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I Wanna Dream – 8.10 – Inside The House

Author’s note: some adult stuff briefly mentioned in the beginning. ~*~ Alice McCormick was born in 2003. Her father owned several businesses, her mother dabbled in society, and she was their princess. Their sole child. Spoiled, pampered, adored. Her childhood … Continue reading

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Reply Notice?

A couple things. Sorry I didn’t release a chapter or anything this past weekend, it SNOWED LIKE CAH-RAZY!! We got over a foot here and I was pretty much snowed in at my parents (away from my desktop) all weekend. … Continue reading

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Another Health Update

I’m back to work, though only working three days this week. My first night back hurt like hell… I have to work tonight (Thurs) and tomorrow (Fri). I’m waiting to see how I feel Fri but I have a feeling … Continue reading

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Health Update

Sorry I haven’t posted anything–I honestly meant to but things have a way of NOT working out for me lately. Namely, on December 27th I fell.┬áHard. I slipped in some mud and slammed down into a huge mud puddle that … Continue reading

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