Gen 9 Heir Vote (Closed)

Woweee guys we’re gonna be voting for the heiress to the Ninth Generation of Danevbies! I feel so amazed that we’re here, and happy!!

Please remember that for the most part the hair and clothes on the heirs are not their final looks.

This heir vote will close on Saturday October Sixth sometime in the late evening (eastern standard time aka USA east coast), unless there is a very clear winner by Thursday the 4th.

If you are really gunning for a specific heir to win PLEASE comment! If it’s neck in neck I DO take comments into consideration! After all, that’s how Seb won!

Also in the last heir vote there was some obvious cheating with multiple voting. Please don’t do this. I know you want your heir to win but cheating just makes it unfun for EVERYONE!!! If there is obvious cheating what I will do is choose the most popular two and have a new heir vote where you have to vote by leaving a comment. I do NOT want to do that! I want this to be open to EVERYONE! So please… keep it clean!

In addition this time around I am including a general idea of how much the Redding twins will be in the gen story so if you really love the twins and want lots of them, that might give you a better idea. Ditto for if you want as little of them as possible haha

Good luck to the heirs, may the best one win!

Generation Nine Heir Vote


Name: Joy Danevbie

Favorites: Music, Egyptian  ~Food, Stu Surprise ~ Color, Green

Current Traits: Loves the Outdoors, Light Sleeper, Loser

Trait That Will Be Added: Perceptive

Current Age: Child

 For as long as Joy Danevbie can remember, she’s seen dead people… and yes she’s heard that joke a zillion times. She’s always had more of a connection with those who have passed on, and soon realizes she wants to help those who need help. Either help them pass on, help them settle their business, or in some cases help them see their murderer put behind bars. Unfortunately the latter case means Joy’s stumbled on more than her fair share of dangerous situations. And one day she finds herself following a trail of ghosts that lead to a certain science facility and a major cover up. Will Joy succeed in unearthing the murderer? Or will she be finding herself on the wrong side of the gravestone?

Joy’s gen will have a medium amount of the twins


Name: Grace Danevbie

Favorites: Music, Egyptian ~Food, Goopy Carbonara ~ Color, Spiceberry

Current Traits: Over-Emotional, Light Sleeper, Evil

Trait That Will Be Added: Snob

Current Age: Child

Grace Danevbie has never understood why most the money is in the savings. If you have it, why not spend it? What’s worse is her father’s a psychic, her mother’s a witch, one sister can talk to the dead, the other is a witch, and Grace has nothing. She is completely… normal by Danevbie standards. But when her mother’s estranged family shows up offering to take her to a lifestyle that actually shows off the riches and power they have, will Grace take them up on the offer even if it means an arranged marriage to someone she’s never met and possibly forsaking her family… forever? Will money be able to satisfy her need for power? And are her relatives planning something evil after she gives them the great-granddaughter they want?

Grace will have a light amount of the twins


Name: Amour Danevbie

Favorites: Music, Western ~Food, Fruit Parfait ~Color Yellow

Current Traits: Shy, Easily Impressed, Bookworm

Trait That Will Be Added: Green Thumb

Current Age: Child

Growing up rich, Amour Danevbie has pretty much never wanted for anything except for a simpler life. After turning eighteen, Amy moves to a nice cottage just outside town and tries to live a quiet life raising beautiful plants, handing out potions to the needy, and trying to come across as that creepy witch to avoid social situations. But soon her potions start exhibiting strange and forceful side effects. After an accident involving the mayor’s wife, the town turns on Amy and force her to flee with her family. However Amy’s talent with potions also attracts the attention of two warring supernatural families who both want her to work for them. When one of Amy’s kids goes missing, she knows she has to choose a side… but which one is telling the truth?

Amour will have a mediumish amount of the twins



Name: Hope Danevbie (given the name Matthew Wallis at birth)

Favorites: Music, Songwriter  ~Food, Spaghetti ~ Color, Lime

Current Traits: Hot headed, Vehicle Enthusiast, Clumsy

Trait That Will Be Added: Nurturing

Current Age: Child

When Hope was born her mother was happy to have a son. Until her child got older and A, started exhibiting strange abilities, and B, turned out to be a girl. After a vicious fight about her true self, Hope’s telekinesis accidentally hurts her mother. Running for safety and away from an abusive home she finds herself becoming the nursemaid to one of the strange scientists in the next town over, who also happen to have the same eye color as Hope. After undergoing surgery and an official name change (including using her newly discovered paternal family’s last name of Danevbie–a family that finally accepts her!), Hope’s Carrie-esque abilities start getting stronger and stronger. Can the scientists help curb her powers or will she need to be locked away… forever?

Hope will have a very, very heavy amount of the twins


If the above poll doesn’t show up for you, here is the link


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Hi there! I'm known as sErindeppity. I love to read (huzzah!) and love to write (double huzzah!). I have tons of books in my room ahaha. I love video games and hate hot weather. :p
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33 Responses to Gen 9 Heir Vote (Closed)

  1. ChazyBazzy says:

    Ugh, I love Grace’s and Hope’s stories but Amy is my favorite looks wise.
    Why do you have to make this decision so hard haha
    I think in the end I’m going to have to go with Hope. I think the twins made the final decision for me.

  2. Violincat says:

    This is a tough choice.

    • sErindeppity says:

      I agree. I’m not gonna vote quite yet cause I’m not entirely sure who I want to vote for! I thought I had decided but now… not so sure haha. I really like all their stories!


  4. Anonymous says:

    I love that Joy can talk to the dead, and potentially learn secrets from them.

  5. monetspixels says:


  6. Okay I eliminated Grace because even though I think her gen’s plot and her traits are super interesting, she won’t have much of the twins and as much as I love that red hair, I want something different now! So that leaves Hope and Amour.
    Hope is transgender! We haven’t had an heir like that before, that’ll be super intriguing to read about. And in my opinion she’s the most gorgeous out of the 4. I lover her black hair with her complexion. And she’s gonna have a whole lot of the twins..
    But I think I’ll have to go with Amour here. No, not because her nickname is my real name (heheh) but I think she’s somewhere in the middle. Her hair color is lovely and she seems sweet. I like the idea of her having a little cottage, aww. Also unlike Hope, we already know her so I feel more attached to her along with Joy and Grace. And her plot seems interesting, I like some mystery and drama like that. And medium-ish amount of the twins sounds just fine and dandy to me! Amour has my vote.
    Btw I love Joy too and her blonde hair but I liked that Chance’s gen was unique with him being able to interact with ghosts ❤️ that sorta-murder-mystery plot had me really considering her though!

  7. jackssims says:

    This was such a hard choice! I love all of these potential heiresses. But Hope’s definitely my final choice since she’s got such an interesting backstory I’d like to see, and we’d see the Reddings a lot with her. :p (Also *waves* I finally remembered I had a WordPress and can comment on my first Danevbie heir vote outside of Tumblr aahhhhh!)

    • sErindeppity says:

      Thanks for voting! I agree it was hard, even I changed my mind after it went up! I love that so many people are really using the amount of the Reddings as an influence on their vote. I need to include this in the rest of the heir votes hehe

  8. Brielle says:

    Is there a link to a poll? I can’t see one in your post 😦

    In any case, I want Grace to win! She seems like the underdog based on the other comments here, but I really like her story 🙂

  9. Booieann says:

    Wow all their stories sound hella intriguing. And im surprised its all girls!
    Amy and hope are super duper pretty! Gotta go with amy tho just cause im a hoe for potion witch stories.
    I really gotta catch up, or at least read this last gen!

    • sErindeppity says:

      I was surprised at all girls too! I let the game decide for me but I knew the child he didn’t know about would be trans either way.
      Hehe Amy would make such an adorable little witch trying to come across as creepy.

  10. Violincat says:

    Ok, I voted for Joy. Story-wise, I was split between her and Amour, but looks-wise, Grace and Hope are really gorgeous. Really, I’m fine with whoever wins.

    • sErindeppity says:

      Joy would be so much fun and I’d love to do her story! I’d love to do any of their stories, they’re all so much fun! I think this time around I really would be completely happy no matter who wins. Sometimes I fell less enthusiastic about some stories than others for the heirs but this time I seriously love all 4 stories!

  11. I voted for Amour. I like her story, and I think she is very pretty! Though I am curious if we’re going to see Hope if she doesn’t win, or if she’ll only pop into the story if she is the winner.

    I wonder who her mom is… Unless it was shown, and I just missed it. Same with Joy… Was her mom shown, and I just don’t remember?

  12. 3linJ0Sims says:

    For me, Hope is the obvious choice. Her story sounds very good, I love that she is transgender, and her generation is heavy on the twins.

    I really hope she wins! 😁 (sorry about the pun 😜) I promise I will only vote once though.

    Lots of love! ❤️ // 3linj0Sims

    • sErindeppity says:

      I love that y’all are actually using the twins to help make a decision it makes me so happy!
      Tbh I don’t mind if people who can vote more than once does? You shouldn’t be able to but there are ways around it. It’s just that so many of the votes last time were obviously people getting around it :\

  13. Okay so I have been totally MIA these past few months because of school and I’m not really sure what’s happening so I made an educated guess and went for Grace. Love her looks and her story line seems very interesting. If I got to choose a secondary it would be Hope!

  14. blamsart says:

    Heheh I’m late to the party but Hope would’ve been my choice anyway 😀

  15. zefiewings says:

    with my computer not working well I missed this vote. Oh well, happy enough with the result. I think it would have been hope or joy because I love me a good murder mystery >.<. Then again poor sweet amy is just so innocent and just wants a simple life its adorable.
    Ah well. The one good thing about missing the vote is I don't actually have to make the hard choice lol

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