I am so sorry I’ve been slow in updating lately. Work has been zapping everything out of me and then half the time I just plain don’t feel like struggling with sims 3. I know that’s not good and I should try harder… I will try harder. I am sorry for being so slow. I know we’re in our fifth year of Danevbies–approaching the 5 year anniversary–and we have so much longer to go. At this point it’s mostly just a few loyal readers and I want to let you know how much I appreciate you guys ❤

Right now though I need a weensy little break. Maybe just the rest of April, maybe a little bit longer. I’ll probably still be writing but I just don’t want to deal with thinking about going into game for a while and I am SO sorry about that but I hope you guys understand. I love you guys so so much and will do my best after my break. I’m just so… so tired right now. I’m sorry.

Thanks for the patience and understanding guys, sorry for yet another break ❤


PS: If anyone uses twitter I’ve been using it a lot. Here’s my account. It’s mostly my youtube/twitch stuff related not much sims stuff but I’ve been active on there so if you use twitter and ever wanna chat just send me a dm ❤


About sErindeppity

Hi there! I'm known as sErindeppity. I love to read (huzzah!) and love to write (double huzzah!). I have tons of books in my room ahaha. I love video games and hate hot weather. :p
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10 Responses to Note

  1. mischiefthekitten says:

    Don’t worry about it, Erin! You need to look after yourself more than you need to look after this blog – or any blog! Your health comes first 🙂
    I’ll add you to both of my twitter accounts 🙂

  2. Suzanna says:

    I will wait patiently till you feel up to posting again. I know how draining work can sometimes be. Take care of yourself, I have really enjoyed your stories.

    • sErindeppity says:

      Thank you dear! I just hope I’m able to get some energy soon. All my time is spent trying to save energy for work, or working. Add in my very bad knee pain and it’s just been awful. ;-;
      I really appreciate the support and patience! ❤

  3. AliciaRain says:

    Don’t worry, IRL we tend to get drained when our adult life conflicts with our inner-child (I word it like that cause it’s how I feel most days).

    If you need a break, than by all means take one. I would hate for you to get burned out on something that you love.

    And if it helps I feel guilty about taking breaks too but I force myself to do so… this is my play time, I don’t want it to feel like work.

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