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The Reddings – Chapter Four – Thirteen Years Four Days

There had been so few people at the funeral. It just made the whole miserable affair seem even more unreal to Kaleb. Though the worst part had to be complete strangers coming over to him to pat his head and … Continue reading

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The Reddings – Chapter Three- Seventeen Years Three Weeks

Soon life would be perfect. Kaleb Redding sat back, stretching his legs out, a small smile on his face as he surveyed the paper he wrote. If everything went right–which he knew it would–then in two months he’d be off … Continue reading

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The Reddings – Chapter Two – Fourteen Years And Four Months

Author’s Note: This deals with┬ámolestation. I do not agree with this sort of behavior, people who do this sort of thing deserve to be punished. Badly. ~*~ Kaleb Redding stared in disbelief at the figure before him. It was Lance … Continue reading

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The Reddings – Chapter One – Seven Years, Two Months

“How far do you think it goes?” “What?” “The sky.” “It goes on forever.” “It does?” “Yes.” “How do you know?” “I read it.” He smiled and shifted his feet, his boots digging into the grass. “You’re so smart,” he … Continue reading

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