Here’s How It Was Going To Go….

I’ve been asked a bit about how Serenity’s gen was originally supposed to go, so… here it is! A general outline of things.

It woulda started out generally the same only she would have just been Henri’s best friend until the end. Henri was going to die when he was seventeen, but even though she loved him, he refused because he didn’t want to burden her. But at the end, they would have shared one kiss and then he was going to die.

After that, Sen was going to become a bit of a wild child. After grieving and mourning for a while, she would eventually start using her powers–a lot. Not just feeling emotions but manipulating them as well. She’d be rather selfish. Her family was gonna try to help her but she was going to continue for a while and then finally just get so overwhelmed by everything. At that point, probably age twenty, she was going to move into a little house by herself and stay there, alone, barely coming out.

She was also going to have headaches a lot from her powers in addition to passing out. Eventually she was going to go to the hospital to try to get help, and there get so distressed by the emotions of those around her, she would have a freak out. During that, she’d point out a criminal and that is how the police was going to get involved in her life.

But at first she was going to refuse to help the police. She was going to stay wrapped up in her own world and not really do much of anything until she meets a doctor who looked a little like Henri.Β Mostly just so the hair would be there cause I love that hair color. Oh, and he was going to have dark green eyes. It was going to have been his cousin or something, or even half-uncle. He was going to be a doctor and help her with her headaches and convince her to step outside her bubble. She was gonna refuses but yeah eventually fall for him and him for her and love helps her and blahblahblah. Insert sappy romantic stuff here that is totally not as good as the love story of Herenity.

SO. She would work as an investigator but also be using her manipulation powers more and more. She was going to be really tempted, and consider herself a lot like Doug beside of it. I dunno what was gonna change her mind. Kids probably. She’d end up going to the lab and helping them. Something was gonna happen and information was going to leak out and so there was gonna be like, an angry mob wanting to get rid of the Reddings or something. I don’t know, to be honest. While Serenity escaped she was going to be shot.

The end.

So yes. VERY DIFFERENT but then I fell in love with Henri. Most of it changed, some didn’t. Doug wasn’t gonna be in there originally. Then sometime when the chapters were still in the single digits I realized he had to be. So he was, but originally he was not going to be the cause of her death. I was going to have a criminal she helped get put in jail (the one who nearly shot Duncan, actually) find her and shoot her. But Doug just… had to be Doug. xD I thought it sounded more logical anyway for him to kill her than the coincidental appearance of a criminal. Yeah.

This is the first time so much has changed! For the better, personally. I think. I am happy with the way it went (though kinda annoyed I didn’t get to work in what exactly Jay did to create the psychics). Henri just… took over the story. XD haha. So what do you guys think? ;P

As I said, I have never changed so much. I will change little things. Like originally, Cal was going to be more of a player and have several girlfriends before Penny. But I liked the story going with Teri so I kept it. Also originally, Luna was going to be a bit more… odd… and obsessed with explosions. And then the explosion in Ancora was going to make her hate them, of course. XD so little things like that have changed but wheeeew Sen’s whole story changed. I really do hope you guys liked it! It’s been a long journey. So far the longest generation (Chance might change that) and definitely took the longest with all the breaks I had to take. Hard to believe it’s over… But now we have Chance to look forward to, then gens 7 through 13. ^___^


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Hi there! I'm known as sErindeppity. I love to read (huzzah!) and love to write (double huzzah!). I have tons of books in my room ahaha. I love video games and hate hot weather. :p
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19 Responses to Here’s How It Was Going To Go….

  1. Crazy chic says:

    Wow it really did change quite a bit…. but I love the Henri and Serenity story much more… they just fit together…

    I understand the Doug moment… it just put the right effect on how bad he is…. he is the most evil Sim in the friggin planet and you have that opening and mystery of what he may do next…. scares me…

    I can see where you may have struggled with writer’s block figuring out how to change moments. *hugs* you did an amazing job with this story though πŸ™‚

    I’m glad you decided to share this, makes me know how you dealt with writing and may help someone out there hopefully on your process, even if it was a tidbit πŸ™‚

    • sErindeppity says:

      Yeah x_x a HUGE difference but I am happy with how it turned out. I loved Henri too much to get rid of him completely. ^__^
      So yeah since things changed a lot, I did have quite a bit of writer’s block. -hugs back- thank you so much! And if I can help anyone, even a teensy bit, that makes me soooo happy!

  2. Wow! That’s a loooootttttttt to change! -head explodes-….

    I’m done growin my head back an’ stuff…Wow..I like the changes you did, we would have…not liked her as much if it was the original plan..though she did tick me off when she destroyed the 100 something year old plaque of Jacob’s and kept begging Jayleb(XD) for answers. As I had told you before, I’m writing a legacy, been trying to beat the crap out of my game for being evil( seriously every install goes wonky at Ambitions!!) so I could actually start it. But man, I thought sitting around writing before any other content is worked with (like spouses or heir votes) was hard, I can’t imagine how aggravating to sit and stare trying to re-write it to sound better is..I’ll probably know soon enough XD.

    • mewmewmentor says:

      Yes, yes you will. I don’t know what you’ll have to rewrite, or when, but at some point you’re going to go…whoa, what the heck did I put there?…and have to fix it. XD I’m only on generation one myself, and I’ve already realized that bits of my characters’ back-stories don’t make sense, so I have to rewrite the parts I don’t agree with now.

    • sErindeppity says:

      Yeah it is a lot. And yeah, I am glad things changed. I would have had a lot of internal struggle with her to hopefully make her more likeable but it would have been so different. Yeah Sen wasn’t too pleasant with the plaque but that was a dark time for her.
      I really hope the installation works for you…. 😦 maybe you could just skip ambitions for now? And yeah, writing before the fact can be hard but I always write before pictures–but that is different, since I already have the characters and votes and stuff. But re-writing stuff is very hard. Especially when you have to cut out stuff you reeealllly want to put in but can’t. I had to do that at the end of Sen’s gen. 😦

  3. mewmewmentor says:

    Whoooa. @.@ I have to say, I MUCH prefer the one you finally went with. Serenity would have been so unlikeable in that other version of things. Plus, Henri would be gone in this one. Dx So, despite the strange time jumps Henri had to get over, I much prefer This Path of Destiny that we know and love. πŸ˜€

    Oh yeah, btw, I noticed you said somewhere how you were worried Sen’s gen. wouldn’t be following the theme of her gen’s title. I have to say I disagree. She was doing something no one except Jay agreed with her on – going to the Reddings’ lab. Plus, Serenity is so different from Doug that her destiny was definitely different because she wasn’t a thing like Doug (besides powers.) XD

    Oh yeah, I have a gameplay question I’ve been curious about since I started my legacy. XD Do you play on Long, Epic, or do you have aging unchecked on Normal so no one gets older till you say so? I ask because there is no way your sims would have survived this long on regular gameplay. XD Also, do you ever just chill and goof around with the Danevbies, or are they basically actors in your story?

    • sErindeppity says:

      Lol I prefer the new version too XD she woulda been unlikeable but I would have tried to make her somewhat likeable. Heh thanks. ^_^
      And hmmm, you are right about that. She did do what she wanted a lot, and forged her own path. ^_^ so yay! Thanks for pointing all that out. I originally intended it to be “I’m like Doug but no I’m not, I am my own person” sort of thing.
      I have different ways of doing things. A lot of times I just don’t save. I go in, get pictures, and leave without saving. I also have my ages on either normal, or age off, or custom. My custom is normal lifespan with baby and elder bars down a bit and teen bar up slightly, which is how I like it when I play for fun.
      Also, I have extra save files. All the pictures at the lab/with Doug were in a different save file completely.
      I don’t often just play for the sake of playing with those from the Danevbies, but I do play the game to progress the story, like having Sen do some investigation case files, and stuff like that. And if stuff in game changes things, I go with it. Kellen died young, for instance, so I put that in… on the flip side of things I cheated with Luna to extend her life. XD
      But I’ve never viewed them as actors. I see them as my characters, my babies. xD I am very attached to them. Actually, now that I am playing this way–less so much gameplay and more plot-driven stuff–I am even more attached to my sims. If that makes sense. πŸ™‚

  4. I actually like the version you’ve decided to go with, it’s much more dramatic and interesting. Though I’m sure no matter what your choice would have been, I would have enjoyed just as much!
    I’m very curious about Doug’s story line you’ve put out. He’s such a mysterious Sim, I’m always on the edge of my seat to see what he’ll do next.
    I still love your creativity and the way you put out your ideas. Never fail to surprise us πŸ˜‰

    If you’re interested, I have a new chapter on my legacy too? πŸ™‚

    • sErindeppity says:

      Thanks πŸ™‚ I prefer it too. xD Thank goodness I fell in love with Henri. x]
      More of Doug will be revealed later, I expect. Hopefully I will get a cha–er, opportunity to have his lies sifted from the truth for the readers. ^_^
      Ahh yay new chapter, I will try to check it out sometime as soon as I can ^__^

  5. Cereline says:

    I must say that no matter what you wrote I’m sur eit would have been fabulous but the way you ended up with was simply amazing. I feel like in general people really connected in some way or another with the story of Sen/Hen or at least it was really… I don’t know just great! Sad that Sen was always destined to die… but like… from personal writing experinces I know stories are the most powerful when a tragedy of some sort is involved or it’s just got some sort of…aspect to it to make the character’s life un-perfect. ANYWAY you do a fabulous job writing and Sen’s story is seriously one of my favorites. (With Luna’s being up there with it.)

    • sErindeppity says:

      Thank you πŸ™‚ I do prefer very much so the story I wound up writing. Thank goodness for Henri haahaha. Tragedy does really help make a story although sometimes it’s hard not to make it just about the tragedy and the rest of the writing weak; I hope I was able to not do that. I like making my characters’ lives unperfect. Thank you so much ❀ and I hope you like Chance's gen too!

  6. nestea7 says:

    Whoa. Those are some changes you’ve got there. Lol. But truthfully, I would of liked whatever version you did. Since truthfully that version seems pretty interesting. It’s just that the version you chose was more dramatic.But drama is always good. lol.

    • sErindeppity says:

      Yeah I changed quite a bit haha but I’m glad I did change it. I think this turned out more interesting than the original. Plus we got CHANCE!!!! Drama is good. xD I like writing drama.

  7. jonso says:

    Wow, you have been at Chance’s generation a year – for as long as I’ve been working on Van’s gen. πŸ˜† Now I don’t feel so bad.

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