This Path Of Destiny – 5.35 – Unnamed Dangers

I came in and out of consciousness as the hours wore on. Because the bed was now a mess, Henri suggested I rest on the couch till he and Mal got it cleaned up. I only made it to the floor, curlin’ up in a pile of clean blankets and falling into the darkness again. I was aware at one point Henri carefully cleaning me off then at another point tryin’ to get me into the now-clean bed. I tried to wake up enough to help and as soon as I was on the mattress, I was out again.

It was about five-something in the morning when I fully woke up. Henri was sitting in a corner of the room, cradlin’ our son. Mal was no where to be seen. I struggled to sit up and gazed over at the two ghosts. A piercing feeling hit my heart at the sight. My son is a ghost, I realized fully. A ghost. Like Henri. He was going to grow up like this, never alive. Henri had occasionally told me a little bit what it was like and that was how this baby was going to experience life… Or rather… half-life.

Henri looked up and smiled at me. “Hey there, Mama,” he whispered. “You want to see our newest addition?” He got up and came over, carefully puttin’ the bundle in my arms.

The baby was awake, to my surprise, lookin’ up with squinty glowing eyes. “Hello,” I said, reaching down and touching his hand. His fingers curled around my finger. “Hello sweetie.” I felt like crying, both from happiness and fear. Everything was coming at me at once. How isolated he was going to be, like Henri had to be. We were going to have to keep him at home almost all the time. Home education. Only knowin’ a few people, his family… locked up… Would he grow up thinkin’ he was a monster? Would he feel resentful? All the fears and worries we had pushed aside before I got pregnant with Miracle came rushing into me like a waterfall. Tears dripped down and the baby was taken out of my arms.

“Henri–Henri–” I couldn’t talk. I put my hands against my eyes, tryin’ to stop the tears from taking over.

“Everything will be okay,” Henri said, rubbing my back with one hand. “Now is not the time to think about it. You gave birth to a healthy baby boy. You’re healthy, he’s healthy. Mal checked you over and said you look fine.”

“Wh-where is he?” I sniffled.

“In the bathroom. He did throw up, after making sure you were fine.” Henri let out a quiet laugh. “Looking so long at his sister down there was too much for him. But he held it together long enough to make sure, and to take care of the, uh, stuff.”

“Stuff?” I asked, finally darin’ to look up.

“The placenta, and shell pieces. Well, the placenta. We didn’t know what to do about the shell pieces…” Henri held the baby up a bit more and smiled. “He’s so cute… and so quiet. He hasn’t cried once since he was born.”

“All… the shell…?” I rubbed my belly and now Henri nodded.

“I made sure they were all out of you.” He leaned in to give me a kiss. “As far as Mal can tell, this little one is perfectly norm–healthy.”

Normal, I thought, squeezin’ my eyes shut. He was never going to be normal. “I’m so tired. My body hurts…”

“You should rest some more. And in a little while–” Henri paused then let out a sigh. “I’ll make you breakfast, if you feel like eating. Go to sleep, darling.”

There was somethin’ he wasn’t telling me. I opened my mouth to ask but then closed it again, not really caring. I wanted some more sleep. The wakefulness didn’t last long at all and rest sounded so nice. So I murmured what I hoped sounded like an ‘I love you’, and then went once more back into sleep.


The clock said ten-forty-nine when I woke up again. My body was aching and I wept silently for a few minutes. Not being able to rest up at the hospital was horrible though at least this time I didn’t have to push the baby out. Still, I felt like collapsin’ when I got to my feet. Henri wasn’t in the room and neither was the baby. I could hear the TV on in the other room so I figured Hen was out there with Miracle. I pulled on a robe, since I was just in a T-shirt and nothing else, then left the bedroom. After I cautiously took a few more steps I noticed two things. One was that Miracle wasn’t in the main room and two, Professor Redding was–with the baby in his arms.

I stared at him but was too weary to feel angry. “Professor… what are you doing here?”

He looked up, eyes wide under the brim of that stupid helmet. “S-Serenity… Y-you should be in b-bed…”

I rubbed my forehead and then held out my arms for the baby. “What are you doing here?” I asked again as he stood up and handed over my son. For a second I was worried he would float out of my arms but he just closed his eyes and snuggled against me. Hen and I hadn’t named him yet though we both knew the name we wanted for a son. Though… I wasn’t sure if it’d be the best choice for a–for a ghost.

“Henri c-c-called me,” the professor said, bitin’ his bottom lip. “He s-said you gave b-birth to a ghost and since y-you could go to a regular hospital and the only medical help y-you had was a student…” He trailed off and gazed openly into my eyes. “He was worried. S-so I agreed to c-come in and make sure y-you were all right.” He tilted his head forward to indicate the baby. “He is f-fine.”

“Where is Henri?” I asked, holdin’ the baby closer against my chest. He made a light little sound and opened and closed his mouth. Would my milk be okay for a ghost? What had they fed him so far?

“He is f-f-feeding the horses,” Professor Redding said. “M-Miracle was watching c-cartoons but she f-fell asleep so I put her in her c-crib. Th-there is some sausage and h-hash browns I can r-reheat for you… or I could f-fix you something for an early lunch? Th-the baby was f-fed a couple hours ago, when I first got here.”

 My body cried out in sudden pain but I was able to stay as silent as the baby in my arms. I remembered vaguely not hearin’ him cry the night before and suddenly was worried he couldn’t make any sound. “Has he cried?” I asked, lookin’ up at Redding. “Has he been asleep?”

“Since I’ve b-been here he’s been mostly asleep,” Redding answered. “But he’s been v-very quiet. He is v-very cute. So is M-Miracle. Now, why don’t I get you s-some food?”

“After I eat you can check me over, and then we’ll need to talk.” I looked at him but he just smiled, most likely not knowin’ that I knew about the letter. While I was eating, Henri came back in and immediately began fussing over me. He took the baby but ignored me when I suggested putting him in his crib. Once I was done with my food and feelin’ a bit better, Professor Redding began his work. He had some equipment with him and I remained silent as he examined me. After he proclaimed me fine, I asked him if we could talk privately.

So while Henri took the baby with him into Miracle’s room, Redding and I stayed on the couch. He was quiet, waitin’ for me to begin the conversation but I wasn’t exactly sure where to begin. Then I wondered if it’d be better to not go on about the letter and instead focused on askin’ him the questions I wanted to ask his sister. Even though he had the helmet, he was far from his sister. Maybe he’d feel safe enough. That’s probably the best course of action here. Then again if I asked him, and SHE found out, SHE would get angry. If I asked him about the letter I had the feelin’ SHE wouldn’t find out since he wouldn’t tell her he did that. I think.

“Is everyth-thing okay?” he finally asked.

“Why are you wearing that helmet?” I asked. His hands jerked up, touching the edge of the hat. “What are you hiding from me?”

“I’m s-supposed to wear this around everyone w-with the, um, psychic abilities,” he muttered. “Lab r-rules…”

“We’re not in the lab,” I pointed out.

“I–I have to w-wear it, you’re… you’re a psychic. In a sense.” He clutched the edges of the helmet now, clutchin’ it tight on his head. “Though we’re not in the laboratory, I s-still have to w-wear it.”

“Because there’s something you’re trying to hide from me, you and your sister both.” I held up my head and glared. “Is whatever you’re hiding the reason you asked my grandmother to convince me not to come to the lab anymore?”

He winced and slid down a bit in his seat as his entire face blossomed into redness. “Ah… ah… you f-f-found… out…” He closed his eyes and shook his head back and forth. “I’m s-sorry. I know you’re p-probably very mad at me f-f-f-for that but you have to understand I j-just wanted to k-keep you safe…”

“Safe? From what?” I pointed at the helmet. “What that’s hiding, hmm? Is your sister doing something to me, then? Is that why she hates me being away so much? She’s doing something to me and wants to keep an eye on–“

“No!” he exclaimed. Now he was shaking his head so hard I thought maybe the helmet would go flying off. “She’s d-doing just wh-what she’s said she’s doing. Exploring th-the, uh, reaches of your abilities. It’s n-not that. There are… oh S-Serenity.” Suddenly he grabbed my hands and held them tightly. My abilities went nuts because physical contact was the strongest way to feel someone, but his helmet was still putting up the barrier. My head felt like it was going to explode, as much as my womb had the night before. I yelled and pulled back, strugglin’ to get my hands free.

“Let go, please, let go!” I begged and he released me. I pressed my hands against my head. “That hurt… That–the helmet is strong…”

“I’m s-s-s-sorry… I didn’t th-think of that, I j… just… I’m sorry.” Professor Redding was obviously distressed. “I d-didn’t think. I’m sorry.”

“It’s okay,” I whispered, rubbin’ my temples. “What were you going to say?”

I was afraid I had frightened him and he wouldn’t, but he spoke. “There are d-d-dangers in the laboratory that you j-just don’t know about, and sh-shouldn’t find out.” He swallowed and looked down at his hands. “I’m worried my s-sister will… try things… mess around w-w-with experiments and–crossing two subjects th-that could not be crossed.”

“Me being one of them,” I said.

Professor Redding blinked, then nodded slowly. “Y-yes. She… d-doesn’t exactly have p-pleasant feelings towards your f-family. She w-won’t care about the r-re-repercussions of some experimenting I’m af-fraid she might attempt. I know y-you want answers, b-but is it worth the r-risk?”

“Considering the fact I don’t know what the risks are, yes.” I rubbed my head again, my body wanting me to go back to bed but I wasn’t going to go anywhere until I got all I could out of the Professor.

“What if th-there is a risk to your family?”

“Are you threatening me, Professor Redding?”

“N-no, never!” His head snapped up and his eyes were huge. “You just d-don’t know what could happen and I c-can’t tell you everything. It’s not… safe… for anyone…”

“If you won’t tell me the risks then I will assume they’re not bad enough to give me reason to stop going,” I said then frowned, realizin’ I sounded a lot like Doctor Redding there. That was enough to send a shiver down my spine.

“Serenity, p-please trust me,” he whispered. “Please.”

I stared straight ahead, unable to look at him as I said, “I do trust you but if you can’t tell me everything then I can’t trust you on this matter. I’m sorry, Professor. I appreciate your concerns but I want–and need–answers. And a cure.”

“C-cure? There is n-no cure for your psychic abilities. It’s p-part of you, part of your DNA. It’s as m-m-much part of you as your fingerprints, and v-voice, and f-facial features…”

I stood up, frowning at the pain. “I need more than that to go off of, Professor. I’m sorry.” I went into the bedroom and lay down, groaning at the pain and relief going through my body. With everything that my grandma had told me, and now the Professor sayin’ stuff about dangers… I knew it would be better not to go. But I needed answers… I couldn’t live with these powers. With Henri and our son as ghosts, it would be up to me an’ Miracle to deal with the outside world and my powers made it hard. What if she got the powers too? I wanted to know as much as possible to make things as easy as possible for her.

And there had to be somethin’ to stop these powers. If they could make the helmets then they knew how the power worked, and how to block it. They had to know of a way to stop someone from experiencing them.


As the days went by, Henri and I learned how to deal with a ghost baby. He wasn’t consistent with his solidity. Sometimes when we tried puttin’ him in his crib he would just float down to the floor. A couple times when we fed him he’d let the bottle go through his face. Henri had to keep making clothes appear since the baby couldn’t do it himself, and changing his diaper was annoyin’. Most the time it took us several tries to get him to be solid so we could take care of the mess. It was real strange. I didn’t like it.

We had debated on his name, not sure if the name we originally picked out for a boy would work for him but after Hen and I talked it over we agreed to go ahead and name him Chance. I regretted it the first time Kaylee visited.

“Chance?” she asked, holdin’ her new nephew. “The ghost of a Chance?”

“Shut up!” I snapped and she giggled.

“Ghost of a Chance,” she said again, cuddlin’ him closely. “I like it. Whaaaaat? I think it’s cute! The ghost of a Chance. I love it, it’s perfect!”

“That is not why we’re giving him that name!” I wailed. “It’s like Miracle’s name. I mean, it is a miracle and a wonderful chance and all that stuff that Henri and I got back together–stop giggling, please stop!”

“Okay, okay! I’ll stop,” she said, pressin’ her lips together but giggling on the inside.

One of the other problems with Chance was the fact he didn’t cry. When he was real hungry or made a mess in his ghostly diaper he merely occasionally whimpered. Hen and I had to check on him several times a night just to make sure he was okay. Sometimes he’d be asleep, sometimes he’d be awake and need food or a change. He wouldn’t tell us. I wondered if it had to do with his plight of bein’ a ghost but when I talked to my maternal dad, he said that some kids were very quiet.

“But never crying?” I asked and Mom just shrugged.

The biggest problem, though, was Miracle. She decided right off the bat she didn’t like her brother. “No,” she said when she met him. “No.” And that’s what she said whenever she saw him. Unless Henri was holdin’ him, in which case she’d throw a temper tantrum. “Dada! Dada!” she wailed whenever she caught him bonding with his son. “Up! Dada, up!” She’d hold her arms up and then when he’d pick her up, holdin’ both babies, she’d crinkle her nose at Chance and make unhappy noises. We gave her as much attention as possible, making sure one of us was spending time with her if the other was carin’ for Chance. If Chance was asleep while Miracle was awake, she’d relish in all the attention she got. But she wouldn’t call him anything other than ‘no’ despite the constant attempts at getting her to say ‘baby’ or ‘brudder’ or ‘Chance’.

When she was about nineteen months, I took her to see an optometrist who said that she was far-sighted. We were given glasses and had the lovely task of teaching her to keep them on, tryin’ at first very short periods of time and then lengthening the time she wore them as the weeks passed. Despite usually disliking being told what to do, she would wear the glasses and actually started exploring around the house more than she used to. And when she wore the glasses, it became very easy to teach her to walk properly. She actually did it, taking many steps instead of only a few then stopping to cry. Soon she was walkin’ all over the place and trying to climb, getting into even more trouble than before.


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  1. sweetribz says:

    I Love Kaylee. She’s inappropriately appropriate :D. I thought to myself when Sen said how she sounded like Jay, yeah and you look like her with your ponytail! O_o…I love Miracle’s Glasses, where’s you get them? They make her uber cute, just like the way Seb was as a teen. I hope Miracle isn’t the kind of big sister that bullies her younger sibling, that would be so bad :(. Oh and one last thing..SEN STOP VISITING THE LAB!!!!! -_-

  2. Chance oh Chance how I do luff’s you.

    And Miracle is so cute with glasses. X3 She’s going to be a handful expecially being all jealous of Chance.

    Poor Kay, he is trying to keep people safe and it just isn’t working in his favor. 😀 At least he has seen his hwever many great grandkids.. But Sen is very stubborn. Might go bite her in the butt later.

    • sErindeppity says:

      -giggles- eeee Chance ❤ ❤ I love him too. So adorableness!! Miracle is too. I can't wait to give her those braids. x3 she is so cute.
      Kay tries his best…. he does what he can. Unfortunately Sen is just not listening. And hmmmmm…… Miracle and Chance would be his great-great-great-grandkids I think.
      Ohhhh it will be. Stubborn girl.

  3. I kept wanting to hug Kay in this :3 More than usually, I mean ^^
    Chance is not going to have an easy life, is he :/ I fear Sen might become depressive when he has trouble fitting in and blame his problems on herself :/

    • sErindeppity says:

      Kay deserves loads of huggles ^____^
      Chance won’t have an easy time, no. He will have his share of difficulties. I hope it is different enough from Seb o___o But Sen is going to do her best to give Chance a good life, or semi-life, or whatever it’d be called.

  4. Chance is going to have a rough life, but I hope that he can positively accept himself. And Miracle looks adorable with the glasses :3 Finger’s crossed she isn’t too mean to him growing up, it’s going to be hard enough. Kay is just ❤ He's trying so hard to help out, I doubt he's even allowed to be there, but Sen is being very stubborn.

    • sErindeppity says:

      Chance will have a fairly rough life (half-life? Ghost life?) at times. It will be hard for him to accept himself, rather a bit like Sen and Cal. Miracle is~ I am so happy I have those glasses for toddlers. x3 She will be bossy and stuff but she will love him too. Just… jealous at times. And smacks him. Or tries to.

      Kay is not allowed there. He’s once again done something behind Jay’s back. 😀 He’s getting more brave about that. Hopefully Jay doesn’t find out, hm? 😉 Oh Kay ❤

  5. mewmewmentor says:

    Chaaance! :3 I’m just glad to have a name to put with the face. I’m sorta surprised he doesn’t make a lot of noise, since, well, the impressions I got from your comments about Chance’s plot led me to believe he’d be quite a bit of a rebel – maybe even a yeller. I could be reading things wrong, though.

    Mira’s such a cutie too, and I just love how contrary she is. These two are going to be a handful, and I would not blame Herenity in the slightest if they decide never to have kids again. After what they went through with Chance, I wouldn’t be too surprised if Sen wants her tubes twisted or something.

    So glad Kay made an appearance. I like Mal, but he’s very obviously not good with ghosts, and Kay at least knows something about them. I just wish Sen would OPEN HER FREAKING EARS. This is not going to end well, this association with the Reddings. Let me see if I can figure out what Jay’s gonna do this time…(Yes, theory time!)

    She’ll lie to Sen about an experiment she’ll do on her, then Sen will wake up and discover that Jay’s done a lot worse than she said she would. Like, she’ll have made Sen’s powers much, much stronger and able to reach over distances as big as the globe and Sen will never be able to put walls up again and she’ll be able to go through even those helmets.

    Jay will try to make a baby with Sen’s DNA and someone else’s DNA (maybe an IF or another ghost or another psychic or an alien) and implant the genetic material in Sen to see what she births. Or the genetic material will go in someone else and Sen will try to get the baby back to keep safe.

    Jay will kidnap Chance to try to experiment on, and she’ll try to turn his dormant psychic gene on or try to cross his genetic material with another supernatural being.

    • sErindeppity says:

      I’ve been excited about his name and also revealing his looks hehe. Also, what made you believe he’d be a rebel/yeller? Just curious ^__^ I try to be ambiguous in revealing stuff that happens later so I am anxious to know what I said to have that thought.
      Miracle is so fun and adorable, and so different from Chance. Herenity got quite a mix just from two kids!!! I have flipped a coin about whether they’ll have more kids. I won’t say anything right now though. x3 but yeah I can see Sen wanting her tubes tied. Henri’s probably glad he can’t get the operation for guys. I have the feeling he’d be unhappy about that!
      Mal had no idea what to do for a ghost birth. He was out of his element, thankfully Henri was able to figure it out. And Kay was able to make sure Mommy and Baby were both fine. 😀 Sen does need to open her ears but she won’t. She wants answers. I think it’s more of the principle of the thing at this point, knowing she’s been through so much to get information.

      -claps at your theory- Quite a lot there! I will say for sure there is ONE thing in there that WILL happen and I will reveal it now. Jay will lie to Sen. >_> Yep. Hahahaha okay, no surprise at that one though. And one thing is NOT true. The alien bit. Because aliens will not be around in the Danevbies for a long time. Jay does not have any alien stuff in stock, to her annoyance. But waaah thanks for your theory! :D!!!

      • mewmewmentor says:

        I believe it was when you were commenting on how Chance might react to discussing his romance problems with Sebastian. You used the eye emoticons, which usually indicate shock/surprise/confusion, so I figured he’d have a really hard time discussing that sort of thing with his grandpa. I don’t think you said specifically what his reactions might be in that scenario, it was just the general impression of the comment. XD

        I did add the alien thing in there just for the heck of it, even though I read your Aliens post. We both know if Jay could, she’d hide alien DNA away from your all-knowing authorly eyes so she can use it at the last minute. XD And yeah, I figured Jay would lie. I mean, she’s notorious for not telling the whole truth. The question is not what she does, but how…and of course, I’m eager to read the story to find out. 😀

      • sErindeppity says:

        Okay awesome thanks. For a second I couldn’t remember why I used the eyes but I remember now!! And I still hold to them. x] It makes sense. O: As y’all shall eventually see.
        Jay probably would. xD using alien stuff to find a way off of earth ahahaha. She will tell the truth when she feels like it, as in when she feels it won’t compromise her part of whatever situation she’s in. I hope you like the rest of Sen’s gen! We’re getting near the finale.

  6. thelifeofapetal says:

    Kay :3 I want her to go to the lab just so there’s more conflict…and more PO’d Jay, or devious Jay of course…I mean we all know that you wouldn’t kill off the heiress or heir (Chance) so send Serenity on over xD

    Miracle’s behavior reminds me of when I was two my older sister cut all my hair off (she was 5…and knew how to use scissors…) and ever since then, my natural curls disappeared and never came back xD I assume she went at me with scissors because she didn’t like the fact I was getting more attention at the time…

    Oh and I bet Jay will be all like “KAY, WHERE. ARE. YOU?! I NEED YOU TO KEEP
    ME SANE…” *grumbles*

    • sErindeppity says:

      There is lotsa conflict and drama there…. not to mention most the plot. XD and are you sure I’d never kill one of my heirs or heiresses? 🙂 Cause it will happen. Sooner or later. There will be a plot that ends with the heir or heiress being killed. Is it Serenity’s gen? Chance’s gen? A future story? ;D I won’t say, but it is going to happen. x3 I promise.
      Haha Miracle reminds me a bit of one of my childhood friends. A great friend but a very bossy older sister XD I can imagine Miracle trying to cut off Chance’s hair and the scissors going through. Aahahaha.
      Jay already thinks she’s sane. But yeah, no Kay around = bad.

      Also, dunno if I will be having much of the pony at all. 😦 I’ve been crunching numbers and don’t know if I will have time to include pony stuff in this gen. If not, I will be using the pony at another time–I promise that, too.

      • thelifeofapetal says:

        Wait, just remembered you technically killed off Jacob… xD Oh well. And I doubt you’d kill Sen..or well if you did then you’d probably have her become a ghost so she can still be with Henri and the rest of her family :3 And I’m wondering if the death will have something to do with Jay…probably would xD No surprise…

        Oh and when Kay returns, I bet a dozen of experiments that he disapproved of and had told her not to do will be done xD Either that or the lab will be destroyed… xD you can’t trust Jay alone…she’s unstable, wait no- she’s VERY unstable!

        And that’s okay, about the pony :3 I’m sure any toddler would look cute on her xD

      • sErindeppity says:

        I just don’t think I can really reply to this comment. I am far too amused. Considering what I put some of my beloved characters though, and considering I did say Sen’s gen would have an UNhappy ending……. 😀 Nobody is safe. Henri. Kaylee. Sebastian. Miracle. Serenity. In fact, the only safe one right now is Chance since he’s the heir. xD

        Kay: I thought w-we agreed not to d-do that experiment….
        Jay: You were gone for a day. I decided to start it anyway. I’ve uncovered a lot of data so we might as well continue.
        Kay: Dx

        Hahaha poor Kay.

  7. thelifeofapetal says:

    Kay: B-but I thought that the there w-were some very bad side e-effects to the experiment…

    Jay: It was worth putting them (IDK what she calls her experiment…victims?) through hours of torture, after all, we never would’ve gotten all this data had I not done this experiment without you knowing.

    Kay: B-but… *mumbles: I should keep her on a leash….*

    And you wouldn’t kill Kaylee! At least you wouldn’t give her some disease or make her die in some accident…I’m sure it’d be Jay’s fault though! I can easily imagine her kidnapping Sen’s family members in an attempt to make her go through some weird experiment..and then experimenting on said family members…

    “Maybe the reason she is so hyperactive is because of some supernatural ability? I must experiment with her to prove my theories! *looks around* Kay cannot find out, or else he’ll make it so I can’t…maybe I should sedate him and lock him in a closet? Sounds good to me!”

    *Kay returns home*
    Kay: H-how come you’re making dinner?

    Jay: I thought I should do something nice for once…*tries to look innocent*

    Kay: *is suspicious…* You never do a-anything nice…

    Jay: Fine, I was hungry and didn’t want to wait for you to return. Just eat it, not like I *cough* poisoned it or anything…*smirk*

    Kay: *eats* Why do I f-feel sleepy? Did you- *head-table, is now sedated*

    Jay: I can’t believe he fell for it, of all people I thought my brother would be smart enough to figure out not to eat something I made..oh well! I guess I’m the smarter twin! *locks him in a closet and then does experiments Kay would never in a million years approve of*
    2 Days Later
    Kay: *wakes up in closet* W-where am I? *looks around and sees brooms and other closety type items* JAY WHY AM I IN A CLOSET?

    xD I like role-playing these two :3

    • sErindeppity says:

      LOL!!! -giggles at the rp you did- ❤ yet all I can think of was "Well Kay will be coming out of the closet…. in Dannings!" ba dum dum, kshhhh!

      And no, Kaylee is safe; I already said she's part of the sixth gen's start. So yeah, other than Kaylee and Chance. xD ahahaha. It will be a sad ending though.

      • thelifeofapetal says:

        lol, how come all the good guys are gay? xD Also explains why he is so sensitive… :3

      • sErindeppity says:

        Though I am not sure if he is in this universe. It’s crossed my mind, for certain story purposes, but I have not decided for sure. Then again living with a b—woman like Jay might put him off the idea of committing to a woman. xD haha nah, I might make him. Not sure.

  8. thelifeofapetal says:

    you could always make him…bisexual… ❤ So he could have 'the best of both worlds' xD

    • sErindeppity says:

      Lol! Though considering how painfully shy he is about sexual matters, it wouldn’t really make a difference. XD Unless I do one thing, which I might O: for the story purposes. We’ll see. It’ll be revealed in the random Redding chapters I do.

  9. inspiritsgolden says:

    i suspect home schooling for chance? i suspect jay’s interference too >_>
    kay is adorable in that helmet u3u hehe
    is the hair sen has at the beginning CC? o:

    • sErindeppity says:

      Yeah definitely homeschooling for poor Chance! Jay might interfere but she does have a lot of stuff going right now. x3 Kay is adorableness.
      Sen has never had CC hair. I think the one you’re meaning is one I got from Showtime. Most of the time my adults will not have CC hair. Chance is an exception to that since the hair I decided for him is adorableness on him. x3

  10. nestea7 says:

    Poor Kay is trying to help Serenity but she’s too stubborn to notice. She should just listen to him! smh. But I love Kaylee, and Miracle’s glasses. 🙂

  11. Cereline says:

    Chance is sooo cute. And so is Miracle. Those glasses just make her 10x more adorable! Unfortunatly, I’m gonna have to get over the fact my dog is names Chance and top associating the two in my mind haha XD;

    • sErindeppity says:

      I love how both kids turned out. Also that I decided to give Miracle the glasses. She does look so adorableness ❤
      LOL okay I wasn't gonna reveal anything much about Chance's gen but there will be a point where he's told, "Jeez you're like a puppy!" so that makes me laugh. Chance is more of a pet's name, I think. All I can think of now is 'Homeward Bound' o.O

  12. somebodysangel13 says:

    I’m impressed that Kay is still obeying Jay’s laws outside the lab. For as much as he has been going behind his sister’s back a bit in this gen, he’s still very much devoted to her, and wouldn’t do anything to put her at risk. Even though he dislikes some of her experiments, and tries to stop her from going too far off the moral path, he’s not going to actively sabotage her. Very interested to see what those two are hiding! Though I imagine it’s not all going to be answered in this gen. Damn, why can’t we be finished already, I want to know the overarching story! But at the same time I love reading about the individual lives, and all the little pieces that you’re dropping in.
    So, since we know Chance is the heir, is Serenity able to feel his emotions? She’s been so connected to the past heirs, it would be interesting if she can’t feel ghostboy. Who I am going to nickname No-boy, on behalf of Mira.

    • sErindeppity says:

      Kay is extremely devoted to Jay, and Jay is extremely devoted to Kay (in her own way, she just shows it differently). It is very hard for Kay to stand up against his sister, or do things against her wishes, or go behind her back… though he is trying his best to protect his descendants. I can’t imagine how hard it must be for him to walk this line.
      Nope, Serenity can’t read the emotions of ghosts 🙂 hehehe

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