The Original Jacob!

So when I was moving stuff from my old pc there was a folder in pictures entitled “sims” which I knew was just sims 2 pictures I took. Well I looked, and there was one sims 3 picture! The first sim (in sims 3) I ever made… When I first got sims 3, I never took pictures. I did have a lot of CC in it… and it wasn’t until after WA came out that I actually took a picture… and it was of my favorite sim.


This is the sim that helped inspire Danevbies! I lost him at some point but he had always been my favorite so when I was planning on starting a legacy I knew I had to use Jacob. I remade him, gave him almost the same traits, and the same LTW. And yes, this legacy was almost named the DeKirk legacy. But then I decided I really needed something unusual so I made up Danevbie.

Haha sorry for the random post but when I found this I decided I really needed to share! Ahhh I’m feeling so nostalgic just looking at him… but I must say… I am grateful my graphics have improved. 🙂



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Hi there! I'm known as sErindeppity. I love to read (huzzah!) and love to write (double huzzah!). I have tons of books in my room ahaha. I love video games and hate hot weather. :p
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12 Responses to The Original Jacob!

  1. mischiefthekitten says:

    Wow, he sure has changed his looks a fair bit, hasn’t he! 😀 I like posts like this, so don’t feel bad about randomness ^^
    I have read your previous as well, btw, it’s just that I read them on my laptop and it’s annoying to comment on there and then I forgot and I’m a bad follower -.- I’m really worried about Chance, though, but I have my suspicions.. LIke, him and the kidnapping guy ending up married :3

    • sErindeppity says:

      A bit yeah. I had to remake him since I had lost him… he does have red hair though you can’t see it well in this pic, it’s more brownish-red than orange-red,a and the CC hair brought the brown out in it. Haha I have a thing for red hair so a lot of my sims have had it… xD and that’s okay,lurk away and comment if you want to 😉 you’re a better follower than me. 😛 Hehe personally, I think Chance and the hunter would be cute together too~

      • mischiefthekitten says:

        I know you can’t say anything more than that about them at this point, but just so you know, I’m rooting for them :3
        I won’t be just lurking once I get better chances to read – my easter break starts soon and even though I’ll have loads of uni work to do I’ll also have some more freedom hopefully with other stuff. I hate just lurking :/

      • sErindeppity says:

        Teehee your rooting is not alone. I will say that. Sometimes though… what I personally want for my characters wouldn’t work well with their story. I still think William and Chance could’ve been an amazing couple… if Chance was a regular ghost though :\ But this hunter and Chance would be cute together too! Especially with the whole hunter/prey thing going on. Hehe.
        Yay for breaks! I don’t like lurking either which is one reason I don’t get caught up easily on stories since it’s like “ok I read and I comment” and that takes more time than just reading.

      • mischiefthekitten says:

        I often feel the same way about my characters 😦 I have grown quite fond of some of them and wish I could have given them a different outcome, but the story demands something else and so do their personalities. I can’t wait to see how these two are playing out, though!! :3 The hunter and prey thing could become very interesting indeed!! 😀
        Commenting really does take some time! That’s why I appreciate it so much when people bother, especially when they’re doing it on every chapter! :3 I need to throw a party for them somewhen I think :3

      • sErindeppity says:

        Haha yeah I appreciate comments too. That’s one reason I don’t like reading and not commenting cause I feel bad and stuff like that. But I don’t mind if I have lurkers really. o.O
        And yeah…the interesting thing about me is… the more I like a character, the more drama I want to put them through….
        And Chance is my favorite heir.
        Just sayin’.

  2. annasommer says:

    You know, this headline really made me blink- “the original Jacob” would be “der wahre Jakob” in German, and this is a pun meaning “the real thing” *rofl*
    I, too, have a pics folder full of old favorite sims long gone… sigh… the nostalgia…

    • sErindeppity says:

      Lol! I didn’t know that, that is great! Thanks for sharing that tidbit… ;P The real thing. Haha. Yeah I have some pics of the Harry Potter sims I *always* played with in Sims 2. I blame Sims 2 for my obsession with a certain shipping… hahaha

  3. I remember the first sim I made on the sims three,luckly he wasn’t customized so remaking him is really easy,but my favorite sim is my own simself.
    It also cool to see how this story’s started the way it did.

    • sErindeppity says:

      Yeah I couldn’t really recreate his face that well…. but I like how the new version turned out. Pretty much the traits were the same except one… I forget what I swapped out for “nurturing”. Ahhh it is fun to use sims we’ve used for a long time! I even remember the first sim I ever played with in sims 2.

  4. Maddy says:

    Awww! Jacob :3 I actually never thought the Danevbie name was all that strange… Did you invent it?? I like it waaaayyy better than DeKirk though lol! I dunno, it just has that ring to it that makes me happy whenever I read/hear it. Is that weird? Just one of those pretty names I guess 🙂

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