This Path Of Destiny – 5.27 – Far Across The Ocean

I brushed out my hair, tryin’ my best to ignore Henri. He had not stopped talking since Doctor Redding left. That had been an hour ago. But Henri still wasn’t stopping, and I knew I deserved it for what I did but I was tired of hearing the same things. His concerns, his fears… didn’t he realize I felt the same? I was very scared of what I had done and was prayin’ like crazy it hadn’t been a huge mistake. That she wouldn’t chop me up or something. I had to trust a false woman.

I had agreed to go in for one week every four months, and if somethin’ prevented me from doing that I could make up the time later. I didn’t tell her I planned on eventually possibly hopefully bein’ pregnant. I was not going to undergo any kind of experimentation while pregnant. Though I might put off trying, since I was going to be going into the lab at the end of the month and then after that using the money for the trip to France; Doctor Redding had agreed to a private plane so that would at least make it easier.

“…listening to me?” Henri finished and I set my brush down, lookin’ up at him. “You weren’t, were you?”

“No,” I said honestly. “You’ve been harping on about the same things since she’s left.”

“Harping?! Sen, you’re my wife! Am I not allowed to worry that you signed a pact with–some psychotic woman?” he demanded.

“What if I refused her?” I asked, tryin’ not to lose my patience. “She might have left, and come back with something. To hurt you, or hurt someone else in my family, or hurt me. Or maybe she’d just kidnap me. Who knows! I am well aware that I signed a pact with a psychotic woman but better a signed pact with her, than the unknown! If she kidnapped me… I have the feeling I’d never see the outside of the lab again. At least this way I have several weeks between visits, I get paid, and she’s not in complete control.”

He sulked for a long time and I was angry but we made up before midnight. He told me he’d never stop worrying and I promised him I would be as careful as I could be.


Over the next couple of weeks I was pretty jittery. I was glad I had my telepathic empathy to keep track of some of the people I was followin’ since a lot of the times my mind was on the lab and Redding. Still I exposed 3 cheating spouses, promised a worried spouse she wasn’t being cheated on, solved 2 minor cases the police threw at me and told some bratty kid I knew he had stolen the mouthwash. He didn’t believe me until I told him exactly where he hid it and WHY he stole it (so I would bribe him). He wound up crying and told his parents who grounded him and gave me a little bit of money for my time.

Just before my time to go to the lab came up, I told my family Henri and I were going on a short vacation. A romantic vacation, to a cabin in the woods (to explain how Henri could be there). I felt terrible for lyin’ but I knew if I even said the name ‘Redding’ my grandma would totally flip. Kaylee agreed to watch the house and take care of the horses, and then I had to force her to promise not to pretend to be me and take any of my cases.

“Do you really think I, your sweet sister, would do such a okay I won’t,” was her answer.

“Mhm.” I gave her a tight hug. “See ya later, Kaylee.”

She beamed at me. “Can I at least ride the horses? With a cowboy hat?”

“Yes as long as you’re wearing the hat and the horses aren’t,” I teased and she giggled.

With that, Henri and I got into the truck. He was wearing a hat, and a scarf that was wrapped up pretty high. He tilted his hat down and leaned so it’d be hard to see his glowingness, and we went at night to hopefully not be seen as much. Redding had been right–it was a long trip. We had to stay overnight (overday?) at a hotel, where I rented a single. It took half our second night of travel to reach our destination and I was not sure the place was right. It was in the middle of no where and the actual lab had no roads leading to it. I called the number Redding left and soon a helicopter appeared to take us in, the girl and guy inside not at all phased at seeing a ghost.

We were taken into the lab and to a room, told to wait. Henri and I sat down, nervous. He wasn’t going to be experimented or researched on but Redding said that was fine and that he was welcome to stay with me. I really hoped she kept that promise.

The door opened about ten minutes later and it wasn’t Doctor Redding who stood there but a man who looked a lot like her. “Professor, right?” I asked, recallin’ what I had been told.

“Y-yes,” he replied. I couldn’t sense a single thing from him but I could guess why: he had a strange contraption on his head. I assumed that was blocking my abilities. “You’re S-Serenity…”

“You’re supposed to be my great-grandfather, right?” I asked and Henri choked.

“Great-great g-g-grandfather,” he mumbled, clutching at a clipboard. “You m-must be Henri,” he added, looking rather nervously at my husband. “Are you t-two tired, d-do you w-want to go to your r-room or…?” His eyes met mine and I ached to know what he felt since he looked so upset about… what? Me? Henri? Something else entirely?

“Yes, please, if you don’t mind taking us to our room,” I said. “We will be allowed to share, right?”

“Of c-course!” Now he smiled, though slightly. “F-follow me please.” We were taken down some halls and up a flight of stairs, to a small room that held just a double bed and a dresser. “Th-that door there is a b-bathroom. There are c-clothes in the d-dresser and bathroom t-t-t-toiletries in the b-bathroom. If you n-need anything call the s-same number you c-called earlier…” He stepped back and stared wide-eyed at us. “Are you hungry? D-do you n-need some dinner?”

“No, we have some food from the trip,” I said, holding up one of my bags. “Are we allowed to walk around on our own–“

“No,” he said before I could finish the question. “The d-door will b-be locked. Wh-when you’re r-ready, you’ll be coming to the l-labs and H-Henri… er, Mr. Laroche, you c-can go to the library or g-game room if you wish.”

Henri put a protective arm around me. “Can’t I go to the labs to stay with Serenity?”

Professor Redding bowed his head, nodding. “Y-yes, if you w-want. Um. If you n-need any–oh, I already said that. Um, g-g-goodnight.” He turned and fled the room.

Henri looked at me and I shrugged. “I couldn’t get anything from him, I think that hat was preventing it. But he sure seems scared of something.”

“Maybe me,” Henri said and wiggled his fingers at me. “Oooooooooowooooo scary ghoooost!” he howled, jumpin’ forward and tickling me. I shrieked and dropped my bags, begging him to stop. He laughed and kept tickling me until I could barely breathe. I smacked him and scooped up the bag with food in it. We had a dinner of peanut butter sandwiches and potato chips. Then we were both so beat that neither of us bothered with a shower, we just changed into our pajamas and went to sleep in the strange place. Just before I fell asleep I wondered if the day and a half drive there, and day and a half drive back, would count towards my week…


It was almost noon when we woke up. We got a shower together and had apples and chips for breakfast since we didn’t feel like ringin’ for anything. We chattered for a bit then I knew I couldn’t put it off any longer. I phoned the number but there was no answer, nor an option for voicemail; however, three minutes later our door was opened by Professor Redding who seemed a little better than the night before. We told him we already ate and were ready for the labs, so once again we were asked to follow him. This time we went several flights down, the lab apparently bein’ underground.

We passed several rooms before being taken through a door labeled ‘Lab E12’ and then writing underneath stating: ‘Authorized Personnel Only’. Beneath that was a piece of paper taped up saying ‘Foil Hats Mandatory’. Professor Redding (who was still wearin’ the anti-me hat) gave a snort and started to take the sign down. I guess he changed his mind since he fixed the corner he had ripped, then let us in.

I wasn’t sure what I was expectin’ but this wasn’t it. It seemed more like a living room than a lab, though I did see some machinery around. Doctor Redding was sitting at the table, tappin’ away at a laptop. She didn’t even turn when we came in but told us to take a seat. Professor Redding pointed at one of the sofas so Henri and I both sat, waiting. Doctor Redding stayed at her laptop while the Professor just sort of hovered. So the room was silent, other than the clackin’ of the laptop keys, until several, several minutes. Then she snapped the laptop shut and came over.

“He is supposed to be in lab I3,” she said, fixin’ her glare on Henri.

“I’m staying with my wife,” he said, taking my hand. “I want to make sure she stays safe.”

Doctor Redding pressed her lips tightly together. “Not to worry,” she finally said. “My brother stalks the Danevbies and does not like any harm done to them.” Professor Redding went red and spun around, going over to the other side of the room to shuffle through some papers. “The first thing we will do is a Q&A session.” She sat down, setting a tablet on her leg and holding up a stylus. “How old were you when you first experienced your telepathic empathy?”

Over the next three hours we went through dozens of questions, sometimes going from the answer to the next question, sometimes her getting me to expand on some of my answers. Henri, not noticin’ any direct danger, floated over to Professor Redding and began chatting with him. Now and then someone would go through but Doctor Redding never once stopped questioning me. After the three hours, she left without another word and her twin explained she’d be back soon and in the mean time would we like some food?

“Professor, about the week thing, do you know if my day and a half of travel here and what will be a day and a half travel back–that’s 3 days–will be part of the week I am supposed to spend here?” I asked as we ate the pizza that had been delivered.

Professor Redding looked down at his lap. “I’m n-not sure, I c-can ask my sister if y-you’d like. Maybe we c-can arrange more suitable, er, t-travel arrangements.”

I leaned forward. “Professor, is everything ok? You seem scared of something.”

He jerked a bit. “N-no. It’s my st-stammer. I always s-sound scared. Excuse me a moment.” He stood up and went over to the same papers he shuffled through earlier. I raised my eyebrows but kept silent, not wanting to say it was more of how he was acting and the looks on his face that made him come across as frightened.

The first two days consisted of getting me set up into whatever system Doctor Redding had for the telepaths. I had to get my brain scanned, fingerprinted, and did some basic tests so she could find out how strong I was. She also kept asking Henri if he wouldn’t mind going to the lab where they were testin’ ghosts but she never did more than ask. Professor Redding mostly was the more social one but I wished he’d take that hat off so I’d know why he was so scared. On the third day he wasn’t around at all and Doctor Redding was really uptight about who-knows-what. Henri read while I performed more tests, this time on what I couldn’t do. Such as the physical manipulation of objects.

“I can’t do anything but sense feelings and–and make people feel things,” I said after an hour of me staring at a small rubber ball.

“Some of the subjects in the D Project have shown tendencies towards their abilities overlapping with other abilities,” Doctor Redding said without looking up from her tablet. “I need to be clear where your boundaries lie in that aspect.”

“May I ask you some questions?” I inquired.

“No,” she replied flatly, still writing.

I fidgeted in my seat, first diggin’ my nails into my legs then movin’ my hands, trying to figure out how to phrase it. “Then, um…. didn’t you say I would get some answers? I have questions, you know. About my abilities.”

She looked up, narrowin’ her eyes. “I require at least a full year of compliance on your side before I give you any information. I can’t have my test subject leaving, or breaking the deal.”

“You never said anything about a year!” I got to my feet but she just kept staring. “I won’t break my side of the deal but it seems like you’re going to break yours! You never, ever, EVER said anything about a year! And by year I assume you mean three weeks over a year like we talked about and not, literally, a year.” I clutched my head. “52 weeks! That would take like…. 17 years!”

“17.380952,” she said, pushing her glasses up. “Minus the four extra days that leap years will give us. No, not a full year of you being here, but three full weeks. This time next year you shall begin to get some of the answers your seek.”

“Well… what if I come in more often?” I asked, tightening my arms across my chest.

She shrugged. “A year, Mrs. Danevbie. No more, providing there is not an accident, and no less. Now sit down, I have a few more questions for you and then we shall start working on a few more practical tests involving direct empathy with another human. Unless you desire to leave in which case, go. But you will not receive any compensation, nor the trip to France, nor the answers you seem so intent on getting.”

I sat back down, and grouchily answered the rest of her questions. Before we started the next bit I asked about the traveling thing and she told me normally my days of traveling would be in my own time but this first week, I could leave early. “After all, I need to do a lot of work with this preliminary research on you. In four months, however, I expect you to stay a full week. Understand, or shall I speak slower?”

“Has anyone ever threatened to knock your teeth in?”

“Three hundred and twenty-two times, now come with me to the exercise room.”


I was glad we got to leave early and I could tell Henri felt the same. Doctor Redding didn’t say goodbye, not that I expected her to, but Professor Redding at least accompanied us on the helicopter ride back into the small town where my truck was waiting. The trip home felt like it took longer than the one there so I was real glad to get home. Kaylee asked about the trip and I told her she was too young. She just giggled and poked my ribs. “Pervert, pervert. When’s the baby due?”

I poked her back. “Not for a long time since I’m not even pregnant! Though…” I looked at Henri who was far enough away. I dropped my voice and leaned in. “I’ve gone off the pills.”

“EEEEEEEEE!” she squealed, grabbin’ my arms and jumping up and down. “Ohmygoshmohmygoshohmygosh! Little SJ babies! I am so excited!”

“Shhh! We’re keeping it secret for now so the family doesn’t go nuts,” I said, flappin’ a hand at her. “So don’t tell anyone, okay? This family is baby-mad as it is, I don’t need them knowing about this.” She just squealed in response, jumpin’ up and down some more. “Yeah that was my eardrum.”

“I’m sorry it’s just so exciting. Duncan, River, now you! I love being an auntie.” She hugged me tight. “Your babies are gonna be gorgeous. As long as they look like their daddy. OW!!” she howled as I kicked her. “Teasing! You know I’m teasing! They should all be blonde! OWWW okay, okay! I’m shutting up!”

I made sure to spend lots of time with the horses. Night and Storm were hyper to see me, demandin’ my attention and nuzzling up against me. Ducky nuzzled me but she didn’t move too much. I hadn’t seen her for a week and seein’ her now made me realize just how old she was getting. I ran my fingers through her mane, wishin’ I could get the Redding’s youth secret for her.


Over the next month I was busy catching up with some cases that people had waited for me to come back for, and new cases. I was also tickin’ days off on a calendar, from my last cycle. I had done a bit of reading about it, guessing when my fertile days were and how early I’d be able to try one of those early detection tests. I still had a couple days to go, though I wanted to take it now. But I was goin’ to stick to the schedule I gave myself. After all I could take the test now and it being just a few days too early… but staring at those empty days on the calender was torture. According to my guess, it had been 7 days since I could have gotten pregnant. Three more days. Just three more days before I could take the test. Something I had to keep remindin’ Henri who was even more excited about the idea of being a parent than me. I was still scared.

During this time I had also been working on learning French and trying to locate Dr. Laroche. I planned on lettin’ him know I was coming in for a visit and if we could perhaps have some dinner sometime. I tried his home number, figurin’ it was changed which I was right about. Henri had to talk to the person and found out they didn’t know anything. I tried the hospital where he worked but they didn’t have anything, and tried the hospitals in Champs Les Sims but got no where. Henri remembered the number for his old office way back before they moved to Sunset Valley but of course it was disconnected.

So I tried family. Henri tried rememberin’ phone numbers and e-mail addresses but that got us no where. We tried home addresses, and I sent off four letters. One to the Laroches’ old home that Henri insisted his father still lived at as of a few years ago, one to Dr. Laroche’s parents, and two to cousins. The one to the old residence came back first, return to sender. We were still waiting from the other three, while still trying to hunt down phone numbers and e-mail addresses. I even tried doing internet searches but didn’t find out much, some some of his early work and death notices for his wife and son.


I had one day to go before takin’ the test (it was hard not taking it now) when I got a phone call. It was from France and I assumed it was Dr. Laroche. When I answered, it was a woman speaking. Her English wasn’t great but we both spoke slowly. She introduced herself as Bernette Laroche. “Laurence’s second wife,” she added. “You are a friend from Sunset Valley….?”

“An old friend, yes,” I answered. “I was–I was close to his son, Henri.”

“Yes. Laurence spoke of you,” she said softly.

“I was thinking of visiting France soon and was wondering if he might like–” But I never finished my sentence. Bernette interpreted me saying, “Oh I am sorry, you were never informed?”

I didn’t like the sound of that. “Informed of wh-what?” I asked.

“Laurence… died. T-two years ago,” Bernette said and I felt dizzy. She said something about a cousin and a letter. I finally found my voice and asked how it happened. It had been a heart attack, Bernette told me. Most likely from all the stress of his job. “He had been head neurosurgeon,” she explained. “I am sorry.”

“Th-thank you. I’m sorry if… I’m sorry. I’m sorry. Thank you.” I hung up the phone and sank down onto the chair, puttin’ my head in my hands. How the hell was I going to break this news to Henri?


Author’s Note:

I’ve been debating what to do for weeks, I even had that poll, I changed my mind several times but after a long, hard decision I came to this one. I had subplots for Dr. Laroche if he was told and none of them would end up happily. I’m sorry to those who wants him to be told, but it would have added a lot of complications to the story. 😦


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  1. thelifeofapetal says:

    β€œHas anyone ever threatened to knock your teeth in?”

    β€œThree hundred and twenty-two times, now come with me to the exercise room.”

    She is used to being threatened, isn’t she?
    And make Kay take the helmet off! It makes him look..bald. And his faces are cute xD

    • sErindeppity says:

      She is used to it. xD
      And I will see if I can find a different helmet that won’t make him look so bald. I didn’t notice it xD Thanks for pointing it out. Next time you see him he should have a different helmet on hopefully with some hair showing.

      • thelifeofapetal says:

        lol he should be bald by now xD He’s the only great-great grandfather that has a full head of hair!

        Also, I felt the need to say this since I am excited for it: The Equus-Sims Community has released a height slider for horse, I’m making some minis right now xD

      • sErindeppity says:

        He should be. xD heehehehe
        And OH MY GOSH that sounds so cute!!!!!!

    • sErindeppity says:

      Actually I am going to work the bald thing in. -starts giggling wildly- he’ll have hair next time and Sen will say “Weren’t you bald four months ago?” and eeeehehehehehee -starts giggling- you’ll have to wait and see.

      • thelifeofapetal says:

        xD You tease! And also..what if you got this slider and gave Hen and Sen’s babies little ponies for them to ride on?! There are toddler riding poses and that would look so cute ❀

      • sErindeppity says:

        Yep I tease and oh my gosh, yes, yes, I will have to get that slider or at least a mini horse. They’d be SO CUTE!!! -flails- I think I have some toddler riding poses.

  2. thelifeofapetal says:
    here πŸ˜€ and you can’t have a mini horse without the slider :p

    • thelifeofapetal says:

      I could make you a miniature horse that looks really cute πŸ˜› I just finished my first one out of the five I am making for my new online stable…it only took a few hours xD

    • sErindeppity says:

      Okay awesome thanks πŸ˜€ I’m gonna go sign up for the site xD

      • thelifeofapetal says:

        Here’s the mini I just finished. His name is HHE Jagermeister (xD) and he is a Silver Dapple Blanket Appaloosa American Miniature Horse Stallion *whew* that is a mouthful.

      • sErindeppity says:

        OH so cute!!!! Will they wear saddles properly? I am really tempted into giving Sen a mini for when she has kids πŸ˜€

  3. thelifeofapetal says:

    It depends on their size, mine is like the smallest you can go before their backs look too long (one issue with slider) and the saddle is weird (spikes on the back- watch out kiddies! xD ) But they are so short you don’t need a saddle, bareback is how lots of kids ride ponies πŸ˜‰

    • thelifeofapetal says:

      I’m going to kidnap a random ‘hood toddler and do a photoshoot now πŸ˜€

    • sErindeppity says:

      Okay awesome xD yeah I don’t know a lot about horses and ponies and stuff hehehe and as for the photoshoot–yay!!!! I’m looking forward to it!

      • thelifeofapetal says:

        Also- Is there a possibility that Kay is more ‘fragile’ than we thought and Jay realizes this so she makes him wear the hat so no one knows how he feels? He could be depressed *oh noes*

      • sErindeppity says:

        Wouldn’t you be depressed spending a seemingly eternal life with Jay, being with her almost daily and being pretty much the only person she interacts with really? -giggles- Kay…. well… I shouldn’t say anything. But for almost this entire generation, Kay will have a helmet on. But there will be a time when he doesn’t.
        Poor little fragile Kay. :3 He is a lot more emotional than his sister. XD Sen would probably be able to figure out quite a lot if he took that helmet off around her.

  4. Maddy says:

    EEEEP! KAY! πŸ˜€ I love him in his foil hat lol! Cutie! I wish he would take it off… And Jay is as mean as ever. But now that I know Henri should be safe from her, I’m a liiiiittle bit happier with the situation. Just worried about SJ now!
    D: Oh no! Henri’s dad! So sad! Can he at least meet his dad’s ghost? Could that work at all? So he doesn’t feel so bad? Maybe? Possibly?

    • sErindeppity says:

      -giggles- He does look so adorkable with that. I wanted to try to make it look more like a proper foil hat but ah well XD
      Henri is safe. For now. Jay is more focused on the empathy stuff than the ghost stuff. For now. -coughcoughcoughnextgenisaghostcoughcoughcough- WHOA sorry got something caught in my throat.
      Yeah I feel bad for having Dr. Laroche die but…. it was just… not gonna work if I had them go to him. It would have not been good. :\ Dr. Laroche is not a ghost. Neither was Henri’s mother.

      • Maddy says:

        Eeehehehehe! I like me some ghost babies! XD And aw! Sadness. Everybody should be a ghost… for a little while at least!

      • sErindeppity says:

        I am soooooooo excited for the next gen -flails- the heir is soooooooo cute!!! When I would normally do an heir vote what I probably will do is post pictures of the heir in the different age stages like I usually do, both ghostly and living so you can see the amazingness, and also post a blurb of the story. I may have a poll to see where the story goes. o:
        BUT pregnancy #1 will not give us the heir. Pregnancy #2 will.

  5. Poor Sen. Poor Hen. And eeeheehe. Kay. ❀ And then you have Jay acting herself. -grins-

    • sErindeppity says:

      ^_^ I’m sure Hen and Sen will be feeling better when they have babies. -twitches- soon. Soon. -twitchtwitch-
      Kay is always so fun ❀ even with a metal hat on and a bald head. XD and Jay. eeeehehehee

  6. thelifeofapetal says:

    WP wouldn’t let me reply to our original conversation *hmpf* So he is depressed? Well I shouldn’t be that surprised considering that the only person he sees really is Jay and he never gets to spend time with his family 😦 And for all I know he could’ve been like Jacob as a teen wanting oodles of babies… 😦

    And Kay, it is obvious that you are scared if your face says it, not just because you are stuttering, we’re used to that If you got one what gender would it be? It could be a gelding and not breed with a nice temperment. Or a mare that could be bred later on :p. What color would you want? You could have a solid color, or something more exotic like Appaloosa, Rabicano (google it if you aren’t sure what it is), or Pinto (paint).

  7. LaLaLa says:

    I love Kaylee! She’s so pretty, I’m sure she’s identical to river. :p
    & YAY JAY ;D
    This is what I think Jay’s reaction would be if Serenity got pregnant. . x3 Sorry this is probably annoying.

    Serenity: “Professor Redding?”
    Jay: “I said no questions.”
    Serenity:” This is important. Anyway…”
    Jay: “I said no questions! Since you’re clearly incapable of not asking questions. – Make it quick!”
    Serenity: “Will my current condition effect the tests…”
    Jay: “What, being a Danevbie and being the child of a Project?”
    Serenity: “No, now listen to me you stupid woman! I’m..”
    Jay: “No. I am the owner of this Lab. I will interrupt when I want to. Now is that all?”
    Serenity: “No!”
    Jay: “Then what?! I told you to make it quick; I need to run some tests on a DNA Specimen and its at a very tricky stage. After all, everything should be completed fully and of perfect quality.”
    Serenity: “I’m…. I’m……. ppp…rrrrr…e..ggnat..”
    Jay: “Leave the stuttering to my brother.”
    Kay: “Ssssister! Thattss nott fairrrr!”

    • sErindeppity says:

      Ahhhh I still need to get those shots I forget completely, I am SO sorry!!! I will do that tonight πŸ™‚ I will get comparative shots of Kaylee and a blonde River ^_^
      NOOOOO not annoying at all!! I love stuff like this! ❀ and LOL!!!! "leave the stuttering to my brother." eeeheehehehehe poor Kay ahahahaahahahaha -falls over giggling- I imagine that's really close to how things would go in a situation like that. xD

  8. mewmewmentor says:

    Ordinarily, complications in stories are good. But since Sim stories also involve getting pictures for the story, I can see why you decided not to do it. At least, that’s my interpretation. XD

    Well, Sen, you sit Henri down, and you very gently explain to him that his dad’s dead. That’s how. Also, I just had a thought. I know you did this to get Dr. Laroche out of the picture, but I can’t help wondering since that’s the sort of reader I am. So here goes.

    Can Henri, since he’s half-dead, go to the ‘other side’? Something tells me he can’t, because he never mentioned ever doing that when he came back. He just hung out with Sunny in the graveyard, from what I remember.

    Um, I just wanted to say I think the new eyes looks great on everyone. Jay’s eyes creep me out, but I’m pretty sure that’s just because it’s JAY I’m looking at. When I look at Kay, I don’t get the creepy vibe from his eyes. So it’s just the person with the eyes.

    Kay – bahahaha. That hat…*snicker* And Sen, Kay’s scared of his sister. He might also be scared of what Jay might do to you guys when he’s not around. So that’s why he’s scared. You really oughta ask your grandma and Mom, they’d tell you all sorts of things. Well, you probably know some of what went down with your Mom and the Reddings. But you weren’t actually with Seb. πŸ˜›

    KAYLEE! I was laughing at her the whole time. That girl seriously wants some kids herself, methinks. Why do I think that? Because she wants to see blondes. XDD Then again, Seb is Sen’s mom, so there may very well be blonde hair coming out, maybe?

    • sErindeppity says:

      Yeah normally I would love doing what would have happened but it would have taken up some more chapters, and added in Dr. Laroche to the mix when I have enough difficulty using Sen’s big family. I have a hard time using a lot of sims x_o though I am trying this time around to include her grandma and siblings and dads. If you want I might write out what would have happened if Dr. Laroche was still alive πŸ™‚
      Unfortunately no, Henri cannot go to the other side. That would be really interesting if he could though. O.O
      And thanks, I like the eyes on pretty much all the colors I’ve seen it with except some browns. I know what you mean about them being kinda creepy on Jay. πŸ˜€ Jay makes almost anything creepy, I imagine. -giggles-
      Eeeehehehehee the hat will be changing as it was so kindly pointed out it makes him look bald -giggles more- which will be in the next chapter eeehehehehehe Sen should talk to her family but she probably figures (and rightly so) if she mentions this to Luna than Luna will flip out. xD
      The heir is not blonde but any other babies that Sen has could very well be. Seb… has amazing and strong genes. Kaylee does want kids. She would make a crazy awesome mum xD

      • mewmewmentor says:

        It’d be interesting to read the Laroche storyline if you want to write it, but only if you have the time. XD I mean, you’re updating at least four stories that I know of, plus real-life. I honestly don’t know how you manage to do it all. I’d go crazy.

        I totally love that you use Sen’s family when you can, especially Kaylee. Kaylee is awesome.

        I still really want to see Luna yelling at Jay. >:3 That would be so fun.

        I want Kaylee to be my mom! Or my sister.

      • sErindeppity says:

        It’d be easy to write, since I wouldn’t be doing any pictures or really writing it out as if it was happening in story, I would just write out the plotline. It wouldn’t take long so I will do that sometime soon. Yeah real life is….. well, actually not so busy right now though things will be getting wild soon. It does sometimes drive me crazy especially since I feel guilty when I don’t get stuff out. I’m feeling super guilty about Wings and Madness right now 😦
        Thanks. I am trying, since I never did it really before. I had Luna leave for the reason of not having to have much family. And Seb’s story line had it so they couldn’t really be around for a large part. So I am trying. πŸ˜€
        LOL Luna seeing Jay again would be funny hehehe.

  9. Kay! ❀
    i can't wait to see what sen & henri's babies look like! ^_^

  10. Jazen says:

    man oh man…poor Henri. It’s gonna be hard telling him. 😦

    I can’t believe she is going with her. She says her brother is obsessed with the family but she is just as obsessed with them. She has caused that family all sorts of heart ache in the name of her research and feels no remorse. I can’t wait for the day she (hopefully) dies.

    • sErindeppity says:

      It will be. Henri grew up knowing his death was eventual, I don’t think he ever, ever, prepared himself to the idea that his father might die as well.
      Jay is more of obsessed with what Serenity is. If Duncan had inherited the ability she’d be going after him instead, and if neither of them had it, she would have left them alone. xD though she is… a bit… though I can’t explain why.
      She will die. In story. On screen. πŸ™‚

  11. thelifeofapetal says:

    Stupid WP again…it hates long conversations…
    Turns out you can’t just plop the tot on the miniature horse….the pose for the toddler is set at a full horse’s heigh, which is more than two times the size of the mini 0_o
    I still got some photos though! Well one with the toddle one with just the mini it it, oh well! And I edited them :3

    • sErindeppity says:

      D: ah well :\ the pics look nice ^_^

      • thelifeofapetal says:

        It can be done (toddlers riding) but it is just more complicated and I was too lazy, I’ll try tonight

      • sErindeppity says:

        I figure you can use it by slowly doing the “move up/left/down/right” thing haha

      • thelifeofapetal says:

        Well, yeah. But if you move it down when it is already ground level, sometimes the OMSP and whatever is on it disappear into the ground O_o But I did it!

      • sErindeppity says:

        I have a mod that allows me to go into photo shooting by clicking on the sim and that gives me an option of moving the sim, without the need of OMSP. It’s a LOT slower but sometimes if they’re in a place I can’t build on I have to use it.
        AW the pics are so cute!!!!

  12. ATMzie says:

    Poor Dr. Laroche 😦 And poor Henry!

  13. Poor Henri but Kay in that hat made me lol. I hope you get ghost babies btw.

    • sErindeppity says:

      😦 Poor Henri yeah. :\ Lol Kay does look funny with the helmet πŸ˜€
      I will get a ghost baby. x3 I’ve never done cheats before but I messed with Sen and Hen genetics, to test something for a friend, and the baby is amazing ❀ I thought up a huge story so for the first (and only) time I'll not be having an heir vote. And it is a ghost. πŸ˜€ -is excited-

      • thelifeofapetal says:

        *dramatic gasp* Way to give it away! πŸ˜› Stop flaunting them ghost babies y’hear? And your friend wanted you to test their genetics? Whyyyy?

      • sErindeppity says:

        Lol xD well I posted about it a few weeks ago so it’s nothing too secret πŸ˜€
        And no, Spiderg1rl was having a lot of problems with sims and pregnancies/babies so I was testing to see if my game had the same problem (it doesn’t). I used Sen and Hen since they were right there and yeah. xD unintentional but hahaha.

  14. He’s dead? 😦 *Sigh* maybe it’s better that way :/ If you say none of the possible outcomes would have been happy ones.. Still, I would have liked to see him again 😦
    I really hope she’s pregnant, can’t wait to see those babies!! πŸ˜€

    • sErindeppity says:

      >_< I'm sorry. D: I just yeah didn't want to deal with all that. -feels rather guilty- It wouldn't have been happy, I can promise that. It would have been nice, though, to see him.
      I cannot wait for babies either -flails-

  15. sweetribz says:

    Awww…Doctor Laroche… :(..but…babies soon..YES??? TELL ME BABIES SOON!!!

  16. nestea7 says:

    Although i hate Jay, somehow i still like her.Lmao

    Dr. Laroche 😦

  17. I can’t wait to see what the babies look like :3

    And I wonder if Kay is more scared than usual or if it’s just Sen’s perception of him.

  18. somebodysangel13 says:

    β€œHas anyone ever threatened to knock your teeth in?”
    β€œThree hundred and twenty-two times, now come with me to the exercise room.”
    Lols, I love Jay so much. Those initial tests seemed nice and tame, considering the Redding history, and I can’t wait to see what weird and wonderful (and possibly evil) things Jay comes up with next.
    Also wondering about Kay and the helmet – obviously he can’t block his emotions like Jay can, though I’m wondering when he’s going to “accidentally” forget it and allow Serenity to feel his emotions. Though that’s not likely to happen until Jay’s tests on Serenity start getting beyond his comfort level.. just a matter of time until that happens.

    • sErindeppity says:

      haha Jay is so fun to write. Jay has some things she certainly wants to try to do! Kay is very emotional compared to Jay, but we’ll see if he ever forgets to wear the helmet… accidentally or on purpose! :3

  19. I know it’s childish, but I’m annoyed. A big part of the reason they changed their minds about Jay was because they were going to see Henri’s dad. 😦

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