Meet The Gen 8 Heir

So because it looked like people were cheating on the heir vote (check out this post) I left it up to a random number generator.

The recording is sucky but here’s the video

1-25 would have been Reeny, 26-50 Arty, 51-75 Athena/Apollo, and 76-100 Piotr. The winning number was 69 as in Athena/Apollo. The one in last for votes.

So I went into game and put Zaid, Noah, Chance, and Specter onto a lot and did “instant baby” for Zaid/Noah and for the sex I hit ‘random’. And we got our heir.

So here goes nothing.


-winces and waits for the onslaught of hate that there’s another male-


Name: Apollo Danevbie

Favorites: Music, Geek Rock  ~Food, Lobster Thermidor ~ Color, Black

Current Traits: Loves the Outdoors, Heavy Sleeper

Trait That Will Be Added: Commitment Issues

Current Age: Not Born Yet

Apollo Danevbie has always been prone to rather excessive nightmares but it’s not until these nightmares start coming true that they realize they are having visions, and that the psychic ability in the Danevbie blood has resurfaced in a very intense and strange way. Trying to live a normal life isn’t easy, but Apollo manages to find someone –and their partner actually finds a way to help quell the violent visions. Unfortunately it quells more than the visions, and Apollo finds himself as little more than an obedient robot…

At the other ages:

Screenshot-273 Screenshot-274 Screenshot-276

Okay so yeah. Another male. But whatever. People gonna get mad. If you wanna quit reading, that’s fine too. You wanna send hate, feel free–it’ll be deleted.

Also shout out to the real winner of the vote/random number generator.

(in the livestream we were joking about a trashcan being an heir and it snowballed and then pixelswirl did this)


About sErindeppity

Hi there! I'm known as sErindeppity. I love to read (huzzah!) and love to write (double huzzah!). I have tons of books in my room ahaha. I love video games and hate hot weather. :p
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20 Responses to Meet The Gen 8 Heir

  1. mewmewmentor says:


    Hate? What’s that? I’m all over Apollo now I’ve met him. ❤


    So it's sorta like Gladdy won. Okay, not really, but I voted for her before so.


    I like him already.

  2. seraphaeli says:

    SQUEEEEE he is so CUTE. -flail- I am more than okay with this (pfft, I only said that I wanted a girl because I like variety, but who needs variety when Apollo is so dang cute?).

  3. taylorwr says:

    Look at him he is beautiful. Why do the ones that Glados offered to carry for them look so much like her than they really should? Reeny and Piotr have a mix of Zaid and Goose/Zucja. Maybe its cause of the hair color that I feel that way

  4. Elin says:

    He is sooo beautiful!! I love him ❤

  5. DragonPyromania says:

    Yay, Henrii/Chance hair and Redding eyes! Plus Noah’s nose sans wonky eyebrows. A little sad he didn’t get Noah’s pout but otherwise he is perfect! Nothing wrong with Zaid’s lips. Given these genetics I would have chosen him in a heartbeat.

    He is gorgeous! *squishes cheeks*

    Noah, and Arty might have some problems with his love of the outdoors though XD

  6. shizume says:

    YAAAAAAY!! That is all!

    Psst… remember… 69.

  7. evilmaniac88 says:

    I like him! I didn’t vote for him before because I already knew the girls (I voted for Arty) and I wanted to see what he looked like, but now seeing him he looks like a male Arty which I love. I’m really glad that a Zoah kid won seeing as Zoah is already my favourite couple of this gen. Yay!!!!!

  8. Novali says:

    I voted for Reeny, but I had such a hard time choosing between her, Arty and Apollo, When I have a hard time picking which story I want, I go on looks and Reeny won. But I am perfectly happy with Apollo, especially with him looking like that 😀

  9. Apollo is such a cutie! I had originally picked Arty because I liked her plot line. However, I’m jumping ship! Apollo has some amazing genetics. 😀
    And good for you for standing up for what you believe in! Cheaters never prosper. I’m happy about your decision to randomize the heir, it’s very fair considering the vote was compromised.

  10. zefiewings says:

    Wooo! Red hair!
    I was a little worried that it would die out after Zaid won but the tradition lives on! 😀

    We would never leave you sweetie! At this point you would have to do something pretty crazy extreme like “I’ve been living a lie! I’m actually a mass murderer! Here is a video of my latest project!” for us to go anywhere. We are too in love, too invested in your world.

    All of us have voted for an heir that hasn’t won at some point. We did not go anywhere. This is different but not by much. My point is we all know going into a vote that there is a chance who we want won’t win and we don’t intend to quit just because that happens. The circumstances suck but not the result.

    We are sad that someone tried to cheat. I’m sure it wasn’t malicious and I’m sure it won’t happen again now.
    We are sad you got stressed out. We love you and don’t like when that happens.
    But we are not sad that Apollo won. Even if some people are a little disappointed (which is fine and normal) I am sure they are going nowhere.

    I want to ride this crazy story to the end. So do us a favor; if you are a mass murderer don’t tell us so we can keep reading guilt free. 😉

  11. zefiewings says:

    On a unrelated note that garbage can is creepy! o_0

  12. Glory says:

    My goodness, now that’s an heir that I could get all “googly eyed” about…did someone say cute/handsome? Wait was that me!!! You know that I’ll be happy with him just because he’s a part of your stories…didn’t really matter who won to me. And the beautiful red hair like Henri and Chance (my favorite Chance). And the Redding eyes! What more could a person want??? If people don’t like him then that’s unfortunately too bad for them. Life is all about choices and if you don’t get the one you want that means it’s time to make another one that will make you happy!!! Can hardly wait to meet the lil guy….thanks Erin for making this fair and hopefully persuading those who cheated (shame on you people) to do it honestly next time! Big hugggggggs

  13. AliciaRain says:

    I think the main reason that no one voted for Apollo was because they could not see him… now that I see him, I would have voted for him… honestly I was torn between Apollo and Piotr. I loved the story for the girls, but I liked the “Boys” (I didn’t know they were both going to be boys at the time) stories better.

  14. ooh! He turned out to be a real cutie! I can’t wait to see where his story takes him!

  15. Even though it’s another boy, I love him! He’s like the best bits of Zaid and Chance and Redding all put together! And lol, he loves the Outdoors, so Reeny will finally have someone to play with outside.

    I missed all the action from tonight, but so very glad that A won. I think you chose the fairest way to pick the heir – I thought it was totally suss that both Arty and Reeny had over 90 votes a piece when I voted, when the poll had only been up for a few hours. So people definitely cheated. Which, though flattering that your readers care so much about who will win, is also really sad – we are all going to love the story no matter who won, and who says the story that Reeny or Arty were going to do can’t be used for a later heir?

  16. autumnrein says:

    No hate what so ever! I love male heirs. Its such a different twist where everyone always seems to vote in females! He looks fantastic!

  17. analeep says:

    Allright, so, let’s do this. (yep! It’s me again! Kukuku you’ll never get away from me)
    I don’t even care about the gender. He could be anything from what I care! He could be Frankie from the Skipton legacy, HE IS SO FRIGGIN CUTE!!!
    Even though I preferred Arty’s plotline because it seemed very different from the other previous ones (plus, Chance used to make LPs, so it would’ve super-cute to reinclude the video gaming love in the family), I am in love with Apollo (both sims edition and Greek mythology edition) and his story. CAN’T WAIT!

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