Gen Three Overview

Luna Danevbie always really liked science but in a family that hated science she knew it’d be difficult. None of her family really understood her when she accepted a job at a science facility, least of all her sister Tempest who she’s never gotten along with.

Her mother and brothers were somewhat supportive but her sister and father weren’t, though Cal didn’t say much about it.

Luna moved to Riverview and began working at the research facility.

One day while looking for scrap she met up with a man named Kellen Wright that flirted with her but having more experience with books than boys she didn’t take it too well and ran off.

Soon they met up again in the library where they quoted Shakespeare at one another until Luna once again ran off. Eventually after a few more meetings she agreed to go on a date with him.

The date went very well and Luna found herself liking Kellen quite a bit!

Not long after she went home for the birth of her first nephew and during this time she and Tempest got into a very heated argument. Luna found out Tempest had been attacked by someone but Tempest insisted it wasn’t ‘some guy’. The argument got worse when Luna kept pushing the fact they were all here because of science (Cal being an experiment on male pregnancy and Penny being a doll brought to life). She yelled at Tempest that Temp owed her entire existence to science and Tempest slapped her.

“You don’t understand anything,” she hissed out. “I have my reasons and judging from how you are acting, my fears about you…” She trailed off and shook her head, walking towards the door. “As long as you’re like that, don’t consider me your sister.”

Tempest also accused Luna of acting like the ‘monstrous Reddings’.

When Luna got back to Riverview she met up with Kellen by accident. Kellen had blood all over his sleeves and medical supplies in his bag. He refused to admit what had happened and was obviously hiding something.

Luna decided to finally look up information about where Kellen worked–a scientific research team called ACINERT. She found an address and followed it to find Kellen arguing with a woman who looked familiar, going by her father’s description.

Kellen–the guy Luna liked–worked for Luna’s enemy, Jay Redding who now went by Dr. Dearg. Luna felt absolutely betrayed and anger and took her anger out on Kellen, assuming he had just been nice to her to get close to her family by the orders of Jay.

After Jay left Luna approached Kellen and accused him of lying to her. He swore he never lied to her and seemed confused by her anger. They argued for a bit until Kellen threw out the big word.

“I never lied to you, Luna! I never would lie to you, I love you!”

Before either of them could even realize what was just said, Jay came back over. Kellen lied to Jay, pretending that Luna was his fiancee.

After Jay made Kellen get back to work Luna tried to make her exit but Jay said she knew exactly who Luna was. She asked Luna if Cal had sent Luna to harass her and Luna swore her father knew nothing of this. Luna also accused Jay of being crazy for power.

She put her fingers against her lips, smirking even more. “Luna, did you believe all the things he told you about me or did you ever stop to think he was biased against me for the accidental–and might I say, unfortunate–death of his father?”

Jay said things that made Luna wonder about why she considered Jay to be so evil. Then Jay suggested something shocking. She suggested a tour and then…

“And if everything seems good to you then… perhaps you could come work with us. Not for us, Luna. With us. With me, with my brother. With your family.”

Inside the facility Jay took Luna to meet Kay, Luna’s grandfather.

Then they explained what ACINERT was about. They were studying people who lived in a closed off community, who knew little about the outside world. They also did research for ‘natural’ remedies for health issues and used the volunteers from the closed off community to do so.

They took Luna to meet a couple of the volunteers who turned out to be rainbow sims. They insisted they were happy at Ancora–the community. They loved their life there and were happy to help with the experiments that Jay ran.

After talking with the two rainbows Luna decided for sure to join ACINERT and work for the Reddings.

A few days later she and Kellen talked and made up. Luna admitted to Kellen that there was bad blood between her family and his bosses, and explained to him why she had hit him. Kellen understood quite well and after he talked more about how much he did love her they shared their first kiss, becoming an official couple.

Shortly before she started work at ACINERT Luna and Kellen went out for ‘the best night ever’. Luna knew she loved Kellen too but was worried what working at ACINERT with him would do to their relationship.

One of Luna’s first assignments was to talk to someone from Ancora who was very unhappy with her life there. Afterwards Luna realized it almost sounded like the young lady was being punished for having her own opinions. Luna knew there was something else going on with Acinert and Ancora but she just didn’t know what yet.

Luna and Kellen’s relationship didn’t really suffer. They didn’t work together, and did their best to keep their affection at a minimum during work hours.

Milla–Luna’s friend from her previous job–encouraged Luna to be as careful as possible. Luna promised they were being careful although Jay knew about the two of them and Kay sort of knew. Although Kellen didn’t know that ‘Thomas Dearg’ (Kay’s alias at Acinert) was really Luna’s grandfather. Luna had no idea how to even begin to explain it to Kellen.

In the meantime Luna’s brother, Orion, came by for a visit and he and Milla seemed very interested in one another. Kellen, on the other hand, seemed very nervous about meeting his girlfriend’s brother but it all went well and Orion approved of Kellen.

As time went on and Luna had to do more and more work it started getting rather difficult to separate Kellen and Work.

Luna went back home to see her family she figured it was finally time to talk about her new job. However all she said was that she was working at a new science facility, she kept the fact that the Reddings ran it to herself.

Afterwards Tempest took Luna out to the beach to talk to her and admitted she hadn’t been fair about Luna’s decision to work in science. She then explained why.

When she had been a kid a bunch of masked people took her into a van and tried doing medical experiments on her. They poked her with needles and did scans.

Tempest then confessed that she was a lot like their mother. She could turn into a doll.

“I’ve never done it since they hurt me. They wanted me to look like that. They kept telling me to turn into the doll. They needed to document everything. Lune–I think it was the Reddings.”

Tempest continued with saying that she was scared about Luna choosing to work in science because Jay’s blood ran in their veins and she was terrified Luna would end up being like Jay Redding.

The sisters made up though Luna still didn’t mention she worked for Jay. However she did want to confront Jay about what happened to Tempest.

Unfortunately she didn’t see Jay for a while and before she did see her, she took Kellen home to meet her family.

Kellen got along well with everyone, to Luna’s relief. Especially since…

After they returned to Riverview and some more time had passed, Kellen proposed. Luna of course said yes!

And at this point my game was ruined. I lost everything. And I mean EVERYTHING! I had no files no sims nothing. I thought the legacy was done for and that I’d just have to start a new legacy. However my readers were very supportive and adamant about me continuing Danevbies so I did my best. I downloaded all the important sims off my sims 3 account, as I had uploaded everyone. Jacob, Kay, Jay, Cal, Penny, Kyle, Orion, Tempest, Luna. I didn’t put Kellen up yet so I had to recreate him–which is why he’ll look different from here on out.

Then I continued on with Danevbies! Thankfully!

Months after the proposal, Luna and Kellen got married. They were very happy! Though when Luna returned back to work she felt guilty for not inviting Kay. She got along very well with her grandfather and liked him, but knew it would have caused trouble if he had shown up!

Luna still tried to find Jay to confront her about Tempest but never saw her. She assumed Jay was just out of town until Kellen mentioned her. He was very angry with the ‘Deargs’ and kept talking about quitting, since he felt they had a vendetta against him. When Luna asked about ‘Dr. Dearg’ Kellen said she practically lived at Ancora these days. Luna realized she’d been to get access to Ancora if she wanted to talk to Jay.

Before that happened though, Luna found out she was pregnant! She told Kay and he approved of her maternity leave.

Soon Luna walked back into her office to find Jay there. Jay was not happy at all with Luna going on maternity leave. She questioned Luna’s dedication to the job. Luna swore she was dedicated and put her all into her work. She said she liked her job very much. And also there was something that needed discussing.

Luna accused Jay of what happened to Tempest as a child. Jay denied everything. She then begged Jay to tell the truth.

Jay then explained that she had come to Luna’s office because she admired Luna as an employee and wanted to promote her much farther up the ladder, and one day to be as high up as she and Kay were. She promised Luna a promotion and after a year at that level, another promotion and freedom to go to Ancora. Luna knew this was only because of the accusations about Tempest but with a baby on the way the money was too tempting. Also… the promise of working directly with Ancora was too tempting too.

Not long after Luna found out they were having triplets! And eventually their babies were born.

Viola, the oldest.

Sebastian in the middle.

And finally Cesario.

Luna loved her babies but felt like she was a failure. Kellen understood why, because Luna liked to be in control of things and was more used to labs than diapers. And Luna was more than happy to get back to work as soon as possible, cutting her maternity leave short.

Upon her return, Luna was called in to Jay’s office. Jay seemed proud of Luna cutting her leave short and promised her the big promotion after a month instead of a year.

A month of hard work and Luna achieved the promotion as well as the permission to finally visit Ancora.

She found Ancora to be odd. A small closed-off community, as she had been told. But her mind itched to know.

“Why is it under study? Why does it even exist? I mean, surely Acinert could find volunteers elsewhere. What exactly is Acinert studying?”

But she continued to work hard. Time passed on. Milla and Orion got married, and the triplets grew up.

Then one day at Ancora Luna was supposed to take a pregnant woman back to the labs with her. After they left Ancora’s gates Verna Hart begged to be taken elsewhere.

“Don’t take me in there, drive me somewhere else, leave me there. Just don’t let them take my baby from me!”

Luna insisted that nobody was going to take the girl’s baby away from her and that Acinert needed her at the labs so she could deliver the baby safely. Verna babbled on about having made the same mistake as someone named Bianca. She kept insisting they would take her baby from her.

Jay showed up and demanded Luna take the girl back to the labs, to the examination rooms. Luna seemed surprised that the girl needed to go to the examination rooms and questioned why. Jay grew mad and said she’d have someone else do it if Luna was unable to do her job. Luna reluctantly obeyed Jay, feeling like she was doing something bad.

Afterwards Jay threatened to demote Luna and made Luna take off work early to ‘clear her head’.

A few days later Kellen came home from work very upset and talked about wanting to quit. Luna swore she’d support Kellen but wondered what happened. Kellen told her about a pregnant girl and how the delivery had gone bad, and both the girl and the baby had died. Luna grew very distressed and felt guilty since she knew it had been the girl she promised everything would be okay.

A few weeks later Luna finally got the courage to ask Kellen about Bianca. Kellen was shocked Luna even knew anything about Bianca and told the story. Bianca had been pregnant and she and the baby died during the delivery, and it was Bianca’s blood on Kellen that day Luna found him in town all those years ago.

Luna found this to be strange. Why did the girl insist Bianca’s baby had been taken when both Bianca and the baby died? She wondered… if the villagers died at the labs weren’t the other villagers told? Kellen told her that Bianca had been part of the Wing family, which happened to be a family that Luna had gotten close to.

Luna talked to the Wings about Bianca and was extremely shocked to find out they had no idea their daughter was dead. They had thought Bianca ran away from Ancora.

Luna began trying to look up more information about Bianca Wing but Jay found out.

The two of them argued about it which ended up a bit physical with Jay yanking at Luna’s hair. Jay insisted there was no cover up, insisted it had been coincidence why Bianca Wing and Verna Hart had died in the same way, and acted like it was charity towards the Wings why they hadn’t been told their daughter died.

After Kay came into the office Jay said she would be firing both Luna and Kellen.

Kay stood up for Luna and convinced his sister not to fire either of them. Jay agreed to let Luna continued working at Acinert so long as Luna stopped meddling.

Luna was torn. On one hand she knew something was going on, that Acinert was covering something very bad up. She knew now for sure Jay was a crazy mad scientist. However Luna also knew her family needed money. The triplets would need college money. Also she felt guilty about leaving the Wings’ other daughter to Jay’s wrath. Luna also knew that if Jay wanted to hurt Luna’s family no amount of distance would matter. So Luna agreed to keep her job.

There was something bad going on, and I couldn’t just abandon Rosie; I would discover the truth. No matter how long it took.

Time passed and Luna began recording down every little thing in a diary. When the triplets turned five she told Kellen how guilty she felt for rarely being home. Kellen asked why she continued at her job and Luna merely said she liked working. She didn’t tell Kellen she intended to take Jay down and find out the truth being Acinert.

Obligatory pictures of the triplets as kids cause they’re so cute.

A few years passed and Luna began suspecting what was going on at Ancora. After talking to Rosie Wing, and Verna Hart’s ‘friend’ that turned out to be her lover she realized that all the rainbows in Ancora were ‘pure’ rainbows. Nobody mixed colors. Verna Hart had gotten pregnant with a man of a different color, and so had Bianca Wing.

She told Kellen something was going on but didn’t tell him what.

The next day Kellen did some research of his own, looking into a list of the deceased of Ancora going all the way back to the beginning. During this time he received texts from Luna stating that her worst fears were confirmed, Jay wasn’t going to get away with it, and they were going to get as far from Acinert as they could.

Kellen tried calling but Luna didn’t pick up so he returned to his research.

He found information about a rainbow named Wisteria who died pretty much at the beginning of Acinert and Ancora. She looked so much like Penny that his curiosity was definitely piqued. As he looked at the list it was updated with the name of Lloyd Chambers, the young rainbow that had been in love with Verna Hart.

Kellen went to Ancora to ask the Chambers about it but Mr. Chambers had no idea what Kellen was talking about, he insisted that Lloyd had ran away the day before. Kellen was confused but before he could do anything Luna called. He couldn’t hear Luna that well and knew the reception was only that bad deep under Acinert where ‘Dr. Dearg”s office was.

He went there and down in the tunnels he heard Dr. Dearg shouting and Luna shouting then a door slamming.

he met up with Dr. Dearg who said she had no idea where Luna was because Luna quit the day before. Kellen almost said he heard Luna then mumbled something about it being his imagination. Dr. Dearg walked off and Kellen went to find his wife.

He had a choice of locked doors and finally chose the one that was easier to break into.

He found Luna and Rosie Wing inside the room. Luna was scared and said that they needed to go back to Ancora immediately because Jay was done with the experiment.

“[Ancora is the experiment] The whole reason the Reddings started up Acinert in the first place. It’s not just random research, Kellen. It’s all one big experiment. Utopia. It’s an experiment on Utopia. And Jay said that she’s had enough. She’s going to destroy it.”

Luna then talked about what she had found. She had researched the list of the deceased too and saw that many had died young from ‘accidents’ or ‘medical’. Some of the names had stars next to them and when she looked into it she found the stars meant they were connected to something called Project D.

Luna had seen the picture of the rainbow named Wisteria as well. Wisteria had died a year or so before Cal and Penny had been born. Then Luna realized her mother had been given to her father as a present, in the form of the doll.

Luna broke into Jays’s office and found information about Wisteria. The information all boiled down to one thing: Wisteria was a rebellious member of Ancora who Jay killed. Jay then put Wisteria’s soul into a doll and sent the doll to Cal. In the notes was also a mention of, ‘do not tell Kay’. Luna also found information that proved Jay had kidnapped Tempest and tried to experiment on her.

Luna continued researching and found her suspicions to be confirmed. Bianca and Verna had both been purposely killed because they were with rainbows of a different color. Every single member of Ancora who requested to leave Ancora had been killed as well.

Luna decided that Kay knew nothing of this.

Luna tried to leave, making the call to Kellen that he had gotten while talking to Mr. Chambers. But before Luna could escape Jay found her. Luna accused her of using Ancora to harvest helpless victims of experimentation.

Jay admitted that Ancora was the true experiment, that she wanted to search Utopias. Luna accused her of killing all the innocents rainbows and that she wouldn’t get away. Jay laughed at the idea of Luna going to the authorities and said there wouldn’t be any evidence even if she did.

“Ancora won’t exist anymore. It’s served its purpose. I’ve gotten plenty of useful information from the past few decades of studying the residents. And now, I am done with this. As I am done with you.”

Luna asked if Jay was going to kill her.

“Oh, Luna,” she sighed. “Contrary to what I think you believe, I do not like death. I feel regret and guilt when someone involved with my experiment dies.” I rolled my eyes, not believing that. “But death comes, whether we like it or not. And sometimes death is required…”

She stopped in the hall in front of one of the doors. I began tugging harder. “Jay, no–please. Death is n-not required for anything!”

“You don’t understand!” she snarled, her nails digging deep into my skin. I knew they were going to leave marks. “Nobody understands, except my brother! ….. I would do anything for my dream, my vision, my…” She stopped and closed her eyes. “Someone like you will never understand.”

Jay then said that there would be a tragic accident at Ancora since she wanted to end the experiment. Luna tried to get Jay to say what. At first Jay refused but then she finally admitted that there were explosives planted all around Ancora, underground, and she was going to blow the community up as well as the labs, and blame it on another country being an act of war since Acinert had been funded by the military.

Jay locked Luna and Rosie (who had been down in the tunnels too) and Luna knew that everyone in Ancora would soon be killed.

That is when Kellen rescued them and they didn’t have much time, they needed to go save Ancora now. There was a big meeting in town hall at the time and Luna and Kellen did their best to explain everything. The members of Ancora were afraid and confused.

When Luna and Kellen tried taking everyone out they found that the entire place had been locked up.

Luna rallied the townspeople to come together and try to break through the wood blocking the gates.

Meanwhile Kellen decided to go back into town hall to find the timer to the explosives and try to stop it. Luna begged him not to but he went in anyway.

She went in after him, arguing. They found the timer and Luna was shocked since she had worked on this very thing.

Rosie Wing came in to tell her that they had started breaking through the wood covering the gates. They still needed another fifteen minutes which they didn’t really have. Luna needed to find a way to delay the timer.

They eventually found a way to maybe stop the timer but it didn’t work, they could only pause the timer. They couldn’t stop it completely. And the only way to pause the timer was to have someone actually physically hold some wires while someone else pushed a button. She knew there had to be some other way but there just wasn’t time.

I looked up at Kellen. He saw the look on my face, and was opening and closing his mouth. I sucked in some air, and answered his question before he could ask it. I told him what was on my mind, and he went pale. He understood the implications. Two people risking their lives. Two people, who might not make it.

“So we stay,” Kellen said, his voice devoid of emotion.

The Wings came in and insisted to be the ones to pause the timer. They understood the risk and argued with Luna and Kellen. The people of Ancora would need Luna and Kellen to guide them on the outside. Besides, Mr. and Mrs. Wing doubted they would do well on the other side of the walls anyway.

“Please, Mrs. Danevbie,” Moswen said, urging me with her eyes. “You an’ your husband go. Help the other villagers. They need someone who knows what’s outside these walls. They need you both.”

The Wings requested that the Danevbies take care of Rosie in case they didn’t make it.

They got all the townspeople out. Luna, Kellan, and Rosie were the last ones out. Luna managed to herd everyone towards a ditch just in time.

Mr. and Mrs. Wing were unable to make it out. They had sacrificed themselves for their daughter and everyone else in the town.

Luna didn’t talk about the Reddings, she said explained they had found explosives and did their best to get everyone out. Eventually it was chalked up to be an accident with four dead. The Wings, and the Deargs. Luna knew that Jay was still alive though.

Luna and Kellen moved to Sunset Valley to raise the triplets and Rosie. After Rosie turned eighteen she left to find her own way in the world.

Luna lived with the guilt and depression for a long time but with the help of those around her she was able to slowly get past the horrible memories of Acinert.


Author’s Note:

I think I got all the important information put in here! Luna’s gen was something else that’s for sure. If I skipped over anything that seemed important to my readers, let me know!! Thanks!


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