Short Hiatus…

(this is a long note sorry….)

This started out as something completely different. It was a long post about how unfocused and confused I am with gen seven, and about how I’ve been questioning things plus the fact that recent feedback made me feel like cutting out all the side-plot stuff because it really served no importance other than heavy character development.

I continued on with how I need a short hiatus to refocus, how this hiatus will probably be a week long but possibly up to two weeks. I wrote a lot of stuff about how I was considering things from time skips to even erasing what I’ve written and starting anew.

I got to the end with a big apology and thanking you for your patience and understanding. I finished with my signature, and went to hit publish.

Then I stopped.

I reread everything I wrote. It was heartfelt and honest. But something about it felt wrong.

I reread everything again. I looked at what I wrote about the side plots. About how even though I really liked them, I should probably take them out to hurry the main plot along. How I should put in shorter ideas with character development so the story wouldn’t drag on. That was true, I believed that, so why not publish the note?

I hovered my mouse over the publish button but it felt wrong. So I reread yet again what I wrote and I realized…

Maybe I am lost and unhappy with the story, maybe it is disorganized and not so great right now, but… I should write the story how I want to write it. Character development… is important. Having a bit of fluff may not be as important, but it’s still Β seeing the characters grow and change, or how they are.

If I cut and cut and cut, and only leave the main plot in with very little focus on anything else the generation would probably only be ten chapters long, if that. You wouldn’t know Zaid very well, or the people in his life. Maybe some of you aren’t clicking with him and that is PERFECTLY FINE but if I just push him into this good, fully developed character than there’d be no journey.

Now… I don’t believe in spoilers. I understand others do, but I personally don’t. So what if I know what happens at the end? So what if I know the plot? It’s the journey through the book or movie that’s important. I literally do not understand people who won’t read a book or see a movie because they know the ending. Is that really the only important thing? I mean, everyone knew how “Titanic” would end. But it was still one of the most popular movies. People saw it multiple times, because they connected to the characters on their journey. “Doctor Who”, you know the Doctor will regenerate eventually but you still get so connected with one Doctor and all his little stories. Because of his character, not his ending.

Now, Danevbies isn’t a book or a movie or even a TV show (though I suppose series of mini-series would be the most like it, with episodes popping out and each gen being a its own little series). But if I cut out every little thing that isn’t important to the main plot then I am going to get fifteen minutes of “Titanic”. I’m going to get a condensed, two-parter of “Doctor Who”. You’re not going to care about Zaid, or his partner(s) or his children or his friends. You’re gonna watch seven turn into eight the same way I watched Matt Smith turn into Peter Capaldi: not caring one bit about seeing him go.

So right now I am going to take the short hiatus I was going to take. I am going to calm down, relax, and refocus. But not in the same way I was before. I am going to focus on how I can make the story better and keep the character development I like. Will I be cutting some stuff out? Yeah, probably. But not to the extent I was thinking of. This generation is important to the overall plot, and I want to do it the justice it deserves. I want to be happy with it, and I want you to be happy with it. Condensing it down… I don’t think that will make any of us happy. And if some people don’t like it, that’s fine.

So I am gonna take this break. It will probably be around a week long, maybe two weeks at most. And with luck I will come back and be able to write an even better story. Thank you for your patience and understanding. I love you all ❀



About sErindeppity

Hi there! I'm known as sErindeppity. I love to read (huzzah!) and love to write (double huzzah!). I have tons of books in my room ahaha. I love video games and hate hot weather. :p
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32 Responses to Short Hiatus…

  1. pinkreina says:

    Take all the time that you need! I love seeing how much thought and detail that you put into all of your character lives. Please don’t cut anything just because you have a few people who are grumbling, it’s their choice if they want to read it. No one is forcing their nose to the computer screen to read your amazing Danevbie story. Write what makes you happy. And I’ll get off of my soap box now.

    • sErindeppity says:

      Thanks πŸ™‚ I did agree with the couple of people that messaged me about this, I mean too much side plot can really take away from a story and I will be cutting some of it out. Most of them said they’d continue reading regardless so I am trying not to worry too much about having character development side plot in there. ^^

  2. GloryGal says:

    I agree with pinkreina, you are the author and therefore entitled to write whatever you want in order to follow through with the characters that are so real in your mind. Rest assured that many of us are very appreciative of being able to “know” these Danevbie people!!! Only cut out what you personally feel isn’t necessary to the story. I, for one, am always excited to get to know everyone that you write about. I don’t think that it’s too much character development. If I didn’t get to know Zaid as a full person then he wouldn’t seem so real to me. Thanks for these stories they’re great! And a hiatus is probably a good idea since you need to pack? lol

    • sErindeppity says:

      I still need to pack because my dad who promised to bring me boxes from his work HAS NOT DONE IT YET -shakes fist at father- and so I have nothing to put my stuff in. @_@ it’s driving me nuts.
      And thank you. Yeah, I wad feeling lost before I got the couple of messages about Zaid’s gen so it just made me feel more lost. But I know now I am doing the right thing. ^_^ I am looking forward to being able to fix the story and make it better.

  3. I hope you feel better about this generation, and your writing of it, soon. I have moments, after writing out a page worth, of considering erasing any character development or ‘fluff’. But the fact is that every writer has a different style; some breeze across everything quickly, in a rush, while others, such as you and myself will dedicate pages of detailing about a character so that they’re known by the readers. I am intrigued with Zaid so far, and I hope you don’t take away too much from his development.

  4. Seriously – take all the time you need! Taking a breather is probably for the best, it really will help you refocus on what *you* as the author want. If you cut out a lot of the story that you don’t want to cut out, you won’t be as happy/will regret it later on down the road. I agree with GloryGal – cut out only what you feel is unnecessary. But, ultimately, write what you want to write, not what others are ‘expecting’ or whatever. Don’t cut things you feel are important because of a few individuals. This story is what *you* came up with, what *you* put down on paper, and it is whatever *you* want it to be. Write whatever you want to write :].

    • sErindeppity says:

      The breather helped so much (as did starting the new rainbowcy). You’re right about cutting things out, I really appreciate all the help you’ve given me and the support. πŸ™‚

  5. mewmewmentor says:

    Right. I hope you don’t take this the wrong way, but I’m going to say my piece. This is one of those many, many times when I wish you could see my actual facial expressions – the internet takes away that most important part of human communication.


    Why do you care so much what we think? None of us are professional editors, we are not members of a publishing company, we are your READERS. There is a reason we sit down whenever you post a new chapter. It’s not because we’re there to poke holes in your storylines. It’s because we enjoy your writing. Plain and simple. Yes, it really is that simple. Some of us (me included) may point out things we find confusing, but that does by no means mean that you have to agree with us or second-guess yourself. You are the writer, not us.

    I know all this is not easy. Hell, I’ve made concessions when other people have commented on my stories pointing out things they didn’t agree with. But I try to remind myself over and over again that it doesn’t really matter too much what they think. None of my work has ever been published. Yes, it hurts when they do make comments that are hard to handle. But the thing is…at the end of the day, it’s not their story, and they’re not paying for it. Hell, even if they were paying for it, they would not have the right to imply that you should make changes you’re deeply uncomfortable with.

    Now for the actual story issues you raised – I’ve read books where there isn’t a lot of character development because there are few ‘fluff’ scenes. You know what? You’re absolutely right. Stories with no ‘flufft’, well, fanfics I’ve read, usually the comments on fluff chapters were all ‘squeeeeeeee’ or ‘awwwwwwww’. People enjoy fluff for a reason. Hell, if people’s lives were all plot and no fluff, well, that’s basically Jack. You know, “all work and no play makes Jack a dull boy.”

    There, I’ve said my piece. Hope you enjoy your break. πŸ™‚ You definitely sound like you need it. Whenever I get to one of those points of, “I’m gonna break everything” that’s usually when I need to go to bed. XD

    • sErindeppity says:

      Reply in full later but just want to say I do appreciate when you guys point out things that are confusing (or a typo, or whatnot). Sometimes I am so wrapped up in my writing that I might write something that makes sense in my head but doesn’t come across clear enough to people who don’t know certain things that havent’t been explained yet. I really appreciate feedback, I do. This hiatus isn’t because “oh no I got bad feedback” it’s because I got a certain type of feedback about the one thing I was already really questioning, so it just sorta fueled the fire and made me realize I need to sit back and think about things.

      • mewmewmentor says:

        Yeah, I understood that. To a degree, lol. I guess I was under the impression that the people who messaged you gave you feedback that you didn’t agree with. Time away usually helps. I hope we still get to see what happens with the monster stalking Zaid and about how he’s the Destroyer or whatever it was. Destroyer is weird to me because usually when characters are given an extreme title like that whatever they wind up doing or not doing never seems as bad as the term or prophecy makes it out to be so I’m just curious to see where you were going with that. If it was mentioned in the last chapter – I haven’t read that yet because I’ve had other stuff going on but yeah. Hope you get your groove back soon. πŸ™‚

    • sErindeppity says:

      Finally actually replying xD
      Thanks for all the words and everything. Sometimes I get so wrapped up in my own doubts it pulls me down into a pit. I don’t mind constructive criticism comments at all, the ones that are hard are the ones that offer no help at all, that are just “this was boring” or whatnot with no explanation why. Then the doubts just get to me more and more.
      BUT the break did me a LOT of good. I feel so much better about things now πŸ™‚ thanks for all your support ❀

  6. AliciaRain says:

    I agree, take the time you need, and do what you want with the story. I want you to be happy with your work, and to those that want you to write their way, I think it’s bull. If you do not write the way you want it will never be something you like, let alone love.
    I have seen the passion in your work, and want to continue to read such heartfelt chapters. If anyone does not like how you write, then they can stop reading; but never think it’s not good enough, because you have LOADS of people who will strongly disagree.
    We will all be here for you if you need it, and we will be patiently waiting for you, because we love you and your story.

    • sErindeppity says:

      Thank you πŸ™‚ you are very right about all that. I am extremely happy and touched you’re able to see the passion because I do have passion about writing. I just unfortunately let the doubts get the better of me sometimes. 😦
      -hugs- thank you ❀

  7. Are people giving you shit about the “fluff” in your stories?
    Fuck them.
    Fuck them in the butt with a stick that’s on fire.
    What book, or story, or tv show, or movie doesn’t have “fluff” or whatever.
    I love your side plots, and you are sooo fucking good at character development it makes me jealous.
    I personally ADORE your writing, and yes, there are times when I have had to re-read a few things and think “what the hell is he doing.” But those little things just make me love you as a writer even more, because it’s your voice. And I like that your writing makes me slow down, and think about what’s happening.

    On another note, take all the time you need to get your shit together. As a fellow author, I KNOW how difficult it can be, and once you get to a part in your story where it’s been going on for a while, and you don’t know what else can be done anymore. Basically writer’s block up the ass hole. So, with that said, if you ever need any help with your stories or personal life even, don’t hesitate to send me a message wherever you deem fit. You know how to find me. πŸ˜‰

    Keep your head up love. You’ll pull through this soon enough. (:

    • sErindeppity says:

      As I said on tumblr, lol I loved this response. I’m very glad you enjoy my legacy -hugs- thank you so much for everything.
      Sometimes I do get overexcited about things and write something that might be confusing, so if there is anything that isn’t clear let me know. Sometimes I think it makes sense but to anyone not me it might not.

      • I think every writers goes through that kind of thing.
        They want their story to progress, and they write something with an intention of it going in one direction, then another idea takes them elsewhere.
        I know the pain love. xD
        And you’re welcome! πŸ™‚

  8. I don’t comment much but I have been following since gen. 1 and your story is amazing! Each generations’ story is better than the last and I actually check my reader every couple of days in the hopes that you’ve posted more.
    You’re legacy story isn’t full of “fluff”! Don’t pay attention to anyone who says that! In fact, I wish more writers focused more on character development and little sub-plots. It makes for more interesting stories and you actually make deeper connections with the characters.
    You are my biggest inspiration in regards to developing the characters and the story! Write the story you want to write. We will be here. πŸ™‚

    • sErindeppity says:

      Thank you so much<3 this meant a lot to me. I am so grateful you've been reading! I really appreciate this comment too, I am glad the character development is something my readers enjoy. I want to have plenty of it, especially with Zaid as he really needs it.
      And aww 😳 thank you so much <3-hugs-

  9. Write what you want to write. Some people will like it, some won’t. If you worry about what your readers will think, then you’re going to drive yourself crazy. As long as YOU think it’s important to the story (and not just filler) then it’s important. Pandering to the lowest common denominator is how excellent shows that are character driven get cancelled in their first season, while reality shows continue to be produced…

    One of the stories I’m writing has a general overall multi-generational plot, but I’m only on the second generation of the story (after 200+ chapters) because it’s more about the characters than the “big picture”.
    Another story I’m working on, is very heavy on the character development and not the overall goal (100 babies). I still have at least 30 or so more chapters to go on the current mini-story arc.

    • sErindeppity says:

      Your comment about TV shows really helped me (sorry I didn’t reply sooner). You are right about that. Thank you πŸ™‚ and the break helped so much oh wow I feel a lot better now.
      Oooooohhhhh which story is that (with the 200 chapters)??? I SO need to catch up with all of your works!!!!!

  10. CrazyChic says:

    Sometimes I wish you would look at the material which you have and realize that you can develop something very poignant. Like for example, Chance’s discovery of the piano…. his passion for music. That could have been used again when Chance was at his lowest point after the misscarriage. Some themes you pull into the character sometimes gets moved on so quickly for whatever reason.

    A subplot helps drive the journey into where it needs to go. Lumie is a big part of Zaid’s future? Then let’s go through his relationship dynamics of right now and let’s see how it goes in the future. You kinda shadow Chance’s and Mira’s relationship to how Zaid and Lumie are, I get it. You want to involve the supernatural’s journey into acceptance, then let’s go through a journey together to get them accepted with huge jerks who have a change of heart. You want to develop Zaid into a guy who is a total follower, then let’s see what happens when he can’t follow anyone and is on his own. You have material…. you have a bunch of stories which can be developed into something great for the main character. Do you want him to be in the background watching a bit of the action, then let’s go through it since you can contrast how this legacy has it’s own signature compared to other generations. Chance’s driver was finding a way to be a part of our world, Serenity’s driver was love for Henry, Seb’s driver was being a survivor, Luna’s driver was her love for work, Cal’s driver is bond of friendship, Jacob’s driver was his son. What is Zaid’s driver? We haven’t even found that out yet which means something in this subplot will make him discover his driver.

    Remember each subplot or little story has a reason to where the main story needs to go. Also remember to not put down your writing or anything in your story because guess what? That is putting down yourself.

    Want to know something really cool about you? Your Danevbie story is your life in small pieces. Certain things in that story us readers get a small glimpse of you. The thing is if you’re not clicking into the story or character it ‘a because you’re not putting yourself there in that world. So take time and just allow yourself to be in the story if you get what I’m saying. Your outside life has a big contribution of why you’re unsure about things.

    • sErindeppity says:

      reply in full later πŸ˜›
      I don’t continue some things due to me worrying about things being too long/too much repetitive matter/too much stuff crammed in. :\ I probably should have done more with Chance’s passion in music but I was already anxious enough about the length of his gen x_O
      I should develop side plots though. I’ll try to be better at that with Zaid. His driver won’t be found in a side plot though >;3

    • sErindeppity says:

      Although when Chance had his miscarriage, he still couldn’t play music very well so it probably would have just made him feel worse to make awful music with his clumsy human fingers.

    • sErindeppity says:

      Okay finally replying in full! Hahaha
      Thank you for this comment. I really appreciated it, it’s helped me think about things I could do to improve. It is hard for me to be completely happy about my work, but I do understand about how it is connected to how I feel about myself.
      The break really helped me a lot, I feel so refreshed about everything. ^_^ thanks again for this comment and helping me see some things about my writing. I know I need to flesh out some things more. I hope I am able to get better at that πŸ˜€

  11. amandralynn says:

    This is a great story and I’ve enjoyed everything you’ve written. I love the detail and depth you go into with each character and even if each generation was 50 chapters long I’d still enjoy it. I just want you to feel happy with it because in the end that’s what matters most. I’ve never thought anything in this story was fluff. None of us a professional authors and we aren’t perfect. Trust me I’ve felt the same way you do and your story is awesome. I hope you enjoy your time off and come back feeling better. Remember that you are awesome!! I honestly enjoy the side plots and character development. More detail is good and more realistic in my opinion. So fuck all those people who knock you. I’d rather read something with detail and depth like this any day.

    • sErindeppity says:

      ^_^ thank you ❀ Being happy with the writing is what matters most. I just let my doubts eat away at me too much but now I feel loads better. I'm glad you enjoy side plots and character development. I think that is going to be especially important with Zaid, with his inappropriate trait and nature.

  12. Andrew Drake says:

    Write what you want to write, and fuck the haters. Whenever one speaks up, just tune the volume down like you would if your radio started blaring White Noise. You’re a good writer, and you are getting better very quickly. I’ve been here since Gen 2 or so, although I only started commenting recently.

    You’ve managed to do things that some professionals can’t. You are writing female characters well, granted you have an advantage on that. You are writing LGBT Characters well. You’re doing so much that I struggle with in my own writing.

    Keep at it, however you want to.

    • sErindeppity says:

      bwahaha thank you πŸ™‚ I don’t really have any haters that I’ve heard, just mostly people who accidentally said the wrong thing at the wrong time. “this is boring” when I am doubting myself as much as I was. The break helped so much and all this support has helped as well.
      I really appreciate you saying I am getting better. I’ve felt I’ve been growing as an author but I don’t get that sort of feedback often so thank you SO much ❀

  13. a ortiz says:

    Only wanted to say that you should do what really make you happy as a writer. You’re doing an awesome job, I totally love your Danevbie Legacy since I discover it. So keep it up, Kudos!

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