Small Update

Just a small update.

I went into game today to try to get pics but it seriously depressed me. I am teetering on the decision of staying on my so-called great PC… or going back to my easily-too-heated laptop. -rubs head- I mean my laptop just heats up so quickly, and sure my PC runs fast and doesn’t crash like my laptop does but… -rubs head again- the faces are blotchy, the lips are washed out, the collarbones look weird… the nipples look weird… and in scenery pics distant trees and rocks look like ugly smudges. I have done everything I can possible think of… I’m gonna try adding in a mod that enhances the graphics but we’ll have to see… I’m worried it will have serious negative impact on gameplay.

I’m going to try to get pictures soon. I’ll try to get chapters out next week. I apologize for not getting anything out recently. I guess I will just have to… try to ignore the graphics? @_@ while getting pictures… that’s not gonna be easy. But I’ll try.


Update: I’m not gonna try the enhancement mod… it is really confusing @_@ and I saw several times “do not use for constant gameplay” so I’m not gonna use it.

I’m considering uninstalling and reinstalling sims… I reeeallly don’t wanna do this cause bloody hell it means an 8 hour download time for ambitions. @_@ But I don’t know. I really don’t know. This has seriously broken me.


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19 Responses to Small Update

  1. simswhen says:

    I know you’re worried because of what people are saying, but I would still try it cause it honestly does change the graphics for gameplay. It depends on the computer though. I wouldn’t recommend this, if I didn’t feel it wasn’t safe, I’m not that kind of person. I’m a computer nerd haha. If it doesn’t work, you can always put your graphicfile back in the bins folder and it should go back to normal (or how it was). I’d rather risk trying, than to not try at all if I was in your position. It’s simple and can be done within 4 minutes. But I understand. Maybe you’re right, re-installing everything might help! πŸ™‚ Goodluck.

    • sErindeppity says:

      Part of it is, I am very not computer savvy and after looking through the tutorial I got extremely confused very easily. Maybe I will give it a try… I just need to reread and reread the tutorial and explanations and figure out what the heck I am doing haha. I’ll try it Monday (since I will be gone most of tomorrow). Thank you for the vote of confidence… I think you are right and I should just… give it a try. ^^

  2. simswhen says:

    I see, I use to be like that all the time. Even when it came to downloading a simple program, I always thought it was going to ruin my computer. But I learned to relax a little bit. πŸ˜› And yeah, that’s true I’m sure the instructions can get confusing, I’ll try and make it simple for you? maybe this will help whenever you get to it.

    – Create a new folder, name it “My graphicfile” and put that folder on your desktop (Or anywhere you will remember to locate it)

    – Locate your ‘C’ drive, click on the ‘Program files’ folder, then the ‘Electronic Arts’ folder, then ‘The Sims 3’ folder, after that ‘Game’ folder, then ‘Bin’. (So it should be ‘LocalDiscC > Program files > Electronic Arts > The Sims 3 > Game > Bin)

    – Look for ‘GraphicRules.sgr’ in the ‘Bin’ folder. Cut and paste it into your “My graphicfile folder.” (This is to keep your original sgr file safe, because when you download the HQ mod it will overwrite that file with the new Graphicrules.sgr file that you download.)

    – After that go to the website I linked you, and download the HQ mod. Don’t download any that have ‘CAS’ over it. I don’t know what that’s all about. Just choose one, like I downloaded 3584×3584 if that helps. Locate the bin folder, and drag it/extract it/copypaste whatever you need to do and put it in there.

    Then open your game, and see the results!

    • sErindeppity says:

      Well it’s not I am worried about downloading programs to ruin my game or computer (though I am worried about it slowing the game down to a point where it is unplayable), it’s more of… it takes me a long time to understand where to put it. It took me ages to figure out mods. And when I saw multiple things to possibly download of course I had no clue which one to download. I will give it a try Monday though.

      • simswhen says:

        I know, HQ mod isn’t even a program I just used that as an example of me not wanting to download stuff because of it ruining or slowing down my computer. I was paranoid at some time. Haha! πŸ˜€ I never used mods until the middle of last year, I didn’t know they existed! (I’m late) I just use to play off of cheats and that was it. It was all very new to me. But alright. Again, goodluck!

      • sErindeppity says:

        Quick question, will it enhance the scenery?

      • simswhen says:

        If it works like well like it did with mine when I tried it out then yes, it’ll enhance the scenery! Like I said though, HQ works differently with different people. Let’s just hope it does well with you too!

      • sErindeppity says:

        Ok, thank you so much. I will try it Monday. πŸ˜€

      • simswhen says:

        Haha! Okay. You’re welcome!

  3. I’m a long time silent reader ever since Jacob. Anyways…

    Maybe your game doesn’t recognize your graphic card. You might have to force the game to do it. This seems complex, but there’s pictures in the tutorial. A very important thing for me when it comes to tutorials.

    First, do backup the graphic file, in case.

    Another place to seek help, aside Crinrict’s is:

    Seriously, tumblr have many simmers there who can help with stuff and plenty more high quality cc to grab.

    • sErindeppity says:

      The confusing thing is it worked fine before, then I updated the drivers and now it’s all weird and ugly. I mean my graphics were at a great place, I was happy with them, they were pretty, they were all at the highest setting then this happens and highest setting doesn’t look very good anymore. I might try the graphic card thing but honestly it gives me a headache just looking at that tutorial xD I get so lost so easily with that stuff πŸ˜†
      I really appreciate your help, and also thanks for being a reader! :)I am very ecstatic to know you’ve been sticking around since Jacob! ❀ thank you so much! I'll try to figure out the thing you suggested. Although as for the tumblr thing, I don't have an account on tumblr πŸ˜›

    • sErindeppity says:

      I did forget to say I will check it out and see if that is the issue… or try to. πŸ˜† I’ll check tomorrow. ^^

      • It’s easy to check if the graphic card is recognized without messing with it, unless you have to with the first link up there.

        The same area where your saves, library, etc files in doc-electronic art-sims 3 is the file to see if the game recognize the graphic card. Under deviceconfig.log. This is below dccache folder.

        Open it. Top area, of the text box. Look for graphic device info. Find “name (database)”. There’s found and matched. If both have 1, then you’re good to go.

        But if found is 0. Then you’ll have to force the game to recognize it.

        A few users on tumblr reported having to do this crap after they decided to update their driver. I didn’t update, thankfully, but I would’ve messed with it anyways since I understand technology.

        If you get lost if trying to modify the graphic sgr files, let me know. I’ll try to explain it in layman term. I can understand technology pretty good and I occasionally mess around on my computer, whether for games or not.

        But before you mess with anything, whether graphics or hq, BACKUP everything. Better safe than sorry.

        I recommend tumblr. It’s fun. Just disable anonymous questions and you’re good to go.

      • sErindeppity says:

        Oh wow I didn’t realize updating your drivers would do that. I’ve rolled back the drivers and other stuff but… I guess I’ll check that. I usually do backup stuff before I do anything so I’ll do that then check to see if it’s recognizing the card. Thanks! πŸ™‚
        I’m actually not a fan of tumblr. :I I go there to get CC, but my main priority with a site is easily navigated and it’s not for me. Like when I go to get CC, and this has happened on multiple different layouts by different users, if I try to see what else they have I usually get very lost very quickly. Can’t find anything… so I pretty much avoid tumblr except direct links to CC or pictures. :S

      • sErindeppity says:

        === Graphics device info ===
        Number: 0
        Name (driver): NVIDIA GeForce GTX 660
        Name (database): NVIDIA GeForce GTX 660 [Found: 0, Matched: 1]

        So looks like that IS the problem. I’ll try to get it fixed… if I need your help I’ll let you know. Thank you so much!

      • sErindeppity says:

        I went to the link you gave earlier about forcing the game to recognize the graphics card and I have noooooo clue whatsoever what it’s saying… so if you’re willing to help that would be much appreciated, but if not that’s fine too ^_^

      • sErindeppity says:

        Also the wiki how page thingie says “so the lowest default settings are used” and that’s not the case for my game, when the settings are on default or are reset they are not at their lowest. They’re mostly in the middle.

  4. Sorry about not seeing this. See your next post for more..

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