Living Is A Lie – 6.48 – Baby #3

“Well, my dear, I must admit I am surprised but why do you look so shocked about it? One thing about same-sex pregnancy is that it certainly can’t come as a surprise!”


Gretchen was trying to give me some sort of cheering-upness but it wasn’t working well. It was the day after I had found out I was pregnant and I was pretty upset. “You don’t understand, this is a surprise,” I said, burying my face in my hands. “Preses was too. We didn’t go to a doctor for either of these. We don’t know how the first one happened, and we really don’t know how this one did either! The doctors we go to, they can’t figure it out.”

Dr. Green-Eyes had pressed me and Specter about our dreams but neither of us had had anything like the dream we did nine months before Presea was born. The doctor was really annoyed about the whole thing and asked to do a lot of tests on me but like before, we weren’t sure what might happen cause of it so I just had a couple small scans done. But the bad part was that night. Specter seemed all right the rest of the day but after both kids were in bed, he asked me if I knew what was going on. Of course I didn’t, and I told him so but he just lost his temper and said pretty much the same thing Gretchen said. Same-sex pregnancies don’t just pop up out of no where.


I demanded to know if he thought I was going behind his back, stealing his sperm and sneaking off to a doctor. He replied of course not but that there had to be an answer and it wasn’t anything he was doing. I asked if he didn’t want anymore kids and his reply was that that wasn’t point, but I couldn’t expect to go through life having a random and mysterious pregnancy once a year. The fight had gotten pretty upsetting, actually, and Specter wound up sleeping on the couch. We hadn’t spoken at breakfast and while he gave both kids a hearty kiss on the forehead, he only mumbled a ‘see you tonight’ to me before heaving off to work. That was when I called Gretchen because I didn’t want to be alone. Actually, I called Uncle Kay first but couldn’t reach him.


“How many doctors have you seen?” Gretchen asked, shaking me from my thoughts.

“One, really–where Specter works. Her brother isn’t a doctor-doctor but has, uh, doctor knowledge type stuff.” I rubbed the side of my nose, wondering if Specter would come home angry. “But cause of–” Then I realized I couldn’t tell her why we couldn’t see any other doctors. “But they’re very good, very smart. Reliable. But they don’t know what the problem is. I guess it’s not a problem, really…”

“It could be,” she pointed out. “Sweetie, I’m the type of gal who believes that children are gifts, and I know you feel the same. But getting pregnant out of no where twice isn’t good. Nor is it exactly something medically common. Unless…” She crossed her legs and didn’t finish the sentence. She wanted me to ask her what she thought, and I did. She smiled. “Perhaps it’s not so much unusual as very usual.”


“Pardon me prying, and you don’t need to answer, but you and Specter are–active, yeah?”


“Ummm, I guess so?” I frowned, wondering what exercise had anything to do with it.

She must have heard the confusion in my voice cause she added, “Sexually.”

My face went red. “Oh. Y-yes, but–but what does–how can that even be–possible? We’re both–both males.”

“Did the doctor give you an idea of how far in you are?”

“Yes, about… five weeks.”

“And about five weeks ago, were you and Specter..?”


I was even redder now. “I-I-I don’t know,” I lied.

“Don’t be silly, you’re a young couple with two very young children. I suspect there isn’t much time for you two to have for yourselves.”

She did have a point. There had only been a handful of times recently cause of the busyness of life. And five weeks ago was one of those times. And, come to think of it, the night we had the strange dream–we had done it then, too. If I were a girl it would make sense. Sex equaling pregnancy. But I was a guy. “There must be some other reason for it,” I said out loud. Gretchen shrugged, not answering. It’s not possible… is it?


“I’m home…”


“DADA!” Villy crawled at high speed to the door and bounced at Specter’s feet. Specter smiled and gave him a pat on the head.  “Up,” Villy said, putting his arms out.

“In a minute,” he promised then came over to where I was setting the table. I stiffened a bit, still feeling ill about the whole fight thing. I was waiting for him to say something else or maybe nothing at all–maybe he would just ignore me like he had that morning. I glanced up when he stood in front of me and then my mouth opened when he held out a bouquet of flowers. “I’m sorry. I was wrong to act the way I acted last night. And this morning. I’m sorry.” I took the flowers, unable to stop the smile on my face or the bubbly feeling inside. Specter rarely apologized. “Please forgive me.”


“I do,” I said, taking the flowers then throwing my arms around him. “I love you!”

“I love you,” he said, kissing just below my ear. “I love you so much, Chance, and it was so fu—” He stopped and then slowly breathed out. “It was so wrong of me to react how I did.”

A lot of different thoughts ran through my head, but I figured it was best not to say them. I didn’t want to push the subject, or ask him why he had said what he said, and all that stuff. He was sorry and that was the important thing. “I talked to Gretchen today.”

“Oh?” He gave my cheek a kiss, kissed Presea’s forehead, then picked Villy up. “Is everything all right?”

“Huh? Yeah, uh, yeah. I talked to her about–about the pregnancy. I told her that these weren’t planned.” Specter raised his eyebrows high at that. “I was sc–… ummm…s-c-a-r-d. Wait. s-c-…k… no, c–“


“I know what you’re spelling,” he said slowly. “What did she say on the matter? Or maybe we should talk about it later when the kids are in b-e-d.”

I nodded in agreement and we changed the subject to a happier matter. We had dinner, played with the kids, gave them baths, and got them into bed. Then Specter and I sat down on one of the couches and I told him everything Gretchen had suggested. At first he laughed and then he thought about it for a while. Finally he said, “Maybe it’s something we should have the doctor look into.”

“Natural male–pregnancy?” I asked, trying not to laugh. “Gretchen is–is batty. It’s not possible. It can’t be. I thought–I mean, there’s just no way it can happen it–“


“Yeah, you’re right,” he cut me off. “But there has to be a reason. It’s not possible for someone to just get pregnant twice without reason. Now, I was fine–fine just dismissing Presea’s happening. I mean yeah. Miracle. Maybe aliens. Maybe magic. Who knows. I didn’t, and I didn’t care, I was just happy you and I were having a kid. But now… it’s happened again. A second time. What about a third? A fourth? Chance last night I–one of the reasons I was so upset is because I was–and am–scared for you. For your health. We don’t know why this is happening so we can’t stop it. And how often will it happen? You’re–you’re twenty-five, soon. If this happens–a kid a year–first of all, the finances will be utterly insane. But it will… destroy your body.”

My stomach clenched and I withdrew a bit at that. I knew he was right.

“Multiple male pregnancies are dangerous,” he continued. “Four, max, before their body starts having a lot of trouble coping with it. You’re on number three.”



“Three,” he said stiffly and I swallowed, realizing he was right about that. “If this happens again… next year… and the year after…” He sighed and reached over to take my hand.”So right now, nothing should be counted as outside the realm of possibility. We’ll talk to the doctor tomorrow.”

I leaned against him, sniffling a bit as he wrapped an arm around me. I hadn’t really thought much about if this kept happening. I guess it most likely would if we couldn’t figure out the how.


The next day we all went into the labs. After leaving the kids with the day care, I went to go get examined by the doctor. She was very unamused by the whole thing, mumbling over and over about the impropability of me getting naturally pregnant. “What do we have to lose by examining that possibility?” Specter said.


“Time,” she snorted but she did examine me. And examined me. And examined me. Then, after a short break which I spent with my kids and Uncle Kay, Specter and I were called back in because she had maybe found something. She showed me some scans of the inside of my body, pointing at a little container or whatever that shouldn’t be there. It was rather small and in a strange location and there was something inside.

“What is it?” I asked, peering at the picture.

“I am not sure, nor can I be sure without surgery,” she said, adjusting her glasses. “Which I can presume is out of the question until after the pregnancy?”

“You presumed correct,” replied Specter. “Is it dangerous?”

“I cannot know without surgery.”


“How long has it been there?” I asked.

The doctor sighed very slowly. “It was not there when I implanted the womb inside of you. The sac and the–the whatever is inside the sac has been placed inside of you sometime between then and now. My opinion is that the aliens inserted it into your body, and the–the chip that we cannot see is alien technology.”

“Chip…?” I frowned, not understanding that part at all.

“I believe that the item inside the sac is a chip,” she said quickly. “Much like a computer chip. It is my belief that it is alien technology, and that that is what is causing the pregnancy for it is connected to your womb.”

Specter got up and went over to the picture to examine it closely. “It’s also connected to his–ah, his rectum–and prostate–it looks possible that–that–through, uh, natural means… fertilization… is the… answer.”


Then the two began arguing about it, and I lost interest since most the things being said I didn’t really understand. I mostly just looked at the tiny blip on the picture and wondered what it was. An alien computer chip inside of me…? I shuddered and rubbed my middle, wondering what else it might be. “Can it be removed?” I asked, and the two stopped arguing to look at me. “Can it?” I pressed.

“After your pregnancy I suppose we could,” she said. “However as I know nothing about it, I do not know what removing it will do to your system. I personally suggest we leave it in and observe it for a while.”

“I guess I have a while to think about it,” I said and got to my feet, reaching out for Specter. He took my hand and I pulled him close. “Thank you, Doctor.”


She looked at me with a creepy look. I got the powerful feeling she just wanted to inprison me and study me, and then maybe cut me up. I gripped Specter’s hand tightly and wanted to get back home, far away from her. But all I could do was go back to the nursery where Presea and Villy were and wait several more hours before Specter was done with work. That was my plan but then Uncle Kay offered to drive me home. We got the car seats into his car, I said goodbye to Specter, and we headed back to my house. I was quiet the entire time though the kids certainly weren’t. Villy kept stretching over to poke Presea and she kept screaming. I never could understand how Uncle Kay, or Specter, or anyone for that matter could drive with wailing kids in the car.

We got home and Villy was set down, and Presea put in a swing, and then Uncle Kay pulled me a little bit away from them to ask, “Are y-you okay?”

“I guess–” I started but saw the worry in his eyes so I sighed and said, “No. I’m scared. How can I be not scared? There’s a–a thing inside me. Your sister seems really determined that it’s an alien computer chip.”


He rubbed the back of his head and smiled slightly. “She–y-yeah, she w-w-would be. It might not be. I saw the–the pictures too.”

“What do you think it is?”

“I d-d-don’t know.” My shoulders drooped. “But we–we’ll find out,” he whispered, putting an arm around me.

“I guess this knocks the magic theory out of the loops, huh?”

“N-not necessarily. It might be c-c-concentrated magic, for all w-we know. We c-c-couldn’t get a clear picture of it. There is s-something strange about it. Maybe alien, maybe m-magic. Magic’s always b-been a–a very… unknown force, even t-to researchers like myself.” I moved my body and pressed into his, burying my face into his shoulder. He hugged me tightly now. “I agree th-that it looks like the p-pregnancies are happening n-naturally, though.”


After a few seconds I pulled away from him and began wiping my tears off. “How?”

“The–the little sac where the strange th-thing is, is connected to–to three parts of y-your body. Now, I c-can’t be sure but I think sometimes it d-draws in–ahh, se–se–s-s-semen and manages t-to somehow… use… uhhh…” He was so red and his body was shaking just a bit. He was really bad at talking about sex. I wondered how he got through classes about bodies in school.

I thought I understood what he was saying so I interrupted him. “It’s like when girls and boys have sex only in another place?”

“Yes,” he said very quickly, looking very relieved. “The only w-way to know for certain, though, is to ob-observe… errr… to s-see what…” His hand moved in the air as though trying to grab the right words.


“See it in action,” I finished for him, and now I was red.

“Y-yes,” he confirmed, hand dropping. Then we both stood in awkward silence until I heard a crash and Villy screaming. I hurried over to find him by the bookcase, books around him, a small scratch on his cheek as he sobbed. I scooped him up, holding him close, comforting him. He wailed loudly, clutching my shirt and shaking his head. All I could do was wait. I hated this. I really hated this. But even if it was a cut or something, there was no point in giving him medical aid.

After a moment the scratch faded then disappeared. His sobs turned to sniffles and I went to cuddle him on the couch. It was very weird having a kid that had ‘rapid regeneration abilities’, as Uncle Kay had explained to me. Like Wolverine in X-Men. “You okay?” I asked and Villy nodded. I kissed his cheek and then set him down on the floor. I couldn’t think about the possibilities of what the mysterious thing inside me was. All I could do was focus on taking care of the kids right now, as well as taking care of myself for the sake of kid number three. After that… then we could remove it.



Specter turned thirty at the end of the summer. He was very, very, very grouchy that day. He grouched through breakfast, grouched off to work, grouched home, and grouched through the small party we had. The only time he smiled was when the kids gave him kisses and their presents (well, Villy gave him his present, I handed him he one from Presea). But then he grouched after we put the kids to bed, and then sulked in bed.

“I’m old.”

“You’re not old.”

“I’m thirty.”


“That’s not old. Uncle Kay is like, 200 years old.”

Specter’s jaw tightened and he narrowed his eyes. “In ten years I’ll be forty. In twenty years, fifty. Oh Watcher. I’m closer to being fifty than I am to when I was born. And–and what am I doing? I’m a researcher. I’m a fucking assistant. I’m an assistant.” He got up out of bed and began storming back and forth. “Assistant! There’ve been–been guys like me who have… done something worthwhile by thirty, by twenty. By–by–I mean look at all those composers you like. All those–those symphonies they composed before they–they were–I mean, how–how old was Chopin when he died? Mozart?”

“I don’t know,” I admitted. “I haven’t read biographies, I just like listening to their music.” I got up out of bed and went over, putting my hands on his waist. “Sweetie, what’s it matter if you haven’t composed a big symphony?”


“It’s not that! I just… don’t know what–what to do. About this. About–I don’t know. Uuurggh!” He began pulling at his hair. “This isn’t fair! I’m going through a midlife crisis early. I guess it’s only right though since I got a beard so early.”

“Specter. You’re not old, you won’t be old in ten years or twenty. You’ll be my Specter. My sexy, handsome, grumpy Specter.” I kissed his chin and he just scowled. “And the dad of three kids,” I added, taking his hand and putting it against my stomach. “Or more. If we have more.”

“Do you–you want more?”


“I wouldn’t mind more. If we figure out what’s causing it, and can make it so it won’t keep happening when we don’t want. I mean, I don’t wanna get pregnant again right after this one is born but in a year or two maybe we could have another kid.” I hesitated then widened my eyes. “Do you want more?”

He was quiet for a few seconds then a tiny smile appeared behind that beard. “Yeah. I wouldn’t mind more. But maybe–maybe number four can be through a surrogate. For your safety.” He massaged my stomach lightly and I shivered as it felt like electricity surging through my body.

“Mmm.” I leaned into his touch. “Do you still feel old?”



“What if I tell you that your touch drives me wild?” I asked, grinning at him. “That I love you more now than I did the day we got married? That’s you’re the only person I want, need, or dream about?” I pressed my lips against his and held him close. “And that you’re really cute when you scowl?”

He tried to scowl at that but failed. I giggled and he sighed. “Okay. Okay, you win. But still. I would like to–to do something more with–with my life.” He tugged me back into the bed and we curled up together. “Do you ever feel that? Is there anything you want to do? Because… if there is just–just let me know and maybe we can do something. You could take college classes maybe, or even get your high school–“

I put my hand up against his mouth. “No college,” I said firmly. “I don’t wanna. But maybe…” I trailed off and let my hand rest against his chest. “Maybe it would be nice to relearn the instruments. I really miss playing piano. Or something.”

“Mmm. I’ll have to keep that in mind…”

And he did. When my birthday rolled around I was told to stay upstairs by myself for quite a while and when I was finally allowed to come downstairs, there was a piano. Specter, Uncle Kay, and Gretchen all stood by it with identical grins on their faces.


“Surprise!” they shouted.

“Pize!” Villy shouted from the floor.


I gasped, covered my mouth, and then hurried over to kiss Specter. “Oh my WATCHER you–you–you got me–you all got me…?”

“All of us,” Gretchen said. “Specter told us and we wanted to help out.”

“I kn-know how to play, so I c-c-can help you learn how t-to play with h–” Uncle Kay stopped, and gave a sideways glance at Gretchen. “I can h-help you,” he finally settled on.

I gave him a huge hug. “Thank you–I–I’d like that very much. Thank you,” I said, giving Gretchen a hug and then since Villy was repeating ‘papa’ over and over while tugging at my pant leg I picked him up and hugged him too. “And thank you, Villy. Did you and Presea help put the piano here?”

Villy looked at the piano then at me, scrunching his face up. “Yef,” he said with a nod.


I gave Presea a hug and kiss, and even gave Mr. Fluffy a pat. Then I sat down at the piano and as soon as my fingers touched the keys I felt like crying. It had only really been a few years but it felt like longer. Specter my his hands on my shoulder as I sniffled. “Happy birthday,” he whispered in my ear. All I could do was grin in response.


It did take a while to get used to playing the piano again and with super clumsy, ugly, meaty fingers. But with Uncle Kay’s help I was able to play. Nothing interesting a first and no where near the speed I once was but I was still playing. And it was wonderful. I still couldn’t read sheet music though. I was given sheet music but just stared blankly at it. I just learned how I once did–through listening.


As autumn dragged on I felt familiar feelings. Morning sickness being the most annoying, of course. I was sensitive to smells again like I was with Presea. And so tired–so tired! Two kids under the age of two and another one on the way. Some days I felt extremely frazzled by this. Some mornings I cried a lot because of the frazzledness. But then Specter did his best to help by bringing home dinner most nights and fixing breakfast most mornings so I didn’t have to even think about that.

One thing I did think about was Halloween! Presea was a bit too young but Vilkas sure wasn’t. So when Halloween started approaching, I decided we would have family costumes and we would go trick-or-treating. Specter teased me about how we should all go as ghosts (I smacked him for that) but we ultimately decided on a magician, his assistant, and two little bunnies.




In early December we celebrated Villy’s second birthday. We of course had no clue when his birthday actually was, but we knew the general time frame and settled on early December. Then after the winter holidays came Presea’s first birthday and her first big age-up. We were all very excited except Vilkas who sulked around and was obviously jealous. But he stilled clapped when I took Presea to the cake to blow the candles out.


Presea ‘officially’ turned one and Villy was surprised. He squirmed out of Specter’s arms and then toddled over to Presea. “Saya?” he asked and she giggled in response. He didn’t seem to know what to do about this turn of events so he just kept watching her with a really suspicious look on his face. By the next day, though, he had accepted it and was wanting to play with her.


It was really nice they were able to really play together, especially since my pregnancy was getting more, uhhh–well, more. The baby was due in April, just a few months away. And like Presea–the second trimester was the worst for me. I was scared and anxious, and tried not to be for the sake of the kids but once again every little pain I felt sent me to the phone to call someone if I was home alone. Though I was rarely home alone. Gretchen or Uncle Kay usually came in during the days to be with me because they both knew how emotionally hard this time was. Uncle Kay did everything he could to reassure me the pregnancy was fine. But until I reached my third trimester, I only barely believed him.

We decided to be surprised by the sex this time around. If it was a girl, she’d share a room with Presea, if it was a boy, he’d share with Villy. We bought a third crib and just stuck it in Specter’s study for the time being. We discussed names and again, Specter let me pick the names. I knew immediately which name for a boy but it took me a bit longer for a girl. I had just done a particular Let’s Play, and was loving a certain female character. Specter bristled a bit at the name but admitted it wasn’t a bad one.


“Just–not after the character,” he said.

“But that’s where I got the name,” I pointed out. “But not from the first one, the second one. Like, when she’s not so bad.”

He made a face. “It feels like we’re practically naming her after the doctor, if it’s a girl…”


“It’s nothing like that, and I like the name. A lot.” I hesitated, thinking about what he said. “Well I guess it is sorta vaguely Dr. Green-Eyes-ish, but what’s so bad about that? Stop giving me that look. She turned me real, you know. She’s helped us.”

He couldn’t argue that, and I knew he really didn’t hate the name. It wasn’t a bad name. Just because a character was an antagonist some of the time… But it might not even be a girl. Uncle Kay knew the sex and sometimes I thought about secretly asking him but I managed not to. Sometimes I wondered if Specter had asked–at the labs. I wasn’t really sure, and I didn’t ask. Of course I was mostly unconscious when the baby was being removed from me in April so I didn’t get to really notice his reaction. My reaction, though, was a big, loopy smile when I was told I had another daughter.


“Glados,” I said when I was less medicated, as that was the name I picked out. “Glados.” I sat up in bed and finally got to hold her. She was so tiny… I had forgotten, almost, how tiny Presea had been when she was born. Little Glados. I beamed at Specter and he sat down next to me, and we both just looked down at our new daughter.


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  1. ebonyimonet says:

    Ahhh babies!!! Presea is adorable, and she’s a mix of her parents. Or at least her coloring is. I’m super curious about the sac thingy, I just hope it isn’t weird alien stuff.

  2. thelizzy1990 says:

    ohmyGOSH. He couldn’t have chosen Chell? This poor kid. I loved Specter’s line about basically naming her after Jay though. She was the first thing I thought of when I saw the Portal let’s plays. xD

    Yay for Presea getting Chance’s hair! She’s so cute!! I’m hoping Glados gets the blue eyes, ’cause that definitely needs to continue through to the last gen.

    I loved the Halloween costumes, and Kay’s adorable awkward sex talk, and Specter and Chance’s birthdays, and this is really just a perfect chapter! ❤

    • sErindeppity says:

      I like the name Glados more than I do Chell xD Besides, Glados is more interesting than Chell 😉 (well to me) hahahaha.
      I like the blue eyes too though I don’t think I am as eager to have them present with each gen as you guys are xD I like variety I guess.
      Any time Kay has to talk about something of the sexual nature it is so fun to write. Poor fellow! I can’t wait for his honeymoon in Dannings. LOL!!!! and thank you ❤

  3. GloryGal says:

    Amazing chapter! I’m so excited for more babies….how many did you say are going to arrive? Just fishing…:) Wondering what is going on with that sac…it sure sounds alien to me but who knows magic can be very strange too…can’t wait until the next wee one arrives! Loving this entire story!!

    • sErindeppity says:

      Thank you so much! I am SO happy there are finally Chance and Specter babies ❤ I knew at this point there would be one adoption, and 3 girls because at this time I wanted a girls-only vote but then I later changed my mind. So when this chapter was out I said there would be at the very least 3 biological babies :3
      Magic can be VERY strange indeed. Might be magic, might be aliens, might be–well. Bwahahahahaa.

  4. zefiewings says:

    I love Glados! But she is so evil! lol I just love it.

  5. mewmewmentor says:

    I’m smilin’ cause Presea got Chance’s hair. Yeees. 😀 She’s kinda already my favorite cause I bet she and Villy’s relationship will be fun to develop, but I’ll try to remain impartial until I see how they all act and interact when they’re older. c: I love that Glados got more Specter’s skin – never even realized just how dark he is until I saw Chance holding her. I think Gladdy would be a fun nickname for her. I have no idea what that reference is to, though – care to share the background behind Glados? I actually enjoyed the exposition on Presea’s name before she was born – it was interesting and helped explain why Specter (fine, I give up. I’ll just call him whatever my fingers type first) was against the name. lol With Glados I’m not entirely sure. Either the character looks something like Jay or she has similar mannerisms to Jay?

    • sErindeppity says:

      will reply in full later but 1. Glados is a bit darker than Specter actually, she got her grandmother’s darkness. They were never shown but Specter’s dad was about the same shade as Specter but a different tone, and his mother was the same tone and darker.
      And 2. Glados is from the Portal games. GLaDOS is an AI machine, and the antagonist in the Portal game. She has been called, according to her wiki page, “best insane video game computer”, “fifth best evil computer”, “polite, passive-aggressive, and insanely sadistic.”, “psychopathic artificial intelligence.”, “humorous and homicidal” and… etc, etc. ‘The experiment results are more important than the test subject’ type of thing. When I told 3 of my friends (TheUsernameFound, a friend who reads Danevbies sometimes, and one who doesn’t but knows Jay) I was naming the second daughter ‘Glados’ they all said at some point ‘Oh, so Chance is naming her after Jay in a way’.
      Jay is less humorous than GLaDOS buuuut…. yeah. If Jay had a sarcastic sense of humor… -shudders-.
      I highly highly highly suggest listening to this song which is the ending credit song to Portal, as well as about GLaDOS, and written by my favorite musical artist ever 🙂 (and gave the title to Luna’s gen ‘These points of data make a beautiful line’)
      Actually I think I pretty much replied in full with that. xD

      • mewmewmentor says:

        Ahahahaha, omg, I hope you don’t take this the wrong way – but no wonder Specter keeps having problems accepting their names! Maybe he should let Specter name their next kid if they’re having one – even if the kid has a more common name.

        Oooh, that explains a lot. Gladdy does look pretty dark. :3 I didn’t even realize you actually created Specter’s parents (or converted them from Tuf’s story, Idk).

      • sErindeppity says:

        Yeah, I think Specter might have complained more but Chance is his major weak spot heehee and the name itself isn’t terrible. 😉
        I created the parents. I made a Specter clone, changed him around a bit, made a female clone, changed her in different ways, put them in the game as his parents, and then killed them off :I but I wanted to make sure there was a wider pool of genetics.
        Kinda sad none of the kids got Henri’s eyes tbh. I have a thing for grey eyes. xD

  6. angelblue007 says:

    So many babies!! Gah!! Presea is adorable, I’m so glad she got Chance’s hair and I can’t wait to see how it looks on a girl when she gets a bit older. Does that make sense? Lets pretend it does. So many brilliant bits in this chapter sErin what with Halloween, pianos, babies, Chance and Specter cuteness, babies, alien tech, babies and well, babies; I CAN’T EVEN FUNCTION! Ahem. Although the only thing that keeps niggling at the back of my head is Mira and the rest of the family. Are they still looking? Is Chance gonna meet them? I assume Kay knows their whereabouts because well, it’s Kay and he knows everything about the Danevbies! Also seeing as we haven’t had another white room heir chapter I assume Sebastian must still be alive? But then again I can’t remember if there was an extra shadow in the dream/hovering on the precipice of death bits when he was with Samuel. Gah, sorry I’m babbling! Can’t wait to see how having three kids unfolds for them. xD

    • thelizzy1990 says:

      Sebastian is definitely still alive. I believe sErin said a while ago on her tumblr that he wouldn’t be dying for a while. Hopefully that’s not ’til AFTER the reunion. *glares at sErin*

    • sErindeppity says:

      Yay babies!!! And no, I agree. I kinda sorta maybe a teensy bit peeked into CAS. :I

      Okay so I know what all the kids look like as adults -blushes-
      I’m glad you liked the chapter! And Mira is still looking for Chance. Kay knows where the Danevbies all are because you are right. He still asks Chance sometimes but Chance says no. As of right now, it looks like the last chapter might be around chapter 56 or 57… so there is time for a possible reunion. I did finally make up my mind on it… and you guys will just have to wait and see. 🙂
      As of chapter 48, Sebastian is still alive. The only ones in the white room during Chance’s near-death experiences were Jacob, Cal, Luna, and Serenity.

      • angelblue007 says:

        I love to peak. Peaking is your right as Watcher. 😛 Aww I hope there is, it’s beyond sad that Chance can’t remember anything so I hope when/if they meet again the memories come back.

      • sErindeppity says:

        I decided to go ahead and make the heir vote page so now I have an excuse for having looked at all of them, to get their pictures.
        I can’t promise he will remember much of his pre-graveyard days :I

      • angelblue007 says:

        Aha perfect excuse!!
        I had a feeling you’d say that. :/

  7. No. Way.

    They named her Glados?? :O Can’t wait to see how this plays out! 😀

  8. Loving it. Just been getting myself caught up. Your imagination with this tale is wonderful. Twists and turns that I’d never expect. Welcome Glados x

    • sErindeppity says:

      Thank you so much! I am exuberant people are enjoying my writing. I was once told I had way too much imagination, in a bad way. So someone saying positive things about my imagination just makes me soar ❤

  9. Anon says:

    i want to start a legacy but i’m so lazy/bad at taking pictures any tips?

    • sErindeppity says:

      I’m lazy and bad at taking pictures too. I get frustrated easily. Then I have to sit back, take a deep breath, and tell myself the pictures do not need to be perfect. I tell myself, I don’t need a certain ratio of text/pictures (if I want to put more pictures in, I’ll do it, if I don’t want as many, that’s fine too). That is my biggest tip. Try not to let the picture taking stress you out! And if they’re not great, that’s okay too. It took me a long time work out the way I like taking pictures.
      Some more ideas, and if you know some of these already I apologize completely.
      Some tips on taking pictures would also include typing in ‘hideheadlineeffects true’ in the cheat box to get rid of thought bubbles and the plumbobs. Make sure the walls are up in the background. Go into camera mode (press the tab button) to get closer pictures.
      If you’re like me and you write first, take pictures second–make sure you have the draft of your chapter up and double-check it with your pictures. There have been MANY times for me where I just glance at the text I’ve written then take a picture of, say, Chance sitting down, only to realize I had Chance stand up in the previous paragraph.
      I also highly highly highly recommend using the NRaas mod of “Relativity”. What it does is, you can click on a clock, choose ‘relativity’ and then choose ‘set speed’ you can change how fast time flows. I almost always have it on ‘1’ during my picture taking since this slows down time to an incredibly slow speed, and I can get more pictures in. Then just set it to ‘0’ again when you want to put the speed back to normal (or when you need a sim to have a baby or age up). Relativity really has helped me so much. You can find it here:

      Hmm… If you feel like you need a break from taking pictures, take a break. There have been times where I sit down and it only takes me a couple hours to get a chapter all pictured and there are times where take a few pictures, wander off for a few hours, then come back and finish. Sometimes I even step away for a full day. Also, a suggestion I have is have a backup save or an extra save if you want pictures that involve a lot of characters, or something. For instance, I have my main save which is currently the Danevbie-Greyson house, the little log cabin in the woods. It currently has Chance, Specter, Villy, Presea, Gladdy, and Villy-in-puppy-form. Time flows normally there, I play in it and save it normally. Then I have the “extra pictures” save which is what I named the save that has the same house but with Kay, Gretchen, and Mr. Fluffy added in for when I need pictures with them. Then I have a third save which is the labs with Chance, Specter, Jay, and Kay (and if I need anyone else thrown in I do that). For the second and third files, I go in, get pictures, and exit without saving. If that makes sense….

      I hope what I said helps a little bit and if you need anything more don’t hesitate to ask me 🙂 I’m sorry if I was really confusing or convoluted. 😦 Good luck and feel free to share your legacy on here if/when you do start it ^^

  10. iluvshikamaru says:

    Where did the playpen come from? I have never seen that, its so cute! I wasn’t going to comment until I got caught up, but I had to know lol. Two unexpected pregnancies? dun dun DUN! lol. I know what Glados is from, but what is Vilkas from?

    • sErindeppity says:

      The playpen is a store premium content item. 🙂 I’m not sure if it is for individual sale yet, but it’s part of Aurora Skies Gold which is what I got–that also came with the walker for toddlers.^_^
      If you mean which video game the name is from, Vilkas is from Skyrim. He’s a werewolf. xD

  11. lotstar2703 says:

    Eeeee I know this was posted ages ago and I really should be reading more instead of commenting so I catch up but eeee I couldn’t pass by the opportunity to get all excited over Glados’s name and the Portal reference :3 I love Portal. And Glados.

    • sErindeppity says:

      Ahhh well thank you for the comment still ❤ I appreciate you taking the time to read through! You're almost completely caught up :3 and hehe yes, yay for Portal and Glados ^^ Hope you like the rest! 😀

  12. yellowberries says:

    Glados??? OMG 😆 Their children are so cute ❤ Seriously, though, when's Chance going to try and find his family? Its been years! He has to contact them now, he's got babies! 😦

    • sErindeppity says:

      ahahaha yep, Glados. Oh Chance. I love the names but at the same time I think Specter should have had a slightly heavier hand with the naming of the children. He lets Chance get away with everything! Not that he’d ever admit his soft side.
      Chance is just terrified of contacting them 😦 He feels like they’d be mad at him because of his memory problems, and for not contacting them sooner. The more the gap grows, the more his fear grows.

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