Living Is A Lie – 6.27 – Change Of Plans

Author’s Note:

Some adult…… humor? LOL anyway yeah, a warning.


I woke up at a pained shout. Not from me, but from Specter who was sprawled on the floor near me. I had slept not only soundly, but solidly and Specter had apparently forgotten about me and tripped. Whoops. I stood in the doorway of the bathroom, wringing my hands and apologizing as he scrubbed his foot off with that spray. I lost count of how many times he threatened me.

“Now. Keep quiet. I’d prefer it if you just slept but if you must…” Specter handed me one of the baggies which had the TV remote in it. “Use that. Anything else you touch…” he indicated a pile of the baggies and then a couple cans of spray, “just… disinfect. And stay out of trouble.”

“Aren’t you going to eat anything?” I asked as he strode towards the door.

“Bog off.”


I went to the window and watched him leave, then hurried to turn the TV on. There really wasn’t much to watch but I did anyway since… well, there really wasn’t anything else to do. After a while I had a brilliant idea and turned two of the baggies inside out then stuck them on my hands. I beamed happily, proud of my Great Idea. Now I could interact with things without worrying too much about leaving my residue everywhere. Not that I was going to. It was just in case of–I wonder what’s in the fridge. I drifted over and opened the fridge, rather surprised to see it was almost completely empty. A few cartons of stuff that looked like takeout… some mustard… a mostly full carton of milk past its expiration date… a carton of eggs… and three books.

I shut the door then began looking through the cupboards, not finding much more food really. Some canned corn, canned peas, canned potatoes… quarter loaf of bread… cereal… can of tuna… and some more books. Hmm. I began checking every nook and cranny and found bits and pieces here and there but mostly books. I tried reading the titles but almost every single one had words that not only I didn’t know what they meant but I couldn’t even read. “Puh….sy….cha…log-uh…log…ice…el… influence… of…. par… paranormal… in…try…goo…” I squinted, tilting my head the other way. Paranormal, I knew what it was. OH! The last word was intrigue. I set the book aside and picked up another. “Popular the… therm…oh… gray-phic… ev… ev… evidence.” I picked up a third and my head almost hurt trying to figure out the word. “Puh…see… you… do… science….” I gave up at that point and just flipped through the books, interested in the pictures but not really understanding the words that went with them.


I looked through multiple books while the TV went on, and also found some magazines including one that had my picture in it… from Ap… App… from… that one place. I squinted at the name. App…a…loosa… Plains. Oh yeah. That place. With… ummmm… W…. that… kni–William! That was it. I set the magazine and frowned, trying harder to concentrate. I really couldn’t remember too much before that. I had lived… in a Valley place. A girl ghost. And my… family…? My head felt so weird and strange. Sort of achy. And everything felt so fuzzy. I didn’t like that feeling one bit so I just turned back to the books, happily looking at the pictures of paranormal activity.

I got very caught up in them, not noticing the time passing by or how many I had surrounded myself with. Until once again I was caught by Specter. His shadow went over me and I looked up, meeting his furious eyes. “Oh. H-hi. You’re home… um… early?” I looked at the clock. 4am. “Or, um. Not.”


“What the hell do you think you are doing, ghost?”

“R-reading?” I set the book down then held up my hands, wriggling them in the bags. “Protection! See? I haven’t touched anything but these bags. I promise you!” I scrambled to my feet, hands still up. “See? The outsides of the bags have only touched stuff. I promise, Mr. Specter, sir.”

He raised his hand, covering his mouth. Covering what I was fairly certain was a smile. All the fear and tension was released from my mind. “Still, you are to go over everything you’ve touched with the spray. Just in case. Thank Watcher I got some more cans from work…” He tossed a duffel bag down and began pulling things out including several more cans. “But any more and I am going to be questioned about the excessive use… My boss won’t be happy. I need to broach the subject of spiritual abnormalities…”


“Spiritual abnormalities?” I echoed.

Specter shot me a look. “You. I think I will discuss it with him tomorrow night. I’m getting a sho–ugh, why am I even…?” He rubbed his head then sighed. “Go and spray. Ghost. Damn… annoying… stupid… chatty… ghost.” He stomped off to the bathroom and I obediently picked up a can, spraying all the books and feeling extremely satisfied when nothing really zapped. HAH!!! My baggy-glove-thing worked. I felt all smug and happy. Still, I went over the books and the outside of the fridge and the outside of the cupboards.

“All done!” I said brightly when he came out of the bathroom. I quickly looked away. Did this guy really have no sense of… covering himself? “And nothing zapped. My baggies worked. They worked real good.”

“Real…” He trailed off and made a groany sound. “Forget it.” He then went into the bedroom, and I wasn’t sure if he was going to bed… or if I should go to sleep… or what. I went in after him but he was sitting up, writing something down in a notebook. Since he made no reaction to me being there, I settled down on the floor.

“You really like hunting ghosts?” I asked after a moment.

“Yes. Shut up.”


I was silent, listening to the scritchy noises of his pen on paper. Finally I asked, “When did you start hunting ghosts?”

“Ages ago. Shut up.”

I curled up on my side and traced my finger over the carpeting on his floor. Scritch, scratch, pause, scritch, pause, erase. I sucked in some air then rolled onto my back. “Do you really hate me?”

Complete silence. Then finally, “Go to sleep, ghost. Before I kill you.” I closed my eyes with a smile. That wasn’t a no, I thought cheerfully as I waited for sleep to take me.



I didn’t have terrible dreams but they weren’t very nice. I woke up at some point when it was still not-very-light out with a few gasps of air, my body shivering. I want my mom, a tiny thought floating around in my brain. I hugged my knees and looked at the bit of light coming through the curtains. I hadn’t thought of needing my mom in a long time. I wished I could remember her better. I had this fuzzy, dim, hazy memory of a woman picking me up after a night of bad dreams, holding me close, purple hair brushing against me… Purple hair? I rubbed my eyes and then smiled. My memory must’ve been really bad if I was imagining someone with purple hair.

I looked up towards Specter, wondering about the blue in his hair. Maybe my mom did have purple hair and had colored it like Specter colored his–What is THAT? I stared wide-eyed at his bed, a scary, creepy, cold feeling went down my spine (spine area, since really I didn’t technically have a spine). I didn’t think it was really possible but there was another ghost in this place! I wondered how it got in or what kind of ghost it was. It was haunting Specter’s bed. I had seen plenty of movies that had this problem. Bed sheets rising and all that stuff.


I stared intently at the bump in the sheet over Specter’s body. What do I do? I thought, trying not to panic. I didn’t want to hurt the ghost since I was one too but what if it was a bad ghost? The movie ghosts that made a bed shake and stuff were all bad ghosts so wasn’t this going to probably be a bad ghost? Maybe I should just spray it but… if it was under the sheets…

I froze and felt sick. I remembered a SUPER SCARY ghost movie that had me crying cause it was so scary with the ghost thing under the covers and… NO!!! I had to do something. If this ghost hurt Specter… well… maybe if I saved him, he’d free me. Yes. Just do it, Chance, you can do it. I slowly rose to my feet, staring at the bump in the bed. Go on, save him, get rid of the bad ghost, you know it’s a bad ghosts, bad ghosts do stuff like this. I licked my lips then pounced, grabbing the ghost as hard as I could.

Specter woke up with a pained scream, his upper body jerking up so the scream was right in my ear. “It’s okay!” I said. “I got the ghost!”


He was cussing rapidly and in a very odd… gargled… odd voice. “LET GO LET GO LET GO!” he finally yelled. “LET! GO!”

“It’s a bad ghost!” I said. “I don’t know how it got in but it was haunting your bed and–“


I looked down at my hands, still wrapped around the… well… now that I thought about it, it felt kinda strange. Not really how a ghost normally felt. Kinda… squishier… but… fi…rm… oh. Oh. I pulled my hands away and Specter began scrambling away from me, hissing out in pain as he curled forward, clutching his… Oh. Oops. “I’m–I thought–I thought it w-w-was an evil ghost,” I whimpered, biting my bottom lip, knowing now he was gonna kill me. “I woke up and–I’ve seen movies where evil spirits haunt beds and make the sheets rise up and–I thought–I–“

“How stupid are you?!” he howled. “Seriously?! You have got to be the STUPIDEST thing I have ever met in my entire life! You know nothing! NOTHING! I mean, SURELY as a MALE spirit you would have–would have THOUGHT! You’re not a child! You’re an adult! Are you really that ignorant?!”


Tears were dripping down now at his words and I hung my head low. “I’m sorry,” I whispered again. “I’ve not… really… I’ve never really… I mean–“

“How old were you when you died?!”

“I didn’t die, I said.”

He gritted his teeth and stood up, sheet wrapped around his body. “Fine, whatever. How old do you think you are?”

I stood as well on the other side of the bed, drawing myself up. “I’m eighteen,” I replied. “Almost nineteen. Nineteen in the autumn.”

“Almost nineteen,” he growled, “and you know nothing of–sexual matters like what the hell morning wood is?!”

I blinked slowly. “W-well… I d-d-don’t know what that is… b-b-but I know about sex. I’ve had sex.”


“Oh. Watcher. No. You haven’t.”

“Have too!” I stomped my foot in protest. “I slept with my boyfriend loads of times!”

He let out a laugh. “You’ve got to be kidding me, you slept wi–what?” He stopped, obviously shocked by what I had said.

“I have,” I confirmed, nodding my head. “I don’t know what you mean about trees and stuff but… I might not know a lot of… um… terms and sayings and stuff. But I know some stuff and I know about sex and stuff, I’m not stupid. I just saw–your sheets were–kinda rised up and… just thought it was an evil–“

“I’m sorry, did you say boyfriend?”

“Um. Yes.”


“Great! I’ve got a gay ghost in my house. Just freaking great.”

“You don’t have to, you know.” I brightened up considerably now, beaming. “You can let me go. Then you won’t have a gay ghost in your house.”

“Or, I could kill you. Then I won’t have a gay ghost in my house.”

A tiny whimper rose up in my throat. “Y-yeah… b-b-but… but…”

“Look…” He was rubbing his head again, fingers going through his spiky, multi-colored hair. “I’ll talk to… yeah. Tomorrow. Tonight. Whatever. Find a decision. For now, I need to disinfect then I can get back to sleep. But one more thing…” He moved closer to me, just a few inches away. I gulped, eyes on his as he glowered. “Touch me… one more time, ghost. Just one more time…”


That’s an odd thing to ask for after all that, I thought but I shrugged, said, “Ok.” and then grabbed him. I only realized it had been a threat and not a request when his face turned a very odd shade. Uuuuhh whoops. I quickly let go. His finger was in the air, pointing at me, trembling just slightly with all the tension and anger that I knew was in his body. I heard a creaking sound as he ground his teeth then slowly, very slowly, he walked past me. I sat on the floor and watched the bathroom door, hoping my mistakes didn’t condemn me. Surely me trying to save him counted for something even if it had… uhh… only resulted in pain.

That…. I sniffled, and tried not to think of… ‘it’. But there was something I was kinda curious about. No, more like concerned. I had seen a few in the movies but those were just movies and I never really paid much attention. Same to naked lady parts. It was movies, the same place where dinosaurs could walk around or giant goo-monsters could wallow around or stuff like that. Even if they were real bodies, they were still just movie bodies. And I had never really… done anything with William like that. So I was pretty… new to the idea of… male bits. And even though I hadn’t seen it, I had felt it and I knew it was… well… a lot… different from mine. Bigger. And it concerned me, since I really had nothing to compare with and I wondered if maybe I was abnormal in that matter.


I was still thinking on this matter when Specter returned to bed. I snuck a glance at him to maybe actually see it but he was actually covered this time, wearing boxers. When he caught me looking at him (hopefully not realizing my reasons for looking) I turned my head away. “N-n-n-night,” I stammered.



At around 3pm he left for work. He had spent the hour or so between waking and leaving ignoring me completely which was fine with me since I was really dizzy with strange, confusing, very horrible thoughts. He left without eating and as soon as he was gone I went to the bedroom and concentrated until my clothes faded off. It had been a long time since I tried changing clothes so it took a bit of effort but soon I was naked and studying my sorta-see-through reflection in the mirror, trying not to think about my original reason for studying my reflection cause I was like, 99.9 percent sure I was very smaller.


I looked so different… Specter had muscles and hair, and my body barely seemed to have any lines on my chest. I rubbed my chest but it was all smooth. I rubbed my face but there wasn’t really any extinguishing marks. I moved to the bathroom, so I could turn on the lights completely without risk of it showing through the curtains since he hadn’t left the bedroom lights on. I leaned in close to the mirror there. My eyes were fairly solid color and my hair… I wondered what color hair I really had. And why couldn’t I have any hair on my face? Like him? I rubbed my chin and concentrated on growing hair but nothing happened. Sighing, I went back to checking out my body, going a bit away from the mirror so I could see more of my body. How come I looked so different? I mean, I knew I was a ghost… and after hurting my brain remembering, I realized every ghost I could remember meeting were similar. Smooth… unmarked features. Some had facial hair. Larry. William. But… it was all just… blank. Blank.

“That’s what I am.” I stared at my reflection sadly. Blank. Smooth. Just… nothing. My heart and stomach sank as pain filled my chest. Spending so much time by myself had sorta made me forget just how much of a ghost I really was. How completely different I am from the living. And I am so unlike ghosts too. Specter’s constant talk of sending me into being experimented on was certain proof of that.


I slumped to the floor and began crying softly into my hands. Where did I belong? The land of the living? No. The land of the dead? No. Maybe I did need to go to the Nether. Maybe that’s where I belonged, not this… torturing halfway-in-between-ness. Maybe I should let him just zap me into the Netherworld. I curled up into a little ball on the floor and continued to weep.


He sat in his car, staring at the windshield. He didn’t want to go into work. He was a few miles away from his house and after feeling so sick he pulled over to get his thoughts together. I don’t have a job tonight as far as I know, he thought, leaning against the steering wheel. I don’t want to go home though

He tugged at his beard then snorted. That ghost was just so aggravating the thought of spending another minute around him was worse than nails on a chalkboard. Except… He leaned back in the seat now, watching a car pass by on the road. There was one thing he did like. The fact that the ghost didn’t treat him like some sort of social pariah. The ghost didn’t go to any lengths to avoid him, in fact he went to lengths to be near him. Specter snorted again at that. The ghost didn’t verbally abuse him like others, and certainly didn’t play mind games with him like his adopted father did. Despite the annoyance, the ghost really wasn’t all that bad. He was, in a very strange and stupid way, amusing.


Decent company, Specter thought miserably. My only company. The only person to talk openly with him, to willingly sit near him, to not just run and hide when met with his blazing anger or grumbling attitude. At least the only person in a long time–since his parents had died eleven years prior. The last time he had felt any sort of happiness. The last time he had felt anything other than pure hatred for a ghost.

Until now. Specter groaned loudly at that. He had mixed feelings for the idiotic and disgustingly naive ghost back at his house. Watcher! How could ANY male at the ghost’s age NOT know what was under those sheets even if he had been dead a thousand years? If it had been someone else… All right, so it was kinda funny in retrospect. Painful at the time, but kinda funny now and in fact Specter laughed. He had been doing that a lot lately. Laughing. Smiling. Feeling something other than the seething bitterness. Because of him.

Specter finally reached a decision and pulled back out onto the road… and headed to work.


Tired, exhausted, and pretty miserable, Specter returned home late. He had spent hours upon hours staking out a supposedly haunted amusement park with two other hunters. They found multiple benign spirits and one that was causing problems in none other than the haunted house. Specter had zapped it into the Netherworld after a lot of trouble and getting hurt. His first injury on the job in a while. The ghost had flown at him and he had been knocked back against something, slicing open his arm. So he had to spend more time at headquarters inside the nurse’s office getting stitches. He refused to go to the ER and refused to have any sort of numbing agent or painkillers, since he wanted to be able to drive home. He had slept in the office before but he didn’t want to do it now.

So by the time he finally got home it was already light out and he was on the verge of passing out. He threw off his clothes as he went to the bedroom until he was in nothing but his boxers. As he opened the bedroom door he realized he hadn’t seen any hint of that ghost. Frowning, he looked around his apartment.


He finally found the ghost in the bathroom. Completely naked. Asleep. Naked. Specter raised his eyebrow as he studied the being, a bit surprised at seeing no clothing on him. He had never heard of any ghost being able to change or strip clothes. Further evidence he is abnormal. Shrugging (and feeling kind’ve empty that the ghost hadn’t been awake to bug him) Specter went to bed, only to be awoken an hour or two later by screaming and crying from the bathroom.

Cussing, Specter went in and found the ghost awake and shaking. “What the hell is the problem, ghost?” Specter spat out.

“B-b-bad dreams,” he sniffled, staring up with wide, teary eyes. Something caught in Specter’s throat, so he just gave a growling ‘hmph’ sound in response. “S-sorry,” the ghost added after that.

“Is there a particular reason you’re naked?” Specter asked, rubbing between his eyes.


The ghost reacted strangely. He got a look on his face that Specter assumed to be embarrassment and his skin changed color a bit that made the hunter realize the ghost could blush in a way. Before anything else happened, the ghost was in clothes again. How did…? Specter shook his head, deciding he’d rather not ask anymore questions with so little sleep. So he turned to leave but the ghost began whimpering. Damn it. Specter slowly turned around again. “You want to sleep in my room again?” he asked and the ghost nodded swiftly then scrambled to follow Specter into his bedroom.

But when Specter climbed into bed, the ghost just stood there. Watching. With big, sad eyes. Specter narrowed his own eyes, suspecting what the ghost wanted but he didn’t want to give in. So Specter just grunted and settled under the covers. Soon he fell back asleep and was awoken by sobbing. It hadn’t even been an hour. Cussing, he kicked back his covers and sat up. “FINE!” he snarled. “GET IN!”

The ghost slithered up into the bed, on the far side of Specter. “I’m sorry, the nightmares are r-r-r-really bad,” he squeaked.

Specter yanked a sheet away from his body and tossed it at the ghost. “Stay on that side, you touch me, you’re dead. Got it?” The ghost nodded and then lay down, getting the sheet situated, his back to Specter.


“Th-thank you, Mr. Specter, sir.”

Specter flinched at that. He wanted to rail at the ghost and demand to stop being called ‘sir’ but it was better to just ignore it. Sighing loudly and in an annoyed tone, he rolled over so his back was to the ghost’s back. “Just stay on that side,” he grumbled one more time before falling asleep–and thankfully this time he was asleep for a long time, waking up when his alarm went off. As he groggily reached over to turn it off he realized the ghost was practically on top of him, arms and legs around his body, head buried against his back. Specter hit the off button then began wriggling and making his way out of the clutches of the ghost.

Specter got out of bed and looked down, preparing to scream, yell, cuss, and maybe even use some of the cleansing spray just to cause some pain… but as he looked down he was hit hard with the strangest of feelings. The ghost, no longer holding onto him, was now clutching his pillow. He looked very peaceful asleep to the point of Specter wondering if the ghost did have bad dreams and what they might be. Don’t be stupid, ghosts don’t dream. Specter just went to the bathroom to get a bath, deciding not to wake the idiotic ghost up. Not because he had a single shred of caring inside his body BECAUSE HE DID NOT HE MOST CERTAINLY DID NOT but because it’d be easier to leave the ghost asleep as he got ready for work and left.


Specter locked the door behind him and went down the stairs only to find Mrs. Penstone there, clutching her cat. “Hello Mrs. Penstone,” Specter said. “Hello Mr. Fluffy.” He reached out to pet the cat but the cat gave him a dark look so he withdrew his hand. He really wasn’t afraid of Mr. Fluffy but there was something about the cat that put him on edge.

“I heard screaming this morning, Specter,” Mrs. Penstone said. “Do you have a young lady up there?”

“No. I can assure you, I do not. I’ve been leaving the TV on is all. I’m terribly sorry to cause any problems. And I am sorry but I do need to head in to work.”

She eyed him suspiciously then looked up at his apartment. “Sometimes when you’re gone I hear noises. I heard crying last night.”

“I must’ve left the TV on.”


“You’re paying the bill, you know. If it’s up a lot…”

“I will, Mrs. Penstone. Have a good night.” He got into his jeep and quickly drove off, realizing he needed to talk to the ghost to make sure everything was quieter when he was… at work? Am I planning on KEEPING the ghost around? He hadn’t talked to his dad about abnormal ghosts or ever even broached the subject in any way… and now he was wondering if he even wanted to. Maybe… maybe in a few days, he finally decided. Not because he had any feelings for the ghost (because he didn’t) but because… things were just so busy at EGHB. That was it. That was all it was.


About sErindeppity

Hi there! I'm known as sErindeppity. I love to read (huzzah!) and love to write (double huzzah!). I have tons of books in my room ahaha. I love video games and hate hot weather. :p
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27 Responses to Living Is A Lie – 6.27 – Change Of Plans

  1. annasommer says:

    Jeeze. Jareth must be so lonely without realizing…

    • sErindeppity says:

      Well, hardly anyone talks to him. He’s 24 and for the past 11 years pretty much the only person that’s gotten close to him is his adopted father and maybe someone else, or two…. hmmm… I suppose we’ll just have to wait and see if he’s ever been in a relationship. ;P

  2. This was pretty much me during this chapter. Bwahahah oh Chance. Oh no Chance. Oh no Specter. ;<

  3. SRaina says:

    Oh Chance is so cutely funny.

  4. Booieann says:

    You have great writing. >w< I just wanna hug you for being so great.
    I love those two so much~

  5. luxaeternaimaging says:

    I wish there was a love button!

  6. thelizzy1990 says:

    We gotta find a way to turn Chance human real soon. I don’t like that he’s forgetting his family. =(

    • sErindeppity says:

      I won’t say whether it will happen or not. But it is very sad he’s forgetting things so much. 😦
      Hopefully you guys don’t hate me too much for what happens later…. >___<

  7. mischiefthekitten says:

    Oh my word, the two of them are so incredibly lonely, and hurt so much 😦 I just want to hug both of them and make them cookies 😦
    I agree, I don’t like that Chance is beginning to forget his family, either (but he does remember his Mum a little!). I hope it’ll just somehow come up what happened all those years ago with Sen, and that he is going to bring it up for some reason with Chance, and that somehow Chance will remember something and everything is magically going to work out oO
    At least Specter is starting to like Chance :3 I can’t believe he let him sleep in his bed oO Specter, you surprise me!

    • sErindeppity says:

      They both are. They both need huggles. Chance would at least like huggles, and cookies. Specter may not. xD
      Chance has a lot to go through in his story, and you guys know how much I like putting my characters through hard times. But hopefully he does remember his family. 😦 hopefully he sees them again.
      Specter is, and lol the only reason he let him in his bed is cause he was tired of Chance waking him up. XD

  8. mewmewmentor says:

    LMAO! I love Chance, I really do. HIm and his obliviousness…Still laughing. bahaha

    I feel bads for Chance. 😦 And I always thought Sen had blue hair, or is that just Chance getting them mixed up because they’re close colors? I’m really sad that Chance is pretty much forgetting his family and Ruth, who I really liked. But the humor alleviated that quite a bit.

    A thought! When Chance meets the Reddings, maybe as a side effect of meeting them they’ll try to help him get his memories back and one of the solutions they’ll come up with is turning him human. I know Jay wouldn’t do this for altruistic reasons, but Kay would, and…oh wait, Jay would want Chance to stay a ghost for studying and stuff. She would see no benefit in him if he was human…so Kay would have to do it. I miss Kay. Dx Wait, I said that? I know how I was all ambivalent about him, but his absence usually makes me forget the things he’s done not-so-right in the past. 🙂

    Anyways, Jareth, you softie! We know your nice side is in there somewhere… 😛

    • sErindeppity says:

      Yayyy! I love Chance too, he’s my favorite -flails- he’s so naive and innocent and oblivious. But unfortunately…. he has serious memory problems. 😦
      The IF hair that Penny put into the gene pool is a bluish purple. It always looked more purple to me than blue.
      If Chance is still a ghost when meeting Jay she probably would just want to study him as a ghost. Probably. Kay would want to help him and yay for missing Kay! 🙂 I’m still hoping that you’ll see some things from his point of view even though I know you probably won’t. Ahhhh but I am not trying to defend him completely. He has made serious mistakes. He doesn’t like confronting his sister very much at all…. and of course he is left out of the loops for a lot of things that have happened. And not telling Serenity about Doug…. which I know is one of the things you really hate… well he does have his reasons for… ahah but I am just babbling.
      I love how you’re one of the few people who is ambivalent about Kay and you’re the one who shipped him and Jacob together for Dannings. XD -flails- I love you. I love your comments. I’ll keep saying that forever. -flails more-

  9. Sweetribz says:

    Hehehe! A bed ghost XD Silly, innocent Chance :> After all that I’m surprised Spector said okay to chance sleeping /IN/ his bed 😮

  10. zefiewings says:

    What is up with Chance`s memory? He forgot Will’s name already? Seems to almost have forgotten that he has a sister waiting for him.
    Does he have the absent minded trait and this is just how it comes out in him?

    • sErindeppity says:

      He doesn’t have the absent-minded trait though I almost gave that to him for this reason. He has memory problems which may be explained later in the story. Sometimes he does forget people completely. 😦

  11. zefiewings says:

    Oh, also.
    AWWWW i can’t wait for them to get together.
    because i said so.

  12. jonso says:

    I saw Chance’s bum. 😀

  13. zefiewings says:

    ahahahahahahahahaha! HA! HA HA HA!
    ‘He reached out to pet the cat but the cat gave him a dark look so he withdrew his hand. He really wasn’t afraid of Mr. Fluffy but there was something about the cat that put him on edge.’




    I FEEL LIKE JACOB WHEN JAY TOLD HIM ABOUT ALIENS! I literally rolled on my bed cracking up when Chance thought Specter’s dick was an evil spirit and attacked it. OH MY GOD. HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA! This is the best generation ever, which is saying something because I really loved both Serenity and Luna’s generations’ too. Wow, wow, wow.

    And awwww Chance makes Specter smile again! Oh man I’m already shipping these two so hard!

    Seeing Chance curled up on the floor crying and wondering where he belongs though just about broke my heart 😦 And he’s getting soooooo spacey—like scary so. Really makes me wonder what’s going on :/

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