The Reddings – Chapter Two – Fourteen Years And Four Months

Author’s Note: This deals with molestation. I do not agree with this sort of behavior, people who do this sort of thing deserve to be punished. Badly.


Kaleb Redding stared in disbelief at the figure before him. It was Lance Kelly. The boy that Kaleb had been watching was now standing there, staring at him. Kaleb stopped in his tracks and looked up, feeling the heat crossing his face as he clutched his schoolbooks to his chest. It felt as if a spotlight was on him.

He was very panicked, as he never thought this sort of thing would happen. Lance Kelly, the quarterback for the high school football team. The only reason Kaleb ever went to a football game. He had little interest in sports, but Lance… certainly made things interesting. He was also the reason Kaleb’s sister disliked him going to the football games.

His sister insisted that men were dangerous, and was always worried about her brother. He was too soft, in her opinion. Too easy led into things. One wrong step, and he would be hurt. She tried keeping her eyes on him but it had become increasingly more difficult, especially with their strange workload. They were both technically in high school, but they were also taking multiple college courses. They both should have graduated by now but the school officials had said they couldn’t until they were at least fifteen. Eight more months…

So they remained in limbo land, taking high school courses and college courses. And during their time in high school, Kaleb always seemed more interested in Lance than their classes. If she knew about them standing a few feet apart, she would have been worried; but she was busy at the college, working on a biology exam.

Lance took a few strides forward. Kaleb dropped his books and stepped back, very nervous. Lance just chuckled as he put his hand up against the wall, more or less pinning Kaleb in place. He smirked at the terror crossing the younger boy’s face. “Hey,” he said coolly. Kaleb gulped, unable to talk. Lance chuckled again and moved a bit closer. “You’re the Redding boy, right?”

Kaleb just nodded. He couldn’t talk. Lance didn’t seem to care. His eyes were going up and down Kaleb’s body before settling once more on his face. “Heard a little rumor through the grapevine about you,” he continued. “S’it true?” He inched even closer. Kaleb was against the wall now. “You interested in me?”

Kaleb felt as though his heart was going to beat out of his chest, and he wanted to shrivel up and die. How did Lance find out? How did anyone find out? Only his sister knew he was gay, and he did his best to hide it when he was watching Lance. But someone had noticed, and now Lance knew. He was a few inches taller than Kaleb, and a lot heavier–all of it muscles. Kaleb knew he was about to be pounded to within an inch of his life.

Without warning, Lance slammed him against the wall. “P…. p…. pl….” But Kaleb just could not speak, could not move. He knew he was about to be in a lot of pain. He wished he had waited at the college for his sister to finish her exam. But no, he wanted to walk home by himself. He just hoped he wouldn’t be too badly bruised up afterwards.

“What’s that?” Lance asked with a laugh. He let go of one arm so he could brush his thick fingers along Kaleb’s jaw. Kaleb shuddered and felt waves of desire going over him at that touch, and knew if Lance didn’t have the few inches between their lower bodies, then Lance would know exactly how Kaleb felt. “You want to say something, Redding?”

“L… l… l-let g-g-go…” Kaleb managed to get out.

Lance just laughed and bent his head in closer. “Let go? But I thought this is what you wanted, fairy.”

Before Kaleb could react, Lance’s lips were against his. This was his first kiss. And with the first guy he ever really liked. Kaleb felt as though his entire body would just melt into nothingness. Lance is kissing me, he realized as the kiss got rougher. Oh my Watcher, Lance is kissing me! He tentatively kissed back. He simply could not believe this moment was happening. And Lance. Lance! He had a girlfriend. He was supposed to be straight. And he was kissing Kaleb.

The kiss was broken. “That’s what I thought,” Lance said, his breath rolling across Kaleb’s face. “You liked it. I can tell.” He looked around as if to make sure they were alone, and then his hand was against Kaleb’s crotch. Kaleb jerked back in surprise, hitting the stone wall behind him. Suddenly, the kiss didn’t seem as sweet as it had. “Why do you look so scared? I thought you liked this? You certainly… feel as if you do.” He squeezed, hard.

“NO!” Kaleb found his voice, and said it as loud as he could. He began struggling, but Lance kept him pinned. “L-l-l-let go of m-me!” he begged as the older, stronger boy kept fondling him.

“I know you want me.”

Kaleb shifted his weight and, after moving his hand to a better place on Lance’s chest, used all his strength to push him back. Lance stumbled back though looking more surprised than anything. “I s-s-said no!” Kaleb said, trying to sound like his sister. He knew it would be unlikely anyone would come by and help him. It was outside of town, in a field, far from anywhere. It was a broken down shed left unused for years. But the meadow was a good shortcut between town and the Reddings’ house.

If Kaleb didn’t protect himself, there’d be no help.

Lance just stared at Kaleb and then began laughing. “No? You lying little fairy, stop pretending. I know for a fact you want me–and guess what?” He leaned in close, grabbing Kaleb’s neck. “You’re in luck. You’re fulfilling two marks off my list of people to do. A homo, and a nerd.”

Before Kaleb could protest, he was spun around and pushed face first into the wall. Lance was holding onto his hips, yanking his shirt out of his pants. Kaleb braced himself against the wall and shoved back. He got a few inches between himself and the wall but Lance just thrust forward, slamming him into the wall again. He began screaming hysterically, terrified; the situation had gone from his best dream to his worst nightmare in a matter of seconds.

Kaleb was not strong. He had a vague idea of how to fight, but it was his sister that had taken to those lessons. Their parents did not push him to continue learning when they realized how bad he was at fighting. His sister had advanced through all sorts of courses, learning styles from all corners of the globe.

Kaleb learned old languages, such as the German and French that would have been spoken a thousand years ago. Not exactly the most helpful to get out of the grips of an athlete three years his senior.

His mind blanked, other than the hysteric screaming, but when he felt hands trying to unbuckle his pants he snapped back to reality. He had to defend himself. As futile as it seemed. He tried to remember seeing his sister fight. He tried to remember what people in the books did. It all swirled together, not making any sense.

The button to his pants was snapped open, and he reacted. His elbow went back, driving into Lance’s chest. Lance fell back, coughing loudly. Kaleb spun around and tried to take off but Lance grabbed his arm and yanked him back so hard that he hit the back of his head against the wall. Lance was cursing now, looking angrier.

“Is that how you want to play, Redding? Fine by me.” He grabbed both sides of Kaleb’s head and struck it back against the wall again. Lights burst in Kaleb’s eyes and it was if the universe was a tornado in his brain. He blinked several times, trying to come back to sense, weakly fighting as Lance began shoving him down against the ground. “I can play rough, if that’s your cup of tea. Trust me. You won’t ever be able to sit again after my rough playtime.”

Just as he started putting his hand down Kaleb’s pants, another person came into Kaleb’s blurry, star-filled vision. Relief filled his entire body. “And what is it you think you are doing?” she asked, her voice very tight.

Lance turned his head. “Looks like we have some company. Your sister gonna watch? Or join in?”

“I do not think you understand the severity of this situation, Mr. Kelly. I suggest you release my brother this second. If you said what you did to push my buttons, it did not work, as merely seeing your filthy hands on my brother has pushed every single button that has ever existed. Including the big red one that says ‘do not push’.”

Kaleb whimpered as he was pushed against the wall again. “Oh, what’s a little bratty nerd girl gonna do?” Lance laughed. “Besides, your brother wants me.”

She pushed her glasses up, fixating her eyes on him. “Do you even realize what happens when the button labeled ‘do not push’ is pushed? Usually it results in painful destruction. Let go of him. Now.”

“Sorry, baby. Your brother here deserves a bit of fun, doncha think? He’ll like it, don’t worry. And after–” Suddenly Lance was yanked away from Kaleb. Lance yelped as he was easily pushed aside.

Kaleb felt himself being picked up and pulled back, but she kept her grip on him. “I see you are so stupid you really do not understand was ‘DO NOT PUSH’ means. I was not giving you a suggestion. I was giving you an order.” Still holding onto Kaleb’s arm she grabbed Lance’s tank and gave him a shove towards the wall. In the same movement, she propelled Kaleb away from the shed. “Kaleb, stay back,” she said, giving him a look.

“You can’t do this to me!” Lance growled.

Kaleb staggered back, hands against his chest. He knew Lance was about to be in a lot of pain, but he didn’t care. He wanted his sister to hurt him. Lance had nearly–had nearly–Kaleb wailed, and covered his face, knowing how close he was to being taken.

Whether Lance was trying to make a run for it, or something else, Kaleb didn’t know. But when Lance darted forward, she put her foot up against an outcropping of the shed, blocking his way. “Where do you think you’re going, Mr. Kelly?” she sneered.

Lance looked at her, and then began laughing. “Baby, it was a joke really. I wasn’t gonna do anything to that little pipsqueak.”

“Your hand down his pants is not a joke,” she said simply.

“Look. Stop pretending to be all big and scary.” Lance eyed her and then rolled his eyes. She was the same height as Kay, and more or less the same weight. Plus, in Lance’s eyes, a girl. “I don’t want to hurt you.”

He didn’t have any time to realize what was going on. She hit his upper back and as he jerked forward, she thrust her knee up to meet his body. Kaleb wasn’t sure if it was his lower stomach or his crotch. Lance yelled in pain but had no time to defend himself. She grabbed his shirt and threw him back against the wall. Kaleb knew she could do judo or karate moves, or even just knock him out with one hit but she was fighting simply to cause him pain.

Fist after fist connected with him, occasionally aided by a kick. Lance was trying to fight back but she was much stronger, and faster, than him. Finally there was a sickening crunching sound when her fist hit his nose. He went down completely at this point, yowling in pain and shrieking at her to leave him alone.

“What?” she asked, standing over him. “Did my brother ask you to leave him alone? Brother, did you?”

“Y-y-y-yes,” Kaleb stammered.

“And did you leave him alone?” She bent down, grabbing his hair and yanking his head forward. “Did you?”

“N-n-n-no, he d-didn’t,” Kaleb said.

She rolled him onto his stomach and began twisting his arm back. “You apologize to my brother,” she hissed.

“I’m sorry, Redding!” he howled.

“You will never touch him again, do you understand?”


“If you touch him again, then this will be a gentle prelude to what will happen. Do you understand?”


“If you, or any of your idiotic friends, ever go near him, or do anything to him, then you will be the one to pay. Do you understand?”


Kaleb flinched as there was a cracking sound. She had broken one of his fingers. “You will not say anything about what has happened here. I know brainless men like you enjoy bragging and relishing tales. If you speak a word about your actions to my brother then… well, you certainly do not want to tell people that a girl did this to you. Is that not correct?”


“Very well. Consider this your only warning.” And she dug her hand into a spot that pushed him into unconsciousness. She then rose up to her feet, brushing her hands off on her skirt, and she looked over at Kaleb. “Are you all right?”

“Y-y-y-y-yes,” he got out. “If… if y-y-you… if you…”

“Do not think of what might have happened. The point is, nothing did happen,” she said. “And Brother, I did warn you about… creatures like this.” She poked Lance’s body with the tip of her foot.

Kaleb bowed his head. “Y-you did.”

“I am sorry you learned the hard way.” She stepped over Lance’s body and took Kaleb’s shaking hands. “I am sorry it took so long for me to get here. You should have waited for me at the college…” She brushed her bangs back and then sighed. “I guess this shows it is better for us to be together instead of apart. I do not want you stumbling into trouble. It could have turned out–but as I said, do not think of what might have happened.”

“I w-w-w-will wait for you n-next time,” Kaleb whispered.

His sister smiled. “I will wait for you as well. And we will stay together, yes? And I shall protect you. I will always protect you.”

They hugged tightly, Kaleb clinging to her in relief that he had been saved. They were rarely apart, but this proved that it was a bad thing. He was unable to take care of himself in difficult situations like this. And he did seem to attract trouble. He was too soft on people, too trustworthy. But he simply could not remove himself that other level to have the cold, cynical opinion that his sister often had. He preferred to think that people were good, rather than people were stupid.

Not that it was wrong for his sister to think that way, and he understood why. Ever since leaving their private home miles away from people, and integrating themselves into society he realized that so many people were indeed stupid. They were selfish, snobby, and mean. Especially in high school. But not everyone was like that.

“I am going to go put this thing where it belongs,” his sister said, hefting up Lance’s limp body easily over one shoulder. It didn’t even look like he weighed anything in her hands. “In the dumpster. You run home. And if you see anyone, keep running until you are safe in home. I will be there shortly.”

He watched her walk off, as if carrying nothing. He picked up his books, and her bag, and then headed home, thinking. His sister had withdrawn, believing not to trust anyone but each other. After what happened with Lance, Kaleb knew she was mostly right. He needed his sister, and she needed him–for different reasons, but the bond they had was strong and would always be strong.

They were nothing without the other.


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