Living Is A Lie – 6.17 – Please…

Author’s Note: I know I’ve screwed up the timeline and messed up with Chance’s birthday, it should be in autumn and I think I skipped over his 17th birthday but oh well, sims tends to make that easy haha.


Life was wonderful. Or death. Or in-between-ness. William and I were very happy together. We spent almost all our waking time together, except when my family visited which wasn’t as often as Miracle made it out to be. Often enough that I didn’t feel too homesick ,at least; though I mostly felt homesick after they left. During the weeks in between I sorta forgot a bit about them. I was busy snuggling, talking, telling and listening to stories, listening to songs, and–sleeping together, which it made me feel a little weirded out to think about but also really pleased and fuzzy and happy and grown-up.

“I don’t think I’ve ever seen you so happy,” Miracle said sometime during the summer, “and that’s saying something since when you’re not being all bratty you are just so happy.”

I giggled. “I am happy. Very happy.”


“It’s such a shame we can’t meet him,” Aunt Emma said.

I swung my legs through the hood of the car I was sitting on. It was a shame, but there wasn’t any way it could happen. I supposed I could translate what he was saying… er, no not translate… tran…scribe…? Re…lay? Yes, relay what he was saying. I could do that, but then that just seemed… complicated plus I didn’t really want William to know too much. He may know I wasn’t a regular ghost but I was very iffy about him knowing too much. I looked at my sister and my aunts, wishing that things could be like–like, well, Miracle. She could introduce her guys to the family… except for me… so maybe it wasn’t too different. But still sad. Oh well, nothing I could do, really.


“I cannot remember the warmth of the sun,” William told me one night, trailing a finger lightly over my wrist in a detailed pattern which sent shivers all over me. “I do believe you are the most desirable substitute for such a thing.” He placed a kiss on my wrist then began running his finger over my inner elbow.


“Me either,” I said. “I remember it felt good but… I don’t think it’s as good as the feeling of your lips on mine.”

William smiled then kissed me before kissing my inner elbow. “Nay. The sun may give life… but you give so much more.” I felt the strange, warm, moist feeling as his tongue ran over my inner elbow. I gulped in some air and shivered more. “Come.” He straightened up and readjusted me so I was sitting fully in his lap. I perched there, his arms around me. We kissed twice before there was a commotion near the gates. I twisted around and saw Lindsey-Morganza coming in.

“Oh great, what’s she doing here?” I tried to slide off of William’s knee but he held me firm. “Nooooo let go, I need to hide!”

“Ah yes, I nearly forgot…” He released me but it was too late, she had seen me. “She can see you…” William sounded a bit strange and I paused, looking at him.

“Yeah, we talked about this before…”

He stood up and nodded. “Yes. I am sorry. Let us go to the grave, and we shall continue our… personal discussion there?” He held my hand, his thumb going across my knuckles.


I giggled and nodded, but when I turned there she was, beaming at me. “Hi Peter!” she said cheerfully. “It’s been a while.”

“It… has. Uhhh…”

“Almost like you’ve been avoiding me. I thought you said you were moving back to Sunset Valley…?” She raised her eyebrows and gave me a smirk.

“I… decided… not… to…”

“It’s fine!!!” She jumped up and down, clapping her hands in excitement. “Okay, so I have some questions, okay? Is it easier to go to the locations? Elisa Wallington-Steed has some questions about her grandmother but they’re in Starlight Shores and I know that’s pretty far but can we go or can you contact Bridget Wallington here? Elisa thinks her grandmother can’t pass on properly until she gets something off her chest about–well, something. Elisa thinks…” And then Lindsey rattled off more names and more thoughts and I don’t even know what. I got lost, confused, and considered just fading into nothing right in front of her.


Why not? I smiled, remembering Ruth’s little prank on me that freaked me out. So when Lindsey-Morganza paused for air, I floated high into the air and began talking. “MORGANZA!” I announced in what I intended to be a booming voice but it came out a lot squeakier than anything else. She closed her mouth and looked at me. I coughed, and tried again. “Morganza!” But it was squeakier than booming. Ah well. “You have prevailed through the tests… and thou… art… true… to your… art.”

“You–mean…?” She clasped her hands together and her eyes shined at me.

I gulped and tried a spooky voice. It wavered a bit but still, way higher than I wanted it to be. “Yes. Your intentions are true and–and you are a psychic. In tune with the… world beyond. But… I am not… a normal…  Spirit Channel! You see, I need time. Return… upon the next… new moon… When thou… are no… moon in the sky…” I waved my hand up at the starry blanket above, at the moon which was one night away from being gone. “Er, not this next night but–the one after… returnest… and I shall give you your answers.”


I spread my arms out now and began fading. “Return when there is not a moon in the sky, Morganza, and I will give you the answers thou desires.” And with that, I dove into the ground, curling up and praying she left. I heard muffled exclamations and after what felt like ages, William came close and pulled me back out of the ground.

“‘Return when there is not a moon’?” he asked when I was in his arms. He was laughing so much he couldn’t say the words very well. “Dearest one… what was that?”

“I had to get rid of her somehow!” I argued with a smile. “I didn’t think she’d listen to anything else.”

“But she shall return when there is not a moon,” he said, lightly tapping the end of my nose. “What then?”

“I–I dunno, I guess I’ll have to think about it then.” I gulped and sat down on his knee once he sat down. “I guess I’ll make up another story.”


“You are most entertaining,” he said, his hands on my hips. “My beloved…”

I beamed at that. His beloved. That made me so happy. “My William,” I said with a nod, and he smiled, placing a kiss on my lips. I was so glad I made this decision. I couldn’t imagine not having him. He was everything I could ever want–and so much more. I traced a finger along the stubble on his chin, looking into his eyes. I was very happy. Completely… well… not a hundred percent completely but I wasn’t sure if anyone could be. I did miss some of the comforts of the living (like video games) but this was as close as I could be. Which was good since I’d be here… for… well… a very long time.

I blinked and then leaned in, resting my head against his chest. He couldn’t go anywhere so yeah, it would be a very long time. Unable to go anywhere, or do anything and… was this very different from… the house? Yes, I thought quickly. It was very different. In the house I only had my family. This way there were others–even if they hated me–and William made it so much better.


It’s a cage, I realized as I closed my eyes, but at least it’s a good one.


On the next new moon she showed up and I told her I was unable to contact any of the spirits she needed to talk to. I told her when I tried, the spirit world became angry at me since I wasn’t her Spirit Channel–can you beLIEVE that?! I began crying, telling her I was sorry but ‘the powers that be’ were too angry and I had to go to the other side now. I then faded into nothing and hid in the ground, having to hide there for quite a long time before she finally left.

“She was most distressed,” William said after I emerged. “I believe she will be coming back soon. I do not think it is anything to worry about… we shall stay together in the coffin. Unless…” His fingers ran up my back, causing me to squeal and giggle. He grinned as he wrapped his arms around me, pulling me up off the ground and firm against his body, which made me feel all kinds of flustery, buzzy, yearningness. “You do not want to?”


I practically melted, glad he was holding me up. “Ohhhh I want.”


We did have to hide out for several nights, as Lindsey-Morganza kept coming back though she always wound up just crying and apologizing to me for getting me in trouble. After a while she stopped coming though as the days went by, I kept my eyes out. My family visited every few weeks, always Miracle with either my aunts, or once in a while with Poppop and, or, Grandpa. It was nice seeing them and I rather missed them–and part of me did kinda wanna go back but not because I wanted to go back to the house but… I kinda missed things like… food. I didn’t need to eat, I hadn’t eaten since I was 15. But I missed the taste of food. I missed a bed. I missed TV and movies and video games. But I knew I’d miss William more than I missed any of that so I was fine with staying. I would definitely choose love over anything else.


The summer went by beautifully. On several nights there were firework shows in town and William and I watched them, laying on the ground and holding hands. I caught fireflies and we spent every night–er, day–sleeping together in his coffin. I no longer used the guest ones. Every night I woke up happily in his arms and every morning we fell asleep cuddled up close. We kissed, talked, told stories and everything was going along so beautifully. Until… it happened…

“Hey!” I bounced over to William one night, a few before my 18th birthday. It was close to the end of September and the air was getting crisp and cool, the leaves starting to turn colors. “Have fun?”

He had just gotten off the horse and it wandered away, the reason I found it ok to approach him. He cupped my face in his hands and kissed me. “Yes. You should come ride, tis safe as anything. And most safe for a ghost.” He picked up a strand of my hair and let it slide through his fingers. “You should not have fear for these creatures. They are most gentle. As gentle as I… nay, mayhap… more gentle… as I can be rather…” He leaned in and kissed me so hard I felt like I was set on fire.


“…rough,” he finished in a voice to match the word. If I wasn’t already dead, I certainly would be at that. I felt extremely strange. Like, that happy-warm-buzzy feeling times a zillion and I had a craving, a yearning, an overwhelming need for–something. I didn’t know what it was exactly. I knew what part of it was like, like when I had some dreams but it was more than that and I just didn’t know. But the worst thing was that the fiery, almost painful ache I felt was located in the most private of areas, and it was very embarrassing.

William lifted me up off the ground and carried me over to the bench, sitting me in his lap. “Dearest beloved, horses are most fun. Are they really that frightening for you?”

“Yes,” I said, squirming a bit, feeling uncomfortable because of the fiery feeling down there. I finally edged off his lap and snuggled up next to him. “Maybe one day I’ll feel ok enough to try riding. Oh! By the way. The night after tomorrow night, I’m going to need some time to myself.”

“As you wish, beloved.”

“And the night after that is my birthday!” I beamed at him and he gave a half-hearted smile back. “I can’t believe I’ll be eighteen.”


“I thought you were sixteen,” he said slowly.

“I was when I first came here but remember? A year ago? I said it was my birthday?”

“I…” He trailed off and shrugged. “If that is what you wish, beloved.”

“Not really a wish,” I pointed out. “Just the facts of life. A year passes, I’m older. Remember? I’m not a normal ghost…” I searched his face but he just smiled, as if I were a kid and he was trying to calm me down. “William, we’ve talked about this. Or–well, it’s something I at least told you about.”

“I know.” He didn’t look it though and I felt a bit annoyed. “I said something wrong, did I not?” He was frowning now, giving me a rather apologetic look. “I am most sorry if I have upset you…”


“I’m okay. I just am worried, y’know?” I leaned in and put my forehead against his. “I love you. I guess I’m just kinda anxious about turning eighteen.” I said it a bit slowly, and clearly, hoping it would help drill into him I would be getting older. But he just smiled, and I felt a twinge of fear. Ah well, I thought after a second or two. We’ll sort it out on my birthday. I hope.


I woke up on my birthday feeling more excited than anything. My family had visited the night before to celebrate–knowing I wanted to spend my actual birthday with William–and soon I would be turning eighteen… EIGHTEEN! An adult. An official adult. I certainly didn’t feel it. But I was still excited.

I bounded out of the coffin, happily waiting for William who soon emerged. “Hey!” I chirped, flinging myself at him.


He laughed, catching me in his arms and swinging me around. “You are in a most joyful mood,” he said, carefully setting me down.

“I am. Eighteen!”

“Ah, yes. Tis your… birth…day?” He gave me a look and I nodded. “You believe this?”

“I know this. I’ve been keeping an eye on calendars and stuff,” I said with a pout. “William, you still don’t believe me, do you?”

“Ghosts do not age, my heart’s desire.”


“I’m not a normal ghost. You know this.” I raised my eyebrows but he said nothing in reply. “You… know this…”

“Ah, my Chance.” He stroked my cheek sending delicious little shivers through my body. “You know you hold every beat of my heart, my eyes see only you. When one looks into my eyes they see you reflected in my soul. Only there are some ghosts that hold onto their living past so hard they get… confused.”

“I’m not confused. I’m not a normal ghost. I… I don’t wanna argue about this.” I put my arms around his neck and leaned up into a kiss. “I just want tonight to be perfect.”

“I know of one thing to make it most perfect.”

“What’s that?”


He smiled and I felt his hand brushing down my back, to my butt. “A most… desirable act between those who love one another.”

I just stared up at him, very confused indeed now. “I love you,” I said. “So, uh, yeah. Sure.” I kissed him on his cheek. “I don’t know when exactly the big change thingie will happen. Sometime before midnight. Since there’s no cake. I dunno how it works when there’s no cake. I guess I’ll find out.”

“Why do we not return to the coffin and spend some time with one another?” he asked.


“Ohhh let’s wait until it happens,” I begged, tugging at his wrist. “It will only be a couple hours at most. Let’s talk, or–you can sing a song. What do you do on birthdays? Or, did when you were alive?”

So we talked for a while. There wasn’t much done for birthdays when he was alive, so I told him a bit of what happened for when I was… well, ‘alive’. I told him about my sister’s birthday with music and dancing, and mine with the shooting hoops game. I sang him ‘happy birthday’ and he repeated it in his amazing, deep voice. And then at some point I felt strange–and remembered the feeling at my last big birthday and sure enough soon I began sparkling.

William stared at me with huge eyes. “Chance?” he breathed out as he slowly stood. “What is this?” I saw a few other ghosts staring at me as well, the shocked look repeating on each face as the sparkles consumed me.


Then I was older. Eighteen. Officially an adult. I spun around then beamed at William who just gaped at me. “How do I look?” I asked, running my hands down my shirt. “Not sure if I like these clothes but I can keep going through different outfits and–“

“What happened?!” Mike was across the bridge before I could finish talking. A couple others crossed as well, slower than Mike. “What the hell happened?”

“Chance… grew… older…” William spoke very slowly with nerve-wracking pauses between the words. “How…?”


I drew my hands to my chest, realizing the looks were more than shock. They were also of… fear almost. “I t-told you, I’m…” But William was looking at me the same way everyone else was. I felt like crying. “William, we t-talked about this.”

“We… did…” He pushed his hair back and then looked down at the ground. “I just… believed you to be… ah…”

“Well now you see I was right!” I smiled at him but he didn’t even look up.

“How?!” Mike approached me. “How did you–? You–we–ghosts can’t… YOU can’t–this is… impossible!”

“Is this some sort of trick?” someone else asked.

“How come I haven’t gotten any older?” Donna demanded.


And then everyone began talking at once, a wall of voices coming down on me. I backed away from them, shooting my looks towards William who had finally raised his chin. Mike was saying something about unnaturalness and curses, and someone else shouted, “He’s like a yellow! Stay away from him!”

“Stop!” William said in a booming voice. “Leave him be. Go! About your business! You have not given him much heed but now he–but now there is no reason for it. So go.” He waved his hands and the other ghosts just stared before drifting off, muttering under their breath about how freaky I was.

I sighed with relief as the last one crossed the bridge but tensed when William turned and I saw he did not look pleased at all. I moved closer to him and he moved away. “William, thank you for once again coming to my rescue,” I said with a forced laugh. “You are indeed my knight in–“


“Chance, pray tell what has happened?” His voice was low now, and very dark. Very unhappy. Very scary.

I gulped. “I told you, William. I’m–I’m not a normal ghost.” I reached out for him, terrified he’d just back away but he didn’t–but he also didn’t come any closer to take my hand, so I let mine drop. “William. Don’t be mad.”

“I am not mad. Merely… confused in my mind. Please, Chance, allow me some time with my thoughts.” He spread his hands out and I had to nod. I didn’t want to give him the time, I wanted to cry, to throw myself at his feet and beg him for–for–for something. But I nodded, and he turned and drifted off towards his horse. I sank back onto the bench, pulling my feet up onto the bench, wrapping my arms around my knees, and I cried.


I had been so excited for my birthday, to become an adult. Now I could have lost the person I loved because of it? Surely I wouldn’t lose him, because he did love me. I guess he thought all my talk of being abnormal was just that–talk. A few more ghostly tears fell.I wanted to know what he was thinking, what was making him so confused. Please, I thought, peeking out. I could see him, running his strong fingers through the horse’s mane. Please… don’t stop loving me…


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31 Responses to Living Is A Lie – 6.17 – Please…

  1. T^T Poor Chance. -huggles him-

  2. ashenwings says:

    I wonder what the reaction would be if he ever mentioned he was born a ghost. Poor Chance, I hope William decides to just accept it so they can be happy. 😦

  3. annasommer says:

    Hm, I didn’t really think about this before… but, technically, this means that Chance will grow not only up, but old and die on William, right? 😦

  4. sarinal says:

    Poor Chance 😦 He was so looking forward to his birthday and I bet he feels like it’s ruined now :/ I hope William will come around, it’d be awful if he lost William because of this :/

    (the second person to like your post is me, I’m just logged in with my other account ^^)

  5. SRaina says:

    Aw, poor Chance, but it did seem that William really didn’t get how different Chance is earlier. Hopefully, William will come around and understand.

  6. mewmewmentor says:

    I wanted to look at a human pic of Chance as an adult, and I remembered you posted a whole bunch of pics of Chance and Miracle through most of their life stages. But I can’t find it! Link, please? Or can you tell me where to look? 😀

    I swear I’m seeing Serenity in his ghost-face, but I’m probably wrong as the ghosti-glow tends to obscure those features.

    I had a feeling William would react like this. Actually, I thought his reaction would be more along Mike’s lines. XD But it might be as he hasn’t really said what’s on his mind besides him being confused. I’m just guessing here, but I’m wondering if William liked Chance partly because it seems like Chance needs protecting and now that Chance’s taller than him and older (physically, anyways), he seems less like he needs protection…especially as William thought he was right. He seems like the indulgent type. Also, William might think it’s a bit inappropriate for them to keep dating, because as Chance ages William will always be seventeen.

    In any case…I still have a feeling a certain somebody is going to be Chance’s ‘and then forever’ person…but then again it’s been a while since that somebody showed…

    Chance’s clothes kinda look like a page’s. XD I mean, like a page to a knight. Perfect. Tehe.

    Bye, bye, Lindsay! You were fun to read about!

    • mewmewmentor says:

      I found the picture! Then I went and looked at the gender switch post. XD I think, apart from skin tone, Chance got mostly Henri’s features and coloring. Handsome! I still want to play with his hair. :3

    • sErindeppity says:

      ^__^ there ya go! He does resemble Serenity, you can really tell if you look at the gender switch thing I did. But he has Henri’s eyes I think. Shape, at least, not color. His lips are Henri too I think… but otherwise it’s a lot of Sen.

      William would never react like Mike. And he’s at least taking time to sit and think hard about what’s going on instead of just doing something based on a gut reaction. William did not like Chance because physically he was small and thin. He is an indulgent type, though, but he loves Chance for how he is. I’m sure he annoys William sometimes with his overly romanticized ideas of what went on in the 14th and 15th century, but he loves Chance for being so sweet and open. Part of it IS a bit of the “protection” thing though I think it’s more of Chance’s innocent personality. He does need a knight in shining armor, even if William doesn’t like that phrase.

      Oooh who’s Chance’s “and then forever” person? I like that name by the way. “And then forever”. I am so using that. If that’s ok. x] I can see Chance calling his lover that. ^___^ Chance did choose his clothes to be a bit medieval-y. But he’s not going to change them if he and William break up forever since they really look good on his cute ghostly body.

      Bye Lindsey! I want to include her in it more but ah well she was fun. xD

      • sErindeppity says:

        Yeah he does look a lot more like Henri than I initially thought. It’s the nose that really throws me xD

      • mewmewmentor says:

        Oh, you can use it. I’m pretty sure I pilfered ‘and then forever’ from somebody else. Possibly Stephenie Meyer. Don’t quote me on that, though.

        When I looked at Henri as a girl and compared him to Chance, I thought they looked quite a bit alike in the jawline too. I’m thinking Serenity and Henri must have similar jaws, though I didn’t go looking for a pic of her as herself. I miss her. :/

        I actually mentioned who I thought Chance’s person will be a while back. The kid from, um…oh yeah, the Reddings’ lab. Of course, that was before William and now I kinda wish William and Chance could be together despite the aging thing. Dx But I suspect it won’t happen at least partly because of the aging thing. That’s why I’m clinging to that other person unless I’m proven otherwise. I want Chance to be happy. He’s such a sweetie. :3

        Oh! I just thought that Chance might like to get to travel the world for the rest of his life. XD He really is a Wanderer – even when he’s happy he starts thinking his surroundings are a cage. I prefer to think of them as homes. Of course he has the added difficulty of having to stay in one place without doing a lot of exploring…so maybe I shouldn’t judge him too harshly about that.

      • sErindeppity says:

        Haha ok ;P I am using it. Chance is such the type of person to say it.

        Ok I am going into game right now, and have Chance, Serenity, and Henri all as boys and then all as girls, and get pics of them all, and compare. I miss Sen too. You’ll see her again though. Unfortunately, when Seb dies. T^T -cries- I don’t want to do that. D:

        Anyway… yes, I remember you mentioning him. 😉 I just wanted to make sure you were still meaning him haha. Jareth Greyson is his name. Chance needs to be very happy 😦 I love him so much. But he is gonna have a reeally bumpy ride. Though, I adore him so much his gen is going to be very long since he’s so cute.

        Chance is very much so the type of person who wants freedom. It’s not so much he hates being in one place for too long, but he really just can’t stand the thought of being unable to go anywhere if he wants. He could happily live in one place, if he was able to go out and do things. Even if it was just errands. If he were living, yes–it would be a home to him and not a cage. But as much of an introvert as I am, it would drive me nuts if I couldn’t leave the house once in a while. I see Chance as being a househusband type of person, if he could.
        But as you said yourself, don’t judge him too harshly for thinking himself in a cage. It really is the restrictions forced on him that makes him feel that way.

      • sErindeppity says:

        Nope Hen and Sen have different jaws

  7. ashenwings says:

    If the Reddings were studying ghosts, then they could find a way to make Chance a living human, right? Or, there’s always finding a magical means…I just had a thought. Madame Cassandra, is she simply just an unimportant psychic or is she Jay? Or, if she isn’t a Redding, is she still important to Chance’s future? Or am I just grasping at straws? XD

    • sErindeppity says:

      Maybe, if that’s what they were going for. ;P The question is, is that something they’d be studying? O: There might be a magic way. Or Chance just maybe will stay ghost-y for the rest of his life.

      Madame Casandra is unimportant. xD I don’t think that’s the sort of person Jay would pretend to be. She was just thrown in as someone who is not doing a good job of guiding Lindsey. I thought about having her show up. If she had shown up, she would be shown as an obvious phony who’d freak out the moment she saw Chance xD

  8. GloryGal says:

    I was concerned about the aging thing too, was thinking it but didn’t write it, thought it was just a given, but then I read a lot of books…lol I don’t think that Chance really has a clue as to what could happen in his relationship with William if they were to truly “lie” together, when William said he can be “rough” I was a little concerned about that, Chance is so innocent…

    • sErindeppity says:

      Eeee I am very glad people were thinking about it 😉
      Chance doesn’t have a clue since he doesn’t think it could happen. He doesn’t think two guys can because of lack of ‘parts’. If they did though William would be very gentle with Chance. The rough thing was more of… trying to be all sexy and stuff.xD

  9. 2troublesome says:

    OMAHGERD i cannot take any more tears in this story… pleasepleaseplease let this relationship work. I have already fallen in love with this couple! D:

    And on that note WOW I can’t believe I read through 5 1/2 gens in 4 days… not to mention the Dannings story lol

    Will you update soon? pleeeeeeeeeeeeeease?

    • sErindeppity says:

      Aww, I’m sorry 😦 I can’t promise there won’t be any more tears. I tend to put a lot of drama into my writing, or attempt to. So all the heirs will have their downs… but they’ll also have their ups. Chance’s gen will end happier than Sen’s did I can promise that ^_^ but the trip there will be really bumpy.

      WOW I can’t believe you read through all that too! I actually did the math sometime last week. Using an average word count for my entire legacy, and how many “words per page” novels are… I estimate that with no pictures, the Danevbie legacy is currently sitting at being a 2,700 page novel! And that was before this chapter was out, I think, so that adds a couple more pages. xD and Dannings too? Wow! Thank you SO much for all your reading! I really feel happy and honored you took the time to read it all 😳 and am happy you enjoyed it so much. I hope you continue to enjoy it… even with the sad bits! 🙂

      I plan on updating today actually. ^__^
      PS: does your e-mail name refer to Shikamaru Nara? Just curious, cause he’s my favorite character in the manga/anime ^_^

      • 2troublesome says:

        I actually started reading your story a long time ago, back when I had started a 100 baby challenge I think 2 years ago? maybe longer. But I hadn’t read it in a long time so I decided to re-read all the stuff I had already read and then just go strait through XD

        Shikamaru Nara indeed 🙂 I have a soft spot for the lazy genius… and Shika/Naruto is my favorite fanfic pairing, even though it’s hard to find lol. So I content myself with Shika/Neji ^_^

      • sErindeppity says:

        🙂 Then you probably started right when I was starting, it began in June of last year. Yeah there’s some stories I want to catch up that I think might be best starting at the beginning hehe.

        YAY! -high five- Shikamaru~ I love him so much. I don’t think I have a favorite pairing with him and someone else except I’ve never seen him with a female. -laughs- I suppose if I have to dig into my mind I’ve probably put him with Choji the most because of their relationship. OH! I do an RP with some friends and it’s based on the Naruto world-base, and after I made my character and talked to the GM about my abilities, I realized some of my abilities are rather Nara-esque (keep someone from moving, etc) only in a different way. But my character isn’t a lazy genius. He’s… a… I don’t even know. xD But definitely not lazy… and definitely not a genius.
        😳 sorry for babbling. Nauruto tends to get me to do that, especially if it’s about Shikamaru.

  10. zefiewings says:

    I would have expected nothing less. I just hope things get better…

    • sErindeppity says:

      Hopefully they do but I can’t make any promises. All I am saying is Chance’s ending of his gen is happier than Sen’s. :I what happens along the way…. wellllll….. :I

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