Gen One Overview

Jacob was eighteen and left his abusive parents to go to Sunset Valley, to find love and have a family~

One night someone broke into his house without him knowing.

The next morning he ate toast and jam and got super sick, going to the science lab for help. He was fine!

He met Nicky and fell in love, dating her for three years.

He proposed to her and found out that she had been lying to him and only wanted him for sex and no responsibility… 😦

Then he found out she was pregnant and getting an abortion, and had gotten an abortion before.

For ten years he was incredibly depressed.

His friends Elouia

and Aiden tried their best to help him.

He started getting better and tried adopting but was turned down.

During all his years in Sunset Valley he kept getting mysterious phone calls from the science lab and one day got one asking for his help with a super big project involving him being able to “adopt” a kid.

At the labs he met Jay and Kay Redding, crazy scientists who revealed their parents had been time travelers from Strangetown. They told him they wanted to meet aliens more than anything else.

Jacob thought this was hilarious.

They revealed they believed the secret had to do with male pregnancy and wanted him to undergo the procedure.

He finally agreed on the condition they would make him ambrosia to extend his life so he could see his kids and grandkids. Jay said they would do their best and Jacob signed a contract.

He found out she had lied to him but too late, he was pregnant with some scientist’s kid!!!

And it worked, he became preeegnnaannntt!

The public found out and were very angry, calling for the twins’ resignation from the labs. The daycare he worked for was under heavy fire to get rid of him. Elouia reluctantly fired him but also retired because she didn’t want him gone.

Jacob went into labor one night, passing out from labor pains but managing to call the twins.

When he woke up he found out he had a son!

The twins left because of the scandal.

Jacob named his son Calcifer and eventually got a job working at the graveyard.

Jacob got older before he should have. :\ But Cal grew up too!

As they got older Jacob had incredible pains but couldn’t get help because the hospitals couldn’t help him because it had to do with his artificial womb.

Calcifer seemed crazy as a kid, talking to his imaginary friend Penny.

Elouia died 😦

Jacob turned into an old man in his early fifties, still constantly plagued by his pains. He knew he didn’t have much time left.

Calcifer had found out as a kid he was a “test tube baby”. The other kids and their parents treated him like a monster. When he was a teen he believed he was a monster and started getting drunk by the time he was fifteen.

He started dating Teri…

Though still talked to “Penny”

Jacob didn’t ever punish Calcifer for anything in fear he would be just like his abusive father.

Calcifer continued to drink and blame himself for his father’s pains, always saying that he wished he had never been born so his father could have a normal life. Cal never understood that having a child was the one thing Jacob always wanted.

Calcifer turned eighteen and still acted like a brat.

Shortly after Jacob passed away, only 54. Calcifer buried him and then left town for a year and a half getting drunk.

Finally he came back and made a vow to his father’s grave he would get revenge on the Redding twins.


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Hi there! I'm known as sErindeppity. I love to read (huzzah!) and love to write (double huzzah!). I have tons of books in my room ahaha. I love video games and hate hot weather. :p
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