This Path Of Destiny – 5.12 – Hold On To What We’ve Got

Author’s note:

Since I know barely any French other than the cliche ‘bonjour’ and ‘oui’ sort of thing, I am using google translate so any serious mistake in translations is because of that. Also, my game was giving me difficulties so not quite as many pictures as I’d like, I am sorry about that.


It had been almost two years since Henri and I had out first breakup, and we had broken up five times since then. Three minor fights, one medium fight, and one major fight that lasted two weeks. But we got back together eventually–we always did. Always would.

We loved each other–and it had been exactly twelve months, two months, and seventeen days since we started sayin’ that. And I didn’t care that we were just teenagers, because I knew I loved him.

Our relationship wasn’t always the easiest. Despite his promise not to push himself, I often discovered he was doin’ just that and had to pretty much drag him back to his home which was much easier to do since I got my driver’s license. Then we’d bicker for a while, he’d apologize and I’d forgive him. Stubborn little twit.

Not that things were all fluffy on my side of things. I tended to rely on my powers more than I should’ve, and easily got upset whenever he fibbed. I tried to be patient since it wasn’t exactly bad lies. Except that it was the reason for our major fight… when he got pushed to his limit after I told him to stop lying to me. It was innocent at first, I asked him if he had seen a movie yet, he said no, I said it was a lie and… well it got kinda out of hand until he was yellin’ at me that I needed to stop jumping down his throat and actin’ like I knew everything. I sorta told him I did know a lot… not exactly the best thing to say in a situation like that.

It was just hard since I couldn’t exactly block my abilities and I did eventually tell him about them. I promised him I did my best to not pay any attention but sometimes it was hard. Hen was kinda down about that for a while but eventually told me it was something that couldn’t be helped and he still felt the same about me. Though, in his words, it was annoying for me to know when he was horny. I didn’t tell him that I really didn’t mind knowin’ somethin’ like that.

He also told me a bit about his sickness, over time. I still didn’t quite understand it but almost anyone who had it, got it from genetics. His mother’s family had been dealin’ with this for a few generations so a lot of his maternal family had died. The survival rate was real low since there wasn’t a cure and those who did survive, it was pretty much just a miracle. After he told me that, I knew there’d be a miracle in our lives. He had to survive, it wouldn’t be fair otherwise. Him dyin’… it wasn’t right. Especially since… he hardly had any time left…

“It progresses quicker in males,” he told me one day while we played cards. “My mom lasted until she was in her late twenties, and her mom lasted about the same but my great-uncle… died when he wasn’t even… twenty…”

I was silent at that but inside my emotions were going crazy with fear and misery. Less than four years. Except, there’d be a miracle. There had to be.


Durin’ these two years, a lot of things had changed in the house. The biggest being Daddy resigning. Well, it was more like a forced resignation. ‘Princess Rupert’ was published and Mom got mixed reviews. A lot of people praised it, a lot of people hated it. Some places refused to have it in their store. And of course, the idiotic stockholders and power brokers that basically run the company Dad worked for decided that the whole thing was ‘too controversial’. Dad, who was up for possibly being a CEO in a year or two, was asked to step down.

I hadn’t seen Mom so upset in ages.  Course, we were all backin’ Dad to fight the whole thing but he decided it would be better if we didn’t. He explained that fighting the whole thing would reflect him in a bitter light. Sure enough, the newspaper all talked about how classy Dad acted during the whole thing so I guess he was right. Still, those jerks shoulda gone to court!

On the flip side, ‘Princess Rupert’ was so popular with some groups that my maternal daddy was asked to do some big talks. It did mean him leavin’ for long periods of time, but it was okay. I took on the responsibility of my own education and also Simon’s education (okay, so sometimes I did skip my lessons when Mom was gone and then stayed up the night before he was supposed to be home crammin’ for whatever he told me to read over).

Duncan went through a lot of mood swings. For a while he was real broody and miserable, and then after the whole ‘Rupert’ incident, he started getting into fights at school. One day he’d be bragging that he was going to lose his virginity (ew) and the next he’d insist he’d be celibate for the rest of his life (yeah right). There were only two things that seemed consistent for him. One, his wallowing in self-pity and two, his anger at Henri which I had no idea where that came from, but one day it seemed like he woke up thinkin’ ‘I hate Henri’ and stuck with it. He refused to take me over to Hen’s place, and whenever Hen was here at the same time as Duncan, my brother would just stalk around in the background and shoot daggers from his eyes.

The final thing that changed in the two years was when Granddad fell, when I was fifteen. I was in my room readin’ a book that I was supposed to write an essay about when all of a sudden I was hit with a wave of terror. It practically choked me to the point where I felt like I was gonna drown.

I dropped the book and stood up, clutching my chest and gasping for air. The terror and fear swamped me. It was all there was and I felt myself slowly startin’ to black out. No, I thought, desperately trying to hold on. NO!

I staggered to the bathroom and flung myself at the sink, quickly turnin’ on the taps and splashing my face with icy water. The blackness remained at the edge but wasn’t quite as pressin’. I splashed my face again and tried to figure out where the emotions were comin’ from. It didn’t take long since only two people could fling their emotions onto me like that from far away. My maternal daddy and my grandma.

The fear and terror was comin’ from my grandma.

I began screaming for someone, clutching at the sink as the blackness started in again. I felt my maternal daddy thunderin’ up the stairs and when he came into the bathroom, I fell against him and tried to explain what was going on but it was hard to speak.

“Grandma…” I gasped out, clutching at Mom’s shirt. “Grandma…” Before he could ask, his phone rang. I knew it was her. “Answer it!” I begged, hopin’ if he got on the phone with her, the emotions would calm a bit.

“Mom?” He flipped open his phone and cradled it between his ear and shoulder as he put his arms around me again. I heard her shrieking, and his arms loosened. “WHAT? No, no, I’ll be there right away–no–what? Yeah, it’ll be okay, Mom. It’ll be okay…. Yeah, I’ll call him.” He hung up the phone, his face very pale.

“Wh-what is it?” I managed to get out.

Mom stared at me–no, he was starin’ past me. Just for a minute. Then he shuddered and began searching through his phone contacts. “Your grandfather fell, Serenity. We need to get to the hospital. Get your shoes on. Hello, Zari?” He left the bathroom and now cause he was feelin’ all terrified, it just made things worse for me.

I wanted to cry out to him, tell him to please help me. But he was talkin’ to Uncle Zari, letting him know what was going on. He was so scared–I had to suck it up, otherwise it would scare him even more. No need to add me faintin’ into this mix.

Come on, Serenity! I pinched my legs and slowly they began working, dragging me into my bedroom so I could get my shoes on. Dad was at his new job and it was a school day so the only other person home was Simon. He was downstairs, where Mom now was. Where I needed to go.

Stairs. Okay, you can do it. I slowly took the stairs, clinging to the railin’ and finally getting to the first floor. “Do you want me to stay here with Simon?” I asked, stumbling over towards the couches.

Mom just stared past me again. “Yes. Yes, that would be ideal. C-call your father, okay? I’ll… I’ll call when I can.” He kissed the top of Simon’s head and then hugged me tight before running out of the house as fast as he could.

“Wh-what’s going on?” Simon asked, his eyes wellin’ up with tears.

I gave him a hug, mostly for his sake but also kinda for my own, to try to stop myself from faintin’. “Grandpa had an accident,” I said, smoothing down his hair. “Mom needs to go to the hospital to be with Grandma, okay?” I was still smoothin’ down his hair and he began scowlin’ so I quickly drew my hand back. “Why don’t you go grab some chocolate milk for both of us?”

“Okay…” He headed to the kitchen while I pulled my cell out. Henri’s name flashed on the screen, indicatin’ a missed text. I just gripped my phone, kinda wanting to call him… I really needed him right now, but I needed to call Dad more.


I still hadn’t heard anything by the time everyone else got home from school. I had to tell them everything and we all just sort of sat in the livin’ room with the TV on, though I doubted any of us were paying any attention.

The house phone rang and Duncan leaped for it before I could even get up off the couch. “Hello?!” he gasped out. “D-dad? Is everything okay? Is Gramps okay?….” The five of us scurried over and stood near him, watching. Waiting. “…uh-huh…..uh-huh….” I clenched my hands into fists. Dangitall, Duncan! “Yes… I see… No. No. Yes. Okay, yeah. Goodbye, Dad.” He hung up the phone and as soon as he did, the rest of us shouted “WELL?!”

Duncan jumped slightly. “Grandpa sh-should be okay,” he said, his hands shaking. “He was unconscious for a while but woke up a bit ago. He… he broke some bones. His… his hip I th-think…” His eyes and nose were gettin’ redder and redder.

“Is Gramps gonna die?!” Mal wailed.

“Of course he’s not!” Kaylee snapped, smacking him upside the back of the head. Mal just started to cry, and Simon yelled at Kaylee. Soon the two of them were fighting while Mal cried and River just booked it out of the room as fast as she could. Duncan was trying not to fall to pieces, so I had to take control.

“Kaylee! Simon! Stop fighting right now, it doesn’t help anything and you know Gramps would be mad if he knew what you were doing right this minute!” I said as sharply as I could muster, as I put my arms around Mal. “It’s okay, Mal. Grandpa will be okay. But we need to be brave, okay?” I put my fingers under his chin and he looked up at me, sniffling and nodding. I gave him another hug. “Why don’t you and I make him a card, okay?”

“Otay,” he sniffled into my shirt.


Dad got home after a bit, bringing some pizza with him for dinner. None of us really ate much, we just wanted to know what was going on but there wasn’t much to except what Duncan already told us earlier. Grandpa’s hip was broken and he had a lot of bruises, but the worst thing was that this fall had messed up his head even more and he was having a real hard time recognizing people. Dad told me and Duncan that last bit in private, not wantin’ to worry the younger kids.

“Will he get better?” Duncan asked, reaching over and taking my hand.

Dad looked wearily at us. “We’re not sure. His hip should heal, but we don’t know about the memory problem since he had been having some trouble with it before this happened.”

All I could do was nod and clutch Duncan’s hand, glad my brother was right there. I felt so scared. I loved my grandparents and–I didn’t want to lose them.

Tears started dripping down and Duncan pulled me close, hugging tightly. “He’ll be okay. Gramps is stubborn. So’s Grams. She’d never let him…” But Duncan couldn’t finish the sentence so he just kept hugging me as I tried not to cry.


“Oh Sen, I’m so sorry hun,” Henri whispered that night when I finally called him. “Do you need me to c–no, it’s late, but if you do need me to come over I will.”

“I wish you could come over,” I sniffled. “But the last things my parents need is finding our their daughter’s boyfriend sneaking in at nine at night.”

Hen gave a snort. “Darling, I’m so sorry baby. But if there is anything I can do, I mean it. Even if it’s something as small as bringing over some of those brownies that you like so much. I will. I will stay up all night tonight baking them and I’ll be over there first thing in the morning.”

“Oh Hen…” I was trying my hardest not to cry. I could feel all my grandma’s worry and sadness inside me, and that tiny niggling fear was still there. Fear about death. Fear of losin’ the partner she had for most her life. Her soul mate.

The next morning, just after ten, Henri showed up on my porch with a platter full of my favorite brownies.


It had been months since the fall, but Grandpa was doin’ better even if he didn’t recognize us most the time when we visited. I was ‘Viola’ almost all the time but I didn’t let it bother me, it wasn’t his fault and he really was trying. The worst times were when he didn’t recognize Grandma. It was somethin’ I couldn’t escape since she always had this horrible, heart-breaking feelin’ inside of her when he did and I could feel it every single time it happened. I couldn’t escape it.

And now there was something else I couldn’t escape. It was super late at night so when I heard the ringtone on my cell that was for Henri’s cell, I knew something was wrong but I thought maybe–I thought… I didn’t think it would be Dr. Laroche. I didn’t think I’d hear those words.

Henri took a serious turn for the worse and was in the hospital. And he might not make it till morning.


Because of the hour–2ish in the morning–I wasn’t sure if we could go up and see Henri. Visiting hours were long over but Dr. Laroche pulled some strings so my maternal daddy and I were at least allowed to go in and go to the floor where Henri was being kept. We were taken to a room where Dr. Laroche was staring at a cup of coffee. Not a trace of arrogance in him this time, nothin’ but a hollow sadness. No wait, there was something else in there. A little bit of hope. Because of that, I knew Henri was at least still alive.

When we entered the room he slowly looked up from the mug. “Oh, Serenity–Sebastian, je suis heureux que vous ayez entré.” Dr. Laroche stood up, nearly dropping the coffee. “Je suis désolé. Les règles de l’hôpital disent…” He trailed off and realized he wasn’t speaking English. “I–I’m sorry, I… I…”

Mom went over and put a hand on his shoulder. “It’s okay, you don’t need to apologize for anything. How is Henri doing?”

“He is… asleep right now,” Dr. Laroche whispered. “Doing better, though–a little bit. Not as much as I’d like him to be, but maybe enough to make a recovery right now.” The hope inside him surged, and my heart leaped. A recovery? He might make a recovery? “As I w-was saying, the hospital… I mean, I appreciate you being here but I am afraid you will not be able to go in and see him right now, since you’re not immediate family…”

“I don’t care, I’m not leaving!” I blurted out. “Henri is here, I’m staying here, I’m not–I’m not going anywhere, even if I c-c-can’t see him…” I went over and sat down. There was no way I was leaving. The hospital would have to call the police to drag me out kickin’ and screamin’ if they wanted me out of here.

Dr. Laroche gave me a distant smile as I folded my arms. “I do appreciate you being here,” he said, coming over and sitting down next to me. “Perhaps you just being on the same floor as him will… help him…”

I bit my bottom lip and didn’t dare look at him. “Will he–will he–“

“I don’t know,” he replied. “It could go either direction at this point. There…” He stopped and I knew there was somethin’ else but he wasn’t gonna say what. I twisted my hands in my lap and tried not to cry. “I was informed you could stay here with me, if you desire to stay the night.”

“Of course I’m staying,” I replied stubbornly and looked at Mom who was nodding in agreement. “We’ll stay. I want to see him as soon as I can.”

There wasn’t much of a conversation to be had, so I curled up against Mom and eventually started driftin’ in and out of sleep. At one point when I was half-awake, I heard Mom and Dr. Laroche talking more seriously about the situation, the stuff Dr. Laroche hadn’t wanted to say in front of me. I didn’t hear everything but I did hear a few words. No cure, nothing they can do, things just shutting down, weaker and weaker. I kept my eyes closed tightly, and just hoped that if this was the–end–that Henri would be okay enough in the morning for me to see him.


I woke up at some point after it was light out though I didn’t know what time it was exactly. Dr. Laroche was gone, and Mom was asleep. I gently lifted his arm off of me and sat up, stretching my arms. Was I able to go see Henri now? Or had he…? Might not make it till morning, Dr. Laroche had said in the night. But he was doing better. Right? So he was okay. Right?

I got up and left the room, knowing Mom was gonna flip out when he woke up but I had to go see Henri. Problem was, I had no clue which room he was in and I really didn’t want to widen my range because then I’d be feeling more of the hospital than I’d like to.

Thankfully, Dr. Laroche stepped out of a room. I quickly went over but couldn’t see inside. “Sir, is Henri…?” I stared up at him, hoping beyond measure that everything was okay. Everything felt like the night had gone well, but I had to hear the words.

“He’s awake,” Dr. Laroche said softly. “It’s not quite visiting hours but you can go in and see him, but only for a few minutes. He needs to rest.”

I nodded and went into the room, trying not to run. Henri was in bed, propped up a bit on some pillows and staring at the TV which was on cartoons. When I came in, he looked over and saw me. “Sen!” he said a bit hoarsely. He quickly fumbled with the remote to turn the TV off. “Dad said you… were here…”

It was hard hearing him havin’ to make such an effort to talk. I sat down as close to the bed as I could get and took his hand in mine, bringin’ it up to my lips. “I’m so glad to see you.” I began kissing his hand over and over. “I was so scared!”

“Sen, don’t… please don’t… cry…” He wriggled a bit so he could sit up straighter, and then he pulled his arm closer. Since I was still holding onto his hand, this brought me closer to him. “I promise… when it’s time… I will hold on… long enough… to see you one… more time.” And then he kissed me, rather slowly and more clumsy than anything else but it was better than any other kiss from him I ever got.

I kissed back and then decided, screw the rules. I climbed onto the bed and snuggled up against him. I put my arms around him, he put his around me, and I put my face against his chest. “It’s not your time right now,” I said stubbornly.

Henri chuckled and I felt his mouth against the top of my head. “No,” he answered. “It’s not… my time yet… my love. Not yet…” His fingers brushed against my arm and I closed my eyes, snuggling even closer. “I love you.”

“I love you too, Hen.” I could feel he was as scared as I was, so I had to stay calm. I didn’t want to make him feel worse by sobbing. I had to stay calm for right now. But it was hard to stay calm. All I could think of was my grandma, and how she felt when Grandpa fell. That terrible fear of losing… her everything. My everything. Henri was everything to me. I… Unless a miracle happened, I was going to lose him one day. But not today.

Not today.


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49 Responses to This Path Of Destiny – 5.12 – Hold On To What We’ve Got

  1. Glory R says:

    This made me sooo sad to hear about Henri and Serenity’s grandfather…if Henri dies I think I’ll probably cry…sniffle…poor Serenity having to feel her grandmother’s feelings…and worrying about Henri. Thank goodness she got to see him and he’s going to be okay for a bit…he needs a cure, when do J and K get involved??? Oh yeah you probably won’t tell us…lol

    • sErindeppity says:

      It was sad…. 😦

      I shall give you three options with the Reddings, and you can pick which you like best. Two are lies. One is the truth. As Serenity is not here, I think it’s safe to play this.
      1. The Reddings show up within the year and Serenity agrees to be experimented on in exchange of them finding a cure.
      2. Jay kidnaps Serenity, and she is not there when Henri dies.
      3. The Reddings show up after Henri’s death.
      4. WAAAAAH there is no option four! D:

  2. Anon says:

    NO KELLEN WHYYYY -Flails- Is it bad that I’m more upset about Kellen than Henri? By the way, is Henri pronounced On-ree or Hen-ree?

    • sErindeppity says:

      It is sad about Kellen. 😦

      And Lol I didn’t even think of that when I made up the nicknames Hen and Sen, since it probably is On-ree. Then again Serenity’s name doesn’t start with Sen, so it works out. @_@ I’d say On-ree.

  3. bluexskittlesx says:

    Poor henri and poor kellen =[ I emjoyed this chapter though, can’t wait to read more =] You said this gen would be sad so i wont be surprised if the reddings don’t turn up until after his death or they just dont find a cure ='[

    • sErindeppity says:

      I’m glad you enjoyed it despite the sadness. I can’t wait to write more…
      Don’t worry, there will be lots of happy parts as well as sad parts. ❤ we're not near the happy bits though, not for a few more chapters. :I

  4. Jazen says:

    That was sadness all around. Kellen, Henri=sadness. They need a cure and it’s the first time I wish the Reddings were around. Maybe they could help, figure out something to make it better for Henri even if it did come at a cost.

    I can’t believe they forced Hal out, stupid closed-minded people. He handled it just like he would with dignity and grace.

    Poor Duncan, that break up has done a real number on him. I wonder why he has such a dislike for Henri. Is it because he and Sen are still together and his relationship didn’t work out? It’s weird.

    Kaylee is cute as a teen! So in the end of the chapter is Sen and Henri YA now? They looked different. Or maybe it was just the new hair styles.

    • sErindeppity says:

      It was sad T_T I felt bad doing that with Kellen but… I wanted to say something in the time skip that would be realistic. x_o sorry Dx

      Hal wasn’t doing well at work cause he kept staying up with Sebastian and the kids and then being all tired the next day so I just had him quit and turned it into a “too controversial scandal thing” which works out, ❤

      Duncan is more upset over the fact he's not Sebastian's biological kid, that did more to him than the break up. I have no idea why he hates Henri. He seriously just did one day wake up and start arguing with Henri. x_o it's probably because now Hen and Sen are older teenagers and he doesn't want his baby sister to be in a relationship anymore hehehe.

      Nope, they're still teens. The hairstyles make them look much older. :3

  5. LaLaLa says:

    Yay new chapter 😀

    I’m glad Kellen is Okay, and poor Luna with the whole forgetting her thing.
    I love how you mentioned Viola (with the hair similarity thing :3) as she hasn’t been mentioned since when Serenity became a child. :3
    I don’t know who’s dead or not – is Kyle or tempest etc.. dead?/older stage? I’d like to see a family day out – very cute. :3

    With the Jay thing – I predict she’ll probably use #2, as maybe she’ll be able to track Serenity’s emotional powers when she is feeling a stronger emotion due to his death.

    I really love Serenity’s sleepwear hair – it really suits her. (Is she YA yet?)
    I wish we’d have got to see a little more of Kaylee as a teen.

    I still think there’s something fishy about Dr Laroche. & I’m not sure what.

    I want to find out if Jay&Kay are still at YA stage. Maybe they’ve run out of ambrosia and she needs THE DANEVBIES help! 😮
    (Sorry for this being so long.)
    L x

    • sErindeppity says:

      Nonono write as long a message as you like, I loved reading it ❤

      I know I need to do more family-stuff it just seems like I can't fit everything in sometimes but I will try.
      Luna still has all her siblings though not for long. Kyle is about ten years older than her so he's in his 80s now. So that will probably be happening soon. I just don't want to go into the details of too many deaths. @_@
      She is still a teen though she looks very mature at the end of this chapter. She and Henri are 16 now. Trust me when she becomes a YA you'll know because her powers are gonna do fun things again xD we only have a couple more chapters of teenage-ness.
      Jay and Kay are still YA. They don't have ambrosia though, but they do have youth potion. That's how they keep up their youngness. :3

  6. Noooo, don’t let him die!! 😦 I bet the reddings can help, is there a way at all for them to contact them? Surely they could do something! 😦

  7. Maddy says:

    Can I call him Hen-ree anyways? 🙂 And ya a lotta people looked older in this! I loved the chapter, it’s just so sad!

  8. Crazy chic says:

    I think option one would be the least evil but if there was a cure… it’d only probably last just a bit longer or prolonged Henri’s life a decade or so… I just don’t see Henri suddenly cured and living to Elder stage….

    Besides the best love stories always end in tragedy…. she may lose Henri one day but he will never be forgotten and she will always love him and when Serenity’s time comes…. and there is the afterlife chapter… it will bring me to tears seeing her hug Henri.

    It may not end happily but it’s okay… she knew what she was getting into once she found out her feelings for Henri and his sickness…. we as readers pushed for Henri as well knowing what will happen… better to love than not I guess….

    As for them breaking up a few times is funny and I think awwww young finest.

    I feel bad for Kellen and Luna’s situation but it does bring a nice foreshadowing to Serenity.

    As I feel bad for Luna, I dunno… their time’s should be coming soon… surprised they made it that far together cause one or the other goes by now, well at least in families I known.

    Loving this generation, seems more involved with family but I can tell you care about the characters to give us updates on them 🙂

    I love Kaylee a lot, great to see her more grown up.

    • sErindeppity says:

      -grins- you are probably right, if there was a cure it wouldn’t be a *complete* one.
      This gen will have happiness but then a very very very sad ending. And the afterlife chapter… well I shouldn’t say anything. -grins again-
      I hope you like what I am doing with this -nervous- it is very different…. course when do I do something ‘normal’? xD But yeah this one is very… I am nervous about it. Not in the same way as I was Seb’s (was worried about the darkness in that one) but still worried.
      It is better to have loved and to have lost, than never to have loved at all. And Serenity did know about his probable death. She’s just gonna have a hard time grappling with the fact it is probably gonna happen.
      The Luna/Kellen thing is a nice foreshadowing, and Serenity having to deal with her grandma’s feelings about losing HER lover and forcing her (Serenity) to think about Henri.
      I am trying to do more family-ness. I love the characters and want to show them but am trying not to have them in a chapter just for the sake of having them there. I want to show off more Kaylee though. I love her everyday outfit and I REALLY love her formal outfit which is definitely gonna be seen at some point.

      And there will be lots of Kaylee. x]

      • Crazy chic says:

        I can see where you’re nervous because it is a sensitive situation and yeah… Henri’s health is a big hurdle to go over in their relationship…. I’m glad they haven’t gotten serious together just yet because I don’t think Serenity just gets how serious this is going to get. Henri has already accepted his fate. Serenity refuses….

        Also at YA stage, I can see fighting and struggling continuing on for these two. Both are kinda different at how they’re dealing…. also her being able to tell his feelings will make Henri feel like he can’t hide ever or be pushed to tell the truth… I think Serenity’s powers are great but I think it may cause harm… great for her to be defensive and be a wall…. cause she becomes that once she finds deception, it may get her away from Jay…. but others will grow more annoyed

      • sErindeppity says:

        I am actually more worried about the sci-fi/fantasy aspect of this story a bit more than what Henri is going through, I think; but I am also nervous about portraying Henri and his ordeal.
        Serenity… knows it is serious but refuses to accept it, which is actually going to be part of the next chapter.

        Her abilities are a huge hurdle in their relationship and a cause for many fights between the two of them as… well, it will be in the next chapter xD I admire Henri for putting up with it though. I don’t know how I could handle being with someone who knows how I feel 24/7.

  9. mewmewmentor says:

    Oh, great, you’ve got me all weepy. First Kellen, now Henri. :/ At least with Kellen, it’s sort of expected since he’s…well, getting old. But Henri’s so young! He shouldn’t have to die!

    I can’t believe I’m saying this, but if Jay has some way to save Henri, Serenity better take it. Even if it means becoming a test subject for Jay.

    That is, assuming Jay’s around yet. I dunno if it was her in the trench. Doesn’t seem like her to hide her face.

    I expect it’s Duncan’s other parent in the trench…

    Or maybe Duncan himself.

    • sErindeppity says:

      Aw I’m sorry Dx
      I was sad writing all this up, too. 😦 I am gonna be a mess when Kellen and Luna…. T_T WAAAH!
      I won’t say whether it is Jay or not. x] but Serenity’s stalker has been semi-seen in previous chapters. I forget which ones exactly. @_@ but one time when she was talking to Duncan so it’s not Duncan. :3

  10. sweetribz says:

    T_T…-sniff- Don’t die Kellen…The whole fear of losing your grandfather part just had me in tears.. ;(

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    • sErindeppity says:

      -hugs- I’m sorry. T_T I know that fear, too. :\
      I expect the… first big reveal (will Henri die, will he be saved) shall be happening soon. In maybe… three chapters? Somewhere around there.
      Awwww thank you, it makes me happy you feel that way about my characters ^__^

  11. LaLaLa says:

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    • sErindeppity says:

      It might be Jay ;]
      I don’t think she has any minions right now.
      She will have at least one in the future -has a terrific story planned involving something like that-

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    Her first child, Annie: (based offa Ancora.) = See what I did there? xD
    Blonde hair, All of Jay’s facial features, skinny, pale, and those green eyes. :3
    Hopeless romantic, Genius, bookworm and Evil. :3
    (She’s a Teen.)

    Her second: Callum: (Based offa Calcifer.)
    Chubby (he’s adorable.)
    Jay’s features, but blue eyes. And black hair 😀
    Vegetarian, Eco friendly and Coward. (Child.)

    Her third: ( Juliet Moon Redding.) (Luna’s fake name. XD)
    Black hair, brown eyes, thin, jay’s nose, but smaller mouth and bigger eyes.
    (She’s a YA somehow, the game aged her up after like 3 days but I messed around with the lifespan so that might be why. xD)

    She’s: Neurotic, Dislikes pets, flirty, kleptomaniac and diva. :3

    ❤ ^_^
    I'll keep you updated. Sorry I cant get pictures : (

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      Hahaha awesome! Thanks for the update, I really like that. It’s ok about the pictures. ^_^ I appreciate you telling me all that. I love the names!!!

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    I hope he doesn’t die.
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    None of your characters have perfect lives, which I love x]

  15. LaLaLa says:


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