This Path Of Destiny – 5.45 – We Will Transcend

As it turned out, we were on the same floor as the ghost labs. But it was on the other side of the floor so we ran. We ran as fast as we could, or rather Professor Redding ran as fast as he could and I was floating beside him, wishing he could go faster. Sen’s remains were in my hands and I held tightly, praying I didn’t drop it, praying this would work. It felt like the four minutes, less than four minutes, had already been up. But Professor Redding continued to run, and Doctor Redding was following. I had the sense she could go even faster but it was Professor Redding who was in the lead.

Then he skid when he tried to stop, nearly falling over. He was scrambling to get the keycard from his pocket but then was shoved out of the way by his sister who already had a card out. She swiped it, punched in some numbers, then threw her shoulder against the door to open it. I was past her in a flash, staring at the machinery sitting around the room. The lights flicked on and Professor Redding was trying to pull the urn from my hands.

“NO!” I began panicking and pulled back as hard as I could. “Sen–Sen–” And then I calmed down, the panic lowering a bit. I let go of the urn and Professor Redding set it in a globe sort of thing. Doctor Redding was at a large computer console and was hitting buttons seemingly randomly, but then the lights on the globe began flashing. “How long? How long?” I stammered, digging my fingers into Professor Redding’s arm.

“It w-w-will take another twnty seconds for the m-machine to turn on, and then the p-process will t-take a m-minute maybe, at most. We have enough t-time.”

I watched as fog began swirling around the inside of the chamber. My whole body was moving, shaking, quavering. My fingertips tapped rapidly against one another and I stared at the urn. Professor Redding was pacing while his sister worked. I had no idea what was supposed to happen but I jumped as I saw bolts of electricity shoot towards the urn. Light lit up the fog and I winced as it began humming and then there was one more bright flash of light. The humming faded, the lights stopped, and the fog started disappearing. The urn was still there.

“Wh… where’s…?” Professor Redding went over and was rapping the glass with his knuckles and then  opened the door. “Wh-where?”

It didn’t work.

“I turned off the spirit container,” Doctor Redding said from a million miles away. “Her ghost is in that chamber!”

Sen… It didn’t work.

“It isn’t, th-there is n-nothing. J… just the urn… n-no ghost. There is n-nothing. It d-d-d-didn’t work. How c-can it not work? It’s n-never not worked before.”

She’s gone.

“It cannot have not worked! This machine has had a one hundred percent success rate since I built it! IT HAS NEVER NOT WORKED! It can’t have not worked! This machine works. It works. It has to work, it does work, now she is in there somewhere because the time was NOT up and this is turned ON and it will have WORKED!”

She’s gone.

“It… it’s empty… S-sister, it’s empty, it d-d-didn’t work. It didn’t w-work. How come…? How can it…? How c-can it not work?! We have… done th-this… so many times… it’s always w-worked, it’s always…”

Is this what it felt like to her?

“According to the program, it worked. Double check the–“

“I have d-double checked! It d-didn’t work. For th-the first time. The… m-most… important… Oh… W-Watcher… Oh, Henri…”

Losing me, did it do this to her? This emptiness? This hopelessness?

“It is probably because she is a Danevbie.”

“That is c-cruel!”

I already… feel… I can’t… I can’t…

“No, I mean it. And not just the blood she got from the toy. I mean, the reason we thought Jacob would be a good chance to succeed. Because of his–“

“S-sister, please. It didn’t w-work and now is not the time. Henri… I’m s-so sorry… I thought… it w-w-would work. It–I am so sorry…”

I can’t do this.


I stared out over the graveyard, my hands on my hips. It was night but not too dark out from the moon in the sky. There was a cool breeze rustling the trees and I began going down the hill towards the graves. It had been a full year since Serenity had died, and I had slowly lost everything–including myself. I had taken her urn home, and couldn’t even attend her funeral. My own wife. And me, and my son, had to stay home because we could not be in public. That had been the final blow and since then I had been drifting apart from whoever I used to be. I tried to stay together for the sake of the children, but without Serenity… the tug I felt towards the nether had never been stronger. I had nothing left for my children. I knew it was selfish, I knew it was weak. But what kind of father could I be when I couldn’t even hold my children? It had been eight months since I was able to muster the energy to become solid, and since then it had gotten worse.

This would be the last thing I ever did. I had kissed my children goodbye as best I could, and left home. We had been living with Kaylee for the year and she wast their official guardian now. Miracle’s official guardian, rather, as hardly anyone knew about Chance. She would take care of them and raise them better than my emptiness ever could.

I saw the ghosts, there were five of them in total. Even now I could remember their names, their strange, strange names. Olivine, Disco, Caramel, and Acadia. And then the fifth one, who was off to one side staring up at the moon and wondering, not for the first time, how he got there. Or rather… how I got there.

I looked so young. I made my way over to where my younger ghost self sat. I remembered this night so clearly, and remembered everything I had said. And what I didn’t say, what I now wanted to say. I stared at my younger self and watched as he turned and stared right back, slowly standing. He was shocked and very confused at the sight of… me. I could remember all the thoughts running through my head, that had run through my head. That were currently running through my head.

You–you look like–like me,” my younger self stammered out in French.

“That’s because I am you,” I answered in English. I remembered standing there by the bench so many years ago and living–not living–through this. I thought it had been weird being on that side of things but now it was worse being on this side. Knowing everything and not being able to tell him. Tell me. I wanted so much to warn him about the lab, and about what would happen to Sen. But I knew if I told him, that would change everything. Things would turn out differently. Maybe I wouldn’t even have agreed to become this half-ghost thing I was and go back in time to be with her, if I knew it would result in her death. And part of me wanted that. For me not to know those few extra years of happiness for this miserable, miserable ending.

But then there would be no Miracle. There would be no Chance. And Serenity, she might have wound up in a worse place. So many things could have happened. A hundred different results, a million, more than that. She might be alive, I thought as my younger self grappled with the idea he was talking to himself. Except it never happened, and if I changed things now it would change the future–and the past, and then I wouldn’t be standing here. If I changed things, what would happen?

“How can you be here?” he asked, finally shaking out of his (my) startledness.

“It’s confusing,” I answered, the same answer I had been given. He narrowed his eyes at me and I smiled. “You’ll understand one day. Maybe.” I reached up to push some of my hair away from my face and then I sighed, looking longingly at the bench. I remembered wondering why I hadn’t sat down and why I looked so faded. Now I knew. “I want to just tell you something, that’s all. But it is very important.”

“How important?”

“Serenity,” I said and that got his (my?) attention. This had been the first time I said her name out loud in months. Talking to Kaylee, it had been ‘your sister’. Talking to the kids, ‘your mother’. Talking to her dads… we never mentioned her. I could still see their faces the moment they found Serenity had died. I had told them as much as I dared. I knew she had not wanted them to know about the Reddings. I had no idea if she still would want this to be a secret, so all I said was that she had been seeing someone about her abilities and there had been an accident. They had wanted to know more but I couldn’t give it to them. I did tell them her last words had been fear that a monster was going after Duncan and Sebastian, or something like that.

“What about Serenity?” my other self asked and hearing her name from a more innocent time made me feel like breaking down.

So much, I thought. Don’t let her go to the lab, to the Reddings, warn her about the ghost. “She…” I could tell him, myself, and it wouldn’t happen. The ghost. Serenity’s death. But then… I could change things so much I never even went back to her. I could lose her, lose those few years we had together. Ten years together, just ten years. Ten years of loving and fighting, of laughter and anger. Miracle and Chance. Changing things now would make it so they might never exist. Which was essentially killing them. My own babies.


“She still loves you,” I said. The same words I remembered. I remembered the pause, and remembered wondering why my other self–this self, me–had looked sad.

“It’s been years,” he said and I could say them with him. I knew exactly what was going to be said next. “And I’m dead. What good will going to her do? She’s moved on by now.”

“She hasn’t,” I told myself firmly. “She still loves you very much. She needs you.” She needs rescue, oh my love, I feel like I am sending you to the grave. You go to her, she dies. You don’t go to her… Miracle and Chance die. I have to choose… and either way I will be apart from my love.

“I’m a ghost,” he spat out bitterly. “I’m dead.”

“So am I,” I answered. “I am you, you are me, and Serenity… Sen loves and needs you, Henri. Okay? Hold onto the hope of seeing her again, Henri.”

“I–I what?” He looked so confused. “When?”

That will make your mind explode, I realized. If I talk about the future and past, and Sunny–oh, I could warn him to warn Sunny somehow, about the fire. But–but then if I mess that up too then she’ll never meet Mr. Amour, and their babies might not be born. If I mess any little thing up, so many lives would be changed or not born. I have to not tell him anything new or else–or else so much would be lost. Sen, my love, I’m sorry.

“Be patient,” I said with a shrug. “Be patient, okay? And please remember, above all else, that she will always love you, she needs you, and you will see her again.”

“I c-can’t burden her with this–this–whatever it is I am!” he growled, stomping one foot. Ah, youth. When I had been turned into this sort of ghost, the years had caught up with me so I was the same age as Sen and had aged the same as her. I would be forty soon. And I had almost forgot about how I used to be.

“Just hold onto the hope, all right?” I said, resisting the urge to kick myself. “One day, Henri. One day. I promise. You–and she–will be happy. Goodbye, and good luck.” I turned and began walking, not looking back. My younger self called after me but I kept floating. I had not said another word, I remembered. I had kept going and left myself confused and worried. I could turn around right now and tell him no, it was all lies. I wanted to–I wanted to so bad. To save Sen.

My love, I am sorry, I thought as I began going down the hill and towards the river. I cannot change the events, as much as I desire. I know you would feel the same. For Miracle, for Chance, and for so many others. I knew if our roles had been reversed, she would feel the same and do the same. She would be stronger, rather. She would be able to hold on and be there for our babies. I wish I was able to do that but I was as substantial as a puff of cloud, as a wisp of smoke. Any moment I would drift into nothing.

I am sorry Miracle. I began drifted towards the west, towards the sea. I am sorry Chance. I didn’t know how long I had left but I needed to get where I wanted as soon as possible. What life could you have with me? Sen, you would understand. You would be mad, but you would understand. I just wished I could understand. I was abandoning them, but for a better life. A much better life where they didn’t have to see their father get weaker and weaker, and less and less. One day, I hoped they would forgive me. Because I simply could not hold on anymore. I remembered being told how pulling the grave was, how tempted I might be to slip into the nether. I had not felt it much before, but after losing Sen it felt like a whirlpool sucking me down into its icy cold grips. I was fighting a losing battle.

Ah. I reached the sea and looked out over the water sparkling in the moonshine. The tips of my shoes went through the sand as I went towards the waterline; when I reached just past where the water broke against the ground, I sat down as best I could.

The sea breeze hit me and I turned my face towards the direction it was coming from. Sen. My love. Soon, we will be together again. I lay back and closed my eyes, listening to the waves. And then I began to sing, Serenity’s favorite song. The words flew up into the wind, the night sky, the stars and to wherever she was now. I knew she could hear me.

“La mer… Qu’on voit danser le long des golfes clairs… A des reflets d’argent. La mer… des reflets changeants sous la pluie. La mer, au ciel d’été confond ses blancs moutons… avec les anges si purs… La mer bergère d’azur… Infinie… Voyez près des étangs, ces grands roseaux mouillés. Voyez ces oiseaux blancs, et ces maisons rouillées…La mer les a bercés le long des golfes clairs… et d’une chanson d’amour…La mer a bercé mon coeur pour la vie.”

The waves crashed loudly as I repeated the verses, as that was the way the song went, and sank into the sand, for here was as good as anywhere and one day–whenever that was–I would be with her again. The stars blanketed over me, and I spoke the final verse. “La mer a bercé mon coeur pour la vie.”

And I waited.


About sErindeppity

Hi there! I'm known as sErindeppity. I love to read (huzzah!) and love to write (double huzzah!). I have tons of books in my room ahaha. I love video games and hate hot weather. :p
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73 Responses to This Path Of Destiny – 5.45 – We Will Transcend

  1. *initiating extreme denial*

  2. La~xo says:

    and I already know doug is going to re-appear.

  3. La~xo says:


  4. SRaina says:

    So very sad. *cries*

  5. 😦 I can’t believe they are both gone :/ Poor Miracle and Chance, I hope they’ll be okay. I take it Kaylee has pretty much adopted both? Gah, I didn’t want her to become the (unofficial) heir like this 😦

    And Doug is loose now -.- That can’t be good :/

    • sErindeppity says:

      Dx I feel bad for the kids too… and yeah, Kaylee’s adopted them more or less. :I As I said before, she’s gonna be at the beginning of gen six quite a bit.
      And yeah, a free Doug is horrible Dx

  6. Crazy chic says:

    I’m sad about saying it’d be a twist if it was Sen and then it really was her…. just… wow….

    *grabs a tissue and starts crying* T_T

    That moment where henri meets his younger self… *sigh* oh my god!!! *applauds* that was nicely written with his inner struggle… such a hard decision but it’ll be worth it with Chance right? Right? *sniffles*

    Wish Henri was much stronger… for his children, I know that Kaylee will do such an amazing super duper job but still… abandonment issues hit wayyyy too close to home for me… 😦

    Ahhhhhhh!!!!!!! Wish we finally had that hint of whyyyyy they chose Jacob and it’s super creepy saying it was because she is a Danevbie which was why it didn’t work and *screeches loud* sooo giddy I finally know Kay’s name… but what the heck is Jay… :/

    Ohhhh my…. what a great love story for them… such tragedy but still…. *crying all over again*

    Cannot wait to see the ???? chapter…. then chance… @_@

    • sErindeppity says:

      I remember when you said that about Sen and I was just like “….:I”
      -hugs and cries- and thanks, it was hard to write his struggle so I am glad it came across nicely. It took a while to figure out what he’d be thinking exactly.
      The problem with Henri is that after Sen died and he couldn’t even go to her funeral, he kept getting weaker and his type of ghost really feels the need to be on the other side anyway so it just… took over him. 😦 unfortunately.
      Yep, I’ve been dropping hints here and there. This was one of the more obvious ones heh. Jay’s name will one day be revealed. :3
      Yep, a tragic love story. Dx I feel so bad for Herenity. I have the ??? chapter written I just need to get pics. It might be tonight or tomorrow, depending on how much time I have after getting Chance’s prologue done.

  7. Ouuu finally I know the song you included in the chapter! Hehe that got me overly excited but anyway…

    But on the other hand.. I think I will join the rest of the readers in a group hug as we cry!

  8. -reduced to a asobbing mess- It was, even being tragically sad, a beautiful end. And though he was so hurt, he made the right choice to make sure Chance and Miracle exist. But why didn’t it work? What is in the Danevbe blood that stopped it from working? -is anxious to see Chance’s story- Great writing SErin ^-^ *passes tissues to everyone*

    • sErindeppity says:

      -hugs tight- thanks hun. T___T Poor Herenity… I felt… so bad doing this… Dx I can’t even imagine being put in the choice of saving a loved one from death for the sake of another, more or less. T_T That’s one reason I see Henri as strong, in some aspects.

      And as for why it didn’t work, you shall be finding out…. eventually… x3 I am so ecstatic to be writing Chance. His prologue will be out tonight. It’s a bit sad too though.
      Thanks ❤

  9. Crazy chic says:

    You know what would be cool… if Chance meets younger Henri or somehow briefly see each other XD

  10. Oh my God I literally started crying. Like tears and everything. It didn’t exactly help that I was listening to Terrible Things by Mayday Parade at the time I read this D:. That just made everything 100x worse. Amazing writing. Just. Amazing.

  11. You brought me to tears. That was so sad but so good….

  12. GloryGal says:

    And so it ends…or does it? Anyway it was very sad and devastating but at the same a beautiful love story…grabs box of tissues…please include me in that group hug, I need a big hug right now. The way you wrote this was outstanding, you had me reading and feeling every word…thanks

    • sErindeppity says:

      We’ll have to see if she gets to be with Hen on the other side…. :I -hugs as well- It’s hard thinking that Herenity ended this way (for now). T_T
      And aw thanks hun, that means a lot ❤

  13. Maddy says:

    *Sob!* Sen… Henri… I seriously teared up at this! Why must you pull at my heartstrings!? Leave them alone! I like them where they are while Sen and Hen live! That song! Whyyyyyyyyyyy??? And what’s that red thing in screenshot 660?

  14. mewmewmentor says:

    *ensue cursing and crying*

    Serindeppity, as soon as I figure out how to break through your bunker, you’re going to find yourself dangling over the edge of a cliff. -.-


    I can’t be bothered. Empty threats won’t bring ’em back.

    I want Herenity…

    Oh yeah, the Henri 1 and Henri 2 meet-up still confuses me. @.@ I don’t get how Henri could go forward in time, back…aaaaaah.

    Luna is going to be so fricking po’d when Sen walks in. I won’t blame her.

    • sweetribz says:

      But there is Herenity, somewhere, they’ll find each other again 🙂 -hands tissue-

    • sErindeppity says:

      -sniffles and offers tissues and hugs-I am sorry Dx I feel sad that Herenity is… not here now… hopefully they’ll be together on the other side… T_T
      And yeah the time thing confuses even me don’t worry. XD Here is a rough draft of what happens:
      Henri dies and is a ghost in France for a few years then one day for no apparent reason he is in Zephyr Hills, and decades later (about over a century) he meets Sunny-the-ghost and befriends her. Sunny is turned into that… other type of ghost that can have kids, and asks Ashe to help Henri, so Ashe makes the wish and he and the new version of ghost Henri go back in time. I think TheUsernameFound said it had something to do with the god of time.
      Here, this might help. The orange line is Henri’s life before he is sent back in time and then the purple line is when he is sent back. Does this help? hen

      • mewmewmentor says:

        …Will you be mad if I say I sort of understand? XD Here’s the confusing part – why did Henri have to live a century after his first, human death? I suspect it probably has something to do with the Amour story and keeping their timelines in-sync.

        Does this very confusing timeline mean that Henri didn’t die at the end of this chapter? @.@ No, wait, no it doesn’t. Because Henri 1 is different from Henri 2. Henri 2 had already met the genies/god of time/whoever it was who magicked him, and Henri 1 hadn’t. So the 2nd death was…Gaaah, I’m just confusing myself again.

        Let’s just go with ‘time-travel’s confusing’, and leave it at that.

        Anyways, don’t expect a Chance response yet. I’m still recovering, I’m not kidding. This chapter hit me pretty hard.

      • sErindeppity says:

        No! I am not mad at all. I am glad you sort of understand. ^__^ It is very confusing lol. And yeah, the time thing did have to do with syncing into Tuf’s timeline. I was in a pickle as to how he becomes “more than a regular ghost” and since I was trying to figure it out while Tuf was writing Ashe’s story, she offered to have the wish. So I agreed because otherwise, I don’t know if I could have logically (okay semi-logically) have Henri return and be able to have children with Sen. Not with the other stuff going on with my plot.
        Time traveling is confusing. XD and hey, that’s fine. -hugs tight- I understand. I had a hard time writing the chapter and then the pics… if I hadn’t had Chance’s prologue already written, it would have been a day or two for me. 😦

  15. bewaresims says:


  16. sweetribz says: For anyone wanting to hear how the song sounds.. 🙂

  17. Crazy chic says:

    Oh…. I always wondered…. what changes have been made from this generation compared to the original plot? :/

  18. bluexskittlesx says:

    So sad ='[ That’s all I can say =[

    Poor Henri and poor miracle and chance, cant wait to get started on chance’s gen though

  19. ATMzie says:

    I don’t… what… i… sad and… no words…

  20. Cereline says:

    AHHH I’m all like chocked up SENNN T_T HENNNNN T_T I’m so sad now THIS IS SO SAD. NOOOOOOOOOOOO *cries* ;.; QQQQ I just… I just… NO NOT OKAY. You’re such an amazing writer. Oftentimes at the death of characters in published novels I find myself slightly indiffrent (and feeling alightly heartles as a result ): ) but this time… nope…. you’re such an amazing writer it’s like pulling at my heart and I’m like NOOOOO. ): Such a POWERFUL end to a generation. I’m scared about how Duncan will resurface and I just… ahhh ;.;

    • sErindeppity says:

      T_T -hugs- Yeah. I’m sorry. I was crying when I wrote it. T___T And thank you so much, I kinda know what you mean. I am an emotional ball of emotions so I cry easily but sometimes I see authors who seem indifferent when writing the deaths of characters. I am glad I was able to make you feel emotion over this… ^_^ ❤

  21. nestea7 says:

    Just-Hen-Just-No-. Just no. But I must say, you are an incredible writer. Like, seriously. That was written so perfectly. Everything about it was perfect. ❤

    • sErindeppity says:

      😦 T_T thanks though, I am really glad I was able to get this part of the story written out. It was hard… I get so emotional easily… but that shall not deter me from writing (hopefully) emotional scenes.

  22. But, no…. DENIAL t_t lalala hen and sen dancing in the moonlight lalala still alive lalala

    But this was incredibly well written, especially the internal delimna when talking to himself. But, noooo

  23. yellowberries says:

    *sniffs* 😦
    That was awful. I knew something terrible would happen. They should never have gotten involved. How will the kids even cope? Miracle, Daddy’s little girl? I just…. 😥

    • sErindeppity says:

      T_T yeah, this gen had such a sad ending. I hated doing it, but I don’t regret doing it (if that makes sense). Mira is not gonna be taking this well. Poor girl. Poor Chance. D:

  24. somebodysangel13 says:

    I knew this was going to happen. Not about Henri, but Serenity dying, as soon as Doug came into the picture, it was inevitable. I think you hinted at it in your response to one of the other commenters in the chapter when he first appeared – Doug only cares about himself and what he wants…and what he wants is to be the only psychic. Thus, Serenity must die. Not really surprised that Henri didn’t last long after her, either – the only reason he became a ghost is because he was so in love with her he couldn’t ‘cross over’, and then when she died there was nothing left for him in this life – not even the kids. They’ll be ok, Serenity’s family is big and loving enough for them to recover somewhat well.

    Also, I loved the beginning scene of this chapter; Jay seemed almost frantic when the machine didn’t work: “This machine has had a one hundred percent success rate since I built it! IT HAS NEVER NOT WORKED!” Lols, I don’t think she’s ever capslocked (yes, that’s a word) before. And Kay was so sad for Henri, but still trying to help his sister at the same time. Poor boy, he must get pulled in two directions so often. Wanting to help his family, but at the same time being loyal to his sister.

    • sErindeppity says:

      When you mentioned in an earlier chapter if any of the heirs would be dying young I just bit my tongue. Heh. Doug only cares about himself. In addition to the psychic thing, he just wanted to kill Sen as a sort of message to Seb.
      Henri did his best to hang on for the sake of the kids but the call of the Nether was too strong for him after Sen dies 😦
      Jay capslocking is hilarious xD poor gal! One of her machines not working really threw her for a loop. Kay does get pulled in so many directions :\ I want to hug him.

      • somebodysangel13 says:

        I want to hug Kay also! With that body, we would all love to hold and never let go!
        BTW, did you clone Kay/Jay in CAS, and change the gender? I’ve tried to make siblings looking very similar, and can never get it as close as those two are!

      • sErindeppity says:

        Hehe he needs loads of hugs. And lovings. ehehehe.
        Yep, I made Jay then cloned her into Kay and made one teeensy adjustment. They’re pretty much clones otherwise 🙂 which seems to be a theory some readers have, that they’re not naturally born twins but clones 😉

  25. Anonymous says:

    Oh my …. Such horrible false hope 😭😭😭😭beautifully written even if I do despise you a tiny bit right now…

    (I could never stay mad at you…) favorite gen so far.

    • sErindeppity says:

      Thank you so much ❤ I am so happy you liked their gen so much. It hurt so much to write the ending but it's probably my favorite finale so far (Chance might be my favorite heir and story and gen but I love the finale for Sen's gen so much!)

  26. Wow.

    You know, when I first began reading your works I remember commenting that your devout readers were scaring me because they kept expecting something completely terrible to happen….I’m beginning now to see why that is! Of course, I don’t mean that in a bad way at all. Your stories are all so compelling and they draw us in so fully that it’s difficult NOT to feel so attached, and thus be upset when things don’t turn out favorably.

    That being said, I am grateful that Sen and Hen had that time wonderful together. A truly beautiful, albeit sad story ❤ This has been my favorite generation so far, followed by Luna's. I've seen from your comments to others though that this next generation is your personal favorite, so I find myself extra excited to read it.

    I'm actually getting (kind of) close to catching up, lol. It might take me a while longer, but I'll get there eventually…and in the meantime I'm really enjoying the journey 🙂 Hope you haven't been minding my fleet of "Likes" along the way XD

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