This Path Of Destiny – 5.16 – Mon Amour

Author’s Note:

This chapter turned me into a mess. A sobbing mess more so than any other chapter I’ve ever written. So just be prepared when you read this, it may be bad for you as well. Also, again, I used google translate for the French.


It had been a long evening. After gettin’ to the hospital, the staff tried to stabilize Henri but nothing they could do was working. Dr. Laroche (and myself though I had no say in it) wanted them to keep tryin’ but Henri said no, if he was going out then he wasn’t going to go all hooked up to the machines. I texted my family to let them know what was going on and they showed up at one point, as well as some of the staff that knew Henri. But eventually Henri started driftin’ in and out of sleep so it was just him, Dr. Laroche, and me.

Hen’s breathing was a bit labored but other than that, he seemed to be sleeping decently. I wanted to hold his hand but didn’t want to wake him up. What if he doesn’t wake up at all…? Theoretically we still had time… he wasn’t quite nineteen… I still had to hold onto that tiny shred of hope.

“Thank you for staying with us.” Dr. Laroche’s voice broke the silence that had stretched on for ten minutes. I looked across the bed at him but he was just looking at Henri.

“Thank you for letting me stay,” I replied, twisting my hands in my lap.

“Not many would be willing to go through with this. When Christelle–my wife–revealed her illness many of her… ah, colleagues… ah… friends abandoned her side. Henri did not have many friends when we lived there. I am grateful… for you. Mon fils, je suis désolé.” He reached down and very gently touched Hen’s arm under the blanket.

Hen stirred at that and slowly opened his eyes. “Ce…. n’est pas grave, papa….” He stirred some more and carefully pulled his arm out from under the blanket to put his hand on Dr. Laroche’s hand. “Je sais… que vous avez… essayé… de votre mieux…. Je… vous… remercie… pour avoir travaillé si dur.”

“Je–” Dr. Laroche began but Henri grunted.

“Non, ne… le font pas. Serenity… Sen…” Henri looked over at me. I had been crying so much already that there were just no more tears left. He pulled his other hand out from under the blanket and I quickly took it. “Mon amour… ne pleure pas… no tears… no crying…” His hand shifted and I figured he was trying to squeeze it. He had no strength left. “Remember… what I said when… you asked me to… marry you…?”

Dr. Laroche finally looked at me, and I bowed my head. It had been just after my eighteenth birthday. I proposed to him, telling him I’d take care of the rings and we could just get someone to marry us in his room so he wouldn’t have to spend any energy. And I wasn’t expecting a honeymoon. “I remember,” I mumbled, going red now. He had said no. That he didn’t want to make me a widow before I was twenty. That the love we had for each other was as good as any ring or official paper. But if there was a ring, he was worried it would make it harder for me to ease out of the grief.

“And the… promise… ages ago… about… Titanic…”

I snorted and managed a smile. “Yeah, you promised.”

“I did. No Jack.” He moved his thumb a bit. “And you… promised too…”

“I promise.” I nodded my head and put my other hand on his. “I will do my b-best to keep it, Hen. I… I’ll try…”

“Please… please do…” He broke off into some coughs and then whimpered in pain. “Papa…” He turned his head again. “Papa, p… promets-moi, vous… serez heureux… aussi… un jour. Ne… ne vous perdez pas dans la tristesse.”

“Vous êtes comme votre mère,” Dr. Laroche said with a small smile. “I promised her, I will do… I will try for you both…”

“Good.” Henri closed his eyes and for a moment I thought he was asleep again, but he opened his eyes and moved the hand that was holding mine. “My life… would have… sucked… without you… Thank you… for giving me… so much happiness… with what I had… left…”

I could barely speak. I wasn’t sure if he could hear me as I said, “Thank you for the same, Henri… I love you…”

“Toujours être le vôtre…” he whispered. “Mère… Mère…. Papa… Elle est belle… aussi belle que… Sen…” He gasped in some air and then stared at the foot of his bed with wide eyes. “Mama… bonjour…”

Henri fell back into sleep. Dr. Laroche and I held his hands as the minutes ticked away. Six passed, and then his breathing stopped.


He’s gone…

“Je n’ai pas réussi…” Dr. Laroche choked and then clutched the blanket, sobbing. “Je n’ai pas réussi!”

Hen is gone…

“Je suis perdu! J’ai tout perdu!”

How can he be gone…?

“Il ne reste plus rien!”

I slid out of my seat and went over, putting my arms around Dr. Laroche. He twisted and put his arms around me, clinging, crying into my shoulder. I clutched him tightly, my own tears soaking into his shirt.

“I couldn’t save him,” Dr. Laroche croaked into my shoulder. “I’m sorry, Serenity. Christelle. Henri. Henri… mon fils… je… mon fils… mon fils…”

He couldn’t speak any longer, and just cried. My body shook once, twice, and then I was crying harder. Then someone was screaming, a high-pitched wailing that hurt my ears even after I realized it was me. Dr. Laroche kept holding onto me tightly, repeating ‘mon fils’ over and over, while I started screeching ‘no’ over and over. We just kept holding each other as a nurse showed up to see what was going on then went to get someone.

By the time anyone else had shown up, the Grim Reaper had come and then gone. I wanted to scream and beg but I knew the specter paid no heed to the living. There was nothing to do, as now Henri was with him. My Henri was gone.


For two days I barely slept and barely ate. I had no appetite, but managed to get down some food when Mom made me. I felt sick afterwards and twice threw up. What little sleep I did get was spent in horror, full of nightmares and full of the grief that plagued me during the waking hours. I often just sat on my bed, hugging my pillow and tryin’ to just remember the good times I had with Henri but it was hard, it was so hard. It just kept remindin’ me he was gone, we’d never have another happy moment again. We were eighteen, and it was over.

After the two days of living hell, Dr. Laroche showed up at our house. He was takin’ Henri’s remains back to France and said he would pay for a round-trip ticket for me and one of my parents, as well as paying for a place for us to stay when we got there. After he said this, I felt panicked that my daddies would say no. I broke down in tears, begging them to let me go, to let me say goodbye one more time.

Both my dads put their arms tightly around me. “Of course you can go,” Dad whispered, and Mom said he’d go along as well.


You always said we should go to France one day, I thought as I sat back in the plane seat. My first real trip, my first trip in a plane… and it was to bury my boyfriend. My lover. Mon amour. You remember what you said when we talked about this? I stared out the window, my fingers curling. I wanted so bad for Hen to be sitting next to me, smilin’ and laughing, assuring me everything was fine. When we had talked about this trip I always said I’d be too scared to fly. There’s just no room for fear right now, I thought, looking away from the window. There’s no room for anything but the overwhelming grief.

I did sleep on and off during the flight and when we got to the hotel, I fell asleep right away and slept for a long time. Mom said he was glad to see me finally sleeping but I just complained. I didn’t want to sleep, I wanted to see France. I wanted to see the places of Henri’s childhood. He had lived a lot longer in Sunset Valley than he did here, but this was still his birth place.

“It’s so beautiful here,” Mom said as we walked through the marketplace. “Maybe we should all come back here for a visit, with your brothers and sisters.”

“I don’t want to come back here,” I said, looking into the window of an old bookshop. “Not without Henri. So this can only ever be the only time.”

Henri had been cremated which threw me into more depression, the thought of his body being… But I respected Dr. Laroche’s decision and when the day for the memorial came, I found it easier to deal with having an urn instead of a coffin to think about. I met the rest of Henri’s family and they all gave me hugs and kisses on the cheek, and they all thanked me for being so good to Henri. I just smiled tightly back and stammered in bad French that it was good to finally meet them all even if it was under such sad circumstances. I think I actually said something about delicate goat legs, but I’m not sure. They were able to figure out what I was trying to say.

Henri was put next to his mother’s remains in the family mausoleum. I had brought two bunches of flowers and place one on Henri’s grave, and the other on Christelle’s grave. I tried to say goodbye to Henri but couldn’t, I just broke down and fell into my maternal daddy’s arms, cryin’ into his chest.


The last day in France was spent looking around. Mom wanted to stay in the room so I didn’t have to deal with anything but I wanted to go out. I had to see one more thing. The Petit Nectary. I had already met Edouard Petit, his mother’s father and from whom he got his hair color from, and Mr. (or would it be mons…our…?) Petit gave us a tour and even gave us a couple bottles of his best nectar, as a gift. That night I slept soundly, as I tried alcohol for the first time and went through most of one of the bottles. Mom had a couple glasses but let me drink what I wanted.

In the morning, we met up with Dr. Laroche for breakfast even though none of us really ate. I wasn’t hungry, Dr. Laroche didn’t seem to be hungry, so Mom didn’t order much since he didn’t want to be the only one eating. Afterwards, we walked through the marketplace and chatted a bit.

“I won’t be returning to Sunset Valley,” he said distantly. “I’ve sent for all my things. I am going to stay here, and continue studying the illness. Maybe one day I can save someone else’s son or wife, or husband, or daughter. But if you ever come to France again, please contact me and we can go out to dinner or… or something…”

“Thank you for letting us be here for the memorial,” Mom said.

“You’re as good as family,” Laroche answered. “I’m sure if my son hadn’t been so stubborn, we would have been in-laws.”

The conversation went on, but I stayed silent. Mom and Dr. Laroche talked a while and then it was time for us to go. I hugged Dr. Laroche tightly and promised to look him up if I ever visited again, though I knew I wouldn’t be coming back. After he and Mom said their goodbyes, Mom and I started to head to the airport but then I begged him to make a quick trip to the cemetery.

The taxi waited for us as I ran to the Laroche mausoleum. I fell to my knees by Henri’s urn and put my hands on the floor, near the flowers still fresh.

“This isn’t goodbye, you know,” I said, closing my eyes. “One day… we’ll see each other again. I do so love you, Henri. I don’t want to keep my promise… I can’t imagine ever loving another, I don’t want to. But even… even if I find another like you want me to, you’ll always be my one true love. I’ll never forget you, Henri. I love you.”

After a few tears hit the floor, I pushed myself to my feet and went over to Mom. “Let’s go,” I said shakily. We got back into the taxi and I just stared back at the mausoleum until it disappeared from view. Then I sank down in my seat, and I cried.


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Hi there! I'm known as sErindeppity. I love to read (huzzah!) and love to write (double huzzah!). I have tons of books in my room ahaha. I love video games and hate hot weather. :p
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52 Responses to This Path Of Destiny – 5.16 – Mon Amour

  1. SarinaL says:

    😥 Why? Not fair! 😥
    You know, I honestly thought the twins would save him 😥 I really want to hug her right now, poor girl.

  2. bluexskittlesx says:

    ='[ I’m a blubbering mess! I didn’t expect it to come so soon =[

    • sErindeppity says:

      I cried so many times writing this. I had to take breaks. I was a mess too. T_T -hugs-
      I could have written more about their time together but I just… didn’t want to throw in repeated scenes of them fighting, or making up, or whatever. I didn’t want it to get too repetitive. 😦

      • bluexskittlesx says:

        TBH I think its better this way, at least it wasn’t dragged out and we can see serenity dealing with it, like IRL its a long road to recovery after someone special has passed away

      • sErindeppity says:

        Thanks 🙂 I’m glad it works out well this way. I was just so worried about being repetitive, and we get to get to the fun parts sooner 😉

  3. LaLaLa says:

    Awwwwww. Why did he have to be so stubborn? They could have had a baby/babies. XD
    (This actually relates to the last post more. ^_^)
    I’m sad. >.>

  4. T_____T Henri… -sniffles-
    I have no words. T__T

  5. Jazen says:

    sadness, tears and despair.

  6. Maddy says:

    I’m glad you put in that thing about goat legs cuz I’ve been reduced to a blubbering mess! *Melts into puddle* Why, Hen, why!? I’m in my first year of french class, so I understood pretty much all of it and it was when they started speaking french in the hospital room that I couldn’t help by cry! No one can ever replace Hen! And I can’t believe Jay didn’t show up… Hey everyone! If we didn’t have a reason to form an angry mob and get Jay before- we do now! I just wanted to hug Sen and Dr. Laroche 😥

    • sErindeppity says:

      So was the translation pretty much good? I still don’t trust google translate a hundred percent xD
      No, no one could ever replace Henri and I don’t think Serenity would try. If/when she’s ready for someone else.
      LOL angry mob for Jay now? ehehehe -grins- she just can’t win. xD

  7. *slaps*


  8. Glory R says:

    This was incredibly sad…you did it so well, I’m glad you didn’t put in all the repetitions, this way was best. Poor Serenity, she is so lost and grieving so hard…I had tears too…wanna hug everyone….

  9. bakergirl17 says:

    Wow…It just…UGH! Why you have to do this to me? WHY? I hope she does find someone. Maybe someone that makes her think of Hen but still I can’t see her with anyone else. 😦
    A good chapter…even if it is sad and depressing. *hugs herself tight* SNIFF!

    • sErindeppity says:

      I’m sorry!
      She might find someone else though it will be hard for her for a while before she’d be willing to look.
      Thanks. -hugs you too-

      • bakergirl17 says:

        *hugs back* Yeah it will be hard for her but at least she will try and find someone. Not sure how much she will open up because of it but I hope it works out for her. ^^

  10. seraphaeli says:

    I read this earlier, before I headed to school, but I couldn’t comment then. But yeah, I thought I’d comment now. I am so sad for Dr. Laroche, for Serenity, for everyone involved, but it was still a really, really good chapter and still really enjoyed it even if it made me sad. And as always, look forward to what future chapters bring.

    • sErindeppity says:

      I’m glad you liked it and that it was good ^_^; I was worried about it being stretched out or something. The future brings a lot of things for Serenity! 😀

  11. Anon says:

    I’m so proud of myself! I wasn’t a blubbering mess. You almost made me cry a second time for your stories, but not quite. :3 Can I have an award or something?

  12. ATMzie says:

    I’m crying. I hardly ever cry over anything, so I hope you’re aware of how truly depressing that was 😦

  13. Oh gosh I just got caught up…from the sweetness of Henri and Serenity to the raw sadness of his death. Brilliantly handled.

  14. LaLaLa says:

    My last post was very short. So I’m going to ramble about my opinions etc.

    Your french translation was perfect. Google translate sometimes messes up, but its perfect. Can Serenity speak french, or could she not understand Laroche?
    Omg, Henri’s eyes.. In the hospital bed.. So tired, so weak, so helpless. ❤
    I totally remember Henri from when he was little and first met her, with his little curly hair.
    Now Henri is.. gone (sobs dramatically.) what about Jay/ The stalker. They have an easy route to Serenity now, she has no protection at all. I want to found out if his great-grandmother is alive, and whether she has the disease… and how it happened. I have a feeling its something to do with the Reddings… Its about the same time, right? With Jacob and all that. D:
    I really want to hope it IS Jay, now that sounds awful but we haven't seen her for a while. xD And maybe she's invented some weird "flashy thing" that idk………….. does something. OMG.
    I have a dramatic twist, which is horrible and kind of weird. But I have to write it down because you'l l lvoe it.
    Jay goes to kill serenity, sees Laroche, falls in love, goes back to her little lair, kidnappes him, makes him male pregnant (XD) She could never carry her own babies, she's too scientific. Anyway, he has the baby, has no idea who's it is, gets confused, gives birth, dies, Serenity gets the baby and raises it herself,
    Random theory there. XD

    • sErindeppity says:

      I am glad google translate did okay xD
      Serenity could not speak French. I supposed she might have tried to learn but I guess Hen didn’t take the time to teach her.
      OH Jay will be around soon and actually will be making a short appearance in the next chapter x]
      You’re right, I do love your theory!! Even if Jay did fall in love in this story she wouldn’t carry her own baby, you’re right haha. Thanks for telling me the idea. It was great -giggles-

      OH and hmm Henri’s great-grandmother woulda been at around the same time as… hmmmmm Calcifer I’d suppose. MAYBE early Luna, since both Henri and his mother were born to young mothers. But no, nothing to do with Reddings. xD sorry.

  15. Kirkuk says:

    Don’t worry, google translate is pretty reliable for french most of the time, haha. Unless you start using really complicated sentences, then it gets confused and starts going “BANANA DOG HAMMOCK CAKE” or whatever. The only tiiiny little thing is that it always automatically uses ‘vous’ + its verb endings, and for family members, you use the more familiar and affectionate ‘tu.’ But that’s a teensy thing, and it doesn’t change what the sentences actually mean at all, just the tone, if that makes sense.

    In more important news, you killed Henri. ;_; But you know, I do think playable ghost babies are adorable…HINT HINT…pleasebringhimbacksosadsosadsosad

    • sErindeppity says:

      Lol I am glad Henri’s last words were not banana dog hammock cake xD -giggles-
      I understand what you mean about the tone and stuff. I also understand why google does it that way xD Ah well, I won’t worry about it too much if that is the biggest problem and everyone knows it’s not my fault -giggles-
      Yeah, Henri is gone. T_T I won’t say who Sen eventually ends up with (or at least, has babies with) but I’m… I think I will keep it, but I think you (and everyone else) will like it. I hope. o_o
      Anyway, thanks for commenting! Unless you’re someone else who’s commenting before using a different e-mail, it’s your first comment so thank you for reading!!! ❤

  16. ebonyimonet says:

    M-my heart…….. it’s broken…….. WHY!!!??????

  17. Hakari says:

    SO. MANY. TEARS. I tried to type more, but seeing as I’m currently a blubbering mess…D’:


  19. nestea7 says:

    I’m glad I didn’t read this when you published it. Would of made me all depressed on my birthday. 😦

  20. No words. Just beautiful 😥

  21. zefiewings says:

    Wow…I guess I really thought the Reddings would take her to save him. But…
    i know this is better. Still.
    This is the first time a sim story has made me cry. You are a great writer.

  22. jonso says:

    Waaaaaaaaahhhhhh… 😥

  23. yellowberries says:

    I don’t know what else to say. Some small part of me expected for this to me magically fixed – for that miracle Serenity wanted to much to occur. I didn’t think he was actually going to die. I can’t…how is she gonna manage now? How to you recover from that? And with her powers, she going to feel all the pain, anger and sympathy of her family, too. I suppose time heals all wounds, but…:'(

  24. somebodysangel13 says:

    I’m kind of glad there was no miracle cure; that would have been out of place and cliched. We knew from early on that this would happen, and I think you captured it beautifully. Especially the French – until they started speaking French, I had actually forgotten Henri was born there. Only natural that they would revert to their native tongue in times of great emotional upheaval.
    Another reason I don’t mind that he died is that now we get to see Serenity’s strength, which has been such a feature of the whole legacy. I hope she can find it within herself to move on, eventually.

    • sErindeppity says:

      Thank you. I refused to even think about him being miraculously cured. Even though I loved him and Sen together so much, it felt wrong for him to just get better. I’m very glad you feel I captured it well. It was SO hard to write. I was crying so much writing this chapter. T_T

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