Living Is A Lie – 6.51 – Supernatural Problems

Author’s Note: Apologies for the table in the first few shots I meant to change it out for a longer table and forgot and am too tired to reget the pictures so just pretend its a long rectangle table and not a little round one.


The door slammed shut so hard that it rattled the windows. I looked up from where I was fixing snacks. Vilkas was stomping towards the stairs, throwing his backpack down and kicking his shoes off so they went flying.


“DON’T TALK TO ME!” he yelled and stomped up the stairs.

I sighed and went over, kicking at his shoes towards where the shoes usually were and then opened the door since I heard the thump-thump-thump of more feet on the porch. Presea and Gladdy came in, Presea looking a bit upset. “Hey girls,” I said, taking their backpack. “What’s wrong with Villy?”

“He–” Gladdy started but Presea elbowed her.


“Nothing, he just had a bad day at school I guess,” Presea said quickly.

I looked at them both and knew neither of them would tell me right now but maybe Gladdy might later. “Want your snack?” I asked.

“Yes!” they chorused and followed me to the kitchen area. They began talking a bit about school though Presea kept kicking Gladdy to stop her from saying whatever was wrong with Villy. “When will the twins get home?” Gladdy asked after she was done telling me, very briefly, about her day.


“Soon. Gramma took them to their dentist appointment but they should be back soon,” I said, checking the clock. I felt bad about not taking them myself but I still didn’t have a driver’s license. Oh, Specter had tried to teach me to drive several years ago and I crashed into the porch trying to pull out of the driveway. We still weren’t sure how I managed that since the porch was off to the side and not exactly close… but whatever. We tried, I failed, and thanked my lucky stars Gretchen was a great driver.

“Is Grams staying?” Presea asked hopefully.

“She might, I’m not sure. But don’t pester her about it, all right?”


They agreed and, after finishing their snacks, went out into the yard to play. I considered going to see if Villy was okay but decided to just give him a little more time. I figured I knew what the problem was, and it happened once a month. Now that he was getting older and trying to be more social he was realizing that he had some, uh, problems most other kids didn’t. He’d be going through puberty in a few years and I was worried about that since that was when werewolves really got their werewolf-y-ness… but there was still a couple years for that, he was only 10 right now.

I stopped what I was doing, trying to get rid of the thought that in just under two and a half years I’d have a teenager. And then another one. And then another. And then two more. Five teenagers under one roof… that seemed scarier than them all being toddlers at the same time!… and all of them learning to drive… oh dear. I reealllly hoped they were better drive-learners than me.

Villy came creeping down the stairs and stood behind me for a moment. He then coughed, and I turned. “Hey Vills. You want your snack now?”


“Yeah. I guess.” He flopped down and glared at the bowl I put in front of him.

“How was school?” I asked hesitantly.

He began pushing his food around, sighing. “Not good.” He paused and gave me a look. His white eyes still something made me feel a bit weird. They used to be such a pretty, pale shade of blue but after his fifth birthday they paled to white for some reason. Part of his wolfy nature I guess. “Did Presea tell you…? What happened?”

“No,” I answered honestly. “Gladdy didn’t either. And if you don’t wanna talk about it you don’t have to you know.”

He sniffled a bit then gave me a really sad, heartbreaking look. “I got into a fight.”


“Ah–oh. Oh. You–oh.” I shifted and wasn’t sure what else to say. Did you accidentally bite them was on the tip of my tongue to ask but I really didn’t want to say those words, mostly because him biting anyone didn’t matter at this point in time but if he got in the habit of biting while fighting then if he ever fought in high school…

“He said–” he started in a furious voice but then he stopped and got up, trotting over to the window. I was silent, wanting to know but not wanting to press him. “He said things. About–us.”

“Us? Our… family?”


“Mhm. About me and Presea mostly. And I just didn’t like it. So I punched him. And he hit me back and we were fighting.” He turned to look at me then frowned. “I’m sorry…”

I was really surprised the school hadn’t called. “Did you guys get in trouble?”

“N–no. The teachers didn’t find out. Though he said he was gonna tell everyone I beat him up and there was no proof that he hit me.” Villy looked at his hands and sniffled loudly. “Cause I’m a freak of nature.”

I jumped up, going to him. “No! No, Vills, you’re not. You’re not a freak! You’re a werewolf. There’s nothing wrong with that.”

“No one else in school is a werewolf!” He stared at me. “No one else in this family is one either. I’m a freak!”


I tried to hug him but he pulled away from me and my hands just sorta fell. “Vilkas you’re not a freak,” I said again. “There are plenty of werewolves out there.”

“I never see any, I never talk to any, there aren’t any anywhere around me! It’s just me.”

I felt this weird, strangely familiar feeling when he said that. Wanting to be around others like me and not having that. Maybe we had done the wrong thing sending Villy to a public school but there weren’t any private ones for–for supernaturals which considering recent events was probably a good thing. And I couldn’t homeschool, and I couldn’t really hold down a proper job so Specter could homeschool–but that wouldn’t solve the loneliness problem with Villy. “I’ll talk to your dad about this, maybe there’s some sort of afterschool program somewhere with supernaturals,” I said slowly and Villy looked back up at me. “Maybe. I don’t know, but I’ll talk to him and see. And Villy please–please remember. We knew you were a werewolf before we adopted you. We knew you were a werewolf before we even thought we could adopt you, and we wanted you. We both wanted you.”


His face softened a bit at that. “I guess.”

I went closer and hugged him tightly. “It’s the truth,” I said. “Now, why don’t you have your snack?” I gave him a pat and he trudged over to the table to eat. Shortly after there was a commotion outside and in tumbled all four of the younger kids along with Gretchen.


“PAPA!” the twins shouted and then they both began chattering away at once. I laughed and made them talk one at a time, and they both told me that their teeth were really good and coming in nicely.

“No brafes for me,” Lumie said, stretching her mouth with her hands to show me her teeth.

“No fo’ me no,” Zaid said, doing the same.

I knew they were both proud about this since the dentist had said Presea’s teeth might need braces when she was a bit older, it wasn’t easy to tell at the moment. She had been really angry about it at the time and was angry about the twins saying this now.


“Nothing wrong with braces,” she said, stomping her foot.


“You get things stuck in them,” Gladdy said with a giggle. “You’ll try an’ eat an’ your fork’ll get all stuck’n them!”



“If you kiss a boy with braces you’ll get locked that way!” Villy shouted from the table.

“EW I’M NEVER KISSING ANY BOY!” Presea shrieked.


“Kissy, kissy,” the twins chorused.

“Okay! Enough!” I said. “Stop teasing your sister! She might not even need them, and if she does it won’t be for a few more years! Hey Gretchen, thank you so much for helping out,” I said, nudging the twins towards the kitchen area.

“Oh, anytime, anytime,” she laughed. “You know I love helping out and seeing the kids.”

“You stayin’ for dinner?” Gladdy asked hopefully.


“Welllll, I might, but I can’t stay too late because Mr. Fluffy will need his dinner too,” Gretchen said, giving Gladdy a pat on the head.

Villy finished his snack quickly then ran upstairs to be alone for a while. Zaid wanted to go play with him like he always did, but I distracted Zaid with a movie since I knew perfectly well if I let Zaid try and bother Villy there’d be some fighting going on. And since they shared a room, Villy couldn’t exactly lock Zaid out. So I put on a movie and all four of the kids sat down to watch it, giving me some time to chat with Gretchen then start dinner.

It was chaos when Specter got home as it always was. All four of the kids threw themselves at him the moment he stepped in the door and Villy came charging down, leaping at Specter like a madman. Specter gave each of them a bit of attention then wriggled free to come give me a hug and a kiss while the kids made ‘ew’ sounds.


“Hey hun,” I said brightly. “How was work?”

“Same as always,” he replied, rolling his eyes.

Specter was still working at the ‘Rosso’ labs but his position had changed a lot over the past few years which had really, really, really helped him. He was now head of his own department which included research, yeah, but also a lot of field testing and as soon as he started going out to test stuff he really started calming down. He was offered an even higher position just in the past year but after we talked a lot about it, he turned it down. It would have been strictly an indoor, desk job. Sure it would have given us more money which woulda been great but I knew how unhappy Specter would be. He tried to convince me it’d be fine but I talked him out of it. We had enough money to get by, he liked the job he was doing, and I didn’t want the money if it meant sacrificing his happiness (or sanity).

The only drawback to his job, though, was having to interact a lot with the doctor who still hadn’t forgiven us for the thingie being destroyed even though it had been over six years.


The rest of the evening went by fairly well with only a handful of fights. The kids were pretty good until Gretchen left and then the fights really began, but they were mostly good. After lots of baths and teeth brushing and hair brushed (braided, in the case of Glados who had longer hair) and bedtime routines finished with books read, Specter and I collapsed on the couch by the fireplace.

I talked a bit about my day, and he talked a bit about his, and then we snuggled for a while. Sure he and I fought a lot but I still loved him as much as ever. “You wanna do anything special for your birthday?” I asked after a while, even though his birthday was a few months away we would need to plan things a decent time in advance. “I think if we’re gonna like, go out or something we should do it this birthday and not the next one. I think we should be with the kids when you age up.”


Specter made a throaty, groaning, angry sound. “Thanks for the reminder that’s happening next year. I’ll be sure to do the same the entire year before you turn forty.”

I giggled and tugged his beard. “I don’t care if I’ll be turning forty. I think it’ll be fun.”

“Fun? You’re crazy, you’re officially a lunatic.”

I snuggled even closer. “I wouldn’t want to be immortal. I think it’d be sad. Uncle Kay says he’s been around for a long time and he doesn’t like it.”

Specter stiffened. “I guess you’re right.”


“Vilkas will live a long time, won’t he.”

Quiet, and then, “Yeah. Magical beings tend to have… longer lifespans.”

We sat together for a while, neither saying anything until I finally spoke again. “D’you think we should find a way for Villy to be more around others like him? Like, other, uh, weres and stuff? Or something?”

“Dunno, not many places like that. I could maybe take him to the labs with me over the summer, there’s gonna be a few werewolves there but they’ll be a bit older than him so I don’t know how that would work out.”


I didn’t answer him. I just felt bad for Villy, and wished there was more we could do for him. It wasn’t fair… people had an idea there were things like werewolves and ghosts and stuff out there and instead of being all fine, it just resulted in things like ghost hunters, or supernatural hunters. Sure there might be an evil werewolf, or vampire, or ghost, or whatever but that was the same with regular people and there were laws against people hunting, so why weren’t there laws against hunting down supernaturals? Why was it that the people who killed Villy’s birth mother would never, ever, ever be punished for what they did but if I went to their farms and punched them I’d probably be arrested for assault?

It made no sense. I just had to keep hoping that soon supernaturals could be more open about who they were without having to worry about being locked up or killed.



I woke up not having gotten very good sleep, from so many nightmares. Things didn’t get better after everyone left and I turned on the TV and the news was reporting one of the reasons for my nightmares. I quickly turned the TV off and tried to not think about that but it wouldn’t leave my mind.

Three years ago a new business had cropped up. A supernatural hunting business. Literally. They were based very, very, very far away but I had no idea how long that might last. Moonlight Falls was rumored to be a hotspot for that sort of thing. Not many people came through but what if those hunters moved closer? So far it seemed like they mostly, uh, focused on what Specter used to–hunting down ghosts. But once in a while they found something else to get rid of. The previous year they became famous because they had killed a vampire. And just now they had been on TV because they basically told the world they didn’t see why cemeteries should be off limits, and that they’d be doing some hunting in one to prove there was nothing wrong with it.


What about the families about people buried there? I thought, wandering around the house, picking things up and setting them down. Don’t they care? Finally I decided to send an e-mail to Uncle Kay.


maybe with luck vamps or weres will hunt them down & kill them. That’s how I finished the message. I stared at it for a while then started to delete it, then stopped and retyped it. Then just stared at it for a while wondering how wanting that made me any better than the hunters…

I saved the e-mail as a draft, put on my shoes (ugh, I was never used to wearing shoes) then left the house for a walk. Maybe we should leave Moonlight Falls and go somewhere less… on the map for being supernaturallyness, I thought, sticking my hands in my pockets and kicking a rock. Taking the kids out of school, from their friends? Running and hiding? Just because something might happen? I knew Specter would think it was silly and it kinda was.



I stopped and spun around. The voice was super quiet and faint but I knew someone had said part of my name. “Uh, h-hello?” I looked around but I was alone.

“You are… Danevbie?”

It sounded soft, and like a little girl or something. But there was no one around and the voice was not like, far away. It was quiet, but it was close. “Who’s there?” I asked.

“My name… is Jennifer… I…” Then whoever it was said something but it was really too quiet to hear.

“Um, I can’t–uhhh, uh, who’s this? J-Jennifer? Who–where are you?” I spun around again but I was definitely alone.

“…dead… I’m dead. A ghost.” I stopped spinning at that. “You can hear… what I say…”


“Y-yes. Uh, um, do I know you?” I struggled to think of anyone named Jennifer but the only one I could think of was the preschool teacher for Vilkas and Presea, who left before Gladdy got there. But she had retired, not died. And was an old lady. Not a little girl.

“…no,” the voice–Jennifer said, “…but I know… who you are?”

It was more of a question which confused me. “Where are you?”

“…to your… left.”

I turned to my left and I could finally see some sort of transparent thing there. “Oh.”

“Can you… see me?”



“You… were dead… too?”

I swallowed, feeling kinda scared now. “I’m not a ghost,” I finally said.

“…no… but you… were once?” Jennifer sounded a bit urgent. “I heard… stories… of one who… was… but then became… living… once more.”

Stories? There were stories about me? “Who told you this?” I asked.

“Another, like me… I was told…” Then there were more words I couldn’t hear and then, “…help me… please… help me.”


“I–I can’t. I don’t know how to help you. What do you want?”

“…to be living… again…”

“I–I can’t. I’m sorry. I don’t know what you, uh, heard, but uh, no, no. Um, no. I’m not, uh…” I took a few steps away feeling panicky. “I’m not a ghost.”

“He killed me!” Jennifer was a bit louder at that, almost like a regular voice. “Please… I need help. I…I know you cannot help me… but tell me, is it true? That… you were once… a ghost? That there… is hope?”

I bit my bottom lip. What did I tell her? I debated lying. I debated telling the truth. I debated running back home as fast as I could though that would probably end up with me falling flat on my face. “I don’t think there is,” I finally decided. “There’ve been, uh, attempts but nothing worked.” That was a partial truth, since after me it never worked.

There was a lot of quiet and I wondered if Jennifer had disappeared but finally she began talking again. “I see… I had hoped there would… be but there is not…”


“N… no. I’m sorry.”

“I cannot get… the revenge I desired…”

How old was this girl? I had thought maybe 8 but now I was wondering if she was a teenager. But she sounded so much like a little girl. Maybe she just sounded that way because she was so lost and scared. I really wished I could help her. I felt bad, and guilty, but there was just nothing I could do. The other attempts had resulted in the other ghosts just going to the Nether. I was the only one, and none of us knew why except that it had to do with why I was a weird, aging-up ghost.

“Maybe I can help with that,” I said. “Who killed you?”

“You don’t want to help me!” Jennifer shouted and I flinched back. “I was nothing before and I am nothing now!”


“It’s not that–uh, Jennifer? It’s not like that, it’s just the experiments stopped working all correctly after–“

“After what?”

I sucked in air. Oops. “There was one successful, errr, ghost-to-human, but only one and none of the others worked, all the others died completely.”

Suddenly the voice was to my side, really close. “You were the one?” she whispered right in my ear and I jumped. “You were? The… the stories were… right?”


“Uh, I can’t–I need to go. I need to go home. If you want, uhhh, me to help, I might be able to try and get… whoever killed you found, er, guilty.” There was no answer. “Uh, are you still there?”

“Yes. No. No, you cannot help me.”



I didn’t know what to say and I guess she didn’t either. “Hello?” I asked after a minute. No answer. “Are you here?” But this time there was nothing. I waited a few more minutes and then slowly began making my way back home, feeling slightly scared and very creeped out.


I said nothing until all the kids were in bed and everything was put away and Specter and I were ready for bed, and then everything came tumbling out. He listened to me ramble on about the ghost girl as he put away the laundry and then once we were both done he came over and hugged me tight.


“You’re sure she said your name?” he asked. “You weren’t just… imagining it?”

“No!” I pushed away. “She said my name. She said ‘Danevbie’.”

Specter frowned. “Maybe she was a ghost that knew you when you were a ghost.”

“Except when I was around other ghosts, I didn’t know my name was Danevbie,” I pointed out. “I just find it super weird that–that she knew who I was. It scares me. How did she know anything about me, or even that I was a ghost before?”

Now Specter was studying me real closely. “There were ghosts at the labs when you became human, maybe one of them starting telling the story. Maybe you’re an urban legend amongst the ghostly folk.”


I had to giggle at that thought then my smile faded. “But how did she know what I looked like then? I mean maybe my name but how–how did she know who I was? Or where to find me? She was just a few miles away.”

His hands went on my shoulders, squeezing tight. “Do you want me to get some… anti-ghost material for the house? Doctor Rosso might let me bring some home.”

I shivered then shook my head. “No. Maybe not. I don’t know! What do you think?”

“I think… maybe we should have some protection in the house. Maybe not the barriers, since that would be a lot of work and something the kids would see. But perhaps a–a gun.”


My body stiffened at that and his arms went tight around me, holding me close. “I don’t know. Is that–a gun?”

“I think the doctor has some, and I could see if she’d let me have one to keep,” he said in my ear. “But if you don’t want it, I won’t.”

“I don’t know.” I thought again of the little ghost girl, and how creeped out I had felt after. If she knew who I was and stuff about me, would others as well? Like, would they come? To the house? Where my kids were? What if the ghost wasn’t so pleasant? “Yes,” I said, as soon as that thought popped in my brain. “Yeah.”

“Okay. I’ll talk to the doctor tomorrow.” He kissed the side of my head and then went to finish getting ready for bed. I just sorta stood there, goosebumps all over, feeling really scared about what happened and what I had just agreed to.


How sick-ironic was it that I was gonna have a ghost-killing gun?


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  1. angelblue007 says:

    I think I just about exploded from the cuteness overload that are those children! They all have so much of Chance in them and Presea with those big brown eyes and Gladdy carrying on Penny’s eyes and and and I can’t even. If there’s an heir vote this gen then it might be a closed eyes and random pick sort of a deal because they all look fantastic. Interesting twist with the ghost girl at the end, it’ll be interesting to see where that’s going to go and for Chance to agree to the gun. Irony at its best. Brilliant update.

    • sErindeppity says:

      They are sooooo cute! I love them all, though I know who I am voting for. There will be an heir vote ^^ and thanks, I can’twait to reveal more about the ghost girl. 😉
      It is indeed irony, but Chance is just so scared that cause some random ghost kid found him that others could too and that would mean finding the kids 😦

      • angelblue007 says:

        Definitely! I actually forgot to say about Zaid’s eyes, I didn’t realise they were green. :O I thought they were grey at first. But YAY for dem Redding eyes. xD
        No I totally get why. It must have been such a horrible decision for him to make but irregardless of everything his family comes first.

      • sErindeppity says:

        Nope, Zaid got the green eyes. I am a bit sad no one got grey. I was hoping someone woulda inherited Henri’s eyes. It would have been awesome if there was a brown-eyed kid, a turquoise-eyed kid, a grey-eyed kid, and a green-eyed kid. :I I just love variety. xD which is why I rolled some dice on changing one of the eye colors 😉
        And yeah, family first for him.

  2. Person says:

    I am long time lurker and must say I LOVE this legacy! This is absolutely my favorite legacy and loved the braces convo between the kids! You are an amazing writer and storyteller!

    • sErindeppity says:

      Hmmmm not sure whether to trust the comment or not, with that signature… 😉 lol!
      Thank you so much ❤ glad you've been enjoying it! ^_^ ahhhh ❤ I really appreciate you taking the time to read and comment!! ^\\\^

  3. AliciaRain says:

    I agree with angelblue007, that was cuteness overload.
    Part of me wants to just close my eyes and pick, but then I got to thinking… this will be my first heir vote… which kind of makes me sad… because it means I missed out on all the others… but it also makes me excited too.
    And I would like to point out that since I got caught up, I have managed to get the next chapter to my own legacy typed out… screenshots not so much, but I am amazed that I got what I have done… after spending almost two months absorbed in the Danevbie’s lives.
    I’m not sure I will ever stop saying how awesome this legacy is.

    • sErindeppity says:

      So much cuteness indeed!!!! And the next two chapters will be focusing on the kiddos too! 😀
      Sorry you missed out on all the others. 😦 but I am glad you’re excited. I am super excited to release the poll and see who wins and elfnweklgnwlekn I THOUGHT I knew who would win but I am becoming unsure due to some things said to me. But I know who I am voting for. :3
      And so glad you were able to get a chapter out! I really need to read it sometime. I have so many I need to read… ahhh! I’ll try to get to it sometime soon 😦
      Two months? O: -feels bad now- … -but also really blushy about you being so absorbed in her writing- ❤

      • AliciaRain says:

        You don’t have to read mine if you don’t have time, I know how hard it is to keep up with other stories, as well as your own… or in your case… your own few… lol
        I did manage to get out a few posts as I read yours, but once I got to Luna and her finding out about her mom… I was hooked into just that… I have started reading LOTS of other legacies, but yours is in the top three that I keep up with… okay one of only three I have finished AND keep up with.
        As for heirs, I might have a favorite, but I cannot wait to get to know the kiddies more to see if I am still indecisive, or not… right now I’m just going off the name, because I love the game it’s from.

      • sErindeppity says:

        I love reading legacies. It is a problem of time right now, but I fully intend to get back into reading legacies as soon as I can and yours will be on the list 🙂 I am behind in writing too. Pretty much Chance just sucked me in. I started Chance and everything slowly fell to the wayside. I’m hoping once I am finished with him I can get back into writing Dannings and Patchwork, and reading other legacies.
        And eehehehe which name/game? You don’t need to tell me. I love all the games xD Though I admit, Presea’s game is my all-time favorite game ever. Tales of Symphonia is amazing. @_@ if Presea had been the mixed gender twins, her twin woulda been named Zelos and I would have been hitting a hardcore “VOTE FOR ZELOS!” campaign because Zelos is definitely in my top five favorite video game characters of all time. xD so it’s probably a good thing none of the kids are named Zelos. :I
        And then probably Vilkas/Skyrim. xD But I adore Portal, and Rune Factory 3 & 4 too. :3

      • AliciaRain says:

        I suck at holding information to myself, so… hee hee… I LOVE the Portal games, Glados is who I’m leaning towards right now.
        I think I’ve watched my Brother play Tales of Symphonia, but I don’t remember it that much… I’ll ask him if I can borrow it sometime.
        I didn’t get into playing any of the Elder Scrolls, but I did love watching my brother and his friends play them, (seems to happen that way a lot with me)
        I have heard of Rune Factory, but never brought myself to get it… however… after reading this, I thought of looking more into it, and seems like it would be right up my alley.
        I play a LOT of (nerdy of me to say but…) Pokemon, (then not as nerdy of me to say, but still in the same realm) Kingdom Hearts, (and then my hack and slashes…) Baldur’s Gate, and EverQuest.
        Yep, I’m a Proud Nerd… ^_^
        On a less gamer note, but still revolving around a game…I cannot wait for more Dannings, Kay is everything I thought he would be in that legacy, and it’s just sooooo sweet… but eventually you’ll read my gushing comments on that page… lol
        And as for other legacies, I have started A LOT, but have only got caught up on four, but one of them started close to the time I started reading legacies, so I did not have to read between 3 and 6 generations to get caught up… lol.

      • sErindeppity says:

        I do love Portal. ^_^ Glados would be a fun heir. I will let something leak, one of the traits she got naturally is “genius” and I laughed and laughed and laughed.
        Symphonia is a very long RP game but definitely worth it. I ahhh technically haven’t finished it -blushes- I’ve played so many hours of it though. The farthest in I got was about 80 hours in. I know the whole story line though. I want to play it now @_@ ahhh it is so amazing. I am asking my family for money for Christmas so I can get a PS3 and pre-order the “chronicles of Symphonia” that is coming out next spring.
        Rune Factory and Harvest Moon are definitely fun games. Rune Factory has the farming and marriage aspect, but with the dungeon crawling and fighting stuff thrown in too. Illuminata is my favorite new character (if she were a marriage candidate, I would definitely play as a boy!) and I wish Zaid was a marriage candidate in Rune Factory 3 but you can’t do gay marriages (ugh) and you can’t play as a girl. Aahhhhh -flails unhappily-
        I love pokemon so much I am so obsessed. I’ve always been. xD I have not played Baldur’s Gate or EverQuest but those are ones I’ve heard of and want to play!
        I can’t wait to give you more of Dannings! I miss it!

      • AliciaRain says:

        Oh, I just thought of one game you might would like, if you don’t already.
        Legend of the Dragoon,I love this game, and my favorite character is Prince Albert… I don’t know what it is about him, but I LOVE him.

      • sErindeppity says:

        Sorry I didn’t reply sooner but thank you for the suggestion I’ll have to check it out when I can ^_^

  4. mewmewmentor says:

    I THINK Zaid has Redding eyes. It’s sorta hard to tell. Lumie looks like she got Specter’s eyes as well…I think?

    I love how we were discussing Chance’s hair at one point and how only one CAS’d kid got it, but biologically all the girls got it! Zaid looks like he has Specter’s hair? It definitely looks darker than his red headband, heh.

    As far as plot – loving it! Poor Villy. 😦 Looks like he’s feeling the way his papa did growing up. I agree totally with angel…at first I thought I knew who my favorite is but I now don’t have a favorite – they are all so awesome I just want to squeeze them all in a big hug! 😀

    Insofar as Jennifer…hmm…’he killed me’? HMMMMMMMMMMMMM. Okay, I don’t want to jump to conclusions, because it could just be a random guy…but is it possible it’s Doug? Okay, I’m probably jumping to conclusions, because why would she want to be alive for revenge if the guy who killed her is dead – ohhh, she could be a ghost hunter and kill him herself. got it! Ghosts can’t kill other ghosts.

    I was wondering why Chance can’t see her clearly. I thought after he turned human he was still able to see other ghosts? Maybe I misread that and he could really only see blobs of them, just without the funky glasses like Specter used to wear. I feel he jumped to conclusions being scared of Jennifer…though I think he’s really more scared of potentially dangerous ghosts. Kind of wondering where that idea came from since most of the ghosts he knew weren’t dangerous per say, and he doesn’t remember his mom’s death. I mean, yeah, he ran into the anti-gay ghost who was also afraid of him aging up, but apart from that…well, he does have an imagination and he’s a parent – who do tend to be paranoid. Just me being nitpicky, don’t mind me.

    anyways, if Doug does show up, an anti-ghost gun will come in REALLY handy. -.-

    • sErindeppity says:

      reply in full later
      I decided one of the kids would get’em and I forgot until the twins so yeah Zaid got Redding green eyes! :3 (and Lumie has Specter brown eyes, and Zaid has Specter’s hair color)

    • sErindeppity says:

      Yep I remember when all the CAS kids kept not getting his hair. xD so glad some of them did. Surprised at how many of them, did really! So much red hair! Haha!
      Glad you’re liking the plot ^^ I love Villy so much, poor kid. He is feeling the loneliness Chance did at one time but he does have a lot more freedom than Chance ever did before the graveyards. :\
      You’ll have to let me know who you end up voting for 😉 I’m not going to say who I vote for until after the poll is closed though and we already have a winner. :3
      Those are good theories on Jennifer! It makes me excited to hear what you think when more about her is known -hops from foot to foot- though it won’t be for a few chapters. Chance can see ghosts still, like he did before. However there are a few exceptions… which I shan’t say here but will be explained later. ^^ The scared thing was just a general ‘creeped out’ feeling he got from her but he is very terrified of potentially dangerous ones, which is why he asked for the gun. Just cause one seemingly harmless ghost found him as I think I said in another comment… xD doesn’t mean they’ll all be harmless.
      Chance got the idea from just having more world experience. He now sees, albeit not so well, there is good and evil. He is still naive and trusting, but he is more aware that there are “bad people” out there. And since he knows ghosts are just like anyone else, he knows there are chances of “bad ghosts” being out there. And yes parents are indeed paranoid x3
      IF Doug shows up, it will be handy.
      If, yanno, Chance can get to it.
      -walks off whistling innocently-

      • mewmewmentor says:

        *really wants to grab you and shake you* Kidding, I’m laughing – I love our little game where I theorize and you try to confuse me. 😛
        Hmmmmmm. You’ve just making me even more curious about Jennifer now. I wonder…Okay, I’m still fixated on Doug but I’m going to go ahead and toss this out there – what if Jennifer isn’t really a girl and is really Doug in ‘disguise’? We already know he can hide inside another ghost’s body, not much of a big leap to change his appearance so Chance can’t see him. And the high little girl voice would be because Doug was pretending to be a girl and since he was a manly man the only girl voice he could make was that one. haha I know my ‘deep male voice’ doesn’t really sound like a guy’s voice…more like a teen boy’s maybe, haha.

        I also wonder if Jennifer is the little girl ghost that Chance never saw in the haunted mansion but who people looking for a dare were looking for.

        Oooh, one more theory! Jennifer could be someone Specter tried to send to the afterlife, but it didn’t work and now she’s stuck in purgatory. 😦

        I’ll try to remember to let you know. 😀 Each of them has something I wouldn’t mind seeing more of – I won’t list it all because I’m supposed to be working on Nano, but yeah. I’ll try to make up my mind once we know the kids a bit better. :3

      • sErindeppity says:

        -giggles wildly- And I just love confusing my readers and throwing in random thoughts that may or may not be true.;)
        Jennifer might be Doug? Well, as you said he is able to possess other ghosts. And he is a pretty powerful ghost himself (after all, he was able to solidify!) so I like that theory 😈 I also love the theory of her being the one in the haunted house! 😀 But the Specter one is sad. 😦 though sounds like something I’d do. :I
        I hope you enjoy the next two chapters then since they’re pretty much all about the kids! Zaid and Lumie have surprised me though. Something happened to them while writing and I just… it surprised me hehe but I like it.

  5. Hakari says:

    I CAN’T GET OVER HOW FREAKING PRETTY PRESEA IS. OH MY GOODNESS. I adore everything about her. I love all of them, but Presea is definitely my favorite so far.
    And 😮
    That’s an interesting twist at the end! I’m hoping the ghost girl doesn’t cause trouble…but, I know there’s still something that’s going to happen. 😦

    • sErindeppity says:

      😀 Can’t wait to see what you think of her grown up looks. The hair CAS put on her when I aged her up for heir-voting-pictures doesn’t look too terrible actually… :3
      Yep there is definitely something a-coming! bwahahahahaha!!

  6. mischiefthekitten says:

    I think I picked a favourite 😀 Let the competition for heir begin!!! GO PRESEA!!

    (I’m sorry I’m not commenting much lately. This essay is just so annoying somehow -.-)

    • sErindeppity says:

      Aahahahaha 😀 I am excited to see who wins. I honestly thought I knew before, but now I am not so sure. -flails-
      Aww sorry about your essay 😦 and it’s fine just lurking. ^_^

  7. zefiewings says:

    Awwwww I can’t believe how cute the kiddies are!
    i guess I understand…but i hope chance doesn’t accidentally hurt someone with that gun thinking that they are dangerous when they aren’t….
    I guess I understand…I just…right after hating those hunters for seeing ghosts (and others) and instantly thinking they are bad and wanting them dead…all he saw was a little girl…not entirely dangerous…

    • sErindeppity says:

      Okay -cracks knuckles- I typed all of this before but the window closed before I could hit reply. I hope I can remember all my points. @_@ this isn’t going to sound as good as it originally did, sorry.
      The kids are very cute :3 I know already who I am voting for and I am excited to see how voting goes!
      As for the whole gun thing… there were a lot of things factoring into Chance’s decision.
      1. The ghost itself isn’t the reason Chance made the decision. The ghost did creep him out and scare him, but it was because she said there were whispers and rumors about him. And because she found him. She knew who he was, and she went to him–which means others could too. That is the most important thing here. Because something seemingly harmless found him easily, something harmful could find him as well.
      2. He does not see supernaturals as evil, like the hunters do. He knows there are good ones and there are bad ones, just like anything else. It’s like the hunters are “This is a supernatural, it is evil, it must be destroyed!” and Chance is all “This is a supernatural, it’s like anyone else–probably good, slim chance it’s evil.”
      3. If it were just Chance and Specter, he wouldn’t have even though about it. It was the knowledge that evil ghosts could come and find him which would mean finding his kids. Honestly, when I wrote the scene I was going to have the debate last longer but as soon as I typed in the bit about his kids I realized that would be it for Chance, that would be the deciding factor.
      4. Because other things posing as a threat could be fought off physically by Specter. Ghosts cannot. If an evil ghost showed up and tried to hurt them or kill them, the only thing they could do would be to run.
      So to sum it up, Chance’s mind went “creepy girl I couldn’t see found me, knows where I am/what I look like/my name. Others could come too. Others could maybe be evil. Evil ghosts around my kids without any form of protection period. Nope.”
      Even if he doesn’t know what the word is, he is aware of the hypocrisy of asking and getting that gun. Plus let’s face it, Chance is naive. He probably wouldn’t even register a dangerous ghost as very dangerous. xD
      (sorry for the long reply… 😦 and sorry if I seemed rude or anything I really hope that I didn’t! D: )

  8. Lucy Borgia says:

    I love the way you write the worry of a parent over the stress their child has at school, quickly change to the bickering, loving siblings (you just know if anyone else said anything about Presea’s braces at school, the kids would all turn on them & shout them down with how great it was that Presea has braces so she wouldn’t be as ugly as (non-family child teasing her about braces), then freak us out with scary ghost girl!

    • sErindeppity says:

      Hahaha thanks! 🙂 and yep they can tease each other but if one of them is teased by someone outside the family, the rest will come to their defense.
      Glad to hear scary ghost girl was creepy for you too. I honestly got super creeped out getting and editing the pictures @_@ -shudders-

  9. GloryGal says:

    Haven’t been able to comment for a while but am still here!! This story is starting to become very scary again. YES! if little innocuous girlie ghost can find Chance then who else is out there looking for him?
    Those kids are as the expression goes “as cute as a bug’s ear”! I haven’t honestly made up my mind which one I’m going to vote for, waiting a bit to see what happens as they grow. I love how Chance does his best to remember words and ends up switching to something much simpler, this makes him SO endearing to me. As much as I’m looking forward to the heir vote at the same time I know these kids are going to age up and the whole story will begin to change…but that’s what makes it so interesting and keeps me coming back for more. Sorry to be so wordy but not writing for a while has allowed me to kind of run on and on… 🙂

    • sErindeppity says:

      Hey there! Sorry things have been busy for you, hope things have been going well 🙂
      Yay for things getting scary again -claps hands- the next couple of fluff chapters shouldn’t be but then… bwahahaha I am excited. And then the next story… well I am excited. It will actually have a little to do with some of the stuff that’s happened in Chance’s gen. There have been some hints already. -grins-
      I don’t mind long comments ^^

  10. shizume says:

    I followed you quite some time ago with the intention of reading through the legacy and catch up but I never really got the chance to do it for far too many different reasons. LIFE just tends to get in the way of things like that, doesn’t it. Anyhow, wow. For a little over the past week now, eh, maybe more like a bit over the past two weeks, I have been coming making good on my intentions by faithfully reading this entire legacy from the beginning to now. I get up, go to work, come home, read until I can no longer sit upright at the computer ( which reminds me of how much I need a laptop and/or tablet ), go to bed and then rinse and repeat.

    It has literally become a routine for me, I swear. I am ever so addicted to this legacy and though I feel triumphant in the fact that I have finally caught up, I am saddened because catching up means that my daily routine has been broken. I no longer have the promise of chapters aplenty awaiting me. Oh woe is me to have caught up leading right into back to back days off. Days that I would have so happily spent reading this legacy, but I digress.

    Chance’s generation… by FAR, my favourite. FAVOURITE, hands down. Second place goes to Sebastian’s generation. Character wise, I am hereby requesting membership to the Kay Lover’s club because I adore him to bits and pieces. I can haz my special KLUV membership kit nao? Jacob was an amazing heir and I ship him and Kay so hard it hurts but it hurts so damn good.

    Chance, duh and Seb ( double duh ) Specter, Cesario, Kellen and WILLIAM. I love the way you write and the characters you’ve created. The plots, everything, from the way you title chapters to the way you interact with your readers in the comments. Just pure, pure love. I lurk a lot and rarely comment but I just felt overly compelled to join along with singing my praises to this awesome legacy.

    I have been unable to write for the longest because I just haven’t had the will to do something that once was a passion of mine. So many things tend to get in the way so even though the ideas and urges never really stop flowing, I can’t ever seem to do anything with it. I can’t ever seem to want to do anything with it. But every night when I go to bed after reading this amazing legacy, that little treasure chest inside my mind gets cracked open a little wider and the want, the need, the will… it’s slowly beginning to trickle its way in.

    So yeah, I’m wordy, I know. Sorry. But I just wanted to let you know how much your talent is appreciated. Even if I never feel comfortable enough to leave any other comments ( damn my self-consciousness! ), rest assured that I will be here as long as the Danevbies are. 😀 Keep up the great work! ♥

    • sErindeppity says:

      Wow, when I went to approve this comment I had the feeling this one would be one of the ones that makes me cry (from happiness/gratitude) and it did. xD I honestly don’t even know where to start, to reply back to this. I feel like ‘thank you’ isn’t enough. But I don’t know what else to say so… thank you. So very much. For taking the time to read everything, and for enjoying everything.
      Life does get in the way, I understand that–things have been busy for me which is why Chance’s gen is still going… though I am trying to wrap it up before December–I intend on getting chapters 52 and 53 out this week as well as the heir vote! And then there will only be the finale left, not sure how many chapters that will be. Ugh I am so sad Chance’s gen will be over, he is my favorite too (but if you’ve read some of my comments, that’s something already known hehe). Congratulations on getting caught up though, that is quite a feat and I feel very honored for you to have taken the time to do that ❤
      You are definitely welcome into Kay's club ^_^ and I love that name. KLUV. I am so excited to get back to Dannings though. Once Chance is done I am going to do so. Chance just… really sucked me in and took everything to write and keep writing. It's been odd. He's my favorite, his gen is my favorite, his pairing with Specter is my favorite and it was like some sort of odd tunnel vision–it was them and only them, and as much as I adore Jacob and Kay (I ship them so hard too!) I just had to put everything into Chance. So once we move on to gen 7, I should be able to start Dannings (and Patchwork) up again ^^
      Ahhh so glad you liked William too! I really enjoyed writing him… and I have a side story I would like to write with him :I I might be doing that sometime, if I have the time.
      Ahhh -blushes and covers face- Thank you for such kind words ❤ Writing is… so much to me. My passion. I really hope to work on a story I can get published one day though when I try to write non-sims stuff there isn't much flowing in my head. Ahhh well maybe one day soon, I hope ^^ in any case, I am very glad you commented, it was a wonderful comment and means a lot to me. Though I understand not commenting do please don't feel like you have to. I just really want my readers to enjoy this how they want to, and if that means lurking that is fine with me ^_^ (I am a very self-conscious person as well–very shy and socially awkward. I don't want this to deter anyone from commenting because I love comments and I WILL reply to comments… but it is hard for me. I get really embarrassed and often sit there wondering if what I am replying is okay, or how it might come across!)
      I really really really hope you're able to write again… but on that note I don't think it is something you should force, if you're not feeling it (if that makes sense?). Still, I'm very overwhelmingly happy that my writing has been making you feel, a little bit, the want to write again. Judging from this comment you left me you seem to be a very good writer and if you ever do write something you post online for others to read, let me know! 🙂
      Thank you, for appreciating my writing. It really does mean a lot to me. I know that probably sounds silly to say but I do mean it. So very much. I really hope you continue to enjoy the stories, the generations to come–I hope you have fun with the upcoming heir vote too! 😉 I'd ask who you're thinking of voting for but please don't feel like you have to reply. ^^
      Okay I think that is about it for my wordy reply. Thank you again! ❤ so much!!!

      • shizume says:

        Heheh. You are a bit like me when it comes to commenting. As soon as I pressed the ‘reply’ button, I recoiled and got really embarrassed and nervous, wishing there was a way that I could delete that comment because I am such a weirdo. I’m always wondering if things will come across the way I intend them to and if things will make as much sense to others that it did to me during the process of writing/responding. Because over the internet, a lot of things can come across one way when the intent was to have them across another.

        That said, you’re welcome and thanks for taking the time to respond. It’s kind of bittersweet knowing that Chance’s generation is nearing the end and soon he and Specter will be getting old and… dying. D: I’ve become so invested in those two and their family and I know it’s going to be terribly sad when it happens. But at the same time I can’t wait to see the next heir ( *cough*hopefullythatheirwillbeZaid*cough* ) and whatever comes along next. Thankfully there are still six more generations left and that many more Danevbies to fall head over heels in love with.

        I am currently reading through the Dannings and I’m sure that once I get caught up with that, I’ll find my way to your other legacies. I’ve always loved the Sims and reading legacies and as soon as I get a computer capable of playing the Sims 3 ( my desktop is like a bazillion years old and I live in constant fear that it’ll just randomly blow up and die on me one day ) I’d love to try my hand at one of my own. Even though everyone will have probably moved on to Sims 4 by then. ^^; That said, hopefully I’ll be able to collect all my favourite legacy sims and dump them into my neighbourhood.

        Writing has always been something I can’t really describe properly. I am incredibly awkward and socially inept. It is very hard for me to express myself vocally and for as long as I can remember, I’ve taken to writing my feelings down to get them out so they don’t just sit and fester within me. Sometimes people would find what I’ve written, my innermost thoughts and feelings and they would use it to critisize and ridicule me but I never stopped. Because in a way, it was all I had. Fast forward, life and tragedy join forces and slowly but surely, everything that I once clung to as a means of escape became like a blade slicing through me. I could only cut myself and bleed ( figuratively, of course ) so many times before realization set in that somehow things had changed. What used to make me happy now made me feel bitter and still to this day I don’t understand it. As much as I want to, I won’t force myself because that would be completely counter-productive. I’ll just wait until the feelings I used to drown in come pouring back into my being so much that they can’t be contained. Then I can put them to use again. Hopefully, at least.

        ._.; I have written and have posted online, but what I have posted ( nothing Sim related ) I plan on taking down so that I can revamp everything once I get back into the swing of things again. As it stands, my work is pretty outdated. But whenever I post something that reading doesn’t make me want to pull out every strand of hair on my head, I’ll try and remember to let you know. *waves to her ever-present inferiority complex* I’m going to wrap this late response up because I’ve already read the latest chapters and feel the need to comment on one of them. As for the heir vote, well, I’m sure my choice is obvious by now. If not, my comment on the heir poll gives it away completely. XD

      • sErindeppity says:

        Sorry it took aaaages to reply to this I can be so lazy sometimes 😦
        Yep, that is exactly how I feel too. Honestly whenever I see someone replying to me on here I get nervous I had said something that came across as rude or weird or awful.
        I do try and respond, and if I don’t respond for a while well… it’s because I tend to get overwhelmed plus lazy xD I keep thinking “I’ll reply tomorrow” and the comments pile up and I feel a bit panicky. But then I finally buckle down like I am now. And promise I won’t do it again. And I usually do it again :I
        I am never gonna be okay with Chance’s gen ending. I think I said in another comment just now that it will probably be the last gen and I’ll still not be okay. I’m working on pictures for his final chapter right now and getting so emotional. It’s been like, almost 16 months I think and I am having a hard time letting go. 😦
        Well if you ever do a sims legacy, let me know and I will read it. I’ve bookmarked the site you linked me I hope to have some time to read it soon. Don’t worry, I’ll probably be doing sims 3 legacies a long time. Patchwork will probably take a long time, and I’ll be starting a new legacy soon–a supernatural one, so that will take a while. I’m worried some people will drop my legacies once sims 4 comes out but I’ll be chugging on for a while.
        I’m sorry that that’s happened, but I agree with you that just forcing yourself to write would be counter-productive. I really hope you’re able to get back into what you enjoy soon. Honestly, you are saying things that sound like things my own conscious tells me. So I can sympathize greatly with you about the hair-pulling dislike of ones own writing. I rarely put a chapter out without debating a hundred times whether it’s even remotely good. Without writing, I would suffer (something I’ve been through before when I had no means of writing with a month. Well I could with a paper and pen but I am a hundred times comfier writing with a keyboard)… but I shed so many tears over my writing and feel very conflicted about it all.

  11. jonso says:

    Great chapter but yanno what I think? I think you should get the Consort Grow mod so we can see all those adorable kiddies at different ages. You put so much effort into telling their true ages, & it would be so cute to see the twins little and the older ones as they get tall nearing their big birthdays. See my Watley Family on WP and you will see my darling family in all sizes. 🙂

    • sErindeppity says:

      And again I have gotten super far behind I am in my replies, I’m sorry!!
      That is an interesting mod, it might be something I look into eventually 🙂 But because I use multiple save to get “extra” pics it’d be difficult keeping track of the different heights and stuff I think. :\

      • jonso says:

        True I guess it would be tricky for that reason. But you could use Master Controller to set their specific ages by day, and the mod adjusts their heights based on how many days old they are.

      • sErindeppity says:

        That’s a good idea, I might do that sometime. I didn’t know you could use that to set ages by days, although now that I think about it I realized I did that once cause someone was aging up and i just needed a couple more pictures before they did. >_O

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