Hallo everyone! I decided that I should add a questions page. Here I will answer the questions you guys shoot me that are a bit more than I can answer in replies to comments, if I can. Sometimes I won’t be able to if it pertains to the future story…  and if you ask stuff on chapters I will probably answer them there but if I get asked a lot I will put it here, and if you ask any questions here they shall be answered… like stuff about unladen swallows…. And if I can’t answer, I shall be thrown from the bridge. x_x

Warning: May contain spoilers if you are not completely caught up!

OKAY! Well then. We’ll start off with a sort-of question I TOTALLY forgot to answer during gen four.

1. Who…. is Duncan’s real father.

His name is… ahhhh something… Perdue. I can’t remember his first name. And he’s not in my saved sims list so I can’t remember. ANYWAY! His story. He was a nurse at the hospital where Doug and Seb did the pregnancy stuff. He and Doug met there and they had romantic liaisons sometimes (one of the ones Doug never told Seb about). Since Doug knew he wasn’t quite ‘normal’ he was basically using Perdue so Perdue would help fake reports so no one else would know. Then when he wanted to distract Sebastian from the whole “I slept with my boss” thing, he used Perdue to get preggers. And then Duncan was born.

2. “What kind of music do the the heirs and spouses and I don’t mean the sim’s in-game favorite”

This was a very good question I answered here. Current up to gen seven, I might keep adding to it as the gens go on.


10 Responses to FAQ!

  1. sweetribz says:

    AT LAST!! I finally KNOW!!!!!!!!!! 😀

  2. Mia says:

    He’s not all that bad looking. 😉

  3. bluexskittlesx says:

    Duncan still looks like a clone of doug, to me at least anyway lol Glad I finally know who his REAL dad is though ^.^

  4. GIJo says:

    Hi! I LOVE this legacy so much! Gaah. Anyway, I’ve only really just caught up, and I was wondering if we ever saw what Nicky looked like from gen 1? Did i just miss a chapter or something? Such an amazing legacy!

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