About The Heirs

Welcome to the family bio! Here you’ll find out the sim-information about the founder and heirs! I’ll have another page up for spouses & other Danevbies.

Generation One

“They Blinded Me With Science”

(Gen title based off the song “She blinded me with science” by Thomas Dolby”)

Jacob Danevbie

Favorites: Music~Pop, Food~ waffles, Color~Green

Traits: Good, Coward, Family-Oriented, Hopeless Romantic, Nurturing.

Lifetime Wish: Surrounded By Family (Raise 5 children from babies to teens). Unfulfilled.


Generation Two

“DNA, Baby, That Spells DNA”

(Gen title from song: “That spells DNA” by Jonathon Coulton)

Calcifer Danevbie

Favorites: Music~?, Food~Autumn Salad, Color~Blue

Traits: Ambitious, Rebellious, Artistic, Clumsy, Couch Potato

Lifetime Wish: Master of the Arts (Max Guitar & Painting skill). Success!


Generation Three

“These Points Of Data Make A Beautiful Line”

(Gen title from song: “Still Alive” by Jonathon Coulton)

Luna Danevbie

Favorites: Music, Classical~Food, Dim Sum~ Color, Lime Green

Traits: Genius, Eccentric, Excitable, Workaholic, Neurotic

Lifetime Wish:  Become a Creature-Robot Cross-Breeder. Success!


Generation Four

“I Don’t Wanna Break These Chains”

(Gen title from song: “Poison” by Alice Cooper)

Sebastian Danevbie

Favorites: Music, Kids ~Food, Peanut Butter and Jelly~ Color, Grey

Traits: Genius, Easily Impressed, Coward, Computer Whiz, Hopeless Romantic

Lifetime Wish:  Renaissance Sim (Max three skills). Success! (Cooking, writing, logic)


Generation Five

“This Path Of Destiny Is All My Own”

(Gen title from song: “Village Lanterne” by Blackmore’s Night)

Serenity Jayne Danevbie

Favorites: Music, Country ~Food, Mac and Cheese ~ Color, Green

Traits: Clumsy, Artistic, Equestrian, Shy, Perceptive

Lifetime Wish: Persuasive Private Eye (Solve 35 cases). Unfulfilled.


Generation Six

“Wanting To Feel, To Know What Is Real; Living Is A Lie”

(Gen title from song: “The Porpoise Song” by the Monkees)

Chance Danevbie

Favorites: Music, Classic ~Food, Cookies ~ Color, Orange

Current Traits: Virtuoso, Light Sleeper, Friendly, Night Owl, Clumsy

Lifetime Wish: One Sim Band (Master Bass, Guitar, Piano, and Drums) – Success!


Generation Seven

“Can You See The Future Locked Within The Crystal Ball”

(gen title from song: “Locked Within The Crystal Ball” by Blackmore’s Night)


Zaid Danevbie

Favorites: Music, Chinese ~Food, Porcini Risotto ~ Color, Spice Brown

Current Traits: Clumsy, Inappropriate, Loser, Easily Impressed, Disciplined, Athletic (from graduating university)

Lifetime Wish: Physical Perfection (master Athletic and Martial Arts skills) – Success!


Generation Eight

“Everything’s A Mess But I Wanna Dream”

(gen title from song: “Dream” by Imagine Dragons)


Apollo Danevbie

Favorites: Music, Geek Rock  ~Food, Lobster Thermidor ~ Color, Black

Current Traits: Loves the Outdoors, Heavy Sleeper, Eccentric

Lifetime Wish: N/A


11 Responses to About The Heirs

  1. Monica says:

    Thanks for posting- I don’t know why I didn’t guess the traits, you portray them so well in your stories!

  2. B says:

    Its so cool Luna has Jacob’s eyes, and Cal has his…eh…father’s eyes? lol K Redding’s eye color.

    • sErindeppity says:

      Luna does have Jacob’s eyes, I am so happy! But no, Cal has randomly colored eyes. He has kinda grey eyes. I have no clue where they came from. o___o

      • B says:

        I just noticed that…Maybe Cal’s grandfather’s eye color? lol.. Never got to see that evil Danevbie up close:P Randomly colored eyes..like that happens irl.. O_-

  3. Madcapp says:

    I only just now found you. O,o I’ve been reading your ISBI with TUF. Anywho, going to start reading this too. BTW, how do you pronounce their last name? I keep trying but it’s just really awkward coming out of my mouth LoL

  4. alexxisims says:

    WOW. Zaid is a hottie!

  5. ivanasims says:

    Just found your story! I’ll have some reading to catch up with. I think I’ll take it backwards though because Zaid looks the coolest! Nice work! 🙂

  6. Glorygal says:

    Congratulations on your award! So exciting and well deserved! hugs, Glorygal

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