Within The Crystal Ball – 7.8 – Losses and Gains

Author’s Note: There will be some sex talk in this chapter.


Lumie sat on the floor, arms hugging her knees. I paced around, constantly shooting looks at the little peestick sitting on the counter. I had gone to the store, exhausted from all the walking, and bought a pregnancy test. The clerk gave me weird stares and made a comment about me getting my girlfriend in trouble and ‘kids today’. I just stared the clerk straight in the eye and told her, “Don’t you dare harass people for buying this stuff. Your customer’s personal lives are not any of your business.”

Then I hurried back to the house and leaned against the bathroom door on the hall side while she peed. The second her pants were back up she yanked me back into the bathroom and now we were waiting.


“We did it the day before Valentine’s day,” she said with a sigh. “I’ve been trying to hide it from you since…”

“Well, you managed,” I muttered. “It’s only been three weeks then. Only three… what makes you think…?”

“I’m two days late,” she said stiffly. “And I’ve been having symptoms. Cramping, and fatigue, and nausea, and my boobs–“


“OKAY NO THAT’S FINE,” I said very loudly before she could continue. She gave a half-smile then went back to hugging her legs, staring at the test. I returned to pacing and jumped about fifty feet in the air when my phone went off. Lumie jerked and stared in horror at the bleeps from my pocket. I took the phone out, my heart slipping slightly when I saw ‘Kims’ splashed across the display.

“I’ll b-be back in a second, I promise,” I said as I slipped out of the bathroom, answering the call. “Kim?”

“Fine, Zaid, let’s talk.”


“Oh Watcher, now is not a very good time–“

“WHAT?” she screeched and I flinched, rubbing my ear since it was now hurting. “You’ve been all needy and stuff wanting to talk and now you can’t?”

I slowly exhaled. Keep calm, Zaidy boy, Lumie needs you.

>Yes I do,<  she added softly.

“Kim, look I–I do need to talk to you, but now is a reeallly bad time, can I call back in an hour or–or two? Please?” I asked hopefully.

There was a tsking sound. “You’ve been trying to talk to me and being a jerk about it, and now that I have time suddenly you don’t?”


“That’s kinda low. And you complain that I’m busy?”


>Wow,< Lumie thought, following this along through our minds. >What a–< “Kim!” I said out loud, cutting off my sister as if Kim could hear her. “Seriously, I do need to talk but right now there’s a bit of a family emergency.”

Kim snorted and then sighed loudly. “Then obviously you don’t really need to talk to me. We’ll talk tomorrow… or something. I gotta go.”

“Kim please, can’t we talk tonight?”

“Obviously not. If you can’t take two seconds out of your schedule to talk to me, then…”


That was it. The last straw just a-floating away. “Fine,” I hissed. “Then I guess we don’t have time to be dating anymore.”

“Wh… what?”

“We’re through Kim!”

“WATCHER! I take time out of my schedule and you–“


“I’ve been asking you to–oh forget it, just forget it! We’re over!” I hung up the phone and then went back into the bathroom, trying not to seethe. Lumie rose to her feet, staring at me with a mix of sadness and curiosity. I just shook my head and went to look at the test which was still processing the pee or something. “Another minute, I think.”

“What about… Kim…?” Lumie asked.

I shrugged and gave her a smile. “She’s been acting weird for a while. Not wanting to be around me since the school started making fun of me. And making up excuses not to talk. No big deal. It’s fine. Honest.”

Lumie’s arms went around me and she buried her face in my arm. I gave her a half hug and then after another minute, we just kept our eyes on the test. Neither of us moved closer to look. I asked if she wanted to and she backed up far, shaking her head. So it was up to me. I grabbed the box and studied the instructions carefully before peering at the test. I didn’t even need to say it, because as soon as I saw it, she knew.


“Oh Watcher,” she cried. “I’m pregnant.”


Lumes and I spent the rest of the day locked in my room, since it was easier to lock one sibling out than two. When Vilkas tried to get in I yelled at him to go away. He pounded at the door till I cracked open the door and told him that Lumie wasn’t feeling well and I was giving her twin support. He finally grumbled off, and I locked the door again, returning to Lumie’s side. I held her tight, not really saying anything since what could I say?

I was in shock. Eventually I was angry. Not at her but at Saul. I put up my barriers so my thoughts wouldn’t make her worse than she was already feeling. How could this happen? I kept wondering. How could she have… done that? How could I not know until now? Was she really that good at hiding things from me, or was I just so wrapped up in my own problems that I just plain didn’t notice?


That last part made me feel sick because I suspected it was more that than her talent at hiding things. I didn’t even realize… I’m such a bad brother… She had been stressing over something since Valentine’s Day and I was just… I didn’t notice, I didn’t bother, I was self-absorbed. I wanted so bad to apologize, but wasn’t sure if now was the time. I couldn’t imagine how I felt if I was going through some big change in my life and my sister was too busy with her own life to notice. Like, the other siblings were one thing but jeeeeeeez Lumes and I were connected. We never had secrets from one another. Until this, and it was an unintentional secret, because I was selfish.


Lumie tightened her arms around me and I held her tighter. “What am I going to do?” she finally asked after three hours of pretty much silence. We both skipped dinner though I was starving and I knew she was too, but neither of us wanted to go downstairs. Pa said a few worried words through the door but I managed to get rid of him.

“I don’t know,” I said, wishing I had an answer for her. I pulled back and tentatively put my hands on her stomach since she mentally gave me the OK.

“I’m gonna get FAT!” she wailed and then put her hands over her mouth, terrified someone heard her. “My boobs are gonna get huge, my ankles are gonna swell, and I’m gonna pee like every ten minutes.”


“Didn’t you even use any protection?” I hissed out.

She gave me a long look. “Not exactly.”


She shook her head wildly. “He t-told me he didn’t have any condoms…”

“You can get free condoms from school,” I sneered. “Like, doesn’t the nurse hand them out or something?”


“He told me those were too small. He said he’d p-pull out before… before…”

“Yeah, well, now I’m gonna pull out his intestines,” I snarled, feeling angry. Angry at Saul. A bit angry at Lumie for falling for it, and she just began sobbing as I thought that. “I’m sorry, I–I know it’s… I’m sorry.”

“It’s true though,” she sniffled. “I believed him. I’m a grade A moron.”

“No you’re not. Not a grade A one. Maybe a B-minus.” I got the response I had hoped for, which was a smile. “Look, you’re only three weeks in. You have a while to decide about–about things. But you’re gonna have to tell Pa and Dad.”


Lumie made a face then her whole body just slumped. “I don’t know how I’m going to do that, they’re going to flip, Dad is gonna kill me and then kill Saul and then probably bring him back to life and kill him again. And yes I know you want to be in that line of murdering Saul. So will Vilkas. So will Presea and Gladdy, probably. The only one who won’t will be Pa and that’s cause he’ll be too busy crying. Yes I know you think Saul is a jerk, but he’s not really.”

“For Watcher’s sake, he said he could pull out. He’s a total jerk. He’s disgusting. Only disgusting pigs do things like that.”

“It’s my fault too you know, I–I could have made him wear something. I could have bought him a bigger condom. Or gotten the female thingie-doohicker. Or gone on the pill…”


“Did you know before that day that you were gonna, uh, ‘do it’?” I asked, not sure about this part of things but she shook her head. “Then how could you have gone on the pill?”

“I DON’T KNOW!” she cried and I hugged her again, trying to calm her down.

“I’m sorry,” we both said at the same time and then she pulled away, wiping her eyes. Then, after a few more minutes, we began talking slowly about her options. Her three options. She admitted that she wasn’t sure if the one was even an option. We talked about that, and after an hour of back and forth she came to the conclusion that abortion was not gonna be one of her options. I never put in my thoughts of whether she should or not, and made sure my barriers were up so I couldn’t influence her decision.

Before we could talk anymore, Vilkas was at the door again. It was after nine already and he wanted in his room. “Lumie’s staying in here tonight,” I called through the door.


“Dang it, Zaid, open the door!” he growled, giving the barrier a kick.

I did open the door then and stepped out, shutting it behind me before he could get in. He folded his arms and raised one eyebrow, giving me what we all dubbed his ‘wolfy’ glare. “Lumie is feeling real bad right now, and I mean extremely, extremely bad. She’s going through a situation. She needs me right now. Please, for her sake, can’t you sleep on the couch? Please? For Lumie?”

“All right,” he said. “I know you’re telling the truth. I’ll sleep downstairs tonight.”

“All right, th–wait. C-can I ask you something?” I asked and he gave me a look, waiting. I gnawed at my bottom lip and finally spoke. “How come you won’t tell Pa and Dad I’m telling the truth about my stalker?”


Vilkas looked rather surprised. I wasn’t sure if he’d give me a response but he did, thankfully. “Because I don’t think you have a stalker.”

“But you know I’m telling the–“

“I know you think you’re telling the truth!” he cut me off and I made a scoffing sound. “I think you’re imagining this. I don’t–“

“I’m NOT making this up, Vilkas!” I felt my temper boiling up and then suddenly I was able to take it off the burner. I breathed slowly a couple times then said, “Never mind, Lumie needs me right now so I don’t wanna get into this right now.”

Vilkas pulled back. “Whoa. This is serious, isn’t it?”

“Yeah, yeah it is.”



I held up my hand, shaking my head. “If it’s something she wants to talk about with those who aren’t psychically linked with her, then she’ll talk about it. Thanks for the couch thing. I–I’ll owe you one.” I returned to the bedroom and Lumie’s arms were back around me almost right away, feeling grateful for being able to share my room tonight.


We slept in the same bed. She started out in Vilkas’s bed but eventually came over, crawling into mine and clinging to me, crying randomly through the night. I didn’t care when she woke up me up with her tears, I just held her tight and whispered nonsensical, comforting words. We were both extremely hungry so at one point I ventured out of the room, after I thought everyone was asleep, and got some leftovers from the kitchen tiptoeing past the sleeping Vilkas though I was 100 percent sure I woke him up since he had super hearing. Thankfully he remained silent. When I reached the top of the stairs there was Dad.


“What’s going on?”

I looked down at the ground, trying to balance the food and bottles of pop. “I can’t talk about it right now.”


“Please, if she wants to talk about it she will,” I said, trying to act like I had with Vilkas. I didn’t want to say she’d definitely tell the others, but I did want them to know it was an option. I just really hoped she would talk to him. She’d have to eventually if she was gonna keep it.

Dad gave me a very concerned look before giving my bedroom door a concerned look. “Zaid, please. Something’s wrong. She–is she okay?”


“She’s… upset right now,” I slowly let out. I moved towards the door then hesitated. “Hey, by the way, Dad? I broke up with my girlfriend today.”


“Yeah, we’re over though. Just wanted to let you know. Night.” I went in, shutting and locking the door behind me. I could hear his beard bristling and knew he and Pa would be discussing me tonight instead of Lumie… and even though it wouldn’t really soften the blow, maybe it would help Lumie (when she told them about all this) that they knew I had also broken the stupid no-dating-till-sixteen rule.


In the morning she was feeling a lot better, though she didn’t want to go to school. We both faked being sick and even though Pa didn’t believe us that we were sick, he called the school to get us excused. Lumie and I stayed in my room pretty much the whole day. We didn’t talk about her pregnancy. She didn’t want to, and I didn’t bring it up. We played card games, board games, snacked on random food I brought–the only time she left the room was to go to the bathroom.


I had my phone turned off since my bout with Kim the previous day and when I turned it on to check I saw I had SOOOOO many missed messages. Missed calls and my texting inbox was full. Clay, Trin, Trysh, Kim, and AZ. Mostly Clay and Kim.

Pretty much everything from anyone not AZ was about my breakup with Kim. Kim was furious in all her messages and in one of them she even stated that if I didn’t answer her we were through. I laughed at that and texted her back. Kims i broke up w/u last night. Then I sent texts to Clay, Trin and Trysh all saying the same thing. yeah kim & i r over. It didn’t take long to hear back. Trysh.

Kim says she broke up w/you, Trysh kindly informed me. Then she said that Kim had been telling everyone she was the one who broke up with me. Shortly after, Clay informed me the same thing, then Kim texted me saying to delete her number.


I checked my voicemail from AZ, hoping to hear something nice. “Hey Zaid,” she said in a hushed, nervous tone. “Thanks for the other day. You’re not at school today? Uh, I was hoping to see you. Maybe we can meet Saturday at the mall…? I heard about your girlfriend, um, I’m sorry to hear that. I hope you’re all right. Please message me back, I think we should talk about–what we did before? I’d really a–” And there was a beep as the message cut it off.

I spent a while going through all my messages, my voicemails taking the longest. I finally got my phone cleaned out and before I could turn it off, Kim texted me again asking if I deleted her number. I just swiped the message away and went back to my twin.


Lumie and I did join the family for dinner, and it was quiet and awkward. Everyone kept glancing at Lumie who ate with her head held high, not offering anything about what’s been going on. I kept my head down, barely any space between my mouth and the plate. It was Thursday night, and Lumie did ask if she could stay home the next day too.


“I think it’d be a good idea,” Vilkas said and I glanced at him, but he was focusing on his food as well. I saw Lumie stiffen a bit and then I swallowed my food. Vilkas could sense hormones easily–he always knew when the girls were gonna be starting their times, which was on occasion a lifesaver if they were, uh, starting early. Never caught unawares. What if he knew…? He had to know. I looked at Lumie who stared back at me.

“All right but Monday you go back,” Dad said softly.

Lumie nodded, pushed her plate away, and fled up the stairs. I shoveled the rest of my food into my piehole and ran after her. We waited in my room until Vilkas came up the stairs, and I opened the door, grabbed his arm, and yanked him inside without even asking. He just looked at the two of us without a trace of confusion on his face. I knew then that he did know. My awareness spread to Lumie.


“Vilkas,” she said.

“Is it true?” he asked.

She looked at me, stepping closer and curling a couple fingers into the back of my shirt. >You tell him,< she urged. So I sucked in a careful breath and said, “You already know though, don’t you? You can sense that sort of thing.”

He focused on me then on her. “Yeah, I know.”

“How long as you known?” she asked, voice raspy.


Vilkas shrugged. “A while now. Probably longer than you.”

Lumie pushed me aside and punched him. He yelped and stumbled back, grasping his face. “Why didn’t you tell me?!” she demanded as she struggled for breath. “YOU SHOULD HAVE TOLD–

“Told you what?!” Vilkas demanded, still cupping his nose. “That you’re pregnant? It’s not something I could damn well tell you, Lumes. If you had gone on unknowing another week or two I would have. But I was not going to my fifteen-year-old sister a week into her pregnancy and say ‘oh hey by the way your womb is a-cooking something there’.”


She stood straight, fists tight against her sides. “You would have told me if I didn’t know much longer?” she finally questioned.

He nodded and moved his hands. There was a bit of blood under his nose which he quickly wiped away. “I would have. I swear. But I–I couldn’t just tell you. Would you have told Presea or Gladdy if one of them was and you knew it before they did?”

Lumie turned to look at me and I spread my hands out. “No. No, I–I guess you’re right. I’m sorry. I’m just…”


“It’s fine.” He came over and wrapped his arms around her. Lumie buried her face against his chest. “I’m sorry, sweetie. I–I am. I… if there’s anything I can do, I will. If you need to keep sleeping in here I can stay down on the couch longer.”

“You can stay up here. I’ll share Zaid’s bed,” she said without consulting me in any way. When she noticed that in my head she turned, eyebrows pushing together in anxiety.

“It’s fine, you can,” I assured her and she slumped in relief. So for the second night in the row she was in my bed, clinging to me. Luckily this time she only woke up once or twice with her tears and in the morning she stayed in my bed while I got ready for school, not wanting to go, not wanting to face anyone or the gossip I knew would be waiting.


It wasn’t as bad as I thought though most the people didn’t talk to me. I passed Kim a few times. She was with some new friends and every single time I saw her coming I purposely turned my attention away so she would never catch me looking at her. In the afternoon she walked by me more times than she should have, when we were dating I didn’t see her in the halls as many times as I did that afternoon. I checked my phone a lot, dug around in my backpack or kept my eyes down on the ground as I walked. Finally at one point she purposely bumped into me. Before she could say anything, I apologized for bumping into her, told her I didn’t see her there, and kept walking. I could feel her glaring at my back as I went but pfffft, I didn’t give a hoot.

I talked to Clay a lot, Trysh a few times, and even AZ twice. We made plans to meet the next day though I wanted to talk to her now. Be patient, I told myself. Tomorrow hopefully she’ll explain more, I’ll–I’ll find out more about this crap.


AZ and I met at the library. I wasn’t sure exactly why but ah well. She was there when I arrived but before I could go over to her, she got up and walked off. Confused, I followed her. She made her way purposely through the library until we were in a corner, out of sight of everyone, and very alone. She took a book off the  shelf and flipped it open, randomly turning the pages.


“Sorry,” she whispered. “For the secrecy. You have to understand, what we–we talk about can’t be overheard. We have to be careful. There’s a lot of bad people out there.”

“Are you being followed too?” I asked.

At that we both looked around. I completely expected to see someone in black lurking nearby but there was no one around. AZ shook her head. “I don’t know. Maybe sometimes. This place… Moonlight Falls… this area, it’s all wrong.”

“What do you mean?” My voice lowered to being barely audible. I felt the hairs stand up on the back of my neck, as if we were doing something… illegal.


Az shut the book and moved closer to me. “Throughout history anyone who is different is treated badly. Treated less. Now things are getting a bit better. Not great. But for… regular people… it’s going fairly well.” She tucked some of her hair behind one ear and bent in even closer. “But now there’s a new enemy.”

“The supernatural,” I said and she nodded.

“We’ve been around for a very long time. There are records dating back centuries. But we’ve always been hidden. And few. Very few. I wouldn’t have been surprised if some of us died out. But a while ago, like maybe two centuries–do you know this already?”

“Um, no, they don’t exactly teach Supernatural History 101 in school,” I said and AZ smiled broadly, giggling.


“No. They don’t. Well about two centuries ago there was this… weird… surge in magic. According to the research some of us magic-users have done… the stories say… it was like…” She tossed her head back and stared at the ceiling intently. “Someone jammed a plug in an outlet, you know? Magic just surged through the world. Increased. The supernaturals grew… stronger. Multiplied. Most the vampires you meet, the oldest ones will be around 200 years old. It’s almost completely impossible to meet one older. My mom says her friend’s uncle met one who was like, two hundred and fifty but there was something wrong with his memory.”

I crinkled my nose at that. “Wh-what do you mean?”

“Two hundred years ago something happened. Not just… with the magic in this world, but with–with time.”


Time?” I exclaimed.

AZ raised her hands and made hushing sounds. I put my hand over my mouth, feeling guilty. “Yeah, time,” she whispered. “Haven’t you noticed how little things have changed? It’s like we’re stuck in a bubble. What year is it?”

I licked my lips, feeling a bit uncomfortable now. What the heck did this have to do with magic, and with my possibility of doing a bad thing? “2192,” I said. “Why?”

“You sure about that?”

I laughed, pushing my hat back and rubbing my forehead. “Yeah, AZ, I’m positive. I know what year it is.”


“Then why, when we look around us, and look in the history books, does it feel like the year 2000 just happened? This–time problem–coincided with the magic thing. And also the stories.”


“About you. Well, about someone who is gonna destroy magic.” She began fiddling with the ends of her hair, pinching off a few split hairs. “They started about two hundred years ago. When the supernatural population became stronger and started growing, and when time seemed to come to a grinding halt. No new inventions, no new medicine. Same problems, same everything.”


“Some things have changed, AZ, you can’t say they haven’t! Same-sex pregnancy, for one. That happened like in what, the twenty-thirties? And–“

AZ reached up and placed a finger on my lips. This motion felt more intimate than it should. My lips felt warm, and a pleasing shudder went through my body. She slowly pulled her finger away but in a way where she slid it down a bit, tugging slightly at my bottom lip so her fingertip gently swiped the inside. She stepped back, looking at her finger in wonderment before she blushed and wiped her finger off on her skirt. I stepped back as well, brilliantly red.


“Things have barely changed,” she said to the shelves as she wasn’t facing me anymore. “We keep counting the years but to be honest, I don’t see much point. Next year, the year that, and ten years down the line? You and I will be older but things will be the same. Cars will look the same, computers will look the same… nothing new. Nothing different. We’ll just be pretending time is going on when in reality, it’s not.”

“I don’t understand. What–“

“I have to go. I didn’t mean to go on about this.” She looked at her phone to check the time and let out a soft sigh.

“No! You c-can’t!” I said, grabbing her wrist. “Please, what about–what we were going to talk about? The stories, the theories you have about me?”


Her eyes met mine and I sorta understood what she meant about time standing still cause that’s what it felt like. I forgot everything as I bent down and kissed her purposely. She didn’t pull away, in fact she kissed back. Our arms went around one another and we kissed for a good, long while before finally staggering apart.

“I gotta go–“

“AZ, I didn’t mean–“

“No.” She pushed past me and hesitated at the end of the aisle, looking back at me. “Let’s meet Monday after school. At the mall.”


I got a goofy smile on my face at that. “Yeah. Maybe you could, uh, help me pick out some hair dye.”

“Oh?” Her eyebrows went high. “You going goth?” she inquired and I gave a shrug. “You’d look really good. But you know the kids at school will talk.”

“Pfft, they’re talking about me anyway. So, um, Monday?”

She nodded and then ran off. I just watched the empty spot where she had been then began drifting forward to head home. I couldn’t think about anything but that kiss, feeling electrified and happy. What about the fact you and Kim just broke up? I wondered but so what? Was I supposed to be in a mourning period or something? Trysh dumped Steve then kissed me and–


Trysh. Ohhh shnikey. I had forgotten about her when AZ and I kissed. Trysh. She had–we had–but… whoa. Great. I was getting myself into something bad here. No. Okay. Well, I barely knew AZ. Trysh and I had been friends since the previous summer. Ugh. Why was I getting myself into so many girl problems? Trysh? AZ? I liked them both. But which one did I like-like…? Course neither of them actually told me straight they liked me. Trysh had kissed me. I had kissed AZ (but she didn’t pull away). Man, I thought miserably, my good mood leaving me as I trudged along.

I finally reached home and banged inside. Before the door even swung shut, Pa was making whooping sounds and he ran over, stumbling and nearly falling. “ZAID!” he shrieked, hugging me tightly, practically jumping on me. I grabbed hold of him so he wouldn’t fall. I may have only been fifteen but I was already about nine inches taller than him, and much stronger. I could pick him up if I wanted to. “Zaid!” Pa hugged me tightly.

“What? What? What happened?” I asked, searching in my mind for Lumie but she admitted she wasn’t sure what was causing Pa’s excitement. I wriggled free and began trying to calm him down. He was bouncing and grinning and hugging. “Pa, what happened?” I asked and finally he was able to collect himself and tell me the wonderful news.


“I just got an e-mail from Uncle Kay,” he said and now I was beaming. “He’s okay, Zaid. Uncle Kay is fine!”


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  1. angelblue007 says:

    Whoa what a chapter! That was brilliant, so much happened, o.O
    Where to even start. Zaid can be such a good brother, he really shone taking care of his sister, who definitely was needing it. Oh Lumes, I hope everything goes alright with her pregnancy, whatever the decision regarding the bub. And nice touch with Vilkas, wasn’t expecting that but it really fit.
    For some reason while Zaid was being all protective he looked really grown up. Like when he was talking to Villy and Specter. Seems he’s most at home in his PJs!
    Urgh! And Kim! She can go suck on a cactus. Yes she can.
    Oooooooooh! Ooh! Ooh! Oh! -bounces excitedly- if it’s been like 200 years since all this strange stuff started etc it has to be connected with Jacob and the Reddings riiiiiight? That’s enough time to pass for 7 gens (or so according to google) and tehe at this line:
    “Same-sex pregnancy, for one. That happened like in what, the twenty-thirties?”
    Do they know that it was their great-great-great-great-great grandfather?
    Aww Zaid, what have you got yourself into! But bring on the Goth phase! We need to see our King of darkness!! xD
    And Kay! Huzzah for Kay! And Chance is so cute. xD I can’t even!
    Can’t wait for more. You’re on a roll sErin. xD

    • sErindeppity says:

      Ahhhhhh -glomphuggles- thanks ❤ this meant a lot :3
      Yeah Zaid really took charge. He knew he had too, though. He saw his sister couldn't do this on her own and it was a switch, he realized he needed to be her rock no matter what. And lol guess you're right about the PJs. Maybe it's because in his pajamas he's not trying to be someone else, like he is when he is dressed for the day (jock, secret spy, whatever). 😉
      And huhuhuhu that's about right for seven gens 😉 Jacob was born in 1993. He moved to Sunset Valley in 2011 (when I started the legacy heh). Zaid does not know his ancestor was involved in same-sex pregnancy breakthrough. Nor does he know Uncle Kay was involved either. Chance and Specter know though.
      And yes, finally the goth phase! He looks good goth @_@ he looks good with black hair I have to admit.
      -squeals- thank you hun ❤

  2. Oh my jeez. This was quite a chapter.

    First and formost – “Not a grade A one. Maybe a B-minus.” – that line. That line literally had me laughing out loud.
    I wondered if Vilkas knew because he’s a werewolf and all…I find supernaturals really interesting. Saul is a huge jerk-face – like. Excuse me. You do not use that line on a fifteen year old, you scumbag. I’m really interested to see how the family reacts if (when) they find out about Lumie. I hope everything goes okay :C.
    Don’t even get me started on Kim. .__.

    You had me on edge throughout the entire scene with AZ. Like…just…you won’t meet a vampire older than 200, and if you do…their memory is messed with. You have me very intrigued with where this is going :O

    • sErindeppity says:

      Ahhh thank you so much ❤
      Glad that line made you laugh 🙂 That was sorta a wink to his inappropriate trait without him being a dick. And yep, Vilkas knew all along. He can sense the hormone changes in his sisters. It must be really rough for him xD -giggles- Saul is a total jerkface scumbag. Unfortunately at this moment, Lumie still likes him :\
      I can't wait for more of this story to be written -wallows happily- I love what's going on. Unfortunately some of this stuff won't be explained until later in the legacy, not even this generation. 😦

      • You definitely nailed the inappropriate trait without him being a dick – I absolutely loved the line. Oh man…that had to have been just so awkward. I wouldn’t really know what to do with that information if I were him, honestly. I’d probably end up sitting on it. No Lumie why ;__; please.
        You have me extremely interested in where this is going. I mean, you normally do as well, but that whole section just amplified my interest.
        That is perfectly alright – I definitely plan on sticking around to find out what is going on ;D.

      • sErindeppity says:

        thank you so much! ❤ I'm so excited about all of this and so impatient that some of the stuff is a long way from being explained!

  3. ebonyimonet says:

    Oh Lumie….
    But yay Kay!

  4. taylorwr says:

    2192 you say? I never would have guessed. I can’t wait to see how Kay is doing. Probably up walking around now. Or better. They can rebuild him… they have the technology!

    • sErindeppity says:

      oh my god I accidentally clicked unapprove instead of reply. xD I approved it again but if you have problems commenting I’ll try and get it fixed, but you shouldn’t have any problems. Stupid mouse.
      yep 2192. I wasn’t even planning on revealing the year until gen eight @_@ but I guess the halfway point in the legacy is good. 😛
      They can build him better, faster, stronger!

  5. !!!! So many things happening! I just love Zaid… he’s really growing on me. Maybe I have a thing for brotherlyness… I dunno. (probably, looking at Vilkas there too. heh heh) And Saul… Ooooohhhh that no-good-son-of-a-reaper! >=( I don’t care if he is a teenage boy… he should know better!
    Oi, Zaid’s love life sure is getting interesting! Can’t say I was attached to Kim so I don’t believe I’ll miss her. But AZ! Now she’s an interesting character… and Zaid could surely use her wisdom!
    Lol, most legacies seem to ignore the whole ‘no technological advancement’ thing. I think seeing your take on this will be intriguing.

    • sErindeppity says:

      Reply in full later but oh yeah been having plans for the whole “no technology advancing” thing since day one. I didn’t mean for it to come into play until gen eight but AZ just started talking and it spilled out to my surprise! Guess her family’s done a lot more research than I thought.

    • sErindeppity says:

      I’m glad he’s growing on you. ^_^ Lumie’s pregnancy is what sorta kicks him into growing up a bit, but still expect him to be a bit of an arrogant jerk on occasion. But he’s still growing (though his inappropriate trait will last till his death heh).
      Saul definitely should have known better but he simply didn’t care he just wanted to do the do 😦 and yep his love life is… interesting… -giggles- man. AZ is a really fun character, she surprised me when I started writing her!

      • Curse that inappropriate trait. Well.. at times sims with that trait can certainly make things interesting.
        I like watching characters grow over a legacy. Once of the things I really like about your legacy! =D
        Stupid teenage boys who don’t think with their heads instead of their… *cough* That is… errr… stupid teenage boys.

      • sErindeppity says:

        It’s the first time I’m really using a sim with that trait, and with the loser trait. I really love it xD even if Zaid cries ALL THE FREAKING TIME!!!! Seriously. Only two of my sims have been constantly autonomously doing the same thing every other minute. Jacob was constantly cowering, usually the first thing he does when I open a game with him in it. And Zaid is always crying !_!
        Awww thanks ❤ and hehehehe

  6. zefiewings says:

    Aaahhhh! ^.^
    Well firstly I’m glad Lumie does not consider…that..one of her options. I’m so proud of her.
    And Zaid is being so wonderful. I want to give him a big hug.
    I know it shouldn’t matter right now…but I was also struck with how incredibly hot Vilkis is.
    Okay moving on…
    AHAHA! I CALLED IT WITH AZ! *dances around*
    I hope he chooses her because I really like her.
    and i hope he goes goth because goth is REALLY HOT! *ahem*
    And WOW about Az’s story. Angelblue is right! That’s right about the time of Jay and Kay’s big experiments! More specifically…that’s when the legacy started! Because if the same sex pregnancy thing was the 2030’s…and they give it to the world when Cal grew up! or something, I forget the exact.
    So…maybe…its just this bloodline in general! 0.0 And that is why they go to the “white room” when they die!

    • sErindeppity says:

      Zaid is being a great brother. I am so proud of him ❤ and yes Vilkas is hot oh my gosh a few people have downloaded him and he's been popping up on my tumblr dashboard and I'm just like @_@ -fans self- I can't wait for his legacy. To have him be the main character on screen and probably nekkid a few times and mmmmmmmmm….
      LOL yep you did 😉 and Zaid is incredibly hot as a goth. The only problem with a time skip later is the fact there will only be a couple chapters of him being a freaking hot goth. He looks good with black hair !_!
      Yep, Jacob moved to Sunset Valley in 2013. He had Calcifer in around 2033. My maths might be slightly off because for several gens I didn't even pay attention to ages of when people had babies so I can only guesstimate when Cal had Luna and Luna had the triplets and stuff like that.

  7. Shadow_Shura says:

    Ooo the story just gets better and better! I cant wait to see what happens next!! And im so happy Kay is involved with this gen he does have a good heart ❤

    • sErindeppity says:

      Ahhhh thank you so much ❤ I don't know yet if Kay will be as involved with this gen as he was with Chance's gen, but we'll see. I haven't made any final decisions on that but he will certainly be around. ^_^

  8. jonso says:

    I love the shots in the library, especially the one of just him and the books. Good chapter.

  9. I didn’t think there would ever be a really good explanation about why the times never seem to change over ten generations, but oh my gawd. Jeebus Christ, you’ve done it. Jacob and the reddings, and what on earth did they do 200 years ago that messed with magic and time. It’s still kinda funny at the same time because J managed (possibly) to cause a magic surge, and hold time in place, but not meet an alien :p

    I still love how you can combine a family story/ties, with mystery, and coming of age, and comedy, and horror, and sci fi all in one story and one chapter, with it all making perfect sense. Great chapter 🙂

    • sErindeppity says:

      Reply in full later but that last bit of your comment makes me cry happy tears ❤ -all the hugs-

    • sErindeppity says:

      finally replying in full xD
      hehehe thank you so much. I’ve been looking forward to revealing the time problem though it won’t be explained in full till later. 😀 Jay might have done it, but then again it might not have been her 😉 But something sure happened!

  10. somebodysangel13 says:

    Firstly, YAAAAAY, Kay! Contact has been made! Woot, hopefully that means the Reddings will enter this gen soon. I’m over Teen Zaid, bring on the real generation stuff, I say! He’s better than in the very first chapter, but still annoying. Maybe that’s because of all the girly teenage romancey stuff. With the exception of Serenity, the other heirs didn’t have any of that, and the gen was better for it. if not for the awesome mystery and family times, all the romance would have turned me away already. But fear not, I trust your writing enough to know that we will move past this – regardless of whether it’s as quickly as I want it (which I suspect it won’t be, knowing your penchant for dragging out the mystery :P)

    *Loved* the explanation (well, semi-explanation) of why nothing has changed in 10 gens. I had been wondering about that; even if Jacob’s story had been set in the 80s or so (possible), Zaid’s gen would be well into 22nd century, and no way things would be so similar to early 21st century. So time isn’t going to continue advancing ‘normally’ until Zaid ends magic? That works for me, grow up and end it, Zaid!

    • sErindeppity says:

      Haha didn’t you say in another gen that you were wanting an heir to go through a typical teen romance/breakup type of thing? 😉 Though I do agree there was a bit more romance than I would have liked. I will warn you there are some chapters later on (not published yet) that focus on romance but hopefully it’s not quite the same since it’s not gonna be too teenage-y.
      Yep there’s a time bubble thing going on. Buuuut Zaid might not be ending it. After all, this is only the seventh generation out of thirteen 😉 Now, my maths are a bit bad and off but I did the best I could… and Jacob was born in 1993, setting the time as summer of 2011 when he moved to Sunset Valley (which is when I started writing). I am fairly sure the timeline is off since previous gens I didn’t record how old my heirs were when they had kids so it’s all mostly a guesstimate.

      • somebodysangel13 says:

        Haha, you’re right, I did! I guess I was thinking more of a serious relationship; both Kim and AZ seem to have been a matter of months, with no huge emotions invested. Or it could just be that I like the female teens better – in my legacy I’m about to have the third in a row! My boys just keep rolling boring traits, lol.

        Okay, so I just did some maths (coz I’m a nerd like that) and assuming an average of about 30 years per gen (Luna, Seb and Serenity were definitely around this age), Zaid’s gen would be happening in the 2190s. So pretty close!

      • sErindeppity says:

        I know Jacob was 40 when he had Cal. Cal was in his late twenties/early thirties when he had Luna. Luna was in her late twenties when she had Seb. Seb was I think 26 when Sen was born, Sen was about 32, 33, maybe 34 when Chance was born… and Chance was about 27 when Zaid was born. So with Zaid at fifteen, that’s around 178 years. Which isn’t as long as I thought o.O that adds up to 2189 instead of 2192. But that’s with Luna at 27 and Sen at 33. There could be three more years in there somewhere. I am trying to keep better records of ages now haha.

      • somebodysangel13 says:

        Haha, yeah, if you’re doing a story-based legacy with a time loop, ages might be important! I’m very impressed that you’re able to get all the poses and photos that you need for the stories. If/when I even blog a legacy it’s very likely just to be observant, because I’d want to play more than direct.

      • sErindeppity says:

        Ah this reply has nothing to do with your comment but I just realized something and jumped on here to share with you. I realized why I prefer writing heirs that focus mostly on the home–it’s easier to get pictures. It is SO much easier to get pictures and therefore write about heirs that do stuff in their home as opposed to going out. And reduces the amount of sets I have to build. I think that’s one reason I generally like having my heirs spend their time in their home. If that makes sense? (I am trying to do better about set building though)

      • somebodysangel13 says:

        Yes, that absolutely makes sense. I’m much the same, very annoying trying to get pictures and control sims when they’re outside the house – they seem to be out of control so much more when not at home. I’ve been actively trying to have more parties and such when playing, because otherwise my sims become hermits with few friends other than the family they live with. Seasons helps with that, because other sims have parties which they invite mine to – makes it easy for them to socialise outside my direction. Possibly I’m a bit of a micro-manager…

  11. mewmewmentor says:

    You know, I sorta forgot about Kay which makes me feel bad but I honestly doubt Jay would ever let anything happen to him if it was within her power and she does have a lot of techy stuff lying around so yay Kay! 😀

    Also, I saw AZ and Zaid coming from a mile away lol I don’t know why, they just seem to have some chemistry in the screenshots I see.

    Anyways, what AZ (damn, that is hard to type quickly) said about time stopping…hmmmm, really now? 😀 I remember from aaages ago you mentioned that you were going to incorporate the fact Sims really don’t advance in-game into the story and I see you’re doing that here and I’m prettyyy sure around 2030 was when Jacob had Cal. Probably? So I’d say Jacob or rather the Reddings (and the aliens, who I am firmly convinced are manipulating the entire world but mostly the world around the Danevbies) have more to do with advancement stopping (since I’m not sure time stopping is exactly the way to put it) well anyways, they have more to do with it than Zaid does. Zaid is really just a byproduct of something that has been going on for a looong time.

    • sErindeppity says:

      Jay would never let anything happen to him, that’s for sure.
      Ohhhh so glad you saw the chemistry between them. Zaid really has feelings for AZ hehe. And hmm let’s see, Jacob was born in 1993 and he was about forty when he had Cal so yep, the 2030s. I love your theory soooo much! You could be right. 😉

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