I Wanna Dream – 8.0 – What’s Normal?

My life had never really been ‘normal’.


My earliest memory is waking up to my sister’s screams as she looked into my crib. I couldn’t remember anything else about that and when I asked, no one in the family would talk about it or tell me why she screamed.

That wasn’t anything abnormal about me. I mean, my family not talking about things. No. That wasn’t really right. They talked a lot. Just not about stuff I wanted to know. Like my sister screaming at me.


Or when I had been three. I remembered waking up on the beach with one of my uncles looking terrified as he picked me up and people around us looking scared. We went home from the beach early that day and… well, I wasn’t sure what else happened. But nobody told me what happened.

My memories went that way, for my youngest years. Looks of worry. Looks of fear. Screaming. And as I got older and asked about these memories, no answer. My dad would just pat my head and promise me that it didn’t really matter.

When I started getting older I began having a lot of nightmares. Like really bad nightmares. I’d wake up sobbing and crying, begging for someone to come get me. One of the first ones I remembered was from right before my fifth birthday. Well… I didn’t really remember the nightmare a whole lot. Mostly I remembered waking up crying out for someone to come and comfort me.

I do remember my dad coming in and sitting on my bed, pulling me into his arms. “It’s okay, Apollo. You’re okay. It was just a bad dream.”


Then he took me into his room and let me sleep in his bed which became a habit whenever I had my nightmares.

The first nightmare I remembered was when I was like six or seven. There were a lot of people screaming and falling and then lots of fire and then lots of water. Later on thinking ’bout it I knew it was a plane crash but for a few years it was just a weird nightmare that stuck out in my head…

Another one had so much fire, fire everywhere, and so much pain. I thought you couldn’t dream pain but I felt pain in my nightmares. That was the first one I remembered really having a lot of pain. I woke up screaming and running into the bathroom, into the shower. I sat in my pajamas as the shower water poured on my head and sprayed out of the tub since I didn’t close the slide-y door.


My second sister came in that time. “What’s wrong, Jamie?” Only my sisters called me that. They had tried calling me Polly but I threw a fit about that. Wanting something to end in the ‘ee’ sound like their nicknames they turned to my middle name, James, instead. My grandpa called me ‘poliwag’ though but he gave all his grandkids Pokemon nicknames so it didn’t bug me.

“There was fire,” I had told her.

Arty turned off the shower and once the water drained out took me out of the tub, taking  my wet clothes off and drying me off while I stood there shivering. “There’s no fire. It was just a nightmare…”

How many times had I heard that said? Just a nightmare. I just stared at Arty and she hugged me tightly before pulling me back to my room to get dry pajamas on. Then I went into the room she and Reeny shared and slept on the floor between their beds, with Reeny’s hand dangling down to touch my head like she always did to comfort me when I slept there.

It was around that time that I left school. I didn’t know why I was. I know sometimes I woke up and found people staring at me in class, like I had been snoring loudly. The teachers would look super scared and there’d always be a phone call to my dad or grandpa about my behavior. First grade had gone that way and in second grade when it happened about twice a month… well, after winter break I wasn’t put back in school.


“I think it’s just better if you’re homeschooled,” Dad told me as he signed me up for online classes. I just watched in silence. I couldn’t really say I’d miss my friends cause I didn’t have any friends in school. I did at the start of first grade but then after my sleeping in class problems the other kids wouldn’t talk to me. They called me a crazy freak and pushed me around and laughed at me.

So I took online classes and spent my days with crazy Grandpa which was I guess the best place for crazy me. But while I didn’t know why kids called me crazy, I knew why Grandpa was crazy. Cause he talked to his dead husband.


Grandpa had alllwaaays talked to Granddad’s spirit. Everyone else just kinda accepted it. Aunt Glados told me they had some glasses that could help see the ghosts but it was lost during the move from, um, Midnight Hollow to our new home in Storybrook County. My oldest sister Reeny and my Uncle Max both said they could see the ghost too. Dad, Arty, and I couldn’t. Dad said it was cause Reeny was part elf and Uncle Max was part cat. Grandpa could see ghosts cause he had been one before.

See what I mean by not normal? None of us were really ‘normal’.

“Your Granddad says…” was a common saying. For someone dead, Granddad had a lot to say. Especially in regards to my oldest sister’s choice in clothing and vehicles. While Reeny could see his ghost she couldn’t really hear him so it would be a usual thing to hear, “Your Granddad doesn’t think you should be wearing that skirt…”


“No dress code at my school, Granddad.”

Your Granddad thinks a motorcycle is unsafe.”

I’ll be fine, Granddad.”

Not that the rest of us weren’t targets.

Arty, your granddad said you tried to sneak out last night. I won’t tell your dad but you shouldn’t be going out at night like that.”

“Apollo, your granddad says that you tried to hide ice cream under your bed. You should clean it up before your dad finds out.”

Luckily though that while this did happen, it wasn’t something that happened a lot. Usually our granddad gave us hugs through Grandpa or helped us with homework.

I guess I should explain my family more.


There’s my oldest sister, Eirene. Eight years older’n me. Almost eighteen. She’s really my ‘half-sister’ since she has a different daddy than me. Had. Both her dads had died. The one that was different and the one that was the same. She was part elf and really nice, though sometimes she acted up. I think it was cause she missed our dad. Out of all three of us, she’s the only one who remembered him.


Then there was Artemis. Two years older’n me and my full sister, but we have less in common than me and Reeny. Mostly Arty preferred to be inside all the time while I liked to be outside. But she was super cool and closer to me in age than Reeny so we probably hung out more often. Usually playing board or video games and sometimes making super cool forts using all the blankets.


There’s Grandpa and his dead husband. They slept on the main floor since Grandpa was really clumsy and fell a lot. One time I saw him fall and he never hit the floor just like, get caught by someone not there… so maybe the whole dead husband thing wasn’t as crazy as it sounded. I liked spending time with him though cause he was super good with video games and also ordered pizza whenever he was in charge of dinner. Don’t ask me about Granddad cause yeah.


Finally, in the house at least, was my dad. He was my birth dad and Arty’s birth dad but Reeny’s adopted dad, cause he married our other dad after Reeny’s dad died. He was super smart when it came to computers and putting things together. One time he put together a remote control tank and remote control helicopter to make a flying tank, just for me. When I was super young he looked sad a lot but now he smiled a lot more. I adored him and wanted to be as smart as him when I got older.


My dad that died, I never met him. He died when I was just barely a speck in my aunt’s tummy, least that’s what I was told. Neither of my dads got pregnant instead they put Arty and they put me in my Aunt Glados’s belly to grow instead which is good cause if my other dad had me in his belly I woulda died when he did. I didn’t know much about him except that he was a big hero.


Then there’s me. Nine years old and still confused at some of the things in my life. Why people looked scared at me sometimes. Called a freak by other kids and had teachers practically shake at the sight of me. Why I was taken out of school.

Obviously I wasn’t normal but with a raising like I had I didn’t really know what ‘normal’ even was and really, I didn’t care.


About sErindeppity

Hi there! I'm known as sErindeppity. I love to read (huzzah!) and love to write (double huzzah!). I have tons of books in my room ahaha. I love video games and hate hot weather. :p
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15 Responses to I Wanna Dream – 8.0 – What’s Normal?

  1. AliciaRain says:

    Awe!!!! I seen the pic of Zaid and started crying again!!!! 😥

  2. sErindeppity says:

    Phycracker93 commented on the original post:
    “Hmm… This is strange. I wonder why people are reacting that way every time Apollo goes to sleep… I am really curious as to how the Danevbie telepathy has manifested itself in Polly. (XD) And I wonder what the Reddings’ roles will be in this generation.
    I really do like the start, and I’m curious as to what you have in store… And it’s nice to see that despite the fact that Noah was most likely in a terrible place after Zaid died, that he is doing better.
    I am really wondering, though… Is… Is this going to be another generation that is sad and heartbreaking, with a terrible (in a good way) ending? Idk if I can take it…
    Must… See… What… Happens… NEXT!!! XD”

  3. Elin says:

    This is a great start, I like it a lot! But I (like others) wonder why people get scared when Apollo is sleeping? Maybe his eyes are open and look weird when he sees the future in his sleep or something… But why don’t they tell him?

    Awesome, sErin! 🙂

  4. Glorygal says:

    When I was first able to see Apollo’s eyes it was almost like everything was white, but at the end I could see that they are a very pale green I think they look that pale colour because he has such dark skin. I love that he has Chance’s red hair. That was a great start with him talking about his family. It’s as though when he’s at school that he maybe dreams things but why would that mean the other kids would scream? And even his sister screamed too when he was just a little tot in his crib. Looking forward to seeing where this is all going to take us. Can hardly wait! Thanks!!

  5. DragonPyromania says:

    I commented earlier but got an error page and had to go to dinner, so second times the charm XD

    I can see in the pictures why people would scream at Apollo, it looks like his eyes role back in his head, or turn white some other way. I’m interested if there is more to it than that. I know their visions or something but I wonder if he does anything else that freaks people out. I am glad his family seems supportive and just comfort him with his “nightmares”, not acting all weird about them or telling him their nothing, to grow up or whatever. I do think they should tell him though. I am a firm believer that children should be told things and keeping it a secret might make it worse when he finds out, like Cal finding out as a teen from other sources that he was different.

    I’m glad Reeny isn’t treated differently for being a half sibling, I was a little worried about that. I wonder if she still calls Noah uncle Noah, or calls him Dad like the others do? It must be so hard for them, missing Zaid when the other two don’t remember him at all. I’m happy Noah seems to be moving on, and isn’t wallowing. It is really good Chance is there to help, and be helped. Especially since if he lived on his own his neighbors would probably have him committed. It must be difficult for him and Specter, when half the family is skeptical, but at least Reeny and Max can see him, which probably helps Reeny too that she didn’t really lose both her grandpa and her dad that night. Also, yay Max is an Uncle! and clearly involved with them, this is good.

    I imagine for a while Specter constantly followed Chance around prepared to catch him, jumping every time he moved weird annoying Chance who was definitely not just about to fall. The cute Chance grumbles till Specter “apologized” and proceeded to be less obvious about his Chance watching. The guilt the first while when he couldn’t control his solidness very well and Chance sometimes fell through his arms.Sorry I’m getting carried away with Chanceter.

    Sidenote: I love that Chance has nicknamed Apollo Poliwag, because it reminds me of my Papa (dad’s dad) who’s name is Paul but everyone calls him Pollywog after the frog. He is called Wog more than Paul and he owns it. So I hope that name gets used more often.

  6. evilmaniac88 says:

    Polly already has such a distinctive voice, I’m looking forward for his gen. Thanks for all the updates on the rest of the family. I’m super bummed that Zaid can’t see his kids grow up and never even met Apollo 😦 This is a great start 🙂

  7. Andrew Drake says:

    So… is the new kid like Zimmy from Gunnerkrigg Court? Does he warp reality when he’s asleep, or generate hallucinations?

  8. Man, Henri/Chance’s hair just keeps on keeping on, doesn’t it? This will be the fourth generation in a row! My legacy with Chance as a spouse is the same; we’re up to four generations born with his hair colour.

    Neither Arty nor Apollo look anything like Noah, it’s almost like they only have Danevbie genes.

    Reeny is so gorgeous, and I can totally understand why she acts up; both her parents dead while she’s a child. Poor girl.

  9. blamsart says:

    What a great start!
    Apollo actually really looks like his daddy…
    And lol Chance is know as the crazy grandpa XD

  10. mischiefthekitten says:

    What an innocent start (besides the whole ‘everyone’s scared of me’) to his gen :3 He’s adorable, Erin, I like him!!

    I’m a bit jealous of how many of your sims have inherited this beautiful red hair now! Somehow in my game it does not want to be passed on :/ Must be a Danevbie thing, or an Henri thing. Maybe I should download one of them and see what happens.

    I giggled at the picture of Chance, haha 😛

  11. zefiewings says:

    Yay! Its crazy to think we are already in generation 8. Apollo/pollyway (hehe oh chance) is such a cute boy and I can’t wait to watch him grow.
    Remmy is just so pretty. I can’t wait until I have a spare for her 😉
    What is behind her in her intro pic? Its cool looking but I can’t figure it out.

  12. So, far I really like Apollo. I am glad they had a boy.

  13. zefiewings says:

    I just realized he mentions Arty being “Two years older’n me and my full sister, but we have less in common than me and Reeny” which makes it sound like arty is older than renny which she isn’t and he never mentions his other sister so it sounds really strange in this intro.

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