About The Heir Vote – Important!!!

Usually heir votes go like this: most the votes are in within the first 24 hours, then slowly more votes trickle in from ten to twenty a day. The most I have ever gotten with a Danevbie vote is 157 votes. The most I have ever gotten in general is 211 votes for a multiple vote allowed vote.

Currently gen eight has 227 votes.

At first I was so excited to see so many votes yesterday but then last night I noticed something odd. Reeny and Arty would constantly get more votes in chunks of two. I refreshed it like, every few minutes and they would each have multiple more votes. I was very curious but decided to wait.

I woke up tonight to have nearly a hundred new votes. For a split second I was happy then realization hit me that most likely there were a couple people multiple voting. Which is not allowed. I have it blocked for multiple voting but there are ways around it and I am quite certain this has happened.

Now, I do not have any evidence. Just my suspicions based on how the voting has gone. Maybe it all has been completely fair. Maybe it was all just coincidence. But something about it doesn’t feel right. The way they were getting votes last night and the huge jump ahead today. They each have 90-some votes. I do not have that many readers! And even if some people were asking friends and relatives to vote, it should account for so many extra votes in my opinion.

I’ve been thinking for a couple hours what to do. Have a new poll with all four, have a new poll with just Reeny and Arty, have a new poll with just A. and Piotr or… roll the dice to determine the heir. I didn’t want to do the latter because I really wanted my readers to decide but I just don’t know if a new poll would work.

Other options, such as people commenting the heir they want, doesn’t seem fair either since not everyone has a wordpress account and if I include anonymous voting then people could just pretend to be multiple people.

I talked to both my parents and they said rolling the dice seems to be the only fair way. I don’t want to do this but I think I might have to. I hate to do this on short notice but I think Sunday night is the best choice… no matter what time I do this, people won’t be on.

So in an hour–10pm est Sunday February 15th–I am gonna livestream a random number generator to choose the heir. I will also record this and post it on youtube for those who can’t make it to see.

I will post about it again on here at 9:50 about ten minutes before I do it, but if you want the link now for some reason here you go: http://www.twitch.tv/serindeppity

I am SO sorry it had to come down to this but I am quite sure someone or two someones or whatever were voting multiple times and I don’t like that. I know people are gonna be upset by this… I am personally livid about this. But having someone win by cheating is not how I want the next heir to be chosen. I’d rather have it go down to luck so… yep.

Again I am sorry. I hope you guys understand. :\



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Hi there! I'm known as sErindeppity. I love to read (huzzah!) and love to write (double huzzah!). I have tons of books in my room ahaha. I love video games and hate hot weather. :p
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9 Responses to About The Heir Vote – Important!!!

  1. mewmewmentor says:

    Yea, I’m really disappointed. I was looking forward to voting but I understand because of the multi-voters that can’t happen now. I’ll just keep my fingers crossed for Reeny because I am pretty much in love with her, lol. But I’ll fall in love with whoever does get it because that’s what happened with Zaid. :3 Oh, and Sen. I think even though I couldn’t vote in Sen’s gen because I was late to the poll I was personally rooting for Kaylee, lol.

    About that thing I said before about it being kinda flattering…I was just trying to cheer you up lol It wasn’t really all that funny and it’s actually pretty mean of them to try to pull it off. So yea.

    • sErindeppity says:

      No I mean ti is a bit flattering people are so wanting one of the heirs, it is, and I didn’t take your comment to be mean or anything. It did make me smile. I am just so stressed out right now and crying a lot. When I was at mom and dads mom kept trying to get me to calm down because she could see how on edge I was.
      I feel like this isn’t fair to do it this way but it’s the fairest thing I can think of. ;-; I am so disappointed and angry this has happened. I just wish there was a way to know for sure one way or another that this wasn’t cheating.

      • mewmewmentor says:

        Yea I agree there should be a way to like, check the IP addresses of those who voted or something to see if there are multiple repeats of the same IP address in a short amount of time. And yea, next to voting this is fairest since you already meant for this heir to be chosen semi-randomly. So yea, just mostly agreeing here.

        oh ok, I just wanted to make sure I didn’t offend you haha Since I can definitely see this causing stress.*hug* Hopefully you can destress soon.

      • sErindeppity says:

        I mean according to wordpress stats I did not get 227 visitors since the poll went up, but I don’t know how it counts the visitors. I am guessing by IP address. I won’t say how many I did get but… it’s lower than 227. And thanks hopefully after this I can try and relax.

  2. I’m so sorry that happened 😦 That’s not really fair to you or anyone. Hopefully it won’t happen again 😦 I’m looking forward to what direction you take whoever is chosen in. Best of luck! It’s going to be alright.

  3. Glory says:

    Here I was playing my Sims3 family in Hidden Springs and didn’t see this message until now (27 minutes late!) so I never did vote and hey this has to be fair, if it looks suspicious chances are it is. I hope that you are feeling better now. You were really surprised when we voted Zaid in but look how well that generation is turning out! I don’t really mind who wins the poll I know whomever it is you’ll make a great story out of the generated choice!! Hugs to you too, you’re the best and I’m glad that you went with your feelings of what to do. No one should stop reading because if they do they’ll miss out on a super generation, I just know that they will. You can count on me always, I’ll never stop reading!!!

  4. zefiewings says:

    Man that sucks! And super weird in a way. yes it is a little disappointing but we understand. And to be honest…well there is always the feeling like it could be anyone. Any time I vote I have no idea who it will be. So it is not much different in that sense.
    And if it had to happen in any generation this is a good one for it. Judging by the comments on the voting page I was not the only one so completely torn this time. I mean, usually there is the feeling of a favorite but this time they all spoke in an awesome way so we can be sure that we will be golden with the result no matter what.

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