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Updated Blurb

So I figured it’d be nice to make a new story blurb for Apollo. Apollo Danevbie has always been prone to rather excessive nightmares but it’s not until these nightmares start coming true that he realizes he’s having visions, and … Continue reading

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Some Changes

For people who don’t follow me on tumblr, here are the screencaps of what my brain went through today: So yeah, the blurb about Apollo’s story is now moot. He probably won’t get the commitment issues trait. I am even … Continue reading

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Hey everyone! I’m still sorta on hiatus… but I have been slowly writing. Not much but getting there. Big problem has been almost nightly migraines. I’m going to see the doctor on the tenth about them hopefully…!! Anyway, just wanted … Continue reading

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Something I Need – A Chanceter AU Story – Part One

Author’s note: A short bit ago I got a question about if Sen and Hen had been alive when Chanceter happened. What would have happened. After a lot of thinking and stuff I realized how fun it would be to … Continue reading

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