before…

He can’t leave! I thought, jiggling my leg with impatience. He can’t just leave! Maybe it was all a misunderstandin’, maybe they were just going to France for a visit. Not move. He couldn’t move! It wasn’t fair!

The house didn’t look any different when we got there but as soon as Mom parked the car, I was out and runnin’. I flew up the stairs and began knockin’ on the door. Dr. Laroche answered, feelin’ more amused than anything and just stepped aside, tellin’ me that Henri was in the living room.

I went to the living room, staring at Henri who was curled up, readin’ a book and certainly not lookin’ as though he were about to go somewhere. He looked up when he heard me and everything about him lit up.

“Sen!” he said, tossing his book aside and getting up. He looked paler than before and a bit thinner, but other than that perfectly normal. “What are you doing here? I mean–I am happy to see you, I just didn’t think…” He trailed off and looked down at his slippers. “I thought, with you avoiding your calls…”

“I thought you were leaving for France!” I blurted out. “I came here to… because I didn’t want… you to leave but… you… you’re not, are you…?”

Henri narrowed his eyes at me then looked past me at my mom, his dad, and Kaylee. “I didn’t think I was. Dad, what’s going on?”

Dr. Laroche smiled and felt very smug. So did Kaylee. I did not like that. “I’m afraid, Serenity, I was dragged into a conspiracy via your sister.”

“Kaylee, what is this about?” Mom demanded, not looking particularly amused.

Kaylee lifted her hands up. “Oh come on, you all saw how she came running when she thought he was gonna be leaving! She loves him so just kiss and make up already!”

“YOU LITTLE BRAT!” I shouted. Kaylee had tricked me! WAIT A MINUTE! Dr. Laroche had tricked me, too! The heck was that all about?! “I was so scared I thought he was leaving forever and I’d never get to see him again and you–“

I was cut off as Henri spun me around and planted his lips against mine. The kiss only lasted a second but felt like forever, and oh… how could I forget how sweet his kisses were? “I don’t know what’s going on but I have to admit, I’m happy,” he said, puttin’ his forehead against mine. “I’m so happy to know you came running for me. I thought you were mad at me. You haven’t replied to any of my texts or calls…”

I wasn’t mad at you, I was mad at me. I was making you worse when we were together because we were running around and I’m sorry. I care so much for you, Henri, but I can’t make you worse.

That’s what I was plannin’ on saying. That’s what I tried to say. But it came out in a blubbering cry as, “Idontwannamakeyousicker! I’M SORRRYYY!” and then I clung to him, cryin’ in his shoulder like an idiot.

Henri wrapped his arms around me, holdin’ me close. “Sen, I’m sorry,” he whispered in my ear. “I shouldn’t have forced myself. But–but I just wanted to spend time with you. I can’t imagine spending what life I have left without you in it.”

“Come on, you two, I think we should leave them to sort this problem out,” Dr. Laroche said and I felt them retreat from the living room area. Kaylee was happy, Laroche was amused, and Mom… well, Mom was a bit unhappy ever since Henri kissed me.

And now we were alone, me all cryin’ and him lookin’ a lot calmer than me. He pulled apart so he could reach up and put his fingers under my chin. “You okay?” he asked and I shook my head. “I’m sorry I upset you so much. It wasn’t what I wanted, to hurt you–“

“And I don’t want to hurt you!” I wailed back. “I make you feel worse, that’s not good–“

He stopped my words with another kiss. I closed my eyes doin’ my best not to melt against him. I hated it when the kiss ended, I did not want it endin’. I never did… and sometimes my body wanted more even though I knew it was wrong, so very wrong to do more than kissing right now. ARGH this was one reason I didn’t wanted us datin’ so young, these feelings were hard to deal with.

“Sen.” His voice was low as his fingers brushed away some of my tears. “Don’t leave me again. I will be better at knowing my, um, limitations when it comes to doing stuff together. If I feel tired, I’ll tell you and not pretend I’m not. I’ll be real careful, I promise. Just don’t leave me again.”

I opened my mouth and then closed it. Say it! I commanded myself. I didn’t want to say it but I knew I should. Say it, just say it. I took in some air and slowly said, “I’ll stay with you to the end, Henri.” I’m going to lose him one day regardless… Just admitting it was so hard to do that I felt like I had betrayed us by saying it.

But Henri was smiling and wipin’ away more of my tears. He felt as though he wanted to say something important and some of the confusion went across his face. We just stared at each other for a few seconds and right when he was on the verge of sayin’ whatever it was, he suddenly pulled away.

“I got a new racing game,” he said with a smile. “Wanna play?”

I nodded and curled up on the couch as he put the game in and got the controllers. He plopped down next to me and soon we were racing cars, crashing into each other and having a good time. After a couple laps, though, he said, “So you really came running when you thought I was leaving?”

“Shut up!”

“Aw come on, it was a good trick–and it worked.”

Shut up!”


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Hi there! I'm known as sErindeppity. I love to read (huzzah!) and love to write (double huzzah!). I have tons of books in my room ahaha. I love video games and hate hot weather. :p
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45 Responses to This Path Of Destiny – 5.11 – To The End

  1. Heheheh. ❤ Woot woot for plan that worked. 😀

  2. Jazen says:

    Aww Kaylee was so cute and the fact that his dad played along was the best! She was so wrapped up in her feelings she missed the lies and fell for the trick. Interesting….

    Yay they are back together! So freaking cute!

    • sErindeppity says:

      Yep, Dr. Laroche isn’t all that bad ;P
      And if Serenity was a little more level-headed she probably wouldn’t have fallen for it. But she was upset and in love, so she was thankfully duped. ❤

  3. Awww, I adore kaylee so much right now! 😀

  4. Glory says:

    Yea! Happy moments!! (clapping hands and grinning from ear to ear) :))

  5. Cereline says:

    Kaylee…. reminds me of my sister. Only really cause my sister calls me sociall awkward too. XD

  6. Anon says:

    Serenity makes the best derp faces. xD But hooray for feelings!

  7. Rozelliee says:

    Aww too cute ! x) They’re winning my heart for ‘cutest couple’ when it comes to the generations. (: And I take my previous comment about Kaylee being a good sister and multiplying it by 10. She’s just. Amazing. You have some really good sibling relationships going on in this legacy. ❤

    • sErindeppity says:

      -dances happily-
      I love those two ❤ I'm really glad I decided to take the story in the direction it's going. So much more romantic and cute with those two!

      And thanks! Kaylee is terrific ❤

  8. sweetribz says:

    eeeee!!! YAYYY Double yay!! NOO TRiple yay! Yay for you positng again!! Yay for Kaylee! Yay for Herenity!!! 😀

  9. LaLaLa says:

    I’m sooo happy! New chappie x
    Its really looooong, which I love!
    I’m really loving Herenity (thanks sweetribz XD) they’re so cute….. but he’s ILL. D;
    I’m interested to see if they ever have babies – and the colour of its hair…
    Purple and red? hmph. XD
    I’m going too far now sowweh. They might not even have babies. 😛

    • sErindeppity says:

      ^___^ they are cute. But he is ill. T_T
      They might have babies, but then again they might not. Guess you’ll have to wait and see! -flails-
      It’s okay, go as far as you like, I love hearing stuff from my readers.

  10. SRaina says:

    Kaylee is just an awesome little sister. I’m glad they settled that issue for them since they do look cute together.

  11. LaLaLa says:

    I bet you throw something bad in their way. *mutters angrily* XD
    It’ll all be perfect and then something will happen. Just like Jacob, Calcifer, Luna and seb ^_^

  12. Glory R says:

    “Not even a happy ending?” sniffle…but I guess that’s life for the Danevbies!! It’s so great that you are writing again, I missed all these people…loved that Kaylee wore that funny looking panda hat while she was hatching out her plan…still waiting for J and/or K to show up because of Henri…more, more more….please…. :o)

    • sErindeppity says:

      No but there will be happy bits in between. ^_^
      Thanks, I miss writing when I don’t to though I admit I’ve been having a hard time with Serenity, I’m trying not to have it seem like “random filler stuff” going on before I get to the important bits.
      The Reddings will be around eventually soon… :3 there will be more. Soon. !!! 😀

      • LaLaLa says:

        I’m attempting a 100 baby challenge with Jay! 😮
        Lol. xD This will be interesting… XD

      • sErindeppity says:

        HIDE THE BABIES!!!! Lol! Are you putting pictures up anywhere or just doing it in game for lolz?? If you put it up, let me know! 🙂
        (but yeah seriously, hide the babies xD).

  13. Crazy chic says:

    Ooooo….. they’re back together and just as adorable as ever! 🙂

    I found it cutesy they played a video game in the end, d’awwww!!!! Although most teens would be thinking of doing some woohoo’s XD

    Kaylee is so friggin adorkable!!! I love her so much!!! Love the conversation on the phone best… XD

    Can’t wait for more 🙂

    • sErindeppity says:

      They are so cute -flails happily-
      Yeah right now they’re into playing video games more than doing other stuff. They’re only fourteen at this point which really doesn’t mean much I guess since loads of 14-year-olds have done stuff. x_x
      Kaylee is so cute. ❤

  14. LaLaLa says:

    I always have trouble getting game screenshots – but if I manage I’ll defo send them to you xD
    When’s the new update? i’m excited.

    • sErindeppity says:

      And it should be sometime this evening hopefully. I have it written, just need to get pictures @_@

      Note: Possibly later tonight but maybe tomorrow morning. x_o hopefully tonight, we’ll see how I feel.

  15. shelllegacy says:

    xD Kaylee is adorable. Finally, we see the more human-ish Dr. Laroche, who knows that Serenity is helping Henri.
    Sen & Hen forever. They are great together, but I’m terrified about what the future might bring for Henri. It’s good to see that they’re back, even if Serenity is still worried about him.
    THERE HAS TO BE A CURE! Serenity would be destroyed if he died, and that would be a sad end for the whole gen.

    • sErindeppity says:

      Kaylee ❤ ❤ ❤
      And yes, I was glad to show the other side of Dr. Laroche. He is a good father. ❤
      Sen would be very devastated if Hen died. 😦
      Of course, we do need heirs.
      But will they be Henri's? o:

  16. LaLaLa says:

    That means they won’t be Henri’s,

  17. Maddy says:

    NOOOOO! HOW CAN SHE NOT HAVE A HAPPY ENDINGGGG!?!? *flails!* I want Herenity babiesss!!! And yay for them getting back together!!! XD

  18. mewmewmentor says:

    I LOVE KAYLEE!!! *flail* I was cracking up the whole time. Well, okay, not the whole time, but a lot of it. I bet I was getting weird looks from my fellow computer labbers.

  19. How adorable was Kaylee and her plan?! 😀
    Glad to see she got the two knuckleheads back together.

  20. nestea7 says:

    I love Kaylee so much now. She’s so awesome. I even like Doctor Laroche more now. He actually has some fun-ness in him.lmao

  21. Kaylee is adorable, and an evil mastermind. And her saying sir ZOMG She reminds me of Kay, I’m not sure why though.

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