Within The Crystal Ball – 7.19 – May/Not Quite December

Author’s note: Warning, nudity (mostly bums) and slight sexual themes. Nothing explicit. At least I don’t think so… :I


I looked up as the bell rang and I didn’t need to force a smile on my face as my girlfriend walked into the store. I had really lucked out when Mrs. Rutkowski wanted to keep me on for the job past summer. Working in a pawn/consignment shop had been boring at first but I grew the hang of it and Mrs. Rutkowski seemed to really like me. So when my sophomore year started she offered to shift my hours around and I agreed. Pretty decent money and a girlfriend, as my boss constantly tried to hook me up with her just-dumped-but-pretty-rich-‘old maid’ daughter. We finally went out in the fall and even though Lucja was sixteen years older than me…


“Good afternoon, Zaid,” Lucja chirruped. “How’s business?”

“Slow today,” I replied, folding my arms on the counter and leaning forward. We kissed, her lips lingering on mine until we finally broke apart. “We going out tonight?”

“Mhm, I want to take you shopping for a nice suit for this weekend,” she said, pulling out her phone and flipping through the messages as she came around the counter. “We’ve got that dinner to go to and I want you looking your best.”

Looking my best translated into showing off her young, college-aged boyfriend to all her friends who were stuck with middle-aged men who had permanent frowns on their faces. I knew this, she knew I knew this, but she also knew I didn’t care. It wasn’t love between us–neither of us even pretended that–but she was nice enough. And pretty great with, uh… well, pretty great.


“Sounds good to me,” I replied and she gave me another kiss, this one with more tongue. “What time should I pick you up?”

She snorted, going back to her phone. “I’ll pick you up. You know I hate that old car of yours. I don’t believe this… hold on.” She poked at her phone then brought it to her ear, getting into an argument with someone as she walked to the corner of the room. This happened a lot. Lucja ran a wedding planner business and seemed to have the unfortunate habit of hiring lazy assistants. I laughed, shaking my head a bit then keeping the smile on my face as the bell rang again, this time for a customer coming in.


Oh, whoa, I thought, sucking in some air as a gorgeous girl began making her way over towards me. “How can I help you?” I asked when she reached the register.

“I need to sell something…” She placed a bag on the counter, pushing it towards me.

“Pawning, selling, or consigning?” I inquired and she informed me it’d be the latter. “All right, let me bring my manager in. She’s the one who appraises everything.” I punched in the code to send an alert sound to Mrs. Rutkowski’s office. “She’ll be in momentarily.”

She brushed a few strands of hair back, nodding. “Have we met? You look very familiar.”

“Uh, it’s possible. I go to Redbloom.”

“So do I!” She offered her hand and I nervously shook it. Being around girls like her seemed to bring out the worst in me… not in a mean way, but more of the ‘crash into things and say weird things’ way. “I’m Davy. Gilbert.”


“I’m Zaid Danevbie. Interesting name… Davy?” Annnnd there it was, my awkwardness.

But Davy seemed fine. “It’s short for Davina, actually. Which means ‘cherished’.”

“Oh cool. I think mine means something about… adding or increasing…” I laughed. “Which is a bit awkward since I totally fail at math.”

Davy giggled back, covering her mouth as her eyes crinkled at the corners. “I hear ya. Math isn’t exactly my strong suit. I’m actually going into law.”

“Wow, that’s awesome. I, uh, guess I’m a general major,” I said, blushing as I felt a bit stupid for not having more of a degree. Davy gave me a salute and I began laughing again. “Not in the military way.”


“Sir yes sir!” she exclaimed with a grin. “General-Major Zaid.”

“I think it’s Major-General, actually,” I said then wished I could take it back. “So if a Major-General got a general major I wonder what that’d be.”

“A step down in life, I imagine,” she quipped back and we both laughed.


Suddenly Lucja appeared by my side, wrapping an arm around my waist. “Hello darling, sorry it took so long.” She kissed my cheek. “You know, maybe we should see if you could get off work early. Oh hello.” She gave Davy a fixed glare. “You go to the local high school?”

“I’m a junior actually,” Davy said stiffly.

“Oh.” Lucja gave her a glance over then held her head high. “Two more years until college.”


“I am in college.”

“Lucja! Be nice!” Mrs. Rutkowski emerged from her office finally and didn’t seem pleased with her daughter’s treatment of a customer. I couldn’t blame her. Lucja’s actions weren’t very mature.

“Sorry,” Lucja said with a not-so-apologetic smile. “Matka–” she used the term she knew would soften her mother, “–why don’t you release Zaid a bit early? We were going to go shopping in Bridgeport.”

Bridgeport? She hadn’t mentioned anything about Bridgeport and that was either a super long drive or a short flight away. Her mother seemed equally suspicious. “Such a long trip, why would you go so far?”


“Well, we were going to stay over together,” Lucja said and I went beet red.

Mrs. Rutkowksi narrowed her eyes. “This is not appropriate conversation in front of a customer.” She turned to Davy and apologized before waving her hand, informing me I could have the rest of the day off. I barely had time to thank her before Lucja dragged me out of the store.

“What was that about?” I hissed out when we reached the parking lot.


“That little girl flirted too much,” Lucja replied as she pulled me into a kiss. “I just wanted to… stake my territory.”

“I’m not territory.” And I don’t feel comfortable being referred to as territory, I added silently then groaned when Lumie added in her two cents. She hated Lucja with a passion and always had her complaints at the ready. She had completely disapproved of me and Lucja dating but agreed to keep it secret from our dads since I knew they would murder me if they knew the situation. But every time she could jump on Lucja’s case she did.

“Why are you groaning?” Lucja asked, sliding her hands under my shirt and stroking my stomach. “Are you mad at me? I’m sorry. I guess I just got a little intimated. I’m very sorry, Zaid, I shouldn’t have acted like that.”

“No–no. Sorry. I just… I should get home and, uh, pack if we’re going somewhere overnight.” I managed to get away from her but she just took hold of my shirt and pulled me in for another kiss. “Is that all right?”


“Of course.I have some business I need to attend to anyway,” she said and headed off to her fairly expensive car. She gave a finger wiggle at me before sliding into the driver’s seat. I finger wiggled back then hopped into my dingy used car. I took in several deep breaths before heading off, knowing how much work I’d have to do to keep Max calm about me taking an overnight trip away from the college and without him. Personally… I didn’t want to. I’d prefer to stay here. I doubted I’d be tracked down in Bridgeport but it still made me feel a bit nervous.


My night in Bridgeport went by without any problem whatsoever. Lucja checked us into a penthouse suite and we had our typical night of wine, rich food, and lots of bedroom time. I didn’t have any morning classes but we still arrived back in town a bit too late and I missed my first class in the early afternoon. I had another class right after so I went ahead to campus with the intention of doing a bit of studying. Instead I spotted Davy and decided to talk to her instead. She seemed pretty happy to see me and we talked until my class started. By that point we had agreed to go see some kung fu movies on Sunday at the rerun theater.


“You sure your girlfriend won’t mind?” she asked as she added her number into my phone.

“Oh that,” I chuckled mirthlessly, knowing this wasn’t something she’d approve of. “I can have friends. She’s fine with me being friends with a few others.”

“Girls?” Davy asked, raising an eyebrow as she handed my phone back to me.

I pressed my lips together and gave a tiny shake of the head. “Nah, except my sister. Okay so maybe she won’t be happy but she…” I trailed off, looking at my phone background which was me and Lucja.

“Did you enjoy Bridgeport?”


“Uh, I guess. I’m not much of a big city type of guy,” I answered. “How about you?”

“I’m not any type of guy,” she joked and I couldn’t help but laugh. “Seriously though, no, not really but I figure when I become a lawyer… if I become a lawyer… I’ll have to adapt.”

I started to respond when my phone went off. Lucja’s face covered the screen and I sighed. >Short leash you have there with Miss Cougar,< Lumie put into my head and I scowled, begging her to shut up. I hit the red ‘ignore call’ button. >You getting over your sugar mama?< Lumie asked when she realized what I did.

I put my barriers up quickly, wanting her out of my head at the moment. “I’m sure you’ll adapt fine. People can adapt. Quickly. You seem the type of girl to be able to do that.”


“You know what kind of girl I am, eh?” she asked in an almost purring way.

I couldn’t help but smirk back. “Maybe. I might be a bit psychic. Hey!” I protested as she laughed. “I… could show you sometime.”

“What, read my fortune?”

“No no, nothing like that.” I pushed my hair back and wished I didn’t have to get to class. Reluctantly I rose to my feet. “More like… write something down, show it to the room, I’ll come back in and tell you what it said. That sort of thing.”

“Parlor tricks.”


“More like… living room tricks,” I whispered and her laughter filled my ears yet again. “You could come over sometime. I, uh, rent a house. Not by myself though–um, two friends and my sister live there too,” I added quickly since I didn’t want Davy to think certain things. “Noah Singer’s my roommate and Max Penstone though you wouldn’t know him, and my sister’s Lumie i–“

“Illuminata Danevbie-Greyson!” she half-shouted. “Hah! I knew I heard the name ‘Danevbie’ before. She was in one of my classes last semester. Red hair, glasses…”

“Itsy-bitsy nose, that’s her,” I said then frowned when Lucja began calling me again. “I better get this. Um, so yeah. I guess I’ll meet you at the theater on Sunday at two?”


“See ya there, Major-General Zaid.” Davy gave me a salute and headed off as I beamed and nearly forgot to answer the phone.


Noah teased me all day Friday about the big charity dinner. My relationship seemed to be both something to be impressed by and something to be weirded out by to him. Max hated it completely but after he made it clear that he was as against Lucja as Lumie, he kept his mouth shut. Noah, though, continually to ribald me about it.

“Looking good,” Lumie said when we went downstairs and she saw my expensive new suit. “Gift from your lady love?”

“She wants me to look good.” I tugged at my collar then adjusted my tie. “It is a fancy dinner, you know.”


“You’re gonna make Lucja lose all her clients the moment you open your mouth,” Noah exclaimed, smacking my back.

“Which is why I keep my mouth shut,” I pointed out. “I know what I’m there for. To look sexy and be quiet. Annnnd I do that very well.”

Lumie flopped back onto the couch and gave me a look. “You’re disgusting for using her for… money and gifts.”

“I’m not using her. We just have an agreement.”


“Sex for gifts?” Lumie cocked her head. “So you’re a prostitute.”

I grit my teeth and jerked forward to attack her but Noah grabbed my arm, holding me back. “You brat,” I snarled. “Saul gave you gifts–“


“Don’t ever mention him!” Lumie got to her feet, face purple with anger. “And I don’t think comparing your relationship to that one is exactly a promising thing, considering how mine ended up. Destroying my life.” I felt like the world’s biggest ass. >Which you are,< she sniffled, turning away.

“I know I am, I’m sorry.” I  wrapped my arms around her. I thought she might pull away but instead she turned and pressed into me. “I’m sorry.”

“I think about her sometimes…” I nodded, knowing this since it spilled over into my head often, the thoughts she had about her baby. “I don’t mean to–“


My arms tightened around her. “No, it’s fine. I know you can’t help it. I am a horrible person. I apologize. I love you, sis. I shouldn’t have said anything.”

“No, you shouldn’t have,” she complained as I let go of her. “But I shouldn’t have called you a whore.”

“Actually… prostitute was the word you used, whore was the word you were thinking,” I said and she made a face. “Forgiven, on both sides?”

“Yeah.” She reached up and fixed my tie before fixing my hair. “You do look good though. And I think she’s here.”


I gave her another quick hug, punched Noah’s arm, grinned at Max who had been in cat form all this time then headed out to the expensive car waiting for me. The dinner turned out to be a success. The hosts raised a lot of money and Lucja flaunted me off to all her friends who did not seem very happy about me. I normally didn’t care about that sort of thing but this time felt different. Her word from earlier in the week kept going through my head… Territory…

Tonight I began to feel that. I felt as though she were a cougar and I her main course. Lumie’s right, I thought as I bit into the filet mignon. I felt sick the rest of the evening and even worse when we got back to her place and she stripped me of the expensive suit. I barely stayed in the moment during sex and afterwards when I normally fell asleep, I remained awake.


Once Lucja fell sound asleep I went over to the window, folding my arms over my chest and watching the night sky. I wanted to talk with my sister but at the same time I didn’t (though we were both glad I learned how to keep barriers up during my more passionate moments) so I just focused on the stars. I had come to college to get an education and to–to have fun. Not worry about supes with murderous intentions, not worry about anything beyond finals. And I had done that to the point of this? Knocking boots with some woman I didn’t even love? I looked over my shoulder at Lucja whose naked body stretched delicately along her bed. She hated blankets and never slept under them.

I closed my eyes, pressing my forehead against the cool windowpane. I had spent four and a half months with this woman. We both knew it’d end eventually soon however I suspected her idea of ending ‘soon’ was probably after I graduated college. I wondered how many guys did stuff like this. You always heard about the young girls going after the rich older men but surely there were young men with rich older women. Oh Watcher. Gold-digging slut, I thought before I could stop my brain. No! This wasn’t really about the money. I didn’t intend to marry her for her money. The gifts were just… perks.


Yeah, whatcha gonna rationalize next? I turned away from the window and carefully lay down next to Lucja so as not to wake her. I snuggled against her and decided to break things off before the semester ended. It’d be for the best anyway.



I slammed my hand down against the thin stone block, cracking it in half. Davy clapped loudly and begged me to do it again. I replaced the stone, prepared myself, then slammed my hand down. Once it broke I turned and bowed to my new friend. She came over to examine the stone and tried to break part of it, whimpering in pain when it failed.

“It took my years to get this far,” I said, taking her hand gently and examining where she had hit. “Want some ice?”

“I don’t think it’ll bruise,” she sighed. “Still. Very impressive, Zaid.”

“You should have him teach you some.” Noah stood to the side mostly busy texting his girlfriend. “He taught me a few moves.”


“Cool. Did he teach you too, Max?” Davy asked.

Max gave her the stink-eye. “I taught him a lot more than he taught me. Isn’t that right, Zaidy-boy?”

“Yes it is, Max,” I said, giving him a dark look, willing him to stop being rude. I didn’t appreciate him being like this to all my friends. The jealously thing had gone too far. “He’s really strong.”


My message must have gotten across because he looked a bit sheepish as he said, “I think you’d be able to learn sim fu pretty easily, you have very, um, strong-looking arms.”

“A compliment from Max, you don’t hear that every day,” Noah said with a hearty laugh. “Unless you’re Zaid. Then you do hear it every day.”

I stuck my tongue out and he winked, getting into the cooler and grabbing a beer. “But really Davy, I could teach you some moves,” I offered, lifting her hands to look at her arms. “Max is right. I taught Lumie a few moves to protect herself.”

“Ugh, something every girl should know,” Davy sighed, pushing my arms apart then leaning in close. “Some creep grabbed my ass in the halls the other day. He smelled like… stale cigarettes and cheap beer.” Noah paused, looking at the bottle in his hand. Davy turned, leaning back against me in a strangely intimate way. “The cheap beer you guys get isn’t anywhere near as nasty as the one this creep had on his breath.”

“Did you report him?” I asked with a frown.


Davy went very quiet then, “No. It’s a bit pointless. Guys just get slaps in their wrists. Penises seem to equal ‘get out of jail free’ cards.” Noah snorted and I wanted to laugh at the phrasing, as disgustingly true as her words were. “Maybe you could teach me a few things?” Davy looked up into my eyes.

Her lips look great in that shade, I thought. Whoa, what?! What the hell had I just thought? “Uh, sure,” I said, yanking away.

>DID YOU JUST THINK ABOUT DAVY’S LIPS?!< Lumie screeched in my head. >Well, well, well, you finally going through with dumping the cougar?<


>Shut. UP!< I shouted back, not liking the reminder that it had been three weeks since the charity dinner and I had been in Lucja’s bed seventeen of the twenty-one nights. “And it’s not like she’d be interested in me.” I stopped. Oh. Shiiiiit had I just…? I looked around the garage and saw all three faces watching me. Yep. I said that out loud. Lumie laughed while I tried not to panic. At least I didn’t say Davy’s name in that.


“Who wouldn’t be interested in you?” Noah asked, smirking since he knew by now that Lumie and I communicated in strange ways. At least I figured that’s what his look meant.

“N-nothing, I didn’t… Oh, hold on.” My text ringtone went off, giving me an out though I didn’t appreciate the message that appeared on my screen. A booty call from Lucja. “I have to go… um, we’ll work out a time to teach you, yeah?” I glanced at Davy and she shrugged. “Okay. Uh, I’ll, uh, see you later then…”

She left and I went inside to get a quick shower and change of clothes. Max sat in our room as I got dressed. “You going to see Lucja?” he asked finally.

“Mhm. She got tickets to one of those mystery dinner shows so thankfully I don’t need to dress up again.” Not that she asked me when she made the plans, I thought unhappily. “Do you hate Davina?”


“Um. Iunno.” He hopped up onto my dresser, swinging one leg. “She’s okay.” He picked up one of his stuffed mice, tugging at a loose thread. “You like her?”

“She’s nice.”

“Dating nice?”


I turned around to look at the pout on his face. “I dunno. Maybe. As I tried to tell Lumie earlier, I don’t think Davy would be interested in me. Does it matter? Would you prefer me to stay with Lucja?”

“No, I hate Lucja!” Max snapped.

“Because of our ages?” I moved to the bed to get my shoes back on.

Max got an injured look on his face. “No. Age–age doesn’t really matter. Um. Does it? I mean, like I’m a few hundred years old… if I started… dating someone…”

A new thought struck me and I whirled around to face him. “Are you interested in Davy?”


“What?! NO! Oh, ew, no! No! No!” He gagged loudly. “Never!”

“Glados?” I asked before I could stop myself.

Max blinked then began blushing. “No.”

“You are interested in someone though, right?”

He hopped down and pegged me with the stuffed mouse. “Don’t stay out too late, okay? You have class in the morning. You shouldn’t stay with her all night anyway. We need to stay close together in case of something happening.”


I tossed the mouse back then went out in the hall to check myself in the full length mirror. “We can’t be handcuffed together forever, Maxie.” I gave his head a pat as I moved to the stairs. “I’ll see you in the morning.” Max looked as though I had kicked him instead of petting him and the guilt burned me all night. I hadn’t been spending much time with him anymore, in fact I had pretty much been taking him for granted the past year. So despite Lucja’s fury, instead of staying the night after we had sex I gave her a kiss goodbye and returned to my house to watch movies with Max until we fell asleep on the couch. And honestly… it was much nicer than falling asleep in bed with Lucja.



I turned as my phone went off, indicating an e-mail. I considered not getting it but I reached over anyway to see who sent me something. Uncle Kay. I swallowed, not sure if I should check it… but curiosity overwhelmed me and I opened the e-mail up. Our messages had been extremely weird since around the time my winter break started. He continually sent messages inquiring about my location–except they were always full of false facts about my family. This one had the same.


Dear Zaid, are you sure you’re at Monte Vista? Your replies just don’t seem like you’re there. If your hiding anything you can talk to me. You can trust me. I know we haven’t seen each other in a long time but it does feel as though we have a connection. Almost a psychic link. I know that’s silly, no two people can have a real psychic link. But I do care about you. Please… anything you want to talk about. I’m here for you. Love always, Uncle Kay.

I crinkled my nose up and began tapping out a reply. Maybe the time had come to ‘move’ somewhere else at least to Uncle Kay.


Hey Uncle Kay, well truth is we left Monte Vista a while ago. A few months. I’m sorry I’ve been lying to you but it sort of feels like someone is watching me, you know? Anyway, we’ve moved to France now. I like it. French chicks are very open. I hope you’re doing OK. Maybe someday we can see each other again. I’d like that very much.

I didn’t bother leaving any fake information since I hoped he’d know I’m lying. I just wish I knew why we were lying. Why someone was spying on his e-mails. But at least I knew Uncle Kay wasn’t trying to betray me or anything because if he did have the intentions of handing me over to some enemy then he wouldn’t be lying so much to me. And making it clear to me his e-mails were full of lies but not to others. I hoped that’s what–


“Zaid?” I looked up as Lucja came into the bedroom, removing her earrings. I clicked the e-mail off my screen before tossing it onto the dresser. She hesitated, noticing my actions. “Text message?”

“E-mail, from an uncle,” I said, going over to help her with the necklace. “You looked so beautiful tonight. This color really suits you.”

She moved her shoulders fluidly in an enticing way she knew I loved. I bent down, kissing at her bare shoulders. “I didn’t know you had an uncle. I thought your one father just had a sister and the other had none?”


I chuckled, letting my breath roll across her skin. She moaned at the feeling and I quickly began unzipping her dress. “He’s more like a great-uncle but prefers just ‘uncle’. You want me to get some wine?”

She hesitated then shook her head, spinning around as her dress dropped to the floor. “No, I just want you.” She kissed me as she pulled me to the bed and down we went in a pile of kisses, laughter, and hormones. But before we could, ah, get into the action she paused and looked at me. “You weren’t lying were you?”

“About what?” I asked, kissing her neck.


She pressed against me and I wanted to continue but she sighed and said, “Your uncle.”

It didn’t take a genius to decode what she really meant. “Lucja, I swear to you I was messaging a family member.”

But she obviously didn’t believe me and moved out from under me, sitting up. “I’m not stupid, Zaid. I’m an older woman and you’re a very young and…” Her eyes trailed down to the object of her desire, “very needful man. If you’re seeing someone else…”

“I swear I’m not!” I promised. “I would never do that. I would never cheat.”


“I’m old…”

My fingers wrapped around her arm, squeezing gently. “You’re not old. You’re still young and very beautiful.”

She pulled her arm away. “Not as young as you. Zaid, I know what we have isn’t love and I’m not expecting love. I just need to know… please”

I got out of bed and went to the wine, pouring myself a glass and taking in a deep gulp. I didn’t not want to be having this conversation. “You don’t have to worry about us, Lucja. Cheating is an unforgivable and despicable act, in my opinion.” I finished off the wine then turned, leaning back and trying to look seductive. Her eyes darkened so I knew it worked. “I’m yours right now. The only other person I share a bed with in my life is a cat.”


She motioned for me to come over and I fell back down against her. She turned me around to kiss me before whispering, “You’re such a sweet boy.” And then we finally started on the act, well into the night.


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  1. ebonyimonet says:


    I love Lucja Sugar Mamas are great

  2. angelblue007 says:

    Love it!

  3. zefiewings says:

    Aww…poor Max. Pouty.

    But…But I just thought of something… since they are in the same Collage why why WHY didn’t they change Lumie’s last name! It would be so easy to track him down that way!
    When Davy said that about his sister, it made me realize the simple connection.

    Just one thing: Lumie says “I still think about her” and it confused me because I thought maybe it was Zaid talking about his girlfriend, but then Zaid answered so I guess you meant him, Saul.

    • sErindeppity says:

      Reply in full later but I meant her. She was referring to her daughter. I guess I shoulda explained that a bit better sorry :\

      • zefiewings says:


        Yeah…I did not get that at all…It could be because its 2 am here though.

        I understand Lumie not mentioning her in more detail but maybe if Zaid thinks “I knew because the thought of her baby leaked into my head” or however its worded..would that work?

      • sErindeppity says:

        I did add in a bit there to explain it’s about the baby. I have this problem sometimes. I think things make sense but it’s just because I know the pieces and it doesn’t come across as clear as I think.

    • sErindeppity says:

      Poor Max 😦
      And the answer to that is nobody had seemed to try to find Zaid through hunting down his family. Gretchen put spells up protecting everyone from being tracked down and such, but since they knew for sure Zaid had powerful ones on him they needed to do extra stuff to protect him. Without a bit of Lumie, they’re unable to do the really powerful spells and they’re unable to get a bit of Lumie since they can’t find her. Same goes for Chance, Specter, and Glados. Vilkas she’s not worried about since he’s got a whole clan of werewolves at his pack and it’d be like trying to move a wasp’s nest with your bare hand. And Presea’s name is changed. I really hope that all makes sense? :\

      • zefiewings says:

        Oh it does. It makes sense that they wouldn’t have gotten what they needed to track the others when they had access to them because they were concentrating on Zaid.

        It just seems to me that, magic aside, it might not be hard to track down Lumie by NORMAL means…not exactly a common last name, and if they do a check on the others…well the other Danivebie at the school seems like an easy leap from there.

        It’s not that I think you made a mistake…but we know this safety won’t last forever so I guess I am just wondering at/guessing at how they get to him.

      • sErindeppity says:

        Part of it is also Gretchen knows how a lot of magic-users are. They rely a lot on spells to get what they want/need if they’re the selfish type. She’s used to dealing with the regular human world but suspects the enemies won’t think to use normal means to track them down. HOWEVER she is using spells to protect that too. When Zaid changed his name, she mentioned using spells to ‘cover his tracks’ and she’s doing the same with the others as well. Misplaced forms, people forgetting the last name of that kid who came in, employees giving false information they believe to be true–that sort of thing. I’ll try to get more into it later one, I think it is something I should address more clearly in the story. I’m getting close writing-wise to when Zaid leaves college so when he goes home I can have Gretchen talk a bit about it 🙂

      • zefiewings says:

        Like I said..it was more of a “what if that’s how they find him!” panic lol
        But that makes perfect sense

    • Andrew Drake says:

      Magic seems to be an discipline that requires intense focus to master in the sErinverse. It’s not exactly something you can pick up with just a few hours of study a day, you have to really *delve* into it to get anything decently powerful.

      That means that you’d have to dedicate a *large* portion of your life to simply maintaining your competence at magic. That sort of focus on one thing to the exclusion of all else tends to shape someone’s perceptions. They’d become a bit fixated on a magical solution, and forget about the mundane ones.

      What I’m saying is: when you’re used to lighting a candle by spell, you wind up a bit clumsy with matches.

      Since the group hunting Zaid is apparently lead by a Faerie, this problem’s probably amplified. Vilkas’s biological relatives have been living in an Medieval Stasis Lock, I’m not even sure if they’re even aware that the Telegraph isn’t a common method of communication anymore. The Faeries are probably even *more* locked into the past than the Wolves.

      It wouldn’t surprise me if the Faerie isn’t fully aware that Zaid’s name could be located by checking public records, or that she could just Google Lumie’s full name, or any of the other things that could be done to trace the family without even having to dig. Granted, that doesn’t explain why any of her subordinates haven’t had this idea.

      Actually… her Subordinates probably just stay quiet for fear of reprisals. She seems to be the type of villain that would kill someone over a failure.

      • sErindeppity says:

        sErinverse xD oh gosh.
        Magic does require study and focus, and unless you’re born with a lot of magic ability in you if you wanna become powerful you need to work hard at it. Very true with the example of lighting a candle 🙂
        The group is aware of modern technology and stuff. I mean, the faerie did imprison Jay to help build *something*. She has computers in the place set up so any messages Kay receives and sends will be recorded down and such, though I doubt she did that herself. Probably just got someone to.
        Gretchen used magic to cover the tracks and that includes public records and she probably got some tech savvy witch or wizard to help with the internet stuff. Like googling “Illuminata Danevbie-Greyson” and not really getting any definite responses or such. The group does have Lumie’s name but they can’t track her well without a part of her, and they don’t have that like they did Zaid. They are all living in a world where nobody’s noticed the passing of time isn’t “working right”, so I don’t imagine it’d be too difficult to hide things/keep things in a fog and not have anyone really notice.

  4. taylorwr says:

    Even though you told us already that Max and Gladdy won’t be together, I still like them being together and hope they date for at least a little while.

    • sErindeppity says:

      Ahh alas, they won’t. Glados is not interested in dating, sorry 😦

      • *WEEPS*
        I know I was in the minority, but I really thought it would have been cute.
        *slinks away*

        *returns to post full comment*

      • sErindeppity says:

        Aw it’s got nothing to do with the minority really. Glados just isn’t interested in dating. She was a bit relieved not to be heiress which surprised me!

      • Awww… I voted for Glados too! But if that’s the way she’s going I guess I can live with it. =D

      • sErindeppity says:

        I would have been happy with her as heiress and was really surprised when she let me into her head and told me a bit about her. If she had become heiress I would have had to change a lot of her story to accommodate her. Then again, as it is, I am having to change Zaid’s story to accommodate him so… xD

  5. evilmaniac88 says:

    He luuuuuuuuurves him! Zaid needs to open his eyes real quick, dump his sugar mamas arse and get together with max! Oh well, at least he’s seeing through those emails – I hope real Kay finds a way to contact him soon !

  6. A job that comes with awesome perks and the possibility of meeting even more perks? Zaid really lucked out there!

    Though I feel bad for Lucja that she’s so insecure she feels the need to have a ‘boy toy.’ Then she gets the wonderfully insecure thoughts that perhaps he’s ‘cheating,’ all while having to admit there is no love lost between them. And thanks to that little fit of jealousy she had, now I wonder if he’ll be able to go through with breaking it off with her at semester’s end or if he’ll keep it up because he feels sorry for her.

    Oh Max! Poor pouting baby. And thanks to all of this now he’s worried about age differences too. He deserves an extra can of tuna after that torture. 😦

    Whoever is making Kay write the emails sounds like they’re getting desperate if they’re having him send them that often. Here’s hoping Kay is rescued too. (Oh, and maybe Jay can be rescued also. For Kay’s sake if nothing else.)

    • sErindeppity says:

      I love this comment so much ❤ Lucja is a very insecure woman. She's had a lot of bad times with dating and pretty much after the last one gave up looking for something lasting. Zaid can be immature at times but he can also be mature. Let's hope he's able to be mature and walk away before more time passes. ^_^ He did luck out with the job though -giggles-
      Poor Max 😦 he definitely deserves a big can of tuna!! Looks like a lot of people are having the same theory as to why he's so pouty and upset all the time nowadays 😉
      The faerie and her group are getting desperate. But they are searching overseas for him (that won't be said in a chapter for a while and it's not really a huge deal so I figured I might as well say it now) so he is able to continue escape for now! The twins do need to get out of there and soon. Jay is trying… but science versus magic when she doesn't have any tool at her disposal is not working in her favor D:

      • Andrew Drake says:

        Is Max having a case of Immortality Sucks?

        I mean, he’s an immortal being living amongst mortals. All his friends are going to grow old and die, while he remains the same throughout the ages. He’s forming connections with people, strong ones, that he knows will break when they die.

        He’s kinda in a no-win situation. Either he goes through his Immortality alone, or he watches his friends die… one by one…

        I just gave myself a sad.

        He knows that he’s already hurting over knowing that his friends are eventually going to die. Gretchen’s on in years and even magic’s not going to keep her going forever, Chance and Specter are in the same way, and people are trying to kill his Zaid. That’s enough to bum you out… but dating in his situation would be *SO MUCH WORSE*.

        He’s in a William/Chance situation. He knows that he’s stuck in his present age and body for all time, while whoever he winds up with will be growing older and eventually dying. He’s obviously attracted to someone, I’m kinda hoping it’s Gladdy myself. But he knows that they’ll just grow old and die… then his heart will break.

        So there’s obviously only one solution to this problem: turn Gladdy, or whoever else the poor cat has a thing for, into a Vampire. They’ll be immortal, so they can stick with him for… well forever if nobody shoves a wooden stake in their heart.

        Alternatively… the poor cat’s got a thing for Zaid and knows that Zaid isn’t likely to reciprocate. There’s something of a mountain of evidence for the kid’s sexuality…

      • sErindeppity says:

        Yep, Max’s got a case of that. Poor fellow. He’s had to deal with a lot of loss in his life before and it’s never easy. But he’s starting to really hate knowing how many people he’s going to lose now. :\ It is a sort of William/Chance situation. Only unlike the ghost, he can be hurt and killed like anyone else (ghost guns excluded in William’s case hah).
        Well, he says he’s not interested in Glados. And I have told someone else in the comments that Glados isn’t interested in dating. And Max would probably never have someone become a vampire just to stay with him. Maybe he would but, I dunno. The best solution really is to find a way to get rid of the immortality spell on himself.
        Hmm, are you positive about Zaid’s sexuality? There is a mountain of evidence he likes girls, yes. But some people have seen hints that he likes guys. Ahhh well, his story will unfold. I’m just writing him how he is. He told me when he became heir and I’m going with it. :T Zaid can be a major brat in my head sometimes when I make him do things out of character. I was writing a scene in chapter 23 and he stopped helping me until I fixed something because he wouldn’t say it. x____x Max is also a major pouty-face too. xD he sulks though. I probably sound not too sane saying all this. I’ll hush up now :I

  7. Simmerville says:

    Great update! Have to stop half way through though, due to work, but will catch up later 🙂

  8. mischiefthekitten says:

    I do not like the cougar (horrible, possessive woman -.-), but I do like Davy! (I will stop commenting on how much I want him to be with Max – I think I’ve made my point! I just want you to know that Max is still my first choice, but Davy may take second place)

    • sErindeppity says:

      Aww Lucja’s not so bad, just very insecure. At least she realized, acknowledged, and apologized for her possessiveness? 🙂 don’t worry though, they won’t last long hehe 😉
      I swear we need Team Zax shirts -laughs- I think about three-fourths of my readers are rooting for Zax!

      • AliciaRain says:

        I’m one of the team ZAX fans!!!!, and would have commented on other things, but everyone else beat me too it.

        But as for Lucja, I like her as a character, but do not think I would personally like her as a person. And I agree with mischiefthekitten, Max is my first choice, but Davy isn’t all that bad… so far that is… I don’t know what goes on in that head of yours.

      • sErindeppity says:

        hehehe yay more Zaxness! :3 I like Lucja too. I don’t think I’d be her friend if she were real, but she’s been fun to write!
        Don’t worry, sometimes I don’t even know what goes on in my head. xD A lot of what I write is character controlled. I write and stuff happens without me knowing that’s how things were going to go!

      • AliciaRain says:

        same same… then we will all be thrown in loops together with Zaid laughing (or screaming) the whole time. 😉

  9. Glory says:

    Yepper my vote is for Zax too! I’ll be first in line for a t-shirt…;) You did a great job of bringing us into the new relationship with Lucja without having to go through the “channels”. I’m wondering if Zaid is even going to finish college since he really isn’t into school work. Although he’s trying. Davy is cute and Zaid is interested but then there’s poor little kitty cat Max pining at home for him..at least I feel that this is the case…can’t wait for more!

    • sErindeppity says:

      Haha if I could make CC and stuff I would. I’m glad you liked Lucja’s introduction. I’ve enjoyed writing her ahaha I kinda wish there were more chapters with her but their relationship does end soon.
      Zaid will finish college. Not with the best grades but… xD Max does seem like he might be pining for Zaid. Poor kitteh!!

  10. I read this last night at 1:00AM. Could NOT sleep. Couldn’t comment on my technological inept iPod either, but I’m BACK now! =D
    My first thought when I read the first paragraph was like, “Wait… WHAT?” It took me a second to process that Zaid had snagged himself a sugar-mamma cougar. Miarrrooow! But hoo-boy… does this spell bad news big time. I mean… ‘territory.’ *shudder*
    And D’AWWWWW! Davy is so adorable! And she wants to go see Kung Fu movies! Toooo cute! And I was laughing hysterically when Zaid said his thoughts to Lumie out loud!
    On a more serious note, it tugged at my heartstrings when Lumie said she thinks about her daughter sometimes. I really hope they get to meet again, one day maybe…
    And D’AWWWW… Max. Just… Max. <3! He's being protective. And jealous. I still want to take him home and keep him forever.
    That last scene left me a bit uneasy… =/ I wonder if Zaid's gonna be able to dump Lucja when the semester ends or if she'll snag her cougar-claws back in him again.

    (I just had a horrible thought… CAT FIGHT! Mwahahaha!)

    • sErindeppity says:

      ahaha Zaid did himself into an interesting relationship there. 😉 Davy is pretty adorable. I keep saying how much I love her nose but… ahh I seriously love her nose -laughs-
      Poor Max, life is pretty difficult for him right now. Worried about the decisions Zaid is making, but knowing how happy Zaid generally is about being able to make decisions and stuff.
      LOL about the cat fight thing that’d be hilarious.

  11. jonso says:

    Davy is so pretty. Did you make her?

  12. somebodysangel13 says:

    Davy is so cute! I especially like how she’s easily becoming friends with his friends, makes for a great long-term partnership. However I know it’s not going to happen. The longer this generation goes on, the more and more obvious it is becoming that Zaid is going to end up with Max. You know my feelings on this, so I won’t reiterate. I just wish one of the heirs could have a best friend that they could tell everything to; all of your heirs are loners, and most of them have their significant other (or a sibling) as their best friend. While not a bad thing, it’s very isolating for them. Which is why I liked the Max character to start with, he was a person (mostly) outside the family that Zaid could talk to, and become friends with. Too bad that nothing every stays platonic in this universe.

    • sErindeppity says:

      He has Noah as a friend too :3 I think Noah is on level with Max for ‘best friend’ just in a different way. I mean, being around Max does remind Zaid of what’s going on/will happen but when he’s around Noah he can really be himself. I’m not saying he can’t be himself around Max, it’s just a different sort of friendship but no less of one.
      He has Clay as a friend too though his friendship with Clay is not at the same level as it is with Max or Noah. And he is friends with Trysh too. It’s just easier both writing-wise and getting-pictures-wise not to have random “oh let’s have a hangout scene” in all the chapters. It’s sort of why Presea and Glados haven’t been around much in the chapters either. They’re important, he loves them, they have stuff going on in their lives, but I can’t focus on every single relationship (family/friend/romantic) Zaid has (like, I could have gone into the three girls he saw during college, the girl who dumped him, the girl he made out with a lot, and his one night stand) but it would have served little purpose other than to make the generation even longer than it already will be.
      Besides, half my heirs had friends. Jacob had Elouia and Aiden, Luna had Milla, and Chance has Gretchen. Cal sorta had friends but not really since nobody liked him, and Sebastian was really shy and had a very hard time making friends and then was cut off by Doug. And Serenity, with her psychic abilities it was hard for her to be around people which is why she preferred to be alone.
      So all in all the only real loner heir I consider to be a loner is Serenity. She’s the only one who actively sought to be alone and not have friends. But I know you and I see things differently ;P hehe.

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