Gen Two Overview

After Jacob died, Calcifer left Sunset Valley for about eighteen months spending his time drinking and trying to forget. One night when he did literally forget who he was, he realized he didn’t want that and returned to Sunset Valley.

Penny was waiting for him, and forgave him for disappearing. Calcifer sold his father’s house and land, and moved to a new house in Sunset Valley, and got a job working for musicians as well as painting.

After a short time he happened across his old girlfriend, Teri Bachelor–who he had never really even said goodbye to, or told he was originally leaving. After some arguing she agreed to meet up with him again to let him explain.

Calcifer told her that his father had been the infamous “pregnant man” in Sunset Valley, and he–Calcifer–the ‘monstrous result’. He tried his best to explain that was why he had disappeared for so long. She understood (probably more than he did really) and promised she didn’t think him a monster.

The two began growing close again as Penny started seeming withdrawn. So Calcifer decided to spend a lot of efforts into research trying to turn Penny human.

Eventually Teri moved in with them but refused to believe that Cal was talking to someone, figuring he was just crazy. But she put up with him. Eventually he asked for her opinion on the ends justifying the means to save an innocent life. Teri vaguely agreed that doing something potentially wrong to save someone’s life might not be the worst thing someone could do.

And almost robbed the science facility for the chemicals he needed to turn Penny human. He didn’t rob the lab, though, and instead spent a lot of time and effort with his father’s old friend Aiden in making the the chemicals themselves.

The potion was made and given to Penny…

Who became human! And Cal immediately realized he loved Penny.

Over the next few days they all tried to adjust to Penny being human. Cal and Penny adjusted quite well, however…

Teri didn’t seem pleased. She worried something was going on between Cal and Penny.

Calcifer finally decided to talk to Penny about his feelings, or rather if she had feeling for him. Knowing that Teri loved Cal and assuming Cal loved Teri too, Penny lied and said she didn’t feel anything more than friendship with Cal.

Cal decided to be a complete moron, ignore his feelings, accept what Penny said as truth… and propose to Teri who happily accepted while Penny cried in the bathroom alone.

I had spent twenty-some years as a toy and it wasn’t until I became human that I learned what it meant to be broken.

Calcifer and Penny both kept trying to tell themselves that they made the right choice, while Teri kept on being blissfully unaware of what they felt.

Then Teri approached Penny and made accusations that Cal had committed a crime to make Penny real.

Penny was mad and defended Cal, telling Teri that if Teri expects to be Cal’s wife she should have some more faith in her fiance. In her anger she yelled that she loved him. Then she ran off.

That night Teri said that she couldn’t be with a criminal. Cal tried arguing that in their previous discussion, Teri had said that she’d do anything to save someone’s life and that’s what he had done. Teri replied that making a doll real and saving someone’s life wasn’t the same thing. After some more fighting Teri said that she cannot trust Cal, and that if she can’t trust him it’s not love.

She then gave him back the engagement ring and told him to go to the one girl who had never doubted him.

Cal wrestled with his conscience. He knew he cared about Teri but slowly accepted that he loved Penny, he had always truly loved Penny.

He went to tell Penny but found her room empty and a note on the bed. It said that since she had accidentally confessed to Teri, that she thought it best she should leave so the two could be happy.

Cal searched fruitlessly for Penny, sleeping in her room, barely sleeping, barely eating, and not even bathing.

Teri showed up at one point and told Cal that she intended to move to France but wanted to talk to Penny about something important, not telling Cal what it was about.

Finally after five days, Penny returned home and Cal finally confessed his feelings, and she hers. They promised they’d love one another forever and always be there for one another, and got engaged.

Before the wedding Teri showed up again and told Penny she was pregnant with Cal’s baby. She wasn’t sure if she wanted to be a mother, and asked Penny if she’d take the baby in if Teri decided not to raise it. She then begged Penny not to tell Cal.

Penny reluctantly agreed.

Soon Cal and Penny were married and they began their happy life together, him working with music and paint, and her keeping the house while also painting…

One night Teri showed up with Kyle. She did not want to raise him, she wanted to live her own life. They went through the proper paperwork to make Kyle officially and entirely Cal and Penny’s kid; Teri could not take him away.

After some time, an imaginary friend doll showed up for Kyle–from the Reddings. Cal and Penny were torn on what to do. Penny didn’t remember much, but she knew what it was like to be trapped in the doll form, and did not want this one to suffer the same fate.

Time passed and Cal enjoyed being a dad, and Penny enjoyed being a mom.

So they were both happy when Penny found out she was pregnant!

They had over the course of several years, Orion, Tempest, and finally Luna.

But the dolls–and the memory of the Reddings and what they did to his father–haunted Calcifer. He and Penny talked about it for great lengths until he decided to get his revenge. His very long-awaited revenge.

He went to their last known location, Twinbrook, and began searching but nobody ever heard of the twins or remembered them. Eventually he bumped into an old man who insisted he had no idea who Cal was talking about.

He asked for Cal’s name and when Cal told him, he ran off. That night someone broke into the house Cal was renting.

She insisted she was Jay Redding, despite the fact she looked younger than Cal. The man from the park appeared and said he was Kay Redding.

Calcifer and Jay began arguing. Jay had no remorse for what she had done to Jacob and insisted Cal owed her some sort of allegiance for not only helping give him life but for also giving him his wife.

She began yelling that she was the one who gave him the formula to make Penny real, and she was the one who had learned to ‘transfer souls’ but then wouldn’t say anything else. Kay seemed very distressed about something and she began yelling at him, that he had chosen the route of death.

Then Kay agreed to take some sort of potion in exchange for Jay giving Calcifer answers. It seemed to weigh heavily on him, but Kay wanted Calcifer to know the truth.

The price became clear when Kay became a young man once more. Calcifer was less than impressed and began yelling at Jay for having this potion and never using it to save Jacob.

Finally the three of them sat in the living room to give Calcifer the answers he sought. But it turned into a huge argument over right and wrong. Calcicer kept accusing Jay of never helping Jacob. Jay said that Jacob probably wouldn’t have accepted her help, pointing out that he hadn’t been happy with their gifts of Penny and the science formulas. Calcifer grew angrier. He wanted to know what she had meant about transferring souls.

Jay confessed she didn’t know exactly what the original dolls were but she had copied the mechanics to make her own (including Penny). She said they took the soul of a living human being and put it into a doll. While the soul still lived on in the doll, the body left behind died.

Calcifer realized that Penny had been someone else a long time ago. That her soul had been put into the doll form., while her “old” or “real” self had died. Jay insisted she had died on her own though Calcifer didn’t completely believe her, nor would she tell him who Penny used to be. Or what her life had been before, whether she had been alone or had a husband and kids before…

Kay tried diffusing the situation, saying the dolls were in the past and that he regretted ever doing that work. Agreeing with Calcifer that they had just been playing Frankenstein. Jay was pissed that Kay took Cal’s side. Jay insisted they had done nothing wrong and Cal exploded at her, demanding to know how many of her experiments had failed, how many souls were lost from failed experiments.

Jay said everyone involved had agreed to the terms, not seeming ashamed that some of the souls had possibly been ‘lost’. Cal demanded from Kay whether Kay felt it had been right or wrong, whether the ends really did justify the means.

Kay did agree to some extent but made it clear he regretted some things. One of those being that they hadn’t tried to help Jacob, that Jacob had died because of them. But Kay knew perfectly well that Jacob would have gone through even knowing he’d die young just for Cal; and Cal knew Jacob would have, too.

Then Cal asked Jay about what the dolls had to do with meeting aliens and Jay yammered on about being above mere humans and transcending above everyone one day. Cal called her crazy and she decided to leave but Cal needed to know one thing before she left.

“My mother,” I said. “Who is my mother?”

“Jacob Danevbie,” she replied without even a second of hesitation. “Are you that stupid?”

“No!” I said impatiently. “He is my father, I want to know who my mother is. It’s you, isn’t it? You’re my… mother. That is the link you mean?”

Cal said there needed to be a female donor and Jay seemed exceedingly amused by the thought and finally she explained…

“From everything I learned about the aliens, they… did things differently when they abducted humans. They used pollination technicians. And these were almost always male.”

My hand was against my mouth again as her words sunk into my mind. No… I thought, feeling like I was going to throw up. “My… other donor…”

“A male,” she replied, smirking even more. “Both your parents are male, Mr. Danevbie.”

Then Kay revealed that he was, in fact, the male donor… that he is Calcifer’s other father.

Calcifer was upset–upset they never told Jacob and upset that this proved he was some sort of monster, some horrible experiment that shouldn’t exist.

Calcifer wanted to call the cops but knew he had no evidence. Finally he demanded an agreement, that she leave his family alone once and for all. Jay quite happily agreed on that matter, not wanting anything to do with the Danevbies. Then Cal grumbled that the twins needed to use their research for good and also demanded they turn over all their work for male pregnancy in, so that hospitals could use it–so that gay couples could have the chance to have kids.

Jay finally agreed and left the house.

Kay stayed behind to apologize, or try to. He felt horrible for Jacob and for everything Cal went through. Cal offered to have Kay come live with them but Kay, while appreciating the offer, said he needed to stay with his sister. That someone needed to reign her in as much as she could be reigned in.

Then Kay told Calcifer some more about Penny’s previous life. According to him, she had been an orphan with a terminal illness. She had no family and knew the chances of failure, but still agreed to undergo the experiment. He offered to give Penny’s original name, but Calcifer declined.

The two said goodbye, and Kay left…

Calcifer returned home and after a sweet reunion told Penny what he had learned–that she had been someone else, etc, etc. He offered to find the Reddings again to find out her name but Penny insisted she was fine with who she was now.

Time went on and Cal thought a lot about his father, and all the strength Jacob had. He thought of his father in a fairly new light though still considered himself a monster. He wanted to give Jacob’s precious award to one of his kids and finally decided that Luna would be the best choice, since she was the youngest and also felt she might need to lean on the ancestors for strength so to speak.

And then Calcifer finally realized and accepted how proud Jacob was of him, and the love that Jacob had. And Calcifer finally made peace with his father’s death.



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  1. Anonymous says:

    Thanks for putting these together! It’s nice to revisit the previous generations.

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