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My grandpa isn’t doing great and the doctors have stated he needs someone to live out there. That someone is me, apparently, so soon I will be moving out there.

Now, this had been talked about a couple weeks ago and talked even more thoroughly on Christmas. My dad is angry about this because he doesn’t want me to move out of the house (despite the fact I’ll be only like two freaking miles away) and is dragging his heels. He apparently told everyone (behind my back) the move in date is the end of January when we had all decided it would be pretty much ASAP. I’m planning on continuing as if it is ASAP since it needs to be.

Now, dad was put in charge of getting me wifi for grandpa’s house (because my family knows perfectly well I will need it) and if he continues to act like this I am scared he won’t do it. He said “it will take a month” (which is why he said end of January) but it should not take a month to get wireless. So there is every chance he just won’t do it, and every chance I will be without internet for a long time since the rest of the family lives hours away and my mom wouldn’t know the first thing about getting this taken care of, nor am I.

I should be able to sorta update if this happens. I’ll have to write the chapters in microsoft word instead of wordpress, and get pictures then come to my parents’ house and update here but if that does happen, it will be a slow (annoying) process. So… for January there might only be a few updates for my legacies.

I’ve been crying about this because 1. I’m scared to live out there and 2. My dad can be even more stubborn than Specter. But grandpa needs someone, and I am willing to do what I can to help. If you’re the praying kind, please keep me in your prayers (I don’t care what sort of praying you do) and if you’re the non-praying type then please send out positive vibes. If you want to, of course. It would be much appreciated. It’s gonna be a rough time for me @_@

Thank you



About sErindeppity

Hi there! I'm known as sErindeppity. I love to read (huzzah!) and love to write (double huzzah!). I have tons of books in my room ahaha. I love video games and hate hot weather. :p
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  1. zefiewings says:

    I am the praying type, and my prayers are here for you, your grandpa, and your father (I will pray for patience and understanding).
    We are here for you. We might be different kinds of friends than the people you see “for real” but, for me at least, do not think us any less your friends.
    Take your time, and don’t write if it will just make you frustrated.

    • sErindeppity says:

      Thank you so much ❤ and yes, for my father as well for patience and understanding as well. He is just exceedingly stubborn -shakes head-
      I feel like all of you are my friends, and I care about you guys too. When people say friendships over the internet aren't real I just ignore that because you guys have been there for me so much, and have uplifted me so many times. ^_^

  2. Lucy Borgia says:

    I’m the praying type too, so will hold you all in my prayers.

    If it helps to understand why your dad is trying to delay it, I’m guessing he doesn’t want anyone to have to go & be with his father/father in law because he wants him to be fit enough to look after himself; doesn’t want you to have to do it, feels guilty that you’re having to do it… And is generally hoping that if he buries his head in the sand a bit, everything will be ok…

    Of course, that doesn’t really help you or grandpa! So carry on with your plans to move out there asap and know that you are doing what needs to be done ((sErin and family))

    • sErindeppity says:

      His father-in-law but no the main reason is he doesn’t want me to go, he’s stated that clearly several times and has always had problems with the idea of me moving out. I’m in my 20s, but this conversation has happened several times (he literally told the rest of mom’s family ‘she’s my little bird and she’s not leaving the nest’). I know most of this has to do with the fact he lost my brother when my brother was 16, but seriously… I’m in my 20s, I’ll be 2 miles away. x_x I’ve given up a LOT staying at home for as long as I had.
      In other words, thank you so much I am extremely appreciative of the prayers. ❤

      • zefiewings says:

        Ah. I can understand your problem personally then.
        My father lost his sister when they were both young, 15 and 13 I think.
        She was taken after she got of the bus and killed.
        As a result, my Dad has always been over protective. I can’t even explain what would happen if the bus was late dropping us off.
        Its so hard when you can understand why they are overprotective, and you want to make it easy on them because it was so hard what they went through.
        But at the same time, you want some balance in your life, trying not to let the tragedy shape and shadow what you do for the rest of your life. 😦

      • sErindeppity says:

        For some reason this had gone to spam o.O??
        Anyway, I am sorry about your father’s loss. That sort of thing does make a lot of people to be very overly protective. I know I try hard to understand dad’s reasons. It’s difficult, but I try my best. It can be very difficult though since I know my parents unintentionally compare me to him, especially when I was sixteen myself that was an extremely rough year for me.
        I still feel in his shadow sometimes…

      • zefiewings says:

        My sister has that problem with our aunt. She kind of looks like her and is a lot like she was at her age. It makes it very hard with her for that side of the family.

        An extra big hug for you my friend. I hope things get better for you.

  3. AliciaRain says:

    My grandfather (the last one I had left) passed away on the 5th of this month… I feel your pain, and need to help him through this, and I am all for it.
    You should not feel the need to keep posting if this will be a hard thing for you to d. Take care of him and do what you believe needs to be done and what you want to do, not what you think others want you to do.
    Good luck with your grandfather, I’m sending good vibes your way.

    • sErindeppity says:

      Thank you so much ❤ and thank you for the good vibes.
      For some reason my entire message was delete except a couple lines so let me go back and write this again heh. I will definitely need to continue writing, I've had to go without writing before and it literally physically pains me. I will mostly be out there to keep an eye on him, drive him places, and maybe cook for him if he'll let me. He's 91 and extremely, stubbornly independent. @_@ plus he has someone coming in twice a week to take care of medical stuff, and a cleaner to clean house which is good since I am uber squeamish about medical stuff. :\
      I'm so sorry about your grandfather 😦 this one is the last one I have. ._.

      • AliciaRain says:

        You and me both feel the same about writing, I may not be working on just my legacy, but I am always writing.
        I’m glad he is still so independent, sometimes it helps health.
        I hope all goes well, he sound like a good man… Stubborn, but sometimes that’s a good thing.

  4. mewmewmentor says:

    Your dad sounds like my dad. It sucks when they get an idea in their heads and won’t let go. If it helps, you’re doing the right thing. 🙂

    • sErindeppity says:

      Yeah my dad is really, aggravatingly stubborn. I’m gonna talk to him today and am rather worried to do this. He just worries easily. And losing my brother makes him extra worried about letting me go but dang it I am in my 20s. x_O
      Thank you for your words ❤

      • mewmewmentor says:

        Yeah, I know how that is. 😦 Not because of the causes, I expect, but I get where you’re coming from.

        Sorry, but i oculdn’t help but giggle sympathetically at the “but dang it, I am in my 20s”. You and me both, hon. Parents. *eyeroll*

        You’re welcome!

  5. GloryGal says:

    Please don’t worry about all of us. It’s more important that you do what you feel is right for your grandpa and yourself as well. I hope that you won’t be too isolated and that there will be help if you need it with him. Parents often seem to want to try and control their children as much as possible (either through stubbornness or because they want to keep us “safe”) and it’s very difficult sometimes to have to deal with that. I’m sending you prayers and positive vibes that it all will be well. You’ll never be without friends, I consider you a good one. Don’t have many in RL so consider my “on line” ones quite important. Hugs for you all…

    • sErindeppity says:

      Yeah I definitely need to go out there cause he can’t live alone. He has health people come in twice a week and a cleaning lady so thankfully I won’t need to worry about those. I’ll still have a lot of my freedom, it’s just mostly keeping an eye on him and driving him places.
      My dad is certainly like that. I love him, but he worries so much! :\
      Thank you for the prayers and positive vibes, they are much appreciated ❤ I consider my online friends as much a friend as anyone else. Hugs back to you ^_^

  6. I’ll definitely be keeping you and your family in my prayers. I hope you can get your dad to swiftly install internet, and I hope your grandfather stays in good health.

    • sErindeppity says:

      Thank you so much, it’s really been appreciated ❤ I know things have stalled with me being sick but pretty soon we'll be starting to try and get me moved. xD I dunno if dad's done much with the internet though. :\

  7. annasommer says:

    Hey sErin,
    thanks for letting us know. Naturally I can’t help but throw in my two cents, too…
    I think it is sad that you dad is so worried about you BUT it is all just in his head. You will be living just around the corner, and you will not even be living on your own, but with your GRANDPA dear me- how could moving out possibly be any more less adventurous?!
    The old man needs someone around, and I think you are doing not only the right, but a very generous thing, too. As for the wifi- I bet if you start to ask around a bit, you will find either some relative or friend who is tech-savy enough to help you with that. Go do it girl. Prove to your dad that you can handle things yourself. You can do it, and I will do my best vibing your way or whatever that is called *hugz*

    • sErindeppity says:

      Thank you so much ❤ and yeah it is in his head. But he is an extreme worrier and can be so stubborn about things. Sometimes I just have to be like "this is happening whether you like it or not!" and deal with that. I think he is gonna help with the internet, make the right calls and get it organized.
      Thank you again! -hugs back-

  8. I am the praying type, so I will keep you and your grandpa in my prayers <3.
    We completely understand if it takes you a while to update, we completely understand. I hope that your grandpa stays in good health <3.

    • sErindeppity says:

      Thank you so much 🙂 now that my sickness is finally, slowly, going away the moving is gonna be happening soon (probably gonna start in a week since that’s when the doctor said I can probably be around my grandpa, that is if I do get better by then xD)
      I really appreciate everything ❤ Grandpa's been doing pretty good thank God for that.

  9. Person says:

    I am the praying type and will be praying for you and your grandpa. We wish you good luck!

  10. angelblue007 says:

    I’ll keep you and your family in my prayers sErin. I really hope everything works out one way or another and your Grandpa gets better soon. Much love ❤

    • sErindeppity says:

      Thank you hun, it means a lot to me. Hopefully it will work out well. Now that I’m at the start of getting over this sickness I am back to worrying a bit about the move xD but I think it will work out.

  11. mischiefthekitten says:

    I’m not religious and don’t pray, but I’ll keep you and your grandpa in my thought. I hope he’ll be alright, it’s a very kind thing you’re doing for him, Erin *hugs*

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