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I Wanna Dream – 8.2 – Nailing Jell-O To A Tree

Author’s note: there’s a couple pics that are supposed to be extremely windy and scary looking and due to limitations in the game that can’t happen so I apologize; please use your imagination. ~*~ Two days passed without any of … Continue reading

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Notice – Not quite hiatus?

Just wanted to let you guys know that I’ve been having terrible writer’s block. Been trying to write chapter two and just, nothing is working. So I’m not really on hiatus I am just having extreme difficulty getting the chapter … Continue reading

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Gen Two Overview

After Jacob died, Calcifer left Sunset Valley for about eighteen months spending his time drinking and trying to forget. One night when he did literally forget who he was, he realized he didn’t want that and returned to Sunset Valley. … Continue reading

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Gen One Overview

Jacob was eighteen and left his abusive parents to go to Sunset Valley, to find love and have a family~ One night someone broke into his house without him knowing. The next morning he ate toast and jam and got … Continue reading

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