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Sorry there’s not been an update things have been pretty crazy. At the start of the month I decided to start looking for a second dog. I thought I found one and when we took Glacey to meet him, Glacey … Continue reading

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Eirene Danevbie available for download

Eirene Danevbie is now available for download! She has been makeovered to be compatible with the base game. Traits: Loser, excitable, snob. Traits removed: disciplined, vehicle enthusiast I did forget to change her likes and stuff. Oops. Hew LTW has … Continue reading

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I Wanna Dream – 8.22 – History Repeats Itself?

November seemed so empty. I couldn’t function very well to the point of constantly bumping into furniture in the home I grew up in. Everyone attributed it to what I had gone though–the kidnapping and torture–and I just let them … Continue reading

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