Living Is A Lie – 6.56 – The Evil Plot

Author’s note: Warning there will be violence in this chapter and the next, as well as guns an pointing at people and yeah. Just giving ya a warning if you need it 🙂


Specter was having a hard time keeping his mind on the project. He kept thinking about his oldest kid, worried about what was going on with Vilkas. None of the supernaturals around the labs seemed to have any idea of what was wrong so he tried not to worry. But he couldn’t help it.

“Sir? Sir?”


A hand waved in front of his face and he blinked, coming back to reality. “Oh, yeah, that was fine,” he said, trying to focus on what was going on. He and his small team were out in some woods, testing a new injection the doctor had invented. It was based on some minute tweaks based off of vampires or werewolves–it was supposed to heighten the senses. They had a human volunteer to take it so they were out in the woods where they usually tested things like this.

His assistant raised her eyebrows. “Fine? He failed. It didn’t do anything.”

Specter shrugged. “We gave him the injection based on size, from what we observed with the mice. Perhaps we didn’t adjust enough, or it might have to do with metabolism. We’ll finish our notes, report them to the doctor and try again tomorrow.”


His phone chirped and as they headed back to the van he checked. It was a text from the labs. Emergency N.E. lock down. “Okay guys, after we get the truck back looks like we’re going home,” he said.

The others were checking their phones and they were all discussing what might have happened the short trip back. The fences around the main buildings were closed and lights were flashing. Specter pulled the truck up in the parking lot to one of the smaller buildings. The labs were separated into four sections. North, South, East, and West. The North and East buildings were the main labs and where everything took place They were in the same area, surrounded by the fence and even had a connecting tunnel underground. The South building was mostly storage, and where Specter needed to take the truck, while the West section–well, no one ever went into the West section except the doctor and the professor. It wasn’t even really a lab building it was just a small shack. But it had the most security, locks and cameras galore.

Specter parked the truck and he and his assistants finished up their notes, texting other employees but nobody inside really knew what was going on either. Specter put all the notes in a folder, waved farewell and headed to the parking lot which was outside the fence. He hit the button to unlock his car and just as he was getting in, his phone chirped again.

W. building now code 9404 SN.


It wasn’t from the lab, it was from the professor’s phone. Specter raised an eyebrow and looked over at the shack. It was very small and so… harmless looking. Shrugging he relocked his vehicle and headed over to the West building. It wasn’t under lockdown so there was nothing stopping him from going to the door and typing in the code on the little pad by the door. It blinked red twice then green and he heard the sound of metal. He stepped back and glanced around as the door opened.

Taking in a deep breath he stepped inside, jumping as the door shut behind him. The lights were on and he was in what looked to be a very small hall with three doors–one at the end and one on either side. “Hello? Professor?” he called.

“In here,” called the doctor from the right room. Specter opened the door and found himself in a small room with almost nothing inside except a bed, a chair, a counter, a sink, and an overhead cabinet. The doctor was standing by the sink, drying her hands off, and the professor was on the bed, skin whiter than Specter had ever seen, and a bandage around his middle. His eyes were closed and he looked…


“Is he dead?” Specter asked without thinking.

“No. If he was, I’d be at your house, destroying that monster you married.”

Specter jerked his chin up. “Excuse me?”

The doctor folded her arms and glared at Specter. “Your… husband…” she said with word with more disgust than anything Specter ever heard before, “stole from me. And did this.” She waved her hand at her brother.



“He came waltzing into our labs and spoke with Kay, I do not know what about. They went to the lower labs to where we keep old things and then that thing…” The doctor stopped, her voice quavering slightly. “That thing tried to kill my brother!”

What?!” Specter couldn’t believe his ears. Chance did what? “Chance wouldn’t–“

“He did,” the doctor spat out. “And you best be glad my brother is still alive for if he wasn’t I would have gone to your house and dismantled that bastard where he stood.” She grabbed Specter by the shoulder and slammed him against the wall. She was a heck of a lot stronger than Specter ever imagined she was. “You best be glad I need to stay by his side right now. Otherwise I would go and get the items he stole myself, and he would not remain alive if I did. Now you go and retrieve the items, and I will let him live. You will be fired, and you and your… family will never come near us ever again.”


“Chance wouldn’t do this!” Specter snarled, pushing her hand away.

“You want to see the security footage? Because he–“



Specter looked down at the professor. “Chance loves him. He would never in a million years hurt Kay. So right now I am certain you’re lying to me.”

He thought the doctor might strike him but after a few seconds of glaring she bent over her brother to check his pulse then led Specter across the hall into the other room. This one was bigger than the first room but still sparsely furnished. There was a table with chemicals and vials, several storage cabinets, a fridge, counter, sink, and a small TV. As the doctor messed with the TV, Specter asked what the room was for. “None of your business,” she replied. He went over to the fridge, curious. “Don’t touch that!” she snapped and he jerked back.


He returned to the TV and watched as the images started. “You have this here?” he asked as he watched the security footage of Chance walking into the labs.

“This happened almost an hour ago,” she said, watching the screen. Specter opened his mouth and she must have guessed what he was asking as she said, “They spend about five minutes together and then he attacks my brother and leaves. So it’s only been forty-five minutes.”

Specter closed his mouth, nodding. The lockdown text had gone out about forty minutes ago. He watched as Kay came to talk to Chance (the doctor explained briefly that he had asked for Kay at the desk). He watched as they went down to the lower labs, to where they kept some of the technology they weren’t ready to throw out. The two of them went into a room and now the doctor fast forwarded. Chance and Kay speedily walked around the room, hands waving, mouths going fast. Then the doctor stopped the fast forwarding. Chance was saying something and Kay shook his head. He also kept looking at Chance with this really confused look on his face. Like something was really amiss.

Specter stared as Chance went over to a shelf, touching a strange object. Kay went over and put a hand on Chance’s shoulder. Chance smiled in a rather creepy way and nodded. Kay nodded back and turned to walk out. Chance reached in his pocket, pulled something out and slammed it into Kay’s lower back.


Specter made a choking sound , watching as Kay’s mouth opened in a scream before collapsing down. Chance was grinning from ear to ear as blood blossomed across the back of Kay’s lab coat. Then he turned and grabbed the strange object, looked up at the security camera, bowed, and then left the room. He went very quickly now, hurrying through the buildings and running out just a split-second before the place went into lockdown.

The TV was turned off and Specter slowly walked back into the room where Kay was, since the doctor was going there as well. “It was a nail,” she said.


“That bastard used a nail. A long nail.” The doctor sank down to her knees next to the bed and held Kay’s hand, pulling it close to her chest. She stared into his pale, deathly face. “He stabbed my brother in his back with a nail.”

And then something happened that just about gave Specter a heart attack. A tear rolled down the doctor’s face. “If it had been… any longer… just slightly to the side… his kidney would have been pierced.” She moved his hand so it was by her mouth now and she closed her eyes. “He nearly died.”


Specter frowned, trying to comprehend this. Then the doctor rose and faced Specter. “YOU HAVE ONCE! ONLY ONCE!” she screamed and he reeled back. “If you do not return the missing item, I will come and retrieve it myself, and I will kill him.”

“It wasn’t Chance.”

“Excuse me?”

Specter rubbed his beard, trying not to be furious at the doctor. She was angry and upset, it was understandable not to see the differences, plus she didn’t know him very well. “It wasn’t Chance.”

“That–you–you have got to be kidding me, that was Chance!”


“That was his body, not him.” He shook his head. “Didn’t you see the tint? The security cameras show ghosts, don’t they?” he asked and she just stared. “He had this very slight glow to him, and he does not walk that way. He doesn’t walk that way, he doesn’t smile like that–that was not him, that was someone in his body.”

She sneered. “You’re so certain–“

“I am,” he cut her off. “Chance does not walk that way. He’s slower. He stumbles sometimes. He doesn’t walk that… that smoothly. His shoulders were wrong, his arms moved wrong, it was wrong. It wasn’t him.” He looked around the small room then straightened up. “I’m going to take the goggles, and a gun.”


“Just go. Go and bring back the stolen item.”


“Just go. Now.” She was kneeling again, holding her brother’s hand, watching his face. Oblivious to anything Specter did or said. Specter turned and left the room, left the small shack, trying not to slam the door.

He walked as calmly as he could to the storage rooms. He flung open the door and went to find some of the old things. The better, newer stuff was in the main buildings but the goggles and guns here still worked okay. He found the best pair and the best gun, making sure it was charged. It would only work once. One bullet, basically. Enough charge for one zap. It wasn’t one of the powerful ones, though–it would merely paralyze the ghost for a few minutes. But the gun back at his house could kill. He would paralyze the ghost, get the gun, and kill the ghost.


He got in his car and gripped the steering wheel, breathing heavily, trying not to let fear or fury overwhelm him. Chance… He drove out of the parking lot, teeth clenched so tightly that his jaw ached. If Chance was harmed in any way… he could easily turn down the power of the gun at the house and give a couple of painful zaps before killing. Chance will be fine, he thought repeatedly.

As he got closer to the house he began wondering how the doctor knew Chance was back at the house. What if they weren’t? What if they had gone somewhere else? What would he do if he got to the house and it was empty? How did they even go anywhere, their house only had one car and he was in it since Chance couldn’t drive. As much as it pained him, he pulled over so he could text the doctor. He sent the message to both the doctor and the professor, and it was through the professor’s number he got a reply.

I don’t know, I merely assumed. Where else would he go?

Specter rubbed his temples and then pulled back onto the road. It was where to start. And when he pulled into the driveway he saw lights on inside. Shaking, he got out of the car, the goggles on and the gun in his pocket. He carefully went up the stairs, heading into the house. He shut the door behind and looked around.


Chance was standing in the main room, looking over his shoulder at Specter. “Darling,” he said. “I didn’t think you’d be home so soon. What are you wearing?”

Specter took the goggles off. He had seen enough. Chance had a red glow to him. He was possessed. But he wasn’t sure what would happen if he shot the gun at Chance. Specter was fairly certain it would paralyze the ghost and leave Chance alone but now that he was here he honestly wasn’t sure. He had never shot one of these at a living person. He needed to convince the ghost to leave Chance.


But before he said anything, Chance–the ghost in his body, really–came pattering over and grabbed his coat, yanking him close and kissing. Hard. Passionate. Tongue-y. Chance’s hands pushed up into his shirt, rubbing his chest. “Let’s go to bed,” he whispered, kissing at Specter’s neck.

He shuddered and pulled the hands off of him. He really hadn’t expected that. Must be quite a horny ghost, he thought and he felt disgusted that the ghost would just use Chance’s body like that. Chance held onto Specter’s hands and twisted them around, partway around his back, and began kissing again. “Come on, baby,” he murmured, “before the kids get home.”

His hands were about to go into Specter’s pants. Since his own hands were now free he grabbed one of Chance’s wrists with one hand and pulled the gun out with his other hand. He felt completely and utterly sick as Chance’s beautiful eyes went huge in fear at the sight of the gun at his head.


“Wh–what?” he asked, voice cracking. “What are you doing?” He began trying to get loose. “L-let go of me, what are you doing, why are you pointing that g-gun at me? Specter?”

It unnerved him to hear his name spoken. “Chance has seen the goggles before,” he said carefully. “He would know what they are, not ask what I’m wearing.”

For a split-second Chance still looked at him with terror and then, as if a flip was switched, his face hardened, his eyes narrowed and his lips went thin. “I see. Ah, well, I tried.” And then he was elbowing Specter in the chest and ducking under his arm, trying to seize hold of the gun. They had a brief struggle and Specter managed to wrench away without hurting Chance, as his first instinct was to kick but he definitely didn’t want to do that.

Chance fell back and as Specter aimed the gun, Chance pulled a gun out of his own pocket. This one wasn’t a ghost gun. This was a real gun. “You shoot me, I shoot you,” Specter said. “We both lose.”

“So you shoot me and I do nothing?” the ghost asked with a derisive laugh. “I don’t think so. But don’t worry. I’m not planning on shooting you.”


And he turned the gun, pointing it at his own head. “You pull your trigger, I pull mine.”

Specter gripped his gun tightly, arms trembling just barely. “I’ll shoot,” he said.

“As will I. I know how to use guns.” He flicked the safety off and adjusted the gun, pressing the barrel against Chance’s temple. “Hopefully you can get Chance’s brains, what little he has, cleaned up before the kids get home. What will you tell them?”

“Get. Out. Of. Him.”

The ghost laughed. “Or what? You have nothing to threaten me with, Specter.”

“So what, you’re willing to kill–” He stopped and swallowed. “Kill Chance even if it means your death? I don’t think so.”

“You don’t know me very well,” the ghost whispered. His voice may have been Chance’s voice but the tones were all wrong, slightly off. It really rubbed Specter the wrong way. “I will very happily kill him even if I die. BANG!” he shouted and Specter jerked. The ghost laughed even more. “My, my. Jumpy are we? Now, why don’t you put that gun down. It’s better I don’t think you might pull the trigger. I might… accidentally pull mine without need. We don’t want that, do we?”


Specter shifted his weight, keeping his aim. It had been years since he did something like that but it was all coming back to him. His blood was pumping through his body, his adrenaline racing. “No.”

“Hope you can raise five kids by yourself,” the ghost said and lifted his hand, looking like his finger would squeeze.

“NO!” Specter screamed. The ghost raised Chance’s eyebrows. “No. I–I’ll…” He couldn’t do it, he couldn’t risk Chance. “I’ll put it down.” He crouched down, setting the gun down, Then he slowly straightened back up, relieved as the gun in Chance’s hand was lowered. “You put your gun down?”


“Mmmm, in a minute.”

“What do you want?” Specter asked, keeping a close eye on the gun. “Why are you doing this? Why Chance?”

“Come on, come sit down.” The ghost went over to the dining area and pulled a chair out, patting the seat. “Sit down.” He waited and when Specter didn’t move, he sighed and pointed the gun back at Chance’s head. “Sit the hell down, Specter, or I’ll do it.”

Specter went over and sat down, very stiff, very confused. He didn’t know what to do. He didn’t know how to get out of this, or how to protect Chance. He felt like such an incredible failure. He could get rid of the ghost… but most likely it would mean Chance dying. He had the sinking feeling that the ghost could pull the trigger in that millisecond before getting zapped. And he couldn’t do that. He just couldn’t.


His arms were pulled back and he was being tied down. He didn’t even bother fighting. “I’m not a threat anymore,” Specter said a bit weakly. “So tell me. Why us? Why Chance?”

“Oh, I have my reasons,” the ghost chuckled and then came around to the front, bending down to kiss Specter on the mouth, his tongue probing in. Specter jerked his head away. “What, doesn’t this make you all excited?” He stepped back and rubbed Chance’s hips. “I admit, I’m not a big fan of redheads but I think the body isn’t bad at all. I bet you love this body, don’t you.”

“Get out of him,” Specter snarled, jerking his arms a bit but his hands were firmly tied. “I’m not a threat! Get out!”

“You know…” The ghost looked him up and down and then began tapping Chance’s chin with the gun. “I’ve been thinking you look so familiar. I’ve been watching this house for months now and kept thinking how familiar you look.” He reached down with his other hand and stroked Specter’s beard. “I figured it out though. I saw the mail. It’s all address to ‘Danevbie-Greyson’. Greyson. Greyson!” The ghost laughed. “You’re Jareth Greyson, how big of a coincidence is that! That you married Chance!”

Specter scowled. “What are you talking about? Stop–stop with the gun. Please.”


He shrugged and set the gun down. “Your parents were Matthew and Louise Greyson?”

Specter’s mouth opened in shock. “How–how did…?”

He came over, hands on his thighs as he leaned in, his face just an inch away. He twisted Chance’s lips into a nasty smirk and something dark was in Chance’s eyes. “How many years did you spend hating me for killing your parents?”

“Samuel?” Specter gasped, his throat tightening.

“Samuel…? Haha, oh no my dear. Is he dead now? Hmm, what a shame.” He touched Specter’s beard and Specter turned his head. “No. I’m his puppet master. Or was. I’m the one who convinced him to break away from the Roods’ labs. Samuel Everett and I spent so many hours talking. He came into my cell so many times.” He began walking around Specter, hand trailing across his shoulders. “He was so easy to manipulate. The Roods disrespected him, you know. Mistreated him. Didn’t take his opinion and thoughts very seriously. He was so disgruntled.” He was back in front of Specter, leaning in, smirking once more. “So easy, so very easy to convince him.”


Specter was shaking and trying to get free, his wrists hurting as he tried to yank them out of the cords that held them down. “You bastard–“

“I wonder how it felt.” Chance’s voice was so very quiet and distant, very breathy. “It was my idea you know. He wanted someone to be with him. To raise to be a little… mindless clone of his. He considered trying to clone but he didn’t have the talent for that. He knew your parents so well. I told him to get their trust, and he did. He had his eye on you since you were very little.”

Specter’s left shoulder began hurting as he tried to twist his arm free. “STOP IT!” he roared. “STOP!”

“When the moment came, he did what he needed to do to get you. I told him, I said to him just kill the Greysons and get the little kid out before anyone knew it was him and me.” He let out a quick laugh, just one short breath that hit Specter’s face. “I wonder how it felt. He told me, later, how he did it. Do you know?”



“He told me he stabbed your mother first.”


“In the throat? And then your father? And then used his bare fingers, thrusting them into those bleeding, gaping necks and ripping–“


“Language!” The ghost straightened up, making tsking sounds. “I’d ask if you kissed your mother with that mouth but–” and here he panted with laughter, “–we just went over how that isn’t happening.” Specter yanked so hard he almost fell over. The ghost backed up, giggling behind Chance’s hand. “Careful now.”

“WHAT DO YOU WANT?” Specter screamed. “You HAVE whatever the hell you wanted, now get out of Chance’s body and leave us!”


“You know, he’s trying to fight me.” He rubbed Chance’s chest gently. “I put him to sleep for a while, knocked his conscious out. But he’s been awake for a while now. He cried.” He now tapped the side of Chance’s head. “In here. He cried when we attacked the professor. He tried reasoning with me. Trying to make a deal. And now he’s fighting so much for control but he’s so weak. One of the most pathetic brains I’ve come across in a long time.” He pushed back some of Chance’s hair and then went over to the TV, leaning in to look. “But these eyes… mmm, I missed these eyes.”

“You… what?”

He reached up and very carefully touched Chance’s face. “These eyes and freckles. He got them from his grandfather. One of them.” He tilted his head to look at Specter. “I’m another one, you know. I’m one of his grandfathers. How coincidental is it? I’m his grandfather, and I convinced someone to kill your parents, and now you and he are married. When he has blood running through his body, the blood of the person who essentially killed your parents. They never would have died if I hadn’t gotten Everett to help me, you know. And his parents were there. Chance’s parents? They were at the labs that night. I possessed his father to get out of the labs.”


He stood up straight and ran fingers along Chance’s belly. “That disgusting Frenchman. I hate the French. They’re so… poncy. Ugh. Disgusting. I don’t know what my daughter was thinking–oh.” Suddenly his face fell. “Oh. Chance has just thought of something and–oh. Oh my.” He backed up and sat down on the sofa hard, just staring. “Sebastian is dead.”

Specter remained silent, trying still to get free. The ghost put Chance’s head in his hands and slumped down. “I suppose I should have known. He was so old. In his nineties. Disgusting, old, wrinkly body. Ew. He was so beautiful when he was young. And his eyes, such amazing eyes. Such an amazing… personality.” He stood back up, rubbing his eyes though there were no tears. “Very easy to manipulate.”

“Please just leave us,” Specter said hoarsely.

“Chance wasn’t as easy…” He trailed off and sorta stared off in the distance. “I tried a few times. From a distance. Once, closer. I pretended to be another ghost. A little girl. ‘Oh help me’!” he squeaked in a falsetto voice. “I threw my powers at him but he didn’t do anything. And I tried again earlier and he managed to resist me. For such an empty head he’s certainly got some willpower.”


“Just LEAVE!”

The ghost sighed and walked back over, arms folded. “No. I can’t. There’s something here I need, and it will be a while before I get it.”

Specter lifted his chin. “And what’s that?”

The smirk came back and he went over to the strange object. It almost looked like a mini-vacuum cleaner with tubes coming out from both ends. He touched the object, almost stroking it. “My future,” he said simply. “My new life as a living person.”

“How? It’s impossible to turn a ghost into a person, it worked with Chance because he wasn’t a regular sort of ghost–“


“No,” the ghost spat out. “You’re right about that. What turned Chance living won’t work with me. But they adapted that technology from another experiment they did. A long time ago. I heard a lot about the labs and the Roods from Everett. A long, long time ago they experimented on putting souls into dolls. They would rip a person’s soul from their body and shove it into a little doll, and with who-knows-what crap like love the doll could someday be human again.” He rolled Chance’s eyes and gagged. “But the doctor was trying something else. Taking a human soul and shoving it into another human. But you see, that didn’t work. If the body was dead already, it would stay dead. If it was someone living, Everett told me he had discovered, the body would shut down. Break down. Die. Both souls would be gone, the body would be dead.”

Specter shook his head slowly. “So what do you–oh. Oh. No. No. NO!”

The ghost grinned, clapping his hands. “Oh goodie, you get it. Chance hasn’t figured it out yet. He’s so stupid, how can you stand him?”


“NO!” Specter screamed. “NO!”

“Yes. I assumed it would always not be an option, but now there is an option. Oh, poor Chance still doesn’t get it. Do you want to tell him?” He waited but when Specter just glared, the ghost sighed and pointed at the gun. “Tell him, or I’ll shoot you.”

“Why don’t you say it?”

“It’d be more fun coming from you, I think.”

Specter took in a deep breath, full of anger and pure hatred. “Chance, he–he needs a body that won’t break down.” He closed his eyes. “He needs a body that will heal itself if it breaks down.” He then opened his eyes and stared right into those turquoise eyes, past the ghost and hopefully at Chance. “He plans on using Vilkas.”


“Ding-ding-ding we have a winner!” the ghost shrieked, bouncing happily. “Oh! Oh my, now Chance is fighting. My, he’s angry. Oh!” The ghost jerked, looking confused. “Wow, he’s fighting now. That’s surprising, he’s really–ah!” He jerked again and stared at Specter. “How is he doing that, nobody can do thAHHH!”

His entire body jerked forward and then Chance began glowing red, and then there was a blood red ghost falling out of Chance’s body. Specter gaped. “CHANCE!” he yelled as Chance’s body fell backwards, falling on the ground.


“Oh. Damn it,” the ghost said and before Specter could say anything the ghost flew at him. There was a feeling of cold… then Specter lost control of himself.


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    • sErindeppity says:

      Yeah I feel bad for putting Chance through all this but I just… feel this need to… do this to the characters I love. I’m a terrible person.
      And oh my goodness -hugs- sorry for making you cry! 😦

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    That was such a good, intense chapter….oh my jeez.


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      Hmmm the way you put that is interesting, the strength spiritually. It’s definitely true and maybe cause he spent so much of his life as a ghost is the reason he’s so strong like that? I hand’t thought of it that way before. xD
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    This is Chance’s first impression of his bloodline besides Kay and being honest I can understand if Chance never wants to see his family because wow…. what an awful impression on him. 😦

    Doug being back doesn’t quite shock me. His presence brings a great villain into the story and an interesting dynamic between characters. Doug is really evil incarnate and I hope Chance finally gets rid of him for once and for all, especially for his mother. I’m not really in tears yet but I certainly hope Vilkas is safe, geez… if Vilkas has his own story, I hate to see how it starts if Doug actually takes him. Ew.

    I’m glad Chance is strong, I hate how some characters put down his smarts or his brain or his memories being lost. I really feel like sometimes he gets thrown under the bus about that…. even more worse is that Doug said it….. ughhhhh…..

    Poor Kay, but I know he can’t be killed off, he’s one of the most essential characters we have but I can see how this might make him believe it was his fault or something along those lines. Who knows…. I can see both Jay and Kay kinda being with themselves for a bit than have a team of people or scientists because look how much helping other people got them? I mean that’s how I’d feel…. a bit jaded. I don’t know why I believe that though. 🙂

    • sErindeppity says:

      I could understand that too. I think Chance would understand Doug’s not like the rest of his family… but he is still unsure whether or not to see his family cause he feels so much guilt.
      Yeah I was figuring most people would guess Doug. He does make a great villain. xD but he needs to be taken out once and for all!
      If Doug took Vilkas’s boy then Vilkas’s spirit would probably die :I
      And yeah haha Kay isn’t dead and won’t be, but man he’s gonna be blaming himself! Jay would prefer it if it was just her and Kay. xD

  11. annasommer says:

    Ahem… so he is possessing Specter now… who he has tied down, right? Ts…

  12. Andrew Drake says:

    Here’s hoping Chance isn’t stupid enough to untie those two… also here’s hoping that Doug got stupid while talking to Kay and told him who he was.

    Heh. If he did things are going to get very painful for him. Jay on the warpath… that’s a Darth Vader Complex thing just waiting to happen. There is no ally more loved than one that was scaring the waste matter out of your system just a chapter ago. I wonder how she would choose to kill Doug… perhaps by using a version of the Ghost Gun that works very slowly and painfully.

    • sErindeppity says:

      I guess it depends on how convincing Doug is as Specter. Jay on the warpath is a brilliant image! I think Jay might just find a painful way to kill Doug, but also semi-quick. I think she realizes if she made it slow there might be room to escape somehow. Like when she killed Everett. “You won’t get me monologue-ing!”

  13. How can that be the last chapter??? HOW? I need more information, Erin, you can’t- you- I


    • sErindeppity says:

      It’s not the last chapter don’t worry, chapter 58 is the final chapter in Chance’s gen. :3 I was mostly just whining about having written chapter 58 on facebook, not having published the final chapter.Sorry for the mixup! :3

      • mewmewmentor says:

        Omg, just when it’s at the climax…now I don’t want Chance’s gen to end. D: Zaid better be pretty damn awesome to outshine his papa. Not that any of the Danevbies have ever been in the shadow of their parents, lol. (Well, except maybe Cal, because his dad died when he was still pretty young. :c)

      • sErindeppity says:

        that being said, I hope people like Zaid’s gen. I’m really gonna be playing on his traits and doing some different things, so I am nervous about that. I think he’s going to be really fun to write. But coming after Chance…. I am a bit worried xD Hopefully y’all like his story and personality ^_^

  14. GloryGal says:

    I keep hoping that because Chance kept reminding himself of where the key was to the dresser drawer where the ghost gun is kept that he’ll be able to find the strength to get his hands on it. I think he can kill Doug but not hurt Specter? Can he….please, please…

    • sErindeppity says:

      Chance will probably be remembering the gun. Though he is unaware the gun Specter brought only had one shot left in it. :I
      Doug may be dying in this gen. It’s certainly overdue, the jerk. xD

  15. Lucy Borgia says:

    Oh my goodness, I rather think I read most of that without breathing.

  16. jonso says:

    I read it before bed last night and couldn’t comment. I was just D: and had to drop the ipad and pass out.


    (I did read the comments then and had to LOL at you wailing his name loudly while falling to your knees… hehehe.)

  17. somebodysangel13 says:

    And then something happened that just about gave Specter a heart attack. A tear rolled down the doctor’s face.
    Nawwww, Jay! I really loved that scene, Jay finally shows some emotions! Really great writing to show us how much she loves her brother.

    Can we just kill Doug already? Getting sick of him coming back again and again, and adding nothing but heartbreak to the story.

    • sErindeppity says:

      That scene meant a lot to me to write (hope that doesn’t sound weird). Jay loves Kay so much but she rarely shows it in ways other people understand, so it just… was special to write something where her love for her brother comes across in a way people can see easily if that makes sense.
      Doug might be dying this time around…!

      • somebodysangel13 says:

        Yay, I totally agree! Would love to see some more of the Redding backgrounds if/when you get a chance – toddlers or kidlets! I really loved the teen chapters, with Jay being so protective of him. Ooh, maybe something about Kay figuring out he’s gay, and Jay’s reaction? Not that I think there would be much, she doesn’t really care about sex, so wouldn’t worry about Kay’s orientation.
        Or if you get bored/annoyed with the Danevbies – I imagine that happens to all of us at times, get annoyed with our legacy families.

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