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I’ll try to get chapter 30 out sometime this weekend but I don’t know when I will get stuff out after. I’ve realized now how long Chance’s gen is, and I am probably dragging it out way too much. I sort of lost track of a lot of things. My apologies. There’s still at least twenty to twenty-five chapters unless I can figure out how to wrap it up sooner. I’m really sorry for dragging it out so much I’ve just been enjoying writing Chance…. But I’m sure most of you are probably ready for babies and gen seven -laughs- so I will try to get through the stuff as quick as I can (without sacrificing too much plot) but that means a lot of rethinking and resorting stuff. I’ll try to get things sorted as soon as I possibly can so I can return to getting Danevbie chapters published. I have a general outline of the rest of the gen… I just need to figure out what to cut out.

Now, I know I get told “it’s your story!” a lot and I am keeping that in mind, however if I wrote JUST for myself…. trust me, Chance’s gen would be way too long to be much of interest to most people. xD I could write about Chance for a long time.

Also, along the same lines, it’s been 29 chapters with a lot of character development. More than I usually have. So my second question is, have you guys enjoyed character development or do you prefer a little less? I just want to know for future gens. That being said, saying “yes” doesn’t mean I will have dozens of chapters focused just on character development, it just means if I feel like writing some extra scenes I will.

And one final question. Do you like it when I write a lot about the kids? As in, having quite a few chapters about the possible heirs for the next gen? Is that something you’d guys like me to expand on since I know I don’t usually spend as much time with the kids as I probably should…

Thanks guys. As I said, I’ll try to get chapter 30 out this weekend and also get pictures for chapter 26 and maybe 27 depending on how busy I am. πŸ™‚



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Hi there! I'm known as sErindeppity. I love to read (huzzah!) and love to write (double huzzah!). I have tons of books in my room ahaha. I love video games and hate hot weather. :p
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12 Responses to Questions And Stuff

  1. Booieann says:

    Hah, I could read about chance forever. xP
    I always like reading about the kids, and them growing up, haha, gives me a good chance to pick a favorite

    • sErindeppity says:

      I might write a bunch of random Chance scenes over at the Danevbie extras blog. :I I have so many things for him… it’s insane. But I’m almost at 30 chapters and have so much to do that I don’t want to drag it on and on and on…. so I am going to try to keep it toned down and then maybe write random scenes on the side ^^

  2. mewmewmentor says:

    lol, I wanted to pick both the ‘stop playing video games’ and the ‘I’ve enjoyed getting to know the heir’ options, but I picked the one that would actually be helpful to you, which is the latter. xP

    Anyways, let me tell you a story, which unfortunately has a lot to do with my experiences but it does lead up to the question of character development.

    My favorite books have always been the ones with character development. Yes, plot is important, but when there’s more plot than there is character I don’t really give a flying whoop about the characters, if you get my drift. lol I have even read books with little to no plot in the beginning that gradually increases until there’s an epic climax that I thoroughly enjoy. (Which is more along what you do with your heirs, I think. πŸ˜€ ) That type includes the Circle of Magic series by Tamora Pierce (her later series are more plotty, but those first four are mostly focused on character.), the first three Twilight books (I know, I’m going to get a lot of weird looks for this one, but I ENJOYED the first three of those books. So there. xP). And even the Harry Potter books. I know those always feel like there’s plot twists around every corner and there’s never a dull moment, but a lot of the plot in the beginnings of the books are either predicting what will happen in the climax or they’re awesome side plots that really help us get to know the characters better. (Who’d’ve thought Draco Malfoy had a soft side? XD)

    Here I’ll stop since I don’t want to make this list super-long (and off the top of my head I’m out of ideas, :P). MY POINT is that character development = great writing. If you know your characters well enough, you can come up with plot twists and side plots and all that good stuff that makes a great story. :3

    • sErindeppity says:

      Thanks Mewmew ❀ and no weird looks from me, I've read the series and didn't hate it. The first 3 I enjoyed reading. I wouldn't say I loved them but I did enjoy them. I really love Tamora Pierce though. I need to get her Circle of Magic ones though.-sweatdrop-

      I've just been looking at chapters 30 and 31 and trying to write them, and not sure if I should include this or cut that out or what. Right now I am trying to focus on the development between Chance and Specter but again, big debates in my head about how many slice-of-life scenes there needs to be. Thanks for your input ❀ and haha I'll try to stop playing so many games.Right now I've gotten back into Fallout 3 mostly cause I was writing Chance playing it. xD
      I think right now as it stands I could probably wrap it up in less than 60 chapters, depending how much time I spend with the kids. But we'll see. :3

      • mewmewmentor says:

        Seeing as we’re still at the point where Jareth’s in denial, I think you do need to spend some time developing their relationship so we see how he starts to understand that he loves Chance. :3 I mean, the readers know, Chance kinda knows, but if we don’t see too much of Jareth figuring it out it might feel a bit rushed. (Also, I for one wouldn’t mind hearing the first time Jareth knew he was gay/bi, maybe in some pillow talk? lol)

        XD The Circle of Magic ones are kinda for preteens so…I’m pretty sure you’re not a preteen – it’d be freaking weird if you were considering the, um, adult scenes you write. xP But anyways, I won’t blame you toooo much if you never read them. πŸ˜›

        As far as your editting/writing issue goes, I’m gonna suggest that you just write everything down first (If you aren’t already, I’m not sure from what you’re saying) then go back through it and edit. In NaNoWriMo there’s a good rule – Write first, edit AFTER it’s written. XD I know it’s much easier said than done but if it becomes a mantra the writing comes out quicker. lol

        XD, I think my mouth dropped open at ’60 chapters.’ You weren’t kidding when you said this would be the longest generation. I don’t mind though, I love Chancie too. :3 You know, your generations are really more like a series of books. Imagine if the completed product was an actual ink-and-paper book…I think most readers’ wrists would snap. haha!

      • sErindeppity says:

        Nope I’m in my 20s, but a lot of the books I read are for preteens. I don’t feel ashamed in any way to read them. Diana Wynne Jones is my absolutely favorite author and I have almost all the books she’s written, and I’ve read them multiple times–including the ones for preteens and for kids. I reread “The Phantom Tollbooth” on many occasions which is a kids book… the Narnia series, the Oz series, “A Wrinkle In Time”, “Secret Garden”, “Matilda”… and so on and so forth. And while I know some of those would be considered classics, I don’t mind reading other stuff. So I shall probably get the Circle of Magic ones. ^_^

        I think I will develop more on their relationship a bit. And the whole Specter finding out (and some other stuff going on with him which I was considered cutting) I think I’ll put in. Also I don’t like to write toooo far ahead since sometimes gameplay does change things. But I suppose if something happens in game too much, I could always just edit the chapters some more. xD
        Yeah, I’m gonna try to get it wrapped up in under 55 chapters most likely but it might go up to 60. It realllly depends on how much time I spend with the kiddos. And some… ahhhh… Redding stuff. -grins-

        I calculated my legacy at one point but I don’t remember now. Going by average words-on-a-page…. ahhh I’ll have to recalculate it again. -laughs-

  3. Lucy_Maria says:

    I enjoy your legacy, but maybe you could skip out on repeated content. I have nothing against same-sex relationships, but so soon after Seb’s story, I’m kind of bored of the whole ‘am I?aren’t I’ plot.
    I know we’re past it now for Chance, but story-wise maybe skip it unless it’s something new. Meeting Ruth, William and Larry? was cool but yeah, a bit drawn out. Althougb I expect William to make an appearance again.
    Jusf my thoughts, you obviously put a lot of effort in, so I’m sure I’ll enjoy whatever you write.

    • sErindeppity says:

      Hey, thanks for the comment πŸ™‚
      Hmmm I didn’t think I went too much into Seb’s discovery (did I?)… and I didn’t think I put a lot into Chance’s discovery. I’ll have to go back and check but I didn’t think I spent a whole lot of time on the discovery/realization process. Sorry if I did. Although I’m not completely sure I understand what you mean by repeated content. I didn’t think Chance’s story isn’t really around his sexuality… I’m not trying for that, at least. If he were a girl nothing would have changed except a few paragraphs where he figures out he’s gay–the but the personality and relationship developments through Ruth and William and Specter would have been the same. But I guess with Cal, Serenity and now Chance I have probably focused too many heirs on the relationship side of things (I would say Seb as well but that was his plot).
      As for Ruth, William, and Larry I tried to make them more of developing Chance’s character. I didn’t mean for them to drag on… I actually cut out a lot of stuff with all 3 of them. I guess maybe not as much as I should have.
      In any case, thank you again–I will keep in mind for the future to try and not drag on relationship stuff too much unless it’s really needed (like Seb’s plot). Although I guess I should warn you, there will be quite a bit of relationship stuff for gen 7. Whichever daughter wins (yeah it’s gonna be an all-girls vote, for story purposes) I did want to show the relationship develop between her and her future husband. But I’ll try not to put too much of it in.
      I shall be a better editor!!! -strikes a superhero pose- ahaha at least, I’ll try. πŸ™‚

  4. mewmewmentor says:

    Hey, I never said you were ashamed or anything. D: When you read something it becomes a part of you – I only mentioned it was preteenish because I don’t know what your preferred reading stuff is cause your writing is definitely for the older than 13 crowd. lol I read some of the books you mentioned through elementary, middle, and high school. πŸ˜‰ In fact, I’m taking a children’s lit course this semester and I’m starting to think maybe I’d be happier reading stuff for younger people for a while – I’m kinda sick of reading about homicides and magic systems and all that – I just want to recapture the awe I felt when reading a book for the first time. I think I might be becoming too critical of books lately, I find it harder to just get into them and enjoy them without nitpicking. lol

    ehehehe, I’m looking forward to see what you’ve got planned! πŸ˜€

    Oh, yeah, I wanted to comment on that comment above about relationships – I do think it’s important to focus on relationships even if they’re not plot-centric. I mean, it’s a legacy. There’s three things people want to see in a legacy to some extent – couples they care about, kids they care about, and family stuff in general. If there’d been less Herenity, ChancexWilliam, RuthxChance, CalxPenny, LunaxKellen, and SebxHal, I dunno…it would’ve felt wrong. I highly enjoyed Chance getting to know Ruth and figuring out he’s not hetero – Ruth is freaking awesome. ;D So’s William. Besides, it’s actually pretty realistic that most people don’t marry the first person they fall in love with, like CalxTeri. XD

    • sErindeppity says:

      Ohhh I’m sorry I didn’t mean for it to sound like you thought I was, it was just a general comment since I know some people who think it is weird I read stuff like that, so I’m used to saying it like that. xD A children’s lit course sounds really interesting though!

      And you are right about relationships being a big part of the legacy. I just need to figure out a good way to balance things. And more with kids xD I think I have an idea of how the rest of this gen is going to do. As I said before it just mostly depends on how much time I spend on the kids. Thanks for the input ❀ I really appreciate it.

  5. zefiewings says:

    Ha! Just write what comes to you. This isn’t a true novel, you don’t have to worry about it being to long for publishing. We are enjoying it!
    Also…waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa I caught up!
    Now I actually have to wait for chapters!
    When there is a cliff hanger I can’t just click next page!
    I am happy I actually get to help in polls but I just want to keep reeeeeeeeading! πŸ˜‰

    • sErindeppity says:

      Ahh thank you πŸ™‚ I think I am going to keep most the stuff in, I might cut out one or two things. I think I can wrap it up in 55 chapters but it might be between 55 and 60. Not sure yet. Depends on the kids. :3 and yay congrats on catching up though yep it means waiting for cliffhangers. xD I am sorry I am not getting them out as regularly as I want to right now, but as I replied to a previous comment I am hoping that changes soon. ^_^

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